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  1. Awesome, as usual John
  2. I'm just glad you took it in the spirit that it was intended
  3. I've just spent a few minutes poring over my old P-47D build to see why you are having troubles with the canopy when I didn't, and I think I've come up with a few suggestions. Firstly, I suspect your cockpit tub may have been built up too wide, as witnessed by the poor fit of the top seam and your insertion of a fillet in the rear decking. This seems to have spread the two parts of the rear roll-over/canopy rail frame wide, and pushed back the canopy. Also, I think you have the windscreen set a little too far back. Look at the first panel line in front of your screen, and compare it to the pic of my build below: The reason the canopy is hanging inside the cockpit aperture is that it should be further forward, with the narrower hoop sitting on the edge of the aperture as it curves in to the centre. If you put the canopy where it should be, you'll need to reinstate the cut-out for the gun-sight, unless you're not including it for some reason Here's another pic of mine, showing the location of the windscreen, and the lack of alterations needed. I know mine's a D, but the clear sprue is marked "P-47D/N", with the most notable difference in the fuselage being the fin extension forward onto the spine. Hopefully that might help you get things back in line, but if you wanted to have a squint at my build thread, you can find it here. Good luck
  4. to the forums Aaron - good to have you here
  5. Try this: Drill the holes out to a known size that you have rod for Use CA to glue the rod into the holes Nip the rod off as flush as you can when it is cured Sand it all flush Oxymoron alert!
  6. Happy Birthday

    Well let's not do anything to jinx that, eh?
  7. Happy Birthday

    Very dapper Can't quite take the blame for that one... it's her fault for finding you attractive!
  8. Happy Birthday

    What's that as a daily rate? 0.067 of a post per day Yes - you need to work harder on that
  9. You may remember that we once did a "Kits for Kandahar" campaign to keep the squaddies entertained during those long hot stints out in the sandier areas of Afghanistan. That was a very successful and fun way of giving a little back to our boys in MTP, but this time we're trying to raise some supplies for those that have done their stint, and come home with injuries of one sort or another due to their time there. Malcolm Childs has been in touch asking if we can be of assistance as follows: The Help for Heroes Tedworth House Recovery Centre near Salisbury provides occupational therapy to veterans and injured service men and women. The residents can be suffering from a range of injuries from PTSD to Brain and Spinal Injury. The goal at Tedworth House is to support their treatment and help them back into employment. Art Therapy is used to introduce the residents to new activities through a communicative outlet encouraging focus, patience and fine motor skills. Scale Modelling is one of the courses that is offered and Malcolm volunteers, running the sessions supported by the Occupational Therapist team. The sessions are 1 hour with approximately 10 people. It gives the residents an opportunity to start a kit and experience the hobby, many possibly for the very first time. Following that a voluntary evening session is offered for residents to finish their models and to discuss how they can continue the hobby at home through online forums, magazines, IPMS branches etc. The Recovery Centre is entirely charity driven and so to offer the best experience they need donations of model kits and making materials. For example:cutting mats, glues, clippers, paints, brushes, and model making magazines. We need donations of small simple model kits (preferably not current military vehicles). Following the sessions the kits and materials may be taken home by residents for completion. During the session Malcolm will endeavour to photograph some builds and post them up for our enjoyment. Any questions: You can also contact him here under the username Malcchilds. I've put the email address in as a graphic to stop him getting spammed, so if you're emailing him, transcribe the address carefully. Donations should be sent to: (Models for Heroes) Malcolm Childs 1 Harrier Road Bishops Green NEWBURY RG20 4AB We've ordered a bunch of A4 cutting mats for the lads & lasses, and we're going to have a look in our collective stashes for some simple kits to bump start the campaign. If you've got anything that you can spare and think it might be suitable, Malcolm with be very happy to hear from you.
  10. Happy Birthday

    Thanks for all the kind word guys. If I last another 10 years, I'm hoping that Britmodeller will too. I wonder how things will change in the next 10 years? Downloadable kits to print at home? Me beamed directly to your brain telling you whether a kit is worth buying or not? Unlikely, but who knows!
  11. Indeed. I heard about it late this avo, and saw some pretty upsetting pictures from the scene. best wishes to everyone injured on a swift recovery, and the less said on here about the person/people responsible for it, the better. There's some crazy people loose in this world
  12. Happy Birthday

    I've just checked my joining date of the forum, and it appears that it was the 23rd March 2007, when I began setting up the forum software, and became member number 1 of this forum. In 2 days, we'll have been in existence for 10 whole years, and frankly I'm amazed how fast the time has gone. It seems like forever since I first set up all the various forums and sent out a few invites for people have a gander. it also feels like 10 minutes ago, and I can still remember sitting at (what was then) the end of my bench in my newly kitted-out workshop, staring into an 18" CRT monitor on a PC I'd lashed together for the workshop. Now I'm sat here using a far better machine with a couple of screens to help me keep an eye on things. I'm older, unhealthier, fatter, have a son that I didn't have, but STILL haven't finished the vacform Westland Wyvern that I had on the go back then, but I'll get round to it Back then we were running on borrowed space on a shared server with up to a couple of hundred other websites, using version 2.2 of the Invision forum software, which was even then streets ahead of the competition, but still little more than a glorified bulletin board. Now we're on a dedicated server that only we use, with SSD storage, a big powerful processor, plenty of RAM and buckets of bandwidth, plus 24/7 support from our hosts. We have a Facebook Group, a Facebook Page, as well as a Twitter feed for all our reviews, which is pretty much an interactive magazine that you can read anytime you like on the new devices we have access to these days. We now handle all our member logins securely via SSL protocol, and the forum software has morphed way beyond a simple BBS. Incidentally, can anyone still remember what version 3.4 of the forum software looked like? I can't! We had something planned to mark the anniversary, but due to a few delays that were no-one's fault really, it's going to be delayed to "a day soon after the anniversary", although the staffers are already helping with development and fine-tuning of this as of this evening. I'd like to thank you all for making this such a great place to be, and keeping our moderating load relatively light, given the 19.5K members and over 2 million posts we've made over the years - which doesn't include the flotsam and jetsam that gets culled from the chat areas once it hits 6 months old. There have been some highs and lows, but overall it's been a blast, although I'd change a few minor things if I knew then what I know now. Extra special thanks go to all the people that pitch-in to help with the day-to-day running of the site, from the reviewers to the Mods, from the Walkarounds to the Group Builds, and everything in between. Without these folks I'd be very very stressed with a jacket fastening at the rear, and Britmodeller would be the lesser place. If you're sitting there now with a little tear in your eye, and a warm fuzzy feeling in your modelling heart, resolve to do something positive for your hobby in the coming year. Help a fellow modeller with a missing part or a troublesome technique, join a club, or introduce someone to our hobby. It might once have been a solitary affair conducted in isolation, but with this wonderful internet, we can join together across the world and be gregarious and social animals that can get on with their fellow modeller without negativity or spite. Bod knows, there's enough strife in the world today without bringing it to your hobby.
  13. I used to go for all the trimmin's, but never watched 'em in the end, so I stopped getting special editions unless it added something to the movie, or there was a certain extra that I couldn't see elsewhere. I do get the occasional 3D and 2D Blu-rays, as although my current telly isn't 3D, if I get one next time around, certain films would be worth watching in 3D Wonder if they're going to be releasing a 4K Blu-Ray edition? Hope so, for future reference.
  14. If you get no joy, a public message on Facebook seems to be a good way of complaining these days.