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  1. Thanks John - got a bit of green on the other one too Doesn't look like much yet though, so no point in pics
  2. Got the topside of the Trop's fuselage painted, and scribbled on some modulation to break up the monotony of the toffee colour. It looks a bit careworn, but I don't mind. I sprayed the fuselage "cheat" line freehand (it's meant to be wobbly), but masked the sharp demarcation on the wing roots and elevators because... well, they're sharp, innit? I even remembered to paint up the missing panels and the canopy framework, which is a first for me
  3. Ditto, but I also wish I had ther skills to build them well to do them justice - especially the Dropship
  4. AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    I actually like that rusty orange colour. Rusty ammo cans maybe?
  5. Donations

    Cheer guys. I really don't understand what's going on here, but it's great that it's working for some of you. Thanks again to everyone that's helped out
  6. Donations

    Glad it's working for some of you - maybe part of the issue is if you're using it again & again? I'll wait & see what support have to say tomorrow. Meantime, thanks to all of you helping us keep the hamster in food and bedding
  7. Donations

    Much obliged Bill
  8. Getting worse with experience...

    Ah - 1:72 isn't my scale, so my awful memory takes the day off as soon as it hears the scale
  9. I caved and did a bit of the same on this one as well. The rivet lines are just so tempting There's a grave danger of me getting some paint on the topside either tonight or tomorrow!
  10. Getting worse with experience...

    That is SOOOOOO true!
  11. Getting worse with experience...

    I wouldn't get too hung up on improving, making a hash of things etc. It's a hobby, and it's for our relaxation. I would be a little less quick to give up on a model though, as even the practice of finishing off a kit you're not that happy with will be good for your mojo. We also learn best when we're problem solving, and that's all great experience. "How should I fill this hole I made when I dropped the model?" are questions I've had to ask myself in the past, and if any modeller tries to convince you that they don't make mistakes, or stuff things up, then learn to take anything and everything they say with a pinch of salt, as they're talking If you're striving for perfection, learn to come to terms with the fact that's nigh-on impossible, but do try to improve a little with every model, even if it's only to acknowledge a mistake you don't want to repeat next time. That Whitley you posted doesn't look bad in any way, and if it's as old a kit as I think it is, you've managed to bring it up to somewhere near modern standards, so take a bow
  12. Westland Sea King HU5

    Is it a picture, or is it a model? Tip: The model is the one with the big giant hands in it
  13. Donations

    @Gorby it could very well be, although "dry" is probably too strong a word. Some people seem to be able to use the one on the home page, but others have problems. What's causing that, I have no idea... yet
  14. Donations

    In the meantime, if you'd like to donate, you can do so from the yellow Donate button here. I'll come back when I've got the new one sorted
  15. Donations

    I've put in a Support request, and will come back when I've got round it