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  1. Vodka when we finish ? You've not spent much time with Russians then..... Love the first image, really convincing and atmospheric.
  2. Saw a good analysis the other day that demonstrated that if controls were to be introduced it would be better to enforce a minimum rather than a maximum spend. This would result in fewer people filling up less often which is essentially the normal situation. Of course there would be a downside in that some people have to live hand to mouth in terms of fuel as well as rent and food so as usual those who are already disadvantaged would end up with more problems.
  3. Some guy in an Astra did this to me about twenty years ago, when I was driving a rather underpowered car and this roundabout was a bit of a challenge. Well I thought it's an offence to use the horn as an admonishment so he must be drawing my attention to a defect in my car. So I turned the engine off and walked back to him with a smile on my face. He decided to vacate the situation, reversed straight into the bus behind him and drove off tipping me over the bonnet as him did so. How the bus driver and I laughed, quid pro quo !
  4. Probably just surface area to volume ratio. As an adhesive where the "thickness" tends to zero the ratio tends to infinity and cooling is not an issue. As a "blob" then it appropriates to a sphere which is the minimum surface area that a solid can have so all that heat from curing is going through to the plastic. Plus perhaps some channelling via the metal to "hot spots". Bottom line is CA wa never intended to be used as a potting compund. I use epoxy resin and some flaahing left over from building work yeara ago.
  5. Pigpen

    Camo advice please

    I appreciate your dedication to self improvement but I'm off to stand in the "much worse modeller than you" corner. Seriously if I'd sprayed that so well freehand I'd not be worrying about a few degrees of colour shade
  6. I recall, as a child, having a bicycle with tyres made by the "Dae Yung" company. Just checked on t'interweb and it appears to be true!
  7. Trevor, Allie’s designated human Hi, sorry if this is a bit late but our cat did this sitting in the bath thing a few years ago. We mentioned it to a friend who has several cats and she said, straightaway, it's got a urine infection. Off to the vets and sure enough she had. They press their genetals against the cold surface to get relief from the discomfort. Obvious in hindsight but I'd never have worked it out for myself. Worth looking into if it's changed behaviour. Hope that's useful.
  8. By some bizarre coincidence my searches about summerhouses brought this up earlier today. No idea whether it is any good but I imagine that what you are looking for is something that will either not discolour or if it does discolour do it at the same rate as the uPVC. https://www.upvc-store.co.uk/products/premium-upvc-touch-up-pen-window-door-frame-laminate-scratch-chip-colour-repair?variant=12671011586153&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2019-01-04&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnueFBhChARIsAPu3YkQTr7Ct1hADK4VUsgrjaHo8GsHN96EwNJVg_epLmxW68TMp1NDRJ4EaAq7jEALw_wcB Good luck. Or at least better luck than my assurance to my wife that Milliput fine white would invisibly repair the sink I broke.....
  9. Hmm - while everyone's looking at the Baltic. Just sayin'....
  10. At the crossroads in Milton, Stoke-on-Trent found myself behind an old motorcycle with "R69S" on the rear mudguard. I thought, "I recognise that", and indeed ,as it turned left in front of me, I saw the huge crankcase and opposed cylinders I remember from building the Airfix kit at least twice as a kid. The BMWs always fascinated me, particularly as they were a very common sight as police motorcycles in the 70/80s. Don't know whether that's a "spot" but I've never seen one before. My daughter, to whom I was giving a driving lesson, "helpfully" tried to get me as close behind it as possible so I could have a good look. Noooooo!
  11. I find superfine Milliput softer and easier to work than the standard. Saying that my superfine is a bit younger. However both parts of the superfine are white as one of its key uses is to mend porcelain so they recommend you work it for twice as long, presumably so you can be sure that it's properly mixed. It also doesn't mend chipped kitchen sinks quite as well as one promised the wife it would.....
  12. Welcome - you will find this an unusual place on the internet as it for the most part adheres to the rules of normal society, and as far as I'm concerned that's cool! However you've made the cardinal mistake of admitting to being either a medic or a statistician - everyone at the party wants an opinion - for free. You should have lied and said you worked in number theory.
  13. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    Thank you - I will steal that with pride if I may, although I will not cut and paste you That is a very credible and cogent argument that will be helpful in talking to those for whom this is an information defecit problem. For the others.... https://youtu.be/49XjMDnlfn0
  14. With two the, fuselage (i.e. aiming point) is exactly in the middle. Calibrate your gunsight for the distance between the easier to see markings rather than the wingtips and you've even got range!
  15. Pigpen

    Covid Jab

    Exactly. Small data sets are more likely to exibit clustering. Big numbers smooth it out which is why we like to drawn conclusions from larger sample sizes. Individual experiences are an important part of the data but are not to be extrapolated from. However in our family sample of four the three who had the Pfizer had nothing but a sore arm and the one who had astra zeneca was ill for the evening +24hrs. Not statistically significant. But..... However the consensus was "at least I know mine's working" !
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