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  1. I've given the Hino a face. Almost done on this side. Mudflaps are on too. That rubber sheet is great, I still have some left for other builds. Way more realistic than the usual plastic ones provided in most kits.
  2. I do remember the Skoda's that drove here in the '70s and '80s... they were a joke indeed .... But I'm on my fourth Skoda now, never would have guessed back then.
  3. I hadn't seen this one, this should be interesting, I'm in. I've built a small scale version of this, another type, these IBG kits are very nice to build.
  4. Aaaah, clever... pre-ordering doesn't count for the budget!
  5. Hi Mike, I also scrounged up some pics of the Blitzbuild I "blitzed" the Bedford for. Here's some new ones. Just let me know if you need anything else!
  6. Hi Mike, will this help? Measurements are in mm, scale 1/24. I can take more pics, measurements as needed, no problem.
  7. Ooh that's nice! I love this brute, I used to take it around the virtual track quite a bit!
  8. I've used coffee stirrers on several builds, works fine. You do have to finesse them a little but sometimes, but they bend quite easily in all directions. I like @TonyW's tongue depressors though, I'll see if I can scrounge some of those.
  9. Goal for tonight was getting the cab on the chassis. To be able to do that, I had to put the interior in first. Bit tricky, because I had completely assembled the cab before painting I had to cut small triangles off the interior's left and right front corners. Not too bad though, I've done worse! So, it fits in there, without glue even. Then, some trouble. Although the cab appears to be sitting more or less correctly, it's actually not touching the rear mounts at all. There's material in the way. I shaved some off. No dice yet. In the end I cut the little triangular parts off that yellow bracket. That did the trick. Not too pretty though, but after a touch up of the black parts it's ok. Pretty cool! Now on to final assembly. Mirrors, wipers, grill, bumper, lights, mud flaps. That's about it. And some suzi cables.
  10. Brass rod would be the best option, it seems.
  11. Some cool trucks Bosse! Trying to sneak them into aircraft section, ha!
  12. Major update this evening, things were flying. I finished painting the engine, it sort of looks like the real thing, but it's enough for me. There's all kinds of stubs on the transmission to take more wiring but I couldn't be bothered as nothing will be seen. With that out of the way, I fitted the engine in the chassis, and then glued on some more major components. Well, that's about all major components except for the cab. I think the engine looks pretty decent, mounted like this. I like the black checker plate too, it looks different. This will be a nice black and yellow combination, my second build in a row with these colours.
  13. I didn't do a whole lot yesterday as the weather was just too good to stay indoors. But I did manage to make a new coathanger. I finished the wheels. And made a start on wiring the fuel pump with lead wire. Also, some metal colour on parts of the engine, there's more to be done and I'll do that before finishing the wiring. Lastly, I put the windows in the cab and put decals on the dashboard but didn't take a picture of that.
  14. Ouch, good luck with that! Will you be staying somewhere else for the duration? Excellent! I'm sure you'll love it.
  15. This is funny... I haven't seen Bosse on the forum in ages (I guess we're not in the same GB's!), but literally the first post about food and, lo and behold, there he is!
  16. OK, so it's minor progress but still progress... I clearcoated the little Lanzie. Literally every time I have the clear out for some other project I say to myself, "let's get the Lanz out and clear it"... but I'm lazy and never do... but now I did! It doesn't need much more work at all, just some detail painting, putting it together and a little bit of weathering... I just have to do it.
  17. I clearcoated all the parts this morning, except for the engine which I hadn't painted yet, but now I did. Cab is looking good. I found some pics of a Hino engine online and some were completely metal, others were a little off the red in the direction of orange. So that's what I did. Transmission and upper half of the engine will receive metal coloured paint, I'll brush that on. It will make a nice contrast with the black and yellow. It's now the second time I broke this "coathanger" off... I think I'll replace it with some brass rod. If you're not sure about what I mean (this pic is a little off), take a look at the first picture in this post and you'll see.
  18. What's SGB? I must have missed something...
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