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  1. Thank you so much to all whom replied to my question, very helpful!
  2. Hi all, someone out there will have the technical knowledge I'm sure, having trouble from photos working out if the tabs on the CR42 elevators are trim tabs, or (my hunch) servo tabs.... I want to pose my elevators down and it's a small detail I'd like to get right. Thanks again, collective brain of BM!
  3. Graham, thank you I will see if I can search that one out. Silver Fox, for £3.98 posted from a well known auction site, it is a pamphlet that is of interest anyway, more general info and research for my project. But thanks for the 'heads up'.
  4. Hi, and thanks. Useful info. I've also ordered a second hand copy of Profile Publications Mk.1 Blenheim (#39) as it has a list of production serials which may assist. Ed
  5. Hi all, has the collective brain of BM seen any photos of Mk.1 Blenheims from 110 or 107 that would have been the first aircraft to populate RAF Wattisham when it opened; and would the airframes be in full 'yellow-ringed roundel splendour', or dulled down by 11 May 1939 when the two squadrons flew their aircraft to the station? Struggling to find serial numbers/schemes here, using Google throws up an air to air shot of a Mk.1 which appears to have dull roundels but no coding Thanks all who read Ed
  6. Amazing snippet re. red to yellow coding. Thank you all for taking time to input! Just need to find the individual aircraft letter now for L2307, perhaps the crash report or Martlesham history will point the way.
  7. Hi all. I have a record of L2307, a 278 sqn Walrus detached at Martlesham Heath. It stalled in on approach and was destroyed, (no knowledge of the fate of the crew). 278 Spitfires (MY coded) are photographed in colour with yellow squadron codes, would the shagbat be similar, or red as with BA coded machines seen on decal sheets? Scratching my head here.....
  8. Sabrejet - thank you, I had found that National Archives ref and have other stuff that a Kew visit would be worth making when I can....I have a reader's card now so know the ropes. There may well be extra photos, although a long shot to work out the scheme from what was left of the unfortunate incident. Bentwaters81tfw - although home is Needham Market I'm away working in the Middle East at the moment, but MHAS is on my list when I come back - I've never been to the tower although lived in Suffolk since 96....I have a great old book about MH on the shelf at home and that might yield something also. Fascinating connection you have - also comes to mind that a Meteor on a multiple go-arounds testing blind approach system would also have similar handling difficulties if one engine list power at the critical flight phase. Both types could bite, but approach to risk was very different back then. Thank you both for taking the time and interest to reply.
  9. Hi all.... Another project research question. Has anybody info on this aircraft which was lost along with its 2 crew after an engine failure on go-around at Martlesham Heath in Sept 1956? It fell into a small paddock between buildings and the Felixstowe Road at Crown Point just outside the airfield. There is a local newspaper front page which shows the tail amid the wreckage, possibly overall aluminum finish, with a grey l/e panel that seems to be often seen. My thoughts are it could be overall Aluminium or Grey, with Trainer Yellow bands or Dayglo panels...Not sure what the delivery scheme would be? A later BLEU Canberra is pictured with a white top and red (?) cheatline, along with titles behind the canopy, but the newspaper photo would lead me to think WE 189 was not painted that way. All input gladly received, hours of searching so far fruitless! Cheers, Ed
  10. Thank you Will...yes having a few issues manipulating links and pictures here. As I suspected with L5912, most likely yellow as standard. Is the illustration of a red L5933 also a perpetuated error, do you believe? Ed
  11. Hi All - I'm looking at the subject of this photo - Magister L5912 which was lost from A&AEE Martlesham Heath in the North Sea off Felixstowe, Suffolk 22 July 1937. Pilot Flt Lt Eric Simonds bailed out after an irrecoverable spin (notice this Maggie has no fuselage strake yet)….. The 28 year old was presumed drowned when 2 possible rescue vessels assumed the other would recover the solo pilot. Tragic miscommunication. The image appears to be the trainer scheme extant for the Magister at the time, and should be overall yellow. Is the dark appearance likely to be the film type used - I was wondering why the tonal value matches the red centre of the fuselage roundel? I recall seeing a picture of a red Maggie, but is this a red herring? Will attempt to show a 'normal' b&w yellow Maggie as comparison. This aircraft was the first in production block allocated an RAF serial as far as I am aware. All comments most welcome! Ed
  12. Paul, S9+CB is my likely contender as it so well photographed/documented. DaggerPhil: thanks, I've a CR42 on the go at home, the Orfordness machine as there's great photos of the upper wing camo pattern....When my airbrush skills allow me to be satisfied with the result! Cheers Ed
  13. Paul, thank you for taking the time to reply in such detail. I suspected that the case may be as you stated - I've been reading up on Luftwaffe losses in my local area for months now, triggered by an account of an Fw190 tip and run raider that came to grief around Ipswich docks, a propeller blade dredged from the dock was exhibited a few years ago. I've since found Ju188E-1, He177A-3, Me410A-1, Ju88A-4, the famous errant Ju88G-1 night fighter landed at RAF Woodbridge, a choice of 2 Do17Z with interesting 'back stories', plus a defecting Bf109G-12 up near Lowestoft which just squeezes in.....So add in a Regia Aeronautica Fiat CR42 on Orfordness, and BR.20 bomber near Bromeswell shot down complete with Chianti and cheese , then it seems Suffolk will keep me busy for a few years at my build rate! Maybe the Eduard 1/48 Bf110 will get built in the box markings, as this aircraft -may- have raided Martlesham Heath the day it was brought down......Any excuse to build this beautiful kit! I just need more time, and more space!
  14. So, before I have to trawl (and pay for!) the whole of the excellent Luftwaffe Crash Diaries volumes (I have 3 so far..), can anyone recall reading of any Bf110's brought down over Suffolk?....I know of the Martlesham Heath raid by Erp.Gp210, and that the same unit lost aircraft later that day near the south coast...But quite a tenuous link for my local sites theme.... All info gladly received, I understand these types would be seldom this far north over land of course..... Cheers Ed
  15. Thanks Jack, I was starting to form a similar idea, that as they were late to the party it may just have been the higher formation shield on their aircraft. Food for thought. Ed
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