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  1. Hi All, Here's the next building - the Observatory. ...and the top of the tower. Getting there. Dave.
  2. Hi All, I'm back to working on this. The Library is finished. No Orangutan unfortunately. Dave.
  3. Hi All, It's basically done. I'll do a bit more detail stuff tonight, some weathering etc. but basically done. Dave.
  4. Hi All, Here's an early evening update. All the bits are together... and the gun shield was a pain in the rear as I thought it would be. I'm taking a break for now and then I'll paint over the sanded off areas of Dark Yellow and then little bit of camo. Dave.
  5. Hi All, Here's a midday update. It's been a bit more fiddly than I expected, but the construction is about 70% done. The gun shield looks like it's going to be a problem, it doesn't seem like it will quite line up easily. Dave.
  6. Hi All, I've primed it. \ ... and painted it I've painted it on the sprues first as there's so many tiny parts and nooks and crannies that would be hard to paint when assembled. I'll have to scrape off the paint where it needs to be glued and re-spray some bits when it's put together. Dave.
  7. Hi All, The clock has started. Dave.
  8. True, but I like a challenge and I've some good form in these Blitz Builds. Dave.
  9. Yeah - so ignore that if you can - a new thread is now instated. Dave.
  10. Hi All, So now I look like an idiot for starting two build threads - but anyway here it is. Looks to be a quick build so 24 hour superhero option it is - probably Dave.
  11. Hi All, As per previous posts in the GB Chat section as there isn't a May Bank Holiday Blitz Build thread to post in I'm going use this old one to place my pics in pro-tem or whatever. So I'm going to kick off tomorrow morning and as the kit I'm building is quite simple for the first time I'm going for the Super Hero 24 hour option. Here's the sprue shots. Fingers crossed hopefully this will work out OK. Dave.
  12. OK, so unless any other solutions are put forward I'm going to start a build thread in the existing Xmas blitz build thread and if need be adapt to whatever other contingency arise. New thread to be started soon... Dave.
  13. I don't know what's required to set up the GB, but I'll take part with whatever solution can be worked out. Dave.
  14. CHALLENGER 1 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Tamiya 1/35
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