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  1. Ju87 R1

    The DP Casper set for 'Operation Weserubung' contains markings for a Ju-87R of 3/StG 1 coded A5+CL - click on the picture in the link for a bigger view - but as far as I know it was only produced in 1/72 and is currently out of production. Should be easy enough to cobble together the Hans Huckebein diving crow badge and the codes though, I've seen similar markings in other sets I'm sure. It's listed simply as an 'R' but has the B-2 style ejector exhausts. There is also an R-1 loss and details listed here and another here. HTH. Cheers, Stew
  2. Yep, she's a little beauty Ced Cheers, Stew
  3. D-Day Double build.

    Good progress Shellie, they're both coming together nicely Cheers, Stew
  4. Getting worse with experience...

    Every time I finish a kit I believe that I could have done it better if I had been a bit more patient, a bit more clever or a bit more talented. Some of the things I remember finding easy, like sticking on the transfers, have over the years become a bit of a bugbear and, often, the results a disappointment. Partly I think this is due to my lacking the patience, intelligence and talent mentioned above, partly due to the shortfall between my imagination at the start of a build and the actual result at the end of it - probably also partly due to a lot of the models I see on here, which more accurately reflect what I expected mine would look like when I built it. Finally, I think my standards are rather higher than they were in my 'golden age' of kit-building when I could churn a completed model out over the course a Saturday afternoon and I am therefore more likely to be disappointed So no, in short, it's not just you, but the struggle is part of the game. I enjoy the construction and painting process and if you enjoy the time you spend on these things, that's as important was whether you think the end result was worth the effort you put into it Cheers, Stew
  5. That is a very promising first go Ced, the national markings in particular must have been really tricky to do but they came out much better than I expected; the codes looked like they would probably be easier and they came out a treat Nice work matey Cheers, Stew
  6. Tamiya 1/32 A6M5 Zero

    I'd be very happy with that Jim Cheers, Stew
  7. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    ^ +1 Cheers, Stew
  8. D-Day Double build.

    Nice work Shellie, the interior of the Stirling is particularly impressive Cheers, Stew
  9. I bet you're just itching to rip those upperwing masks off and see how it went, aren't you Ced? Itching. You are, aren't you? Cheers, Stew
  10. A sincere Apology

    Welcome back, look forward to seeing your models Cheers, Stew
  11. 1/32 Hasegawa Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden 'Jack'

    Thanks John, that would be greatly appreciated Cheers, Stew
  12. From Failure to Failure

    Smooth. With a capital 'Smoo' Good strategy PC; the turrets can wait, apparent progress is better for morale Cheers, Stew
  13. 1/32 Hasegawa Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden 'Jack'

    I'd very much like to see a new-tool 1/72 Raiden, hopefully once they have done the Ki-61 Tamiya might step up to the plate for us as they seem to be on a Japanese fighter roll at the moment, though their release rate is glacial... Cheers, Stew
  14. A5M1 over China

    You made a superb job of that Jack, nice work Cheers, Stew
  15. Or a 1/72 Luftwaffe Flak Unit hiding around your attic? Cheers, Stew