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  1. Hi All, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave it here for today - I'm not feeling well, something I ate I think, I'm going back bed. So no decals, no weathering. I'll carry on later this week and post some proper photos later. Dave.
  2. Hi All, This is where I'm calling it a day for today. By waking up late this morning and doing a shopping run I'd already blown the the "Sidekick" option so I'm going with the "Great Escape option". So that's 12 hours for Saturday and 6 hours for today leaving me 6 hours for tomorrow. So there's tracks to be painted, tools to be attached and weathering to be done. Dave.
  3. Hi All. I gotten off to late start again today, after some airbrush problems have got this far. I've also got the wheels painted, so I can crack on for a bit. Dave.
  4. Hi All, It's taken a lot longer to get the hull and turret built than I thought it it would, but it's done. So now going to have something to eat and then get the wheels painted, clean up the joins etc. and tomorrow do the main painting. Dave.
  5. Hi All, A Quick decision had to made and for now I'm going to go with PzIII for no logical reason at all. And finally we're off at at 11 am. Dave.
  6. Hi All, I've got off to a bit of late start, but here we go. 24 hours to turn this pile of plastic into something... Unbelievably while I was typing the last bit the Postie turned up with the PzIII I'd original wanted to do! should I change plans and the do PzIII or stick with the big gun? dunno - what would Enzo do? Dave.
  7. Hi All, Painted with AK ADC Grey There's just the bare metal bits to do and the paint work is done. Dave.
  8. Hi All, Having missed the last few Blitzbuilds I was determined to do this one. But typically things have been going progressively wrong. I ordered a Tamiya Pz.III on Monday morning thinking that should be plenty of time for a 48hr Royal Mail delivery, what I didn't know that there was going to be a postal strike this Friday. Well of course it didn't arrive this morning and it's a doubtful that'll arrive Saturday. So this morning I signed up for an Amazon Prime subscription (1 months free trial) and ordered an alternate kit this:- Hopefully I can collect it tomorrow. Also I have had "technical difficulties" with linking images, so please let me know if you can't see the above image. Dave.
  9. Hi All, I haven't had a lot of time to post updates, so here's a catch up of photos. Cockpit. Ready for primer. And primed, with little more filler and sanding. It's generally quite an easy build apart from the rotary missile pallet thingy, although the silver plastic seems harder to glue using Tamiya glue than I would normally expect. Dave.
  10. Well to be honest the UK isn't fully metric. I'm just about old enough to remember the pre-metric days and I do not miss them, Fahrenheit is just nuts though. Dave.
  11. I think I'm going to try some experiments using the Canadian decals first. The paper of the instruction sheet was very yellowed and dry, I've got a nasty feeling that the box was keep in someone's hot attic for 30 odd years. (yes, it does get hot in the south of England, 28C at the moment in London - sorry I don't do Fahrenheit - American weirdos ). Dave.
  12. Hi All, I've managed to obtain a pre-owned Revell Voodoo. It's one of the original production run of this kit, so it's a nice and crisp molding and it's in silver plastic, a thing I haven't seen in decades. The downside is that the decals appear to be getting brittle - we'll see. Dave.
  13. TYPE 10 2nd Co., 1st Armoured School, JGSDF Tamiya 1/35th
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