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Norwegian Sea King - Airfix 1/72

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A colourful subject choice Dave and at least the kit includes a folded rotor option to avoid it taking up too much space in your display cabinet ;) 

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Hi All,


I've finished with the interior.




I didn't want to spend too much time on the interior as it can't be seen with the doors shut - which is the way I'm going to build it.



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On 9/13/2021 at 8:34 AM, trickyrich said:

WOW that looks great!!! :thumbsup:


Are you going to leave the side door open?


No, there's not really enough detail in there.  The real thing has bits of medical equipment etc. all over the place and that would be too much for me to replicate.


It's ready for primer now.






The only difficult bit was with the clear parts around the cockpit, but a bit of filler and sanding seems to have sorted it.



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Hi All,


Priming done.






...and the white done.





The rotors aren't glued in place, just pushed in.  I don't have any day-glow paint at the moment so I'll have leave it until I can get hold of some,  I've no idea which is best paint to use.



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