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  1. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    HI All, I've got the main decals on. There's still a bit of detail painting to do - prop tips, pitots etc. and more stencils to go on , but the end is in sight. Dave.
  2. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    Hi All, Now with Extra Dark Sea Grey. The paintwork needs some tidying up and the EDSG looks too light at the moment - but once it has a gloss coat it should look right. Dave.
  3. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    Hi All, I've painted the underside. Next masking and EDSG. Dave.
  4. Hi All, I'll be building the Trumpeter IS-3M:- I've always liked the look of the IS-3, but really it was all show and no go. After scouring the interweb for images I finally found something useful:- Go to 12 min 01 sec for a glimpse of the tank in question - no. 819. What it shows are the side-skirts in place and no mantlet cover - both unusual to see, but as depicted in the kit. I've got decals for the turret number from a Tamiya T-34 set, so I'm good to go. Dave.
  5. Hi All, I'll be building the old Airfix Seafire, in the markings of 800 NAS on HMS Triumph. I made a small start on this last year - but didn't get very far with it, it's under 25% complete. Once all that PE has been added to the cockpit it should be straight forward. Dave.
  6. Hi Col, I'm thinking of doing a Seafire F XVII. However it's the same kit that I started for the Carriers Ahoy GB last year:- I hadn't make any progress on it before I had to go into hospital. Any objection to my resurrecting it. Thanks Dave.
  7. Dave_R

    Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter

    Hi All, I've done a bit more paint work and decided it's as good as it's going to get and moved on to putting on the decals. Mind numbing stencils still to do. Dave.
  8. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    Hi All, I've primed it and masked it and it's ready for the Sky undersides to be painted. I'm going to prime the rubber rudder and spinner white, which should work better for the yellow colour. Dave.
  9. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    Hi Frank, I couldn't find any definitive photographic evidence - but my instinct says it looks wrong. I'm interested to see what your solution looks like. Dave.
  10. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    Hi Frank, I've just tried dry fitting the undercarriage and the angle of the legs are fine, but the wheels are heavily toed in - like this \ / from the front view. Is that what you mean? I'm off to see if can find some pictures check the angle against - I seem to remember reading that the FR 46/47 had a different U/C to the Spitfire for carrier ops. - I could well be wrong though. Dave.
  11. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    Hi All, It's all ready for painting now. It needed quite a lot of sanding and filling, but it's not looking too bad now. Dave.
  12. Dave_R

    Panzer IV STGB Gallery

    PANZERKAMPFWAGEN IV AUSF. D Deutsches Afrikakorps Tamiya 1/35
  13. OK, sign me up. I haven't given this any thought - but I've now got a shelf with a Cruiser, a Crusader, a Cromwell, a Sherman, a T-34 and now a Panzer IV. Seems like there's room for a Panther there. Dave.
  14. Dave_R

    Airfix Seafire FR. 46 1/48

    Hi All, I haven't forgotten about the Mustang and Starfighter - but I got sidetracked by the Panzer IV GB. I've finished the Panzer now, so I'm back to the KUTA stuff. I think I've got enough time to add this build to the others. It's a bit different as it's hardly been started at all, but I had some quiet time over Christmas decided to go with the FR. 46 option (FR.47 is the other option). So this was the state of play on 29th Dec. A very basic cockpit - but when the fuselage is closed it's a black hole anyway. Dave.
  15. Dave_R

    Tamiya Pz IV Ausf. D - DAK

    Hi All, It's all finished now. It was an easy build overall, maybe it could have been a bit more detailed but it only cost £15 so not bad. Gallery shots to follow when the natural light is good enough. Dave.