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  1. I find superfine Milliput softer and easier to work than the standard. Saying that my superfine is a bit younger. However both parts of the superfine are white as one of its key uses is to mend porcelain so they recommend you work it for twice as long, presumably so you can be sure that it's properly mixed. It also doesn't mend chipped kitchen sinks quite as well as one promised the wife it would.....
  2. Welcome - you will find this an unusual place on the internet as it for the most part adheres to the rules of normal society, and as far as I'm concerned that's cool! However you've made the cardinal mistake of admitting to being either a medic or a statistician - everyone at the party wants an opinion - for free. You should have lied and said you worked in number theory.
  3. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    Thank you - I will steal that with pride if I may, although I will not cut and paste you That is a very credible and cogent argument that will be helpful in talking to those for whom this is an information defecit problem. For the others.... https://youtu.be/49XjMDnlfn0
  4. With two the, fuselage (i.e. aiming point) is exactly in the middle. Calibrate your gunsight for the distance between the easier to see markings rather than the wingtips and you've even got range!
  5. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    Exactly. Small data sets are more likely to exibit clustering. Big numbers smooth it out which is why we like to drawn conclusions from larger sample sizes. Individual experiences are an important part of the data but are not to be extrapolated from. However in our family sample of four the three who had the Pfizer had nothing but a sore arm and the one who had astra zeneca was ill for the evening +24hrs. Not statistically significant. But..... However the consensus was "at least I know mine's working" !
  6. Advice above all correct - but. It might be a lot less hassle to charge in situ and spend an hour or two with a book policing an extension cable so no-one falls over it rather than messing about removing and replacing the battery. It'll also be quicker. Get enough charge in it to get it started once and then take it or a good drive.
  7. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    Naughty! But actually this is sensible debate and these conspiracy theories often have a grain of truth which is misunderstood and extrapolated out of all proportion. The original "power stations" were a front for the production of weapons grade fissionable material and any electricity surplus was incidental so when real power stations came on line it was rational to be cynical. The irony is that we are now struggling to get some of the material needed for radioisotope thermoelectric generators and medical purposes because they were bi products of weapons production and have to synthesise them
  8. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    Apparently nuclear power stations are a front to produce the "product" for Chemtrails. The evidence for this is that they use power from the grid to run their systems rather than power from their own generators so they can't be generating electricity. Of course, when the turbo alternator fails they send a bloke out with a crank handle to turn the primary circuit feed pump. Fascinating to read some of these conspiracy sites, but go for the occasional reality check by listening to the wonderful Infinite Monkey Cage's take on this at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000dfqn
  9. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    You are not kidding! I was both personally and professionally impressed when I got mine. (Shout out to Birmingham Kid's Hospital) The government got it right twice. They ordered far more vaccines than were needed from a variety of suppliers in the expectation that perhaps 1/3 of them would be useful. It's not right to criticise them for "over ordering" or wasting money - hindsight is a wonderful lens. Secondly they handed the vaccine programme over to the NHS, took guidance on priorities from an expert group and for the most part have not meddled. The scale and quality
  10. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    I am in complete agreement with that view. I am a former NHS Clinical Scientist, although not in this field, and as a breed, while often personally excited by innovation, professionally we are inherently conservative and suspicious . In terms of research the scientific method requires a level of scepticism bordering on abuse - conferences can be quite exciting! That's scepticism not gullibility. For many reasons conspiracy theories have much less to commend them. I too had questions, did a bit of thinking and reading around things and drew similar conclusions to you. New Scientist
  11. Strange what we remember isn't it? I was really interested in all this kind of thing and I clearly remember watching about the Viking and Voyager mission on "John Craven's Newsround". But of the space shuttle, when I was younger I can really only recall the Challenger disaster. That was one of those "I remember where I was moments" when I walked into my friend's university room and he was watching a news report of it on the TV.
  12. I was sat at my modelling bench sipping a beer and watching it on youtube. So glad it came off. I kept my wife and daughter updated, not in any realistic hope that they were interested but to annoy them while they were watching some bizarre program, seemingly about dog grooming. I don't know how old your lad is Mike but he's got an exiting period of spaceflight to look forward to. Oh to have all those years to learn about all this technology and discoveries! I was only 3 in 1969 so I missed all that and other than Viking I don't recall any great excitement in the media
  13. Hi - not sure this is helpful, it might depend on whether you are using pre-printed photo etch. I built an Eduard 1/48 Mig21 SMT a couple of years back and as I was the advice I got was to mix Mr Hobby "Sky Blue" H25 and "Emerald Green" H46 approximately 50/50 as there was nothing off the shelf that would match the Eduard photoetch. Not a brand I normally use but I mixed them in a pot and tweaked them until perfect. Mixing paint is normally a nightmare for me but in this case it was just a question of "a bit greener" or "a bit bluer" and really easy to do. But if it's p
  14. Good point - wasn't thinking at all clearly. I've just looked at the guidance about sending gifts under the current arrangments, never mind doing anything commercial and I don't think I'm going to bother in future. We rather got used to being in the single market and customs union didn't we? Chucking things in the car driving over to the continent, taking things to the people we were visiting, buying whatever we wanted while we were over there and driving back. Now I've got to think! At least we can still bring 24 bottles of wine each. Which TBH is usually about what we tended to b
  15. Sometime in the mid 90's I was stood in the immigration queue of a Russian airport, a luggage trolley loaded with about 50 grand's worth of charitably donated medical equipment courtesy of the Prince of Wales repeating the phrase "it is a gift for a friend" over and over again in Russian. It worked then. Seriously, if it's genuinely a gift as opposed to pretending it's one to avoid tax then I'd imagine it's OK? We never even considered it with our Christmas presents and they got there! Dave
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