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  1. I like them very much! And I'm not even an aircraft fan
  2. Nice work Dean. Isn't that how it's supposed to go in a Heller GB?
  3. Look at it this way Dave, it does save on display space
  4. You're sure putting in the effort Dennis! You know the GB ends way over in January, right?
  5. Aw shucks! I was just reading through the build from page 8 (and enjoying it) as I've had little time lately... what misery! I'm sorry for what happened, like you said, life playing tricks on you. I hope you'll find something else to work on so we can enjoy your skills once more!
  6. Very nice Jörgen, I'm really enjoying this one.
  7. I think it actually got easier... And if they don't want to take the whole car they can still take all the airbags etc... happened to me twice already. Ah well... I think most of us would be worse off when the stash was stolen instead of their car!
  8. I know, it's contrary to what you would expect isn't it?
  9. Alright people, we're 3 weekends into the GB and we're at a whopping 123 builds. However, completion ratio is falling behind, it's at a mere 1,6%... come on you guys, you need to spend more time actually building instead of trying to deplete the global stock of Heller kits
  10. These guys look pretty good! Curious to see how they turn out, figure painting is something I keep away from, hat's off to anyone who can pull it off.
  11. I actually thought you were going for that derelict look, thought you had it down pretty well. But you weren't
  12. Cool, another ship, welcome to the GB and it'll be a nice addition to the builds already underway. Good luck!
  13. Nice save Pat, it's always better to finish one than letting it languish in a box.
  14. Nice work reini! Looks great.
  15. Hi Srkirad, at least you've passed the starting line, always a good moment ... It's good to see the little tank being built!
  16. I did, and wow indeed! It really is a very nice looking car with many different shapes.
  17. The body shell looks very crisp indeed. Good start.
  18. Thanks for sharing @Corsairfoxfouruncle. Some interesting history there and sorry to hear your uncle didn't make it. I've read a lot about this war and did see the CTT's mentioned.
  19. Don't worry, I'm faaaar from the gallery myself
  20. Aah, a cunning plan that cannot fail! I would have though that props would need to be facing in the direction the plane goes? But, as I said before, I know very little about planes, apart from what I've learned while participating in GB's. This is a big one, looks like a flying tool shed with all the corrugated panels though
  21. That's a sturdy canopy, pilot must feel safe under all that glass
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