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  1. Hi All, It's all together now. It went together reasonable easily - with a little bit of force here and there. Nearly ready for primer. Dave.
  2. Hi All. The large decals are on. Next is the boring job of applying squillions of stencils. Dave.
  3. Hi All, It's up on it's wheels now. I've removed a couple of mil. from the nose wheel - why does Revell keep making these silly little errors? Annoyingly the yellow stripe down the spine isn't provided on the decal sheet. If I'd noticed that earlier I wouldn't have painted the black first. Onto the decals. Dave.
  4. Hi All, I've got the main sections put together. Now I just need to join them up. Dave.
  5. Hi All, I'm calling this one done. I've added a white line to the canopy frame, painted nav. lights and given it more shine. Gallery pics to follow. Dave.
  6. Hi All, Most of the painting is done. Two weeks to go and plenty still to do. Dave.
  7. Hi All, I've finally got the decals on. There's some details still to paint and a white line around the canopy to do, but nearly finished. Dave.
  8. Hi All, The cockpits done. The original cockpit is quite poor for this scale so thankful the resin was available. I've not used much resin before and this took a bit of work to make it fit, but worth doing. Dave.
  9. Give it at least 12-24 hours to set otherwise it'll tend to peel off the surface. It took me a few months to get used to using as it's not like a hard filler, but now I prefer to use it most of the time (you can see plenty of it used in the above photos). Dave.
  10. It comes in tube with a nozzle. The way I normally apply filler is with a toothpick.
  11. Hi All, The primer is now covering all the messy looking filler. Next I'm going to spray the bare metal areas, mask them, then on with the grey and then the black. Dave.
  12. Yes, it's OOB and yes it was pretty awful. I fitted the top edges of the fairing and the clear part flush and the filled the large gap at the bottom with Vallejo acrylic filler - which doesn't harm the clear part. Then sanded and polished it - but it still looks bad. Dave.
  13. Hi All, The big bits are all together. I used plasticard to make the IR sensor fairing. I also moved the small air scoop back a few mill. to where it should be. and filled in the gun port. A bit more clean-up and then on with the primer. Dave.
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