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  1. Any excuse for building a helicopter is a good excuse, so please if you could add me to the list. Cheers Johnny b
  2. Hmmm …. might not be as bad as we think? You know, some people here in the south of Germany are having Weisswurst (white sausage) with sauerkraut for breakfast on Fridays, then to be honest, I‘d rather eat my Frankfurter with Vallejo Light Ghost Grey on it
  3. Plenty of possibilities there J-W, good luck with the builds !!
  4. Thanks John! Yes I remember yours in the Gulf War GB, in fact I had a look at your fine build and the other Warthogs here on BM before deciding to go with the A-10. Good point Bertie
  5. Really like the variety of this GB, good luck with the rocket !!
  6. Hi @TonyOD, I see opportunities to build a Navy, USMC or Coast Guard helicopter Got the Italeri US Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon in the stash, would it be eligible you think? Cheers Johnny b
  7. I have duly voted sir and just to make things even more exiting I voted for the ………
  8. Victor looks like a nice hamster, have you trained him to find lost parts in the carpet?
  9. I take it you got Ritter Sport down under as well (Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. as we say in Germany) On our latest two family holidays to Australia, LIFESAVERS was the biggest hit when going on long journeys into the outback (think it actually saved our lives a couple of times …) and not to forget; golden gaytime ice cream, the name alone is just hilarious
  10. While I was pondering over the paints tonight, my dear wife cooked me this lovely meal, which I consumed at my temporary hobby bench in the bedroom. Nothing compared to the Christmas treats @Marlin prepared for us all in the Nordic II GB, but let’s continue the tradition in this GB shall we It’s not because I don’t like to eat with the rest of the family but my son and daughter have self isolated in their respective rooms due to catching omikron and while my wife and I are still negative, we are practicing some social distancing to hopefully not spread it further. But hey, plenty of time for modeling then, once the daily home office is done with !! The kit decals provide for two grey-in-grey options (somebody has to be building the boring grey ones ) , I’ll be going for the TIGER SHARK option because it looks pretty cool with a big cigar in its mouth! The instructions calls for a mix of FS36375 as the lighter base color and FS36320 as the darker option for the FWD fuselage, upper wings, etc. The Vallejo paints I have might be a bit to too dark, but then again maybe not after applying varnish, panel wash, decals, weathering, etc … The FS36231 should be the right color for the cockpit as per the instructions. Bon appétit and have a good evening!
  11. Good subjects and a very nice collection of AM stuff you got there, so go for it Bosse … and keep us updated on your weekends at the „stuga“
  12. You will be a busy man Ernie! I wanted to build a sub or just a ship for a long time, so another one to follow
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