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  1. Hi All, All the tools etc. and decals are on. So a bit of weathering and I'm done. Dave.
  2. Hi All, Part two... I need coffee.... Dave.
  3. erm... I like your build but perhaps you should re-post it your thread
  4. Looking very nice, you've made me think I should check out these Hataka paints. Dave.
  5. Yeah give it go - in my opinion you don't save your self any work by going for a smaller scale, at the end of day it's the same number of wheels, tools and other bits you have to paint and bigger is easier. Tamiya is your first choice for easy builds, look for a low parts count and rubber band tracks for speed. I'm not much good at weathering - I've few reliable tricks that I'll use - a very diluted oil paint that I'll run in to all nooks and crannies to simulate oil and grease, a dusting with a weathering power to simulate dust and for a muddy look mix I'll the power with thinners and dollop on. Dave.
  6. Hi All, This where I left off tonight. Tracks are on, the gun barrels are painted and I've started on the tools, exhaust and spare track.. It's gone as well as could be expected today - so tomorrow I may have time to do the commander figure and install it on a base. Dave.
  7. Hi All, That's the undercarriage done. Next detail painting I think - tools, lights and spare track. Dave.
  8. Hi All, Now with paint. Tamiya XF-59 - approx. RAL 8000 Gelbbraun. The dreaded road wheels next - still only 10 of them this time. Dave.
  9. Hi All, It's primed and ready for painting. Dave.
  10. Hi All, The construction phase is complete. I had to drill out both gun barrels - which were pretty bad to begin with and there were a lot of seam lines to clean up - signs of the kits 1971 vintage. I'll do a bit more cleaning up and then prime it. For now coffee and biscuits and short break. Dave.
  11. ...and we're off First update in two or three hours. Dave.
  12. Morning All, I'm up, had some tea and toast and ready to get going. Pics soon. Dave.
  13. I think so - only 5 construction steps, I should be able to get it built by lunchtime and then primed and painted by teatime - or not? - we shall see. Thanks - for a tank kit it doesn't get any simpler and and I'm on a bit of a roll with tanks at the moment - *roll* do see what I did there - I'll get me coat. Dave.
  14. Hi All, I'm back for more and ready to go. I'm aiming to start Saturday 9 am. I've done the sprue shots already to save a couple of minutes of build time. It looks as if will be fairly straight forward and I'll be finishing it as a vehicle of the 21st Panzer Division of the DAK. I can't wait to get started. Dave.
  15. Hi All, This build is back to being the top priority now the NATO v. Warpac GB is finished. The undercarriage went on far easier than expected. It's tricky to align, but when the glue sets it's quite a strong join and it doesn't look bad either. I think the key thing is to have the u/c doors bear some of the weight. Next thing will be to get the decals on. Dave.
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