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  1. Hi All, I've done all the filling/sanding and added the canopy and cowling. I'm going to add the nav. lights and maybe the landing gear before priming, hopefully I can do the priming tomorrow. Dave.
  2. Hi All, I've done a bit to the engine. Dave.
  3. Hi All, It didn't take 10 minutes, but it was quick and easy. It did need a little filler, but not much. Dave.
  4. doh! - you're right. I don't how that happened. Dave.
  5. When looked again at the photo I thought you were right and I had to go and check, but it's just an optical illusion caused by the lighting angle and background. Dave.
  6. Hi All, The cockpit is done. Next onto the main part of the construction which will take about five minutes... ...OK, maybe ten. Dave.
  7. Hi Erwin, Thank you for the offer, but the kit does come with PE parts - I just forgot to photo them. Thanks Dave.
  8. Hi All, This build has made its way to top of the priority list now that my Mustang and Stuka builds have reached the finishing stages. Here the progress so far. Ejection seat. Ejection seat with PE straps Cockpit with PE Dave.
  9. Hi All, This is the second kit from the Eduard "dual combo" FAA Hellcat. It's a good kit and very easy to build. Dave.
  10. Hi All, Back in to 2018 I started this kit as part of the Hawker GB... ...and then I got taken to hospital in an ambulance and therefore the GB wasn't too high on my list of priorities, so I didn't get very far with it. Here's the progress so far. I think it's less 25% complete - so if everybody agrees I'll reboot this build. Dave.
  11. Hi All, Decals done. It needs the aerial and pitot, some detail painting and weathering and then I'll call it done. Dave.
  12. It's from Poundland and it's just called Auto Spray Paint and who'd have thunk it - it costs a pound! One can has done four kits so far and will probably be OK for a couple more. It does stink though - only to be used with very good ventilation and preferably a face mask and when the can is new too much comes out, so don't hold the can too close.
  13. Hi All, Wheels etc. are on. Decals next. Dave.
  14. Hi All, ... and paint on and masking removed. The blue is a homebrew of Humbrol 14 and 34. It's lighter, less saturated and semi-gloss compared to that seen on restored Mustangs, but to my eye is a closer match to the historical photos. With five days to go there's prop. blades, undercarriage, drop tanks, decals etc. still to do. Should be OK. Dave.
  15. Hi All, Masked ready for the blue nose. To get the curved bit done I scaled a PDF of the blue area to 1/48th in Photoshop and printed out at 100%. It turned out that a 2p coin matched the circumference and I used the 2p to cut out a piece of masking tape to fit. Dave.
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