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  1. I find that thinning with Mr. Color Levelling Thinner makes Tamiya much hardier.
  2. I've always wanted the hover truck. I've got them in 1/144 and 1/100 but I'd still really like a 1/35 one....to sit in my attic an never get built.
  3. Looking rather tasty. Just an FYI: It's easier to die the sponge first before blending (or at least I find that to be the case). Just water down some cheap acrylic from the Works and soak it, then pop it in the oven on the lowest heat. Also, a good cover for wire armature trees is artist's latex. You can buy it by the gallon on Amazon. It allows you to build up multiple layers and impart texture more easily.
  4. Nice. What are the sci-fi door looking things on the right? Sci-fi doors by any chance?
  5. I like the layout as is. It keeps the Regult as the focus (as it should) whilst also allowing the eye to be drawn towards the parts that give it scale.
  6. Cool idea. I was in love with the first two ME games and have probably played them more than any other BioWare RPGs excluding the BG series (though I thought 3 was a bit iffy past the half way mark and Andromeda is, from all reports, terrible and is the likely reason that the franchise is indefinitely 'on hold'). You should add Blasto to the list, for comedic effect if nothing else.
  7. Comes with both the 108 for Kai and Hayato's 109, but per Bandai standard they're stickers.
  8. Lovely. I've got a Gelgoog Jaeger that's been on the go for a looooong time.
  9. Are you going to be replicating the missing detail on the 'chest' area between the front legs, and fixing the feet? I've got one but not being an armour modeller lack the required greeblies and the additional parts from shapeways cost as much as buying a cheap 1/48th tank kit (so in fairness that's what I'll likely do when the time comes).
  10. Go these two lovely books from my sister and mother respectively for crimbo: And these two pre-festive purchases arrived from Japan today. A revive Guncannon (which I already have one of, as well as the original HGUC and the MG but it was going for less than £7 posted so I couldn't resist) and a 1/100 Tieren Ground Type, which I've been after for a while, so when one popped up at retail price of 2,800 Yen on Amazon I jumped on it.
  11. I have the Castigaror and the Acheron. Yes they are a fair bit taller than the 'standard' knights. I've built neither and both are currently insulating the loft. I fancied one of the Adeptus Mechanicus knights, but pretty much all the AM stuff has been removed from the FW website despite the fact that that model only came out in 2017. I've never been a fan of the Warlord Titan. The beetleback version from AT that they based it on has always looked naff to my eyes, and theirs too it would seem as they replaced it with the below far superior version in 1993: Also, I know 40k has never been a 'to-scale' game, but a 'proper' Warlord would be about 6ft tall. EDIT: Found it, its the Knight Porphyrion. But for some reason can only be found by using the search bar as it doesn't come up in the normal menus.
  12. Coolio. I've got a couple of the FW ones (well, one FW and one from China, which is actually a better cast), so I'll be watching.
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