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  1. Micro Kristal Klear. Cheers, Stew
  2. Did I miss something? What 'competition' are you referring to here? Cheers, Stew
  3. I am indescribably pleased by this news Cheers, Stew
  4. Me too Cheers, Stew
  5. She's a beauty mate, I'd definitely go for the ICM kit if I built another I-16 Cheers, Stew
  6. New Theme

    Ah, I am on the right site then I like the new look Now, where's all those gorgeous monkeys? Cheers, Stew
  7. I can't speak for everyone Mike but I suspect the vast majority of those negative comments come from a handful of posters who have an axe to grind and nothing better to do than to grind it. I would recommend you don't bother with the YouTube comments, they seem to add very little value apart from allowing the hard-of-thinking of all nations an opportunity to vent their particular and specific type of bitterness against the others. You will see similar comments from and about all nations depending on which videos you watch, and indeed you will see the same levels of bile directed at your and our own citizens in the newspaper internet sites where they allow comments. Some people just like to do that stuff and I don't really know why, but it doesn't represent the views of a whole nation, nor, in the case of the aircraft you mention, those who have enough interest in the subject to have read much about it. Cheers, Stew
  8. She's a beauty, nice job Brad Cheers, Stew
  9. Nice job Jamie, a superb result for all the hassles you had with it Cheers, Stew
  10. Nice job mate, it was worth the hassle Cheers, Stew
  11. Gear-bay insert fell into the wing cavity? Baws If that gear leg is securely attached you might be able to manoeuvre the insert back into position and fix it with superglue? Cheers, Stew
  12. Nice job Matt, looks good Cheers, Stew
  13. I had a weekend away at the Sovereign Hobbies secret base, hidden in an old volcano in Aberdeenshire, but before I left my Shapeways 3D printed stuff arrived - I was very impressed with them and gave them the suggested soak in soapy water overnight, then left them on the window-sill to cure fully while I was away. It's best not to rely on their being consistent sunshine in Scotland at this time of year but I think they got enough UV. Here they are: The 4.5 inch gun, which will require some assembly: The 'square'-type gunshield that I ordered in error: ... and the curved gunshield correct for HMS Bluebell that I ordered to replace it: The ready ammunition for the 4.5 gun: ... the twin Lewis Gun installations: ,,, and finally, my favourite, the 2-pdr Pompom: I remember reading a few years ago a question as to whether 3D printing would ever have a useful modelling application and I think on the strength of these parts we have actually got there. The delicacy of the pieces and the quality of the printing exceeds what I had expected by quite some way. The only problem is that now I am thinking I need to replace the Hedgehog rockets, the depth charges and the Oerlikons so it looks like it could become a bit pricey. On my trip to Aberdeen Jamie of Sovereign Hobbies was able to sort me out the (probable*) correct colours for the late camouflage scheme for HMS Bluebell as depicted in the Matchbox kit, MS2 Dark Grey, MS3 Medium Greenish Grey and MS4 Warm Light Grey: As usual my camera has failed to capture the subtleties of the colours but as a rough guide, MS2 Dark Grey (RN05 above) is similar to RAF Ocean Grey but a bit lighter and slightly less blue, MS3 (RN06 above) is like a paler, more greyish RAF Sky and Warm Light Grey (RN12 above) is like a paler less saturated version of RLM02. I hope once they are applied they will cover a wide enough area to photograph a bit better. I'll be doing the decks in another RN dark grey and I got some IJN Deck Tan (IJN09) for the wooden parts of the deck. Apologies that this has all been a 'look what I bought' thread instead of a 'look what I built' thread, I hope to get back to the construction shortly Cheers, Stew * 'Probable in the sense that there is, as always, some debate about this, but I can't remember what the other colour candidates were. Sorry
  14. ... and if I might add, Cheers, Stew
  15. Good job Greg, well done for sticking with it Cheers, Stew