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  1. Can't help you at this stage Murray, as I've not even thought about the painting of mine, but I know Ya-Gabor will probably be able to help. I was hoping he'd be along by now to offer his pearls of wisdom, but there's no sign of him yet However, Arkady has just posted up his build of the KH kit, and you might get some info there Sometimes it just has to be done if it's a case of getting it done or not
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    It has denuded the coffers a bit, and the crappy exchange rate isn't really doing wonders for us. All donations are (as always) highly appreciated
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  4. That's a helluva project you've taken on Steve, especially as it's going to be shiny! THE most unforgiving of paint finishes You Sir, are a brave man
  5. I must have a look at those myself. They're a great company for anything Soviet, and that's reminded me that I must finish my stalled Mig-31 take 2 at some point!
  6. We take the security of your account details very seriously, and as the world moves on in terms of technology, we have to keep up. We have been considering switching our server to the secure https:// protocol for some time now to give the ultimate assurance of security while you are browsing the site, but we have had to hold that in abeyance while our software providers, Invision play catch up and write some additional code that will convert the forum's historic posts to the new format so that users don't get bombarded with warning messages every time they look at an older thread. Recently, Google decided to re-categorise websites that don't collect passwords over https:// as less secure, which set us thinking about it again, and asking some questions of Invision and our hosts. After a bit of to-and-fro with subsequent questions and more answers, we have decided to implement secure login using a system called SSL that will handle all your logins via https:// to ensure that no-one is listening. That sounds like we've been less-than-secure in the past, but it isn't the case, just a good example of technology moving on, and us moving with it. Very few forums will be handling login via SSL yet, but we can see it coming in the fairly near future. We've just purchased the certificate, which is a costly affair, and are awaiting its issue from the Certificate Authority. Once issued, we'll install it and then activate the secure login function. I suspect we'll all have to re-login, although I'm not 100% about that yet, but other than that (and the subsequent Password Recovery rush!) it shouldn't affect you the members much at all. We just wanted you to know that we're working to keep your data safe, and that any disruption that may occur during the hand-over is in a good cause Please post any questions you might have in this thread, rather than starting a new one in Help & Support.
  7. Starts to get expensive then unless they did them separately? can't remember TBH I didn't know or had forgotten (you choose which) that they used the same seats.
  8. to the forums chap
  9. You've done a lovely job of a kit that promised quite a lot, but ultimately didn't deliver. Will you be doing an ICM one next?
  10. Hi Rob, 1. If you're planning on publishing a post later, it's best to compose it in some kind of text editor later, as there's no real save option for your unpublished posts. You can just navigate away, and if you come back later the text will probably be there, but it's a bit risky, and if you want to make other posts in the meantime, it'll pop up there and be a general PITA. So yes, write anything long and important that's likely to get interrupted elsewhere 2. Honest answer is, I dunno, as I don't use Flickr, but a lot of users do, so it can't be all that hard You're looking for a bare URL, which you can just paste in and press enter/return to turn into a photo, or one of the older ones with IMG tags that are still supported for now. Hope that helps
  11. A belated aboard Rob
  12. We'd like to see your Work In Progress if possible, but if you could post the pics direct in a new thread, that would be helpful.
  13. Thanks for the tips fellas Clear spheres... good plan. I do actually have one lens already that came with the 1:3 scale M4 SR25 I built a few years back here. As I put lens caps over the scope, and there were quite a lot of lens sizes spare anyway. Will have to have a rummage, and might be able to at least find the small end. I doubt there's one big enough for the front though, but ya never know Very useful, thanks Richard