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  1. I’m happy I’ve experienced the past The issue is that as long as the Tesla got power, its accelleration is quite impressive. But pretty it isn’t
  2. Fantastic work, especially considering the scale
  3. Today on my way back from work I saw something rather unusual, at least considering that it was on the German Autobahn A8 between Munich and Stuttgart; a 1970’s Royal Air Force Crash Rescue Land Rover … ?! Though I didn’t managed to snap a photo as he was just about to leave the Autobahn, I’m pretty sure it looked like the one in the link below. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Royal_Air_Force_Land_Rover_Ambulance,_Bridgehead_2011_pic2.JPG EDIT: or maybe more something like in the link here, https://www.alamy.de/royal-air-force-erste-hilfe-ambulanz-4-x-4-landrover-image61024847.html? It had clear markings in yellow saying “CRASH RESCUE” at the rear. Didn’t managed to spot the license plates in the hurry, so not sure if it was German or British registered? But exiting it was Now and then, especially during the summer holidays, you see something rare on the German Autobahn. Like last year where I passed a white Nissan Patrol 4x4 registered on Abu Dhabi plates! For a minute I thought I was back in Dubai driving on Sheikh Zayed Road, on my way to work
  4. And isn’t that a great thing Marco I “grew up” in a red Mini and later a white Cooper S, guess I inherited my love for small cars from my dad
  5. Yes please! I’m not a Mini expert, so to me it doesn’t have to be 100% historical correct
  6. Come on, it’s just a small diorama in 1/24
  7. Very nice Tinners, love the REPSOL livery
  8. Now that’s a very cool car And welcome btw Cheers Johnny b
  9. A great addition to the fleet Jeroen, it will serve the Van Dordt’s well for many years I’m sure (it’s literally just been run in ) When are you going to show us the Van Dordt garage facilities?
  10. I have seen the same modification done on the Fiat 500 here in Germany and it is intended to allow 16 years with certain categories of drivers license to drive a “car”. In some German states even down to 15 years of age. Has to be a three-wheeler and below a certain weight class and surely also a lot of other rules applies. But ya, it looks horrendous
  11. The last two pictures you are showing us @gt6mkiii looks like the real thing, very well done
  12. A lovely model Dave and an interesting read going through all the previous replies too I was born in the mid-sixties so a bid too young to have experienced these bikes as my interest for motorcycles only came later in life, but I can still appreciate their look and sound!
  13. I wish too !! That (the latest model 992), and the generation before that (991). We’ll just have to wait then …
  14. Some years back the 996 generation of the 911 wasn’t exactly the most loved one in the Porsche community, but I think they are finding more interest now where any other 911 model have become financially out of reach for most “normal” people. I’m glad you like it too. Make sure to do a build thread please, it’s always good to follow another 911 build!
  15. Just a few spotted on my daily walk today. With a bit of TLC and some respraying, this could become a very nice “Youngtimer”. Not a big favourite of mine, but I guess it got some charm. And finally a couple of two-wheelers, wouldn’t mind having the CBR myself!
  16. Interesting article, thanks for sharing! In Dubai the Police just buy their Ferrari’s new, LaFerrari that is
  17. Lovely photos @JeroenS, thanks for sharing and I’m happy you liked both of the “Stuttgarter” museums. The Schlumpf Collection is definitely on my list of coming museums to visit !! The story behind the collection with the Schlumpf brothers is a bit crazy too
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