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  1. Dave_R

    BM 10th Anniversary Gallery

    EDUARD 1/72 Bf 110G-4 Stab II./NJG1, Bad Langensalza 1945
  2. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Yes thanks, the dangerous Hypertension is all OK - five pills a day at the moment, but that'll go down as and when. In fact heart, lungs and kidneys are all A+ - the liver's at about 95% what it should be, but that's not too bad. Without wanting to get too political, I've got to say that the NHS treatment was first class:- Ambulance - A&E - Acute Care Unit - Step Down Ward - Discharge with a big bag of drugs - COST NOTHING. The irony was that while I was laying there in bed watching the TV News, Donald Trump was telling me that I was in a Hospital in a war-zone (East London) surrounded by stabbing victims - I must have missed that somehow. Dave.
  3. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All, This time I've got a good excuse for slow progress - I've just spent most of last week in hospital. Bottomline is, if you're told your blood pressure is high don't just ignore it like I did or you might get a fun ride in an ambulance - like I did. ANYWAY! Now with wheels and exhausts. Next on with the Micro Flat - and then on with the sticky out bits that break off, of which there are many! Dave.
  4. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All, I've got the decals on. There's a little bit of silvering to sort out, but it's mostly OK. Dave.
  5. Dave_R

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    Please add my name to the list. I don't have any strong opinions about the choice of kit. I would prefer a 1/48 subject with some interesting history - but I'll have a go at anything. I quite like the look of this though:- https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/revell-flower-class-corvette-hms-butter-1-144-ship-model-kit-05158/ Dave.
  6. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All. ...and with mottles..... So next decals, undercarriage etc. Dave.
  7. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    I'm big fan of the laser-cut canopy masks for greenhouse like canopies - a few quid well spent to save hours of effort. Dave.
  8. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All, Here it is airbrushed medium grey and masked for the darker grey. .... and here it is airbrushed dark grey and the the masking removed. The paint lifted in a few places when the tape was taken off, which is annoying but not a big problem. Next job will be some mottling. Dave.
  9. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    The kit comes with it's own canopy mask. It took a couple of hours to mask up, but it's fairly easy to do. Dave.
  10. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All, I've now got it masked and ready for more paint. Dave.
  11. Dave_R

    Eduard Bf 110 G-4 1/72nd

    Hi All, Ok, this one back to the front of the build queue, after finishing the Sherman. I was trying out AK paint for the first time and it went a bit wrong at first but I think I've got the hang of it now. So, next a bit of masking and then some RLM 75. Dave.
  12. Dave_R

    M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    SHERMAN II El Alamein November 1942
  13. Dave_R

    El Alamein Sherman

    Hi All I've made very slow progress on this mainly due my procrastination and the PE, which was a pain in posterior to put on, not helped by my ham-fistedness when I managed break pieces off several times. There's a photo of this tank and it appears to have the camo hand painted - but it's a black and white photo, so I can't tell what colour it should be. So I'm practically out time, I need to clean-up the paintwork, put on the tools and weather it. Hopefully it'll all go well tomorrow. Dave.
  14. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire F.XVII

    Hi All, Here's my entry in this GB. I've this kit had a while and I've made a small start - but less than 25%. I won't be starting on this until I've finished the Sherman I'm working on... and the Bf 110 ... and the Sea Fury. Four GB's on the go - and I've feeling it's only going to snowball throughout this year. Still it's clearing the stash a bit. Dave.
  15. Dave_R

    El Alamein Sherman

    Hi All, I've made a start on the painting - a base coat of Tamiya XF57 - and put on the wheels and tracks. The tracks are bit loose, so I'll try gluing them to the return rollers. So next I'll glue the top and bottom halves of the hull together and add the front sections of the sand shields and then it should be ready for camouflaging. Dave.