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  1. As ceeb555 said above, a lovely build and the weathering is just perfect
  2. Got this from my dear family for my birthday the other day. It appears to be a nice little kit. The PANTHER from Rosenbauer is one of the most popular ARFF (Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting) vehicles in the world and yet Hasegawa has chosen one of the most boring liveries for this boxing! So I was thinking of doing mine in something a bit more colorful, from my old airport in Copenhagen. (Photo rights Rosenbauer)
  3. That’s a respectable Fire Chief vehicle
  4. Like the others have said, that’s a fantastic looking conversion
  5. That’s a fantastic looking EVO and a lovely looking pair of Mitsubishi rally cars
  6. A true masterpiece of a model if you ask me, just like your photos are top quality too
  7. Now there’s an idea, converting these emergency vehicles into slot cars Slot cars are always good fun! Got a box of old Scalextric stuff in the basement, think I’ll go down and dig it out for the Christmas Holidays
  8. Some very nice cars there, thanks for sharing! It would be a BMW 635 CSI for me then or one of the Capri’s
  9. Some newly acquired scale H0 (1/87) stuff for my future THW / Fire Brigade station. Also managed to build up a small collection of Herpa Minikits, they are great for customization as they come unpainted and unassembled, just as they are cheaper than the finished Herpa models. So no excuse really for not getting started
  10. Not every day you see one of these around, at least not where I live.
  11. Another member of the 917 fan club here! You collection looks fantastic, looks as if the pictures were taken right after the race
  12. Time is running fast and to be honest there isn‘t much progress to report on the Jimny. I did however manage to give the few major parts some white Vallejo primer. As i initially had a paint scheme in mind where the rear side windows would be blinded off, I also painted these in white primer on the outside. I now regret this as I have changed my mind regarding the colour scheme, so now the question remains; how do I best remove the Vallejo primer from the clear parts without ruining the side windows? Isopropyl Alcohol Maybe (we might have it at work)? This by the way, is the current paint scheme. The base colour will be Tamiya TS34 Camel Yellow, with some parts in a black gloss to break the yellow. The logo on the door is just a free download from the internet and not my own design. Windows will likely be tinted on the inside, as the cabin is a bit boring and the steering wheel is on the “wrong” side
  13. What, a race car with only two wheels Like the others said, that‘s a stunning looking model
  14. After all the trouble you had, it was good you managed to finish it at the end
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