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  1. It probably depends on which server you're on Simon, as I've seen this many times where one person is unaffected but others are, not just with PhotoBucket. Yet more evidence of PB being a spent force, throwing away their previous market dominance by being crap
  2. I have seen an excerpt from that "show", and it was deeply uncomfortable to watch.
  3. Link or it didn't happen
  4. Nice tidy work on the removal of the canopy blanking - are you planning on putting anything inside to imply a cockpit?
  5. That's how rumours start!
  6. Go do your rounds Dave... there's burglars that need frightening or summit ....and you're older than me, so if you're jesting about my age, just add a few (6) years and you're there
  7. I've seen that one... many years ago.
  8. Nice job - I decided to build one myself with a bit of help from JohnT, until I got bogged down in the detail, and it stalled. From what I can remember of my machinations there's no "perfect" kit of the V1, but I will get back to it one day. Every home should have one
  9. What film's that from? I think that's what Dave finds attractive about her
  10. Forgot to mention my other go-to glue. G-S Hypo Cement. it's a watch crystal glass, and quite good at gluing canopies. Doesn't fog, but it will string if you keep dabbing at the adhesive with the fine applicator. I often then fill the gap with some CA with black pigment added, then fair it in by sanding it back smooth.
  11. <- this one? <- or this one? Triggered! That's pictureist! You should like everyone's pictures equally, and we should all get a badge acknowledging our participation and that we're all special little snowflakes
  12. I think it's only fair to thank you for the opportunity to be a smarty-pants, as it doesn't really present itself very often at my IQ level. It was just too easy to pluck such low hanging fruit, so I couldn't resist
  13. I think I must have done the same thing. The glue smells weird - can't put my finger on what it smells like, but it's familiar. I keep it in a ziplok bag to stop it smelling up the place, and to keep his Lordship from finding the UV light interesting
  14. You did no such thing. You might be about the same height, but Greg's been trained to kill by HMG and now by the Aussies, so my money's on him