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  1. The link to the sprue shots is broken for unknown reasons, hence re-entering it here for those intersted.
  2. Bulgaria has 8 F-16C/D's on order, with likely 8 more to be ordered soon. The last 8 just received OK from the US government, so down to the Bulgarians now.
  3. The F-35 is good. All reports from the pilots flying it gives it good reviews, and if Gripen was worth anything they would have made more sales, plane and simple It's been years since the AF of the world gave up having specific fighters for specific reasons, that's why most of the modern day aircrafts are multi-role and not interceptor, attack etc. Too costly and too many different models to keep in inventory.
  4. This is a good article on the development of the F-2; JAPAN’S HYPER-’VIPER’ (key.aero)
  5. The F-2 has used 4x ASM in operational use, but not necessarily often. Here is one photo of operational 3 hikotai with this loadout;
  6. Thanks, saw that one, so was refering to the April issue as you say
  7. Hi Anyone know when the March edition is out?
  8. Boman

    Greek Rafale!

    FS36231 is a very close match for the Rafale
  9. Boman

    Greek Rafale!

    It's actually the other way around - it is the ACE moulds re-released under Revell brand. But still an excellent kit, built 4 of them, both C and B's
  10. OK, I read that they would end F-15 flying in May 2022 and transition straight to the F-35. But could be a misunderstanding, either on my part or that of the journalist writing the article I read. It will be what it will be in the end, and knowing that the 493rd will stay on with new mounts is good
  11. Certain things are more predictable than orthers I would say
  12. ALthough a very nice kit, it was a no-brainer that the P-38J (and L?) would eventually be released
  13. The 493rd is from what I've read to transition to the F-35A this year, so wouldn't stand down as such - only on type, not as unit. I believe the first F-35's for the 493rd might already be in production. F-15 flights is scheduled to end in May anyhow.
  14. This boxing is 1/72 scale and not 1/48, so would definatly be interesting wrt applying the decals Joke aside, people may have various preferances for wanting a new boxed kit - me for one find the USAF options very attractive, less so on the South Korean and SAAF option. But that's me
  15. The Norwegian F-86F's had the 6-3 wing reinstalled during the service life. Same with the F-86K if I'm not mistaken.
  16. I believe they carried 1000lbs dumb bombs and potentially napalm bombs, otherwise just droptanks.
  17. Don't believe RNoAF F-86's carried any bullpup missiles, but could be wrong? @Vingtor should hopefully be able to advise?
  18. KM272 was indeed a P-51K. USAAF serial 44-12395 to RAF as Mustang IVA KM272. SOC Jun 26, 1947. The link is to Joe Baugers excellent site.
  19. Effectively the RAAF F/A-18F's can carry anything that US F/A-18F can, so you are quite free to use those as references also.
  20. Anyone know the unit and aircraft serial for the shootdown?
  21. Kinetic's Instagram account shows cad images, and these show the frameless windscreen
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