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  1. aboard chap
  2. Tell 'em it's a review sample, or you're building it on commission Tom. You're our last, best hope of getting one finished this side of Telford 2017
  3. I'd love to see everyone get their wish, and see who still wasn't happy... there's bound to be someone The likelihood of X or Y being produced, and saying "they'll never do an X or Y", makes about as much sense as the old chestnut of "the tooling for Z was lost when a container ship it was on sank". I heard that exact story from someone, repeated as gospel about the Monogram 1:48 B-24J around a year or so before it was repopped. Oops! We as the consuming public will never know what's coming until someone at the company that is doing the tooling let slip their intentions. It's all just heresay otherwise, and as usual ends up in a spat between those that want one, and those that don't, but want their own pet project or grail kit instead. it's somewhat like the 3rd post after the announcement of a kit in one scale is usually "I wish they'd done it in X scale instead/aswell", or worse - "We didn't need one in Y scale, they should have done it in X scale". Sez who?
  4. There's a lot of posts with the "IMHO" missing from this thread, stating categorically that we need X or Y before a Scimitar. What we want personally doesn't matter one jot to a model company. They're more interested in how many they can sell, how much they can make it for, and where they can get their data from. There's a couple of real Scimitars knocking about in museums, and I know that one company was considering doing one in injection moulded plastic a few years back as I provided them with some limited quantity of information, but I can't remember who now! The TL;DR version is - we know nothing about what motivates companies, and our personal desires for what a company produces next don't matter one bit
  5. I'm more than happy with the AKAN shade that I've got. It seems to gel with all the photos I've seen, and I try not to sweat the colours too much, due to the various external factors at play, including lighting, sun damage, cleaning residues, etc., and would never think to check a Munsell value, even if I knew how plug plug!
  6. Is that a sneaky way of advertising it to BM members? I'd imagine that your moral compass would compel you to let people know that the cable is faulty, otherwise you may end up responsible for death or injury, in which case you'd probably be sued and rightly so, especially as you've now documented it all on the forum
  7. Noted - you're all being very patient Well - the restart of the web server process was quick I changed a few PHP settings, to ensure that Support won't moan at us about it. Let's see if that improves our response times? Keep popping back if you're having issues, as if the team & I aren't suffering, we're inclined to assume you guys are ok too, which is usually a fair assumption
  8. Ok - making some more changes. Rebooting the webserver shortly (very shortly! ).
  9. Has anyone been suffering from slow responses from the site at times this week? I would have hoped that no-one posting here was a good thing, but for the fact that I and some of the other staffers have been getting some lag on occasion. I've applied another self-help fix to the server, and would ask that anyone struggling with slow responses and long waits between the page requests chimes in here. Clearly, we want to get to the bottom of this if it's still an issue for folks
  10. Sadly, it involves cessation of all breathing related activities
  11. F-14A Weapons Set (SIN64828 for Tamiya) Eduard Brassin Tamiya's new F-14A is a supersonic interceptor in the true Cold War style, so needs to be bristling with weapons. Injection moulded weapons are all well and good, but even the new slide-moulded one-piece weapons come with mould lines which can drift out of alignment, all of which takes time to deal with, as generally you are looking at four seams per item. Resin weapons can be moulded without seams if expertly done, and Eduard are the masters of resin moulding. As this is a BigSin set, it arrives in a flat top-opening figure sized box, and although the box is perhaps a little over-sized for the parts, there is adequate bubble-wrap inside to prevent the contents moving in transit. Inside the box are three sets that have been available separately in the past, as follows: 648062 AIM-7E Sparrow Missiles (4 in the pack) 648097 AIM-54A Phoenix Missiles (4 in the pack) 648303 AIM-9G/H Sidewinder Air-To-Air Missiles (4 in the pack) Each set is in a separate ziplok bag, with the combined Photo-Etch (PE) and decal sheets in another ziplok back with two sheets of white card providing extra protection. The Sparrow missiles are each built from the main body that has the rear fins moulded in, and separate steering vanes. At the rear is a circular exhaust in PE, and all the stencils are provided on the sheet, with the painting and markings on the instruction booklet using Gunze paint codes for the colours. The Phoenix missiles are each made of the main body with a separate tail part with the rear fins moulded in. The two parts join together with a butt-joint, so ensure that you cut the mould plugs cleanly, and it may help to Dremel the join so that it is concave to improve the fit if the two parts rock at all. The exhaust is moulded into the rear of the tail with a deep undercut adding realism, so no PE is required. There is a short pin moulded into the nose cone to ensure that no bubbles form in the very point of each missile, so remember to remove those and knock back the stub to the correct shape with a fine sanding stick. Again, stencils are included on the sheet with the colour codes given in Gunze shades. The Sidewinders have separate steering vanes and a clear resin seeker head at the front, and a PE exhaust ring at the rear. There are also optional Remove Before Flight covers for the clear head, and adapter rails to facilitate attachment to the aircraft's pylons. Stencil placement and colour codes are on the instruction booklet with the paints in Gunze codes as per the rest of the set. Review sample courtesy of
  12. Of course we do, because our intentions outweigh our probable longevity, but yes - I think a lot of us have nostalgia kits in the stash as well as the occasional one we're either too frightened to build, or think we shouldn't because it's worth a few bob. Trouble is, what's worth a few bob now doesn't always stay that way. Your Airfix Bucc (for example) lost a few quid in value the moment TanModel announced theirs. Build for you, stash for you, collect for you. It's all good
  13. Lovely work on both those John The uniformed figures in the first one - how did you go about doing those? They look pretty close to the real things, except perhaps for the pants needing a little more "flare" at the bottom
  14. Very nice work - it's on my To Do list, and hopped up a few pegs after the Tetra sets were released.
  15. It'll probably be more like Group Stash knowing modellers EDIT: Removing extraneous characters from "Probably" and note to self - don't type without glasses