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  1. Pacific Pair - 1/72 Corsairs

    A pair of little beauties Cookie, nice work Cheers, Stew
  2. Airfix 2018

    That would do nicely thanks Cheers, Stew
  3. Iceberg and After

    Cookie, those Corsairs are beautiful mate Looking forward to seeing the Seafire and Hellcats too... Cheers, Stew
  4. Will, the RAF believed there were different shades of black too; 'Night' was made from carbon black and ultramarine pigments and is not pure black. Colorcoats just copied the RAF recipe. Your wife was right Cheers, Stew
  5. Thank you gentlemen Somewhere in my living room there is a small piece of clear plastic, approximately 2mm x 2mm, not quite square and not quite flat. I know it's somewhere in my living room as it is not fitted to the nose section of the Emily, as God, Nature and Hasegawa intended. Not only did it ping out of the tweezers grip in the general direction of 'somewhere to my right' but it did so with a liberal application of Gator's Grip glue along each edge, so I cannot even assume it is on the floor and not attached to the wallpaper/curtain/lampshade etc. Obviously not best pleased at that turn of events, but the window-hole on the Emily's nose is small enough to have a replacement window made of PVA/Kristal Klear/whatevs. I used Gator's Grip because I happened to have it in my grasp at the time, however I am still (though diminishingly) hopeful of finding the original at some point; this optimism also gives me the excuse not to hoover this weekend I did get all the other windows fitted and, over the course of a few grindingly uninteresting sessions, the masking done. Some of the Eduard masks for the fuselage windows seem to be a bit approximate in size to the parts they are supposed to cover, but I will wait to see before passing judgement. Anyway this is the current state of play: The eagle-eyed amongst you may also observe that I have blanked the upper turret opening with a bit of old washing-up sponge, and those amongst you with ESP may know that I have similarly masked the starboard waist gun position. I think the next stage is to spray the canopies with a darkened mix of the interior colour, add the remaining fixed parts to the fuselage, attach the tail surfaces and wings temporarily for priming, and priming - all of which I hope to do before the weekend, but don't actually expect to due to the fact I will be in the pub (with the dog, of course) most of the day tomorrow to celebrate the third anniversary of my arrival in Dundee. Cheers, Stew
  6. Lovely job Tony, she's a beauty Cheers, Stew
  7. Italeri Fiat BR20 "Cicogna"

    Nice work Shellie, she's a beauty Cheers, Stew
  8. 1/72 Academy SB2C-4 Helldiver

    Beautiful job Cookie, and my congratulations for managing to wade through all those stencils Cheers, Stew
  9. Iceberg and After

    Good job Cookie, it's a hard plane to make beautiful, but you did it Cheers, Stew
  10. If a masking set exists, my question is only: would I pay that much money to have someone do the masking for me? The answer is almost invariably "Of course, I'm not a masochist" I am not surprised you are lost for words CC, I can't believe that isn't a joke... or that anyone's "one and only real problem" in life is flatulence. Still, if they are real I might see if I can get a pair for my dog... I remembered to fit the throttle boxes to the roof of the cabin, I painted the knobs random colours safe in the knowledge that probably no-one who knows what colour they actually were will ever see this: Then I joined the fuselage halves: I used a little Citadel Liquid Green Stuff to disguise the seam as (I suspect due to my cack-handedness) it wasn't quite seamless: Then I attached the canopy, nose turret; ... and the tail turret transparencies (note the snapped-off cannon barrel, I have it safely stashed away ready for re-attachment later): As you may see I now have a plethora of small windows to fit, and at this point I no longer feel guilty about buying the Eduard mask set for the little windows that the Hasegawa mask set does not cover. Yeah, and I'd do it again, see? Got the day off tomorrow as I am working Saturday this week but the dog is booked in for a haircut and I might hopefully be picking up my new glasses so progress is not assured but I am hopeful. Cheers, Stew
  11. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    That's beautiful work Tom Cheers, Stew
  12. Iceberg and After

    Good progress Cookie I recently bought an Iwata HP-BR for an almost suspiciously low price, I've hardly used it though, as I am just more comfortable with my old Badger 150 - that said I haven't had to do any freehand work or mottling yet (which is what I bought it for) so I will wait and see. Some practice before I start would probably serve me well too. Cheers, Stew
  13. You're not wrong mate, I hadn't been looking forward to the masking at all but it was surprisingly painless once I got started - I would have masked the little squares as well, but I would have been none the wiser so probably wouldn't have felt that bad about it Yes I fear I have become lazy as I routinely do my bit to increase the GDP of the Czech Republic by buying mask sets for practically every kit I buy - it was a nice touch by Hasegawa to include this in the kit, along with the crew it does add value to what otherwise might be considered a pretty expensive kit. Thanks very much mate I'm very much looking forward to that Tony I got the guys installed in the nose section - I'm not sure in real life if there was a dedicated nose-gunner and a bomb/torpedo-aimer or whether the same crewman got both gigs, I suspect the latter but since I have two figures and this is what the instructions recommend, I may as well use them: "I'm getting tired of looking at your backside, Ryuichi" ... and then I fitted the dorsal and waist gunners. The dorsal gunner still has to have his right arm re-attached, and the turret fits with a keyed base-ring much the same way as the turrets on tank kits do, so once the glue has set I can remove the dorsal turret and gunner, and re-install them at the end of construction and painting: Hopefully over the weekend I can get the fuselage halves joined and the nose section attached... Cheers, Stew
  14. It's a similar situation for the Emily's nose and waist gunners too; 20mm cannon with a stiff-looking shoulder-pad, but they are at least provided with a fixed mounting... Haha thanks John, I was using a pair of 3,5 magnification reading glasses from the pound shop Thanks Ced, Jaime, with the mask set included it was merely a test of patience rather than an awful chore which is what it would have been without the mask set. It would be great if Hasegawa make this a feature in future releases, especially for some of the larger Japanese WWII aircraft which are pretty 'window-intensive'... Damn that was a wasted opportunity, I wish I had done that now Personally I think the attraction is based on his IJN flying hat, but others may draw their own conclusions... Anyway, this: That's it, the only remaining masking is for individual fuselage windows and while there are plenty of them, and some of them are tiny, they cannot intimidate the bold modeller in the same way that the item above can, and did. As mentioned above I was profoundly grateful to Hasegawa for including the mask set, I think most modellers would think twice - at least - about whether they had the mojo to complete a kit like this when they got to the masking stage otherwise. I have to fit the roof-mounted throttle console to the inside of that un-masked patch of canopy, then I can install the gunners, close up the fuselage and get this thing moving again... Cheers, Stew
  15. By coincidence I took an old copy of 'The Years of Victory' with me to Telford MST3K homage? I'd go with Aluminium too, for the oxy bottles, not sure about the case/rack, that might be interior grey-green but no-one will see it so ignorance might as well be bliss. Cheers, Stew