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  1. Hi All, To go with my Hurricane I have Eduards Bf 109 E-4. With a base and some figures this be a counterpart to my Hurricane build. Dave.
  2. Hi All, For starters I've got this Airfix Hurricane. I've some figures to go with it, so I'm going to make a bit of a display base for them. I've got a 109 to build too, so I'm going to make a matching base with figures for that as well. Dave.
  3. Hi All I've added the undercarriage, drop tanks, antenna etc. I've got to mottle the radar aerials and then on with the decals. Dave.
  4. Hi All, That's the mottling done. Not perfect, but spending more time on it would probably make it worse not better. Undercarriage next. Dave.
  5. Hi All, The Lichtblau is on. So next comes the tricky bit. I've got this template thingy for mottling german style. I've used it before and the results have been OKish, but it feels like you need four hands to use properly. Dave.
  6. Hi All, Another colour is on. A bit of masking and then on with the Lichtblau. Dave.
  7. Hi All, It's got some black and green on it now. Next a bit of masking and then Braunviolett. Dave.
  8. Hi All, Primed. So, next is the tricky paint job, going against usual practice I think I'm going to start with the black, then the wings, then the fuselage and finally the mottling madness. Dave.
  9. Hi All, It's ready for priming. It needed some filler in the expected places - but I think it's OK now. Dave.
  10. Hi All, The big bits are together. ... and they did not want to go together. The tolerances are so tight that a little bit of extraneous plastic or a layer of paint can throw everything out of alignment. It was a case of test fit, sand repeat - many times. Anyway it's as good as I could get it (the nacelles aren't glued on yet). So a fair bit of filling to do next. Dave.
  11. Hi All, The cockpit's done. I've painted the wheel bays. so I'm about ready to start putting it all together. Dave.
  12. Hawker Sea Fury FB. 11 802 NAS, HMS Glory, 1952 Airfix 1/48
  13. GRUMMAN HELLCAT Mk. II 1839 Squadron, HMS Indomitable, April 1945 Eduard 1/48th
  14. Hi All, I'm going to have a go at building this Me 262:- Photographed after the German surrender in the hands of the RAF. The Hobbyboss kit has the right decals for this aircraft, but their painting guide bears little resemblance to the photos. So I'm going with the Airfix guide, which appears to be much better researched. Sprue shots plus PE seat belts. My first impressions from the sprues are very favorable and the molded metal nose weight is a nice touch. I'm looking forward to getting started. Dave.
  15. Hi All, Decals done. So, Prop. tips and a bit of weathering and it's done. Dave.
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