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  1. The KP Spitfire Ib was released before the Vb, you're right about the cannon fitting being different, the sprue had a different set of bulges for the Ib and later cannon fits Sorry for the OT Cheers, Stew
  2. Just arrived: It was quite dear for a kit, but it was about half the retail price thanks to a cheeky bid on ebay Cheers, Stew
  3. Nice work mate, she's a beauty and the kit decals look like they worked fine Cheers, Stew
  4. That was a bargain Steve I've got one in the stash so I'll be interested to see what you think of the kit Cheers, Stew
  5. Coming together nicely Tony I'm not sure if it would bother you, or even if it should but I believe that the coaming above the instrument panel onto which the gunsight mounts should be the same blue-black as the cowling and the rear decking - to reduce reflection on the windscreen, I imagine. Cheers, Stew
  6. ... because there is always room in the stash for more Hurricanes... Cheers, Stew
  7. Now available at Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/EDK2138?result-token=Q0Wnj Profiles for the marking options are shown on the Arma Hobby website: https://www.armahobby.com/edu2138-hurristory-hurricane-mk-i-limited-edition.html Cheers, Stew
  8. That is exactly what I would do Except I might add a coat of gloss clear to the 'internal' frames to give the impression they are under the perspex Cheers, Stew
  9. Might be easier to judge if we were looking at the subject of each picture from the same angle? Cheers, Stew
  10. @John Thompson ... erm, John you may need to sit down for a moment... Cheers, Stew
  11. I don't know how good people say they are, but they are really good Cheers, Stew
  12. Obviously not wishing for any deterioration of your mother's health mate, but keep us posted. If you do get the tickets and if you fancied extending your scope to include Scotland for part of your visit, I have a spare bedroom Cheers, Stew
  13. Wow, that was pretty quick work mate, nicely done Cheers, Stew
  14. It might well end up being largely invisible when it's closed up, but it looks great now Cheers, Stew
  15. I'd go with that one if you have it Tony, Nick Millman has noted it as being a very close match As for the cowling colour, it is very similar to the RAF's Night, which always appears to be black but is made with 4 parts Carbon Black to 1 part Ultramarine as Fukuryu alludes to above. On the decking under the canopy, over time it tends to matt and go to a bit more of a very dark blue-grey but on the cowling itself which is more frequently wiped of oil leakage etc, it stays very close to black, so close - again like RAF Night - that unless you put it next to something pure black, it appears black anyway. Cheers, Stew
  16. Lovely job Alistair, she's a little (I'm guessing very little ) beauty Cheers, Stew
  17. Well I'm going to need one of these Cheers, Stew
  18. Mate, your Mosquito internals are looking lovely. Regarding your final paragraph, I don't imagine that there's anything I can say that would make you feel any better, but you do sound like you are in need of a virtual hug, so please accept mine. It's tragic about your friend, but as you say there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. I think we all did - and had done to us - the sort of petty point-scoring that you mention, and it's normal enough to feel bad about it even years afterwards. The guilt and shame that attaches does actually serve a useful purpose in that it does (or at least should) stop you doing such things again. Ultimately though, since you can't go back and undo those acts and unsay those words, you have to accept that your younger self was on occasion a... I don't think the swear-filter will let me say it but you know what I mean. I know that you have grown into a better person since, and that's probably the best that any of us can hope for. As for your feelings about your current circumstances... I think you've done pretty well. If you think about it for more than a couple of minutes, I think you'll agree that things could have turned out a lot worse. I hope you'll find that, anyway. Feel free to PM me any time if you want to. Cheers, Stew
  19. Can't fault your prep work there Sam, I'm sure it will turn out fine; I've never used that technique on a white finish either, but the principle must be the same and generally I've found the lighter the colour the more pleasing the effect, so good luck mate Cheers, Stew
  20. Haha well it's your call mate While I think you might well gain some extra modelling cred for doing it, I don't agree that you'd lose any for not doing it. My belief is that the voice of the Britmodeller beehive would be, for the most part, that they wouldn't be doing it Cheers, Stew
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