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  1. Not forgotten nor finished, but it is a step closer to being finished. I've got three GBs on the go at the moment and a couple more waiting to be started so sometimes one stalls for a bit. I think it's ready for decals next. Dave.
  2. Hi All, This one's very nearly finished. Not detailed by current standards, but it is the right shape. Gallery photos to follow. Dave.
  3. Hi All, I've finished with the interior. I didn't want to spend too much time on the interior as it can't be seen with the doors shut - which is the way I'm going to build it. Dave.
  4. TYPE 97 CHI HA 8th Tank Regiment Tamiya 1/35
  5. Hi All, I don't usually do helicopters, but I like the colour scheme of this one. Here's the sprues. Dave.
  6. Hi All, Most of the painting is done. The blue camo needs neatening up around the air intakes and there's detail painting to do, then on to the decals. Dave.
  7. Hi All, The two hull parts are together now. I've given it a matt coat and airbrushed on some dust coloured paint in places. A bit more weathering and it's done. Dave.
  8. Hi All, The priming is done. A little bit more filler here and there and then I can move onto the camo. Dave.
  9. Hi All, It was very simple to put together and the fit wasn't too bad. I've engraved in the panel lines, there's a bit more to do - but so far so good. I've made a crude IP using spare decals. but it's OK for 1/72nd. There's more engraving to do and some clean up and it's ready for primer. Dave.
  10. Hi All, The upper hull is painted. There's a bit of detail painting and few decals to do and then it onto the weathering. Dave.
  11. Hi All, I want to build a 1/72 Mirage 2000 - just because they look good, but in my opinion the Modelsvit kit is just too expensive for a single engine fighter in 1/72 and the Italeri kit is dimensional wrong. So the Heller kit is what remains, the downside of the kit is it's age with poor detailing, raised panel lines etc.. I've got hold of an Airfix boxing. It's pretty basic, but accurate shape wise. The decals are poor. The decals are very blurry, to the extent that the French ones are virtual unusable. The Greek ones will just about pass and some decals can be replaced from spares. I've got spares missiles and ejection seat from the Special Hobby Mirage F.1 Which will improve the look a lot. Dave.
  12. Hi All, The lower hull is painted. Apparently the Japanese applied the camo. by brush so I've done the same. I've drilled four holes and put in a piece of wire from a paper clip in each side to make the track look a bit saggy. Hopefully when the pins are painted track colour and with mud on the tracks, they won't be too visible. Dave.
  13. Hi All, Most of the paintwork is done. Yellow nose and white tail. Green fuselage. And multicoloured wings. Onto the tricky bit. I've drilled holes through the top and bottom wings, but doing all the rigging looks confusing - I think doing all the steps in the right order is key. Dave.
  14. Hi All, The hull and turret are together. It all fits well considering the age of the kit. Top and bottom of the hull aren't glued together yet, as it'll be easier to work on like that for now. Dave.
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