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  1. Strange what we remember isn't it? I was really interested in all this kind of thing and I clearly remember watching about the Viking and Voyager mission on "John Craven's Newsround". But of the space shuttle, when I was younger I can really only recall the Challenger disaster. That was one of those "I remember where I was moments" when I walked into my friend's university room and he was watching a news report of it on the TV.
  2. I was sat at my modelling bench sipping a beer and watching it on youtube. So glad it came off. I kept my wife and daughter updated, not in any realistic hope that they were interested but to annoy them while they were watching some bizarre program, seemingly about dog grooming. I don't know how old your lad is Mike but he's got an exiting period of spaceflight to look forward to. Oh to have all those years to learn about all this technology and discoveries! I was only 3 in 1969 so I missed all that and other than Viking I don't recall any great excitement in the media
  3. Hi - not sure this is helpful, it might depend on whether you are using pre-printed photo etch. I built an Eduard 1/48 Mig21 SMT a couple of years back and as I was the advice I got was to mix Mr Hobby "Sky Blue" H25 and "Emerald Green" H46 approximately 50/50 as there was nothing off the shelf that would match the Eduard photoetch. Not a brand I normally use but I mixed them in a pot and tweaked them until perfect. Mixing paint is normally a nightmare for me but in this case it was just a question of "a bit greener" or "a bit bluer" and really easy to do. But if it's p
  4. Good point - wasn't thinking at all clearly. I've just looked at the guidance about sending gifts under the current arrangments, never mind doing anything commercial and I don't think I'm going to bother in future. We rather got used to being in the single market and customs union didn't we? Chucking things in the car driving over to the continent, taking things to the people we were visiting, buying whatever we wanted while we were over there and driving back. Now I've got to think! At least we can still bring 24 bottles of wine each. Which TBH is usually about what we tended to b
  5. Sometime in the mid 90's I was stood in the immigration queue of a Russian airport, a luggage trolley loaded with about 50 grand's worth of charitably donated medical equipment courtesy of the Prince of Wales repeating the phrase "it is a gift for a friend" over and over again in Russian. It worked then. Seriously, if it's genuinely a gift as opposed to pretending it's one to avoid tax then I'd imagine it's OK? We never even considered it with our Christmas presents and they got there! Dave
  6. Alternatively accept the challenge and make them yourself! Very satisfying. I'd make two of the mirrors and use both, less likely to be noticed than one being injection moulded and the other scratch-built. I accept lost/broken/self-ruined parts as an inevitable part of modelling and I have decided to enjoy the work needed to rectify it. That said I've never yet had to bin a very expensive or time invested kit which would feel quite different I imagine.
  7. Quite well actually - I'm just not very good at loading updates! Try to get something done this week.
  8. Pigpen

    Packing peanuts

    There is another option. If you worked in an electronics repair workshop where it was traditional for all occupants to contribute to a table in the corner packed with delicious nibbles and other comestibles, you might make an additional tasty snack by adding copious quantities of orange food colouring and cheese flavouring and placing them into a bowl. Of course it is essential to let all the occupants of the workshop know about this, as well as those visitors who are polite enough to wait for an invite, or at least ask before eating from the table. However it's equally
  9. Crikey - do they have a Health and Safety Executive in Puerto Rico? If so someone's in for an interview without coffee and biscuits.... I think I read China has built something similar?
  10. Firstly I'm not sure that this is the appropriate forum - mods feel free to move. When I was younger there was a remarkable department store in our town centre which had a fabulous toy department with a terrific selection of models, Not least Tamiya and Hasegawa when they were not that available. I was often taken there by my mum, and it would be a ritual to go before Christmas and select a special model for my grandmother to buy me. When I was older I would cycle in to town and spend my pocket money and I remember that unlike other "toy shops" that sold models, I coul
  11. When I left university in 1989 before looking for a "proper" job I worked for a car auction firm "trade plating" cars from customers back to the depot in Stoke-on-Trent. Up until then my driving experience had been my 1300cc Mk1 Escort and, my dad's mini metro. One of my first jobs was to bring back from Derby police headquarters to Stoke, along the A52 a 3.5 litre SD1. Hole in the roof where the blue light had been removed and only half a dashboard where the comms had been. And no siren, I checked. How I survived I do not know but I chickened out at 100mph....
  12. To use one exclamation mark may be regarded as a misfortune; to use both looks like a scammer.
  13. I've just been "auditing" the portholes on the first deck of the superstructure (sorry to all mateloes, I don't know the correct terminology) and around a third of them need to be filled, moved or drilled. What I have noticed it that some are correct on the wrong side. Of course this assumes it's not the 3D plans that are wrong..... I have rationalised this by not building a model of the tirpitz but a model of the 3D Super Drawings Book.
  14. This is the strange thing Jerry, that's the attitude I've gone in with but it's getting bogged down in the detail that I seem to be enjoying. I've accepted that bits will be good and other bits less so and I'm just along for the ride! I think I've given myself permission to both try and fail as well as succeed. Quite liberating.
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