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  1. Effectively the RAF Mustangs where standard P-51D/K's. The most obvious differences easily visible are the airvent on the lower forward part of the nose and the blown canopy of the P-51K, which really is standard for P-51K. You can compare the instructions on Eduards homepage; Mustang Mk.IV 1/48 - Eduard Store P-51D Mustang 1/48 - Eduard Store The airvent I mention can be seen on page 8 of the Mustang IVa instructions.
  2. You can compare with the original C-47A boxing here: C-47A Skytrain (Plastic model) - HobbySearch Military Model Store (1999.co.jp) Haven't studied it in detail, but seems to be the same.
  3. Here is a few other options too, both early tranche 1 and later tranches Hannants - Plastic model kits and accessories
  4. Interesting that no numbers are given, although I do understand that need for keeping it under wraps. That said, this is available on Wiki; "The AIM-120C deliveries began in 1996. The C-variant has been steadily upgraded since it was introduced. The AIM-120C-6 contained an improved fuze (Target Detection Device) compared to its predecessor. The AIM-120C-7 development began in 1998 and included improvements in homing and greater range (actual amount of improvement unspecified). It was successfully tested in 2003 and is currently being produced for both domestic and foreign customers.
  5. Furball Aero-Design made some a couple of years back for the F-105 and A-7, might have made it for the F-4 too.
  6. decals to represent the yellow border seen on Phantoms and F-105's between the cockpit clear parts and frame.
  7. Nice! My brother gave me this for Xmas when I was ~12ish years old, in the old boxing showing the B-16B RNLAF markings on the boxtop. My first of many F-16's and a love afair with the aircraft that still linger on
  8. Nice! Any news of a potential MiG-23UB conversion set - with resin clear parts (Hate vacuum forms!)? We surely miss a good 23UB model in 1/48, but a conversion for the Hobby Boss kit would be nice I know there was a conversion set some time ago, but it is OOP
  9. Not everyone is up to scratchbuilding
  10. I know the "reshaped" nose is still off, but yet it's better than the original. Honestly I have sorta given up on Kinetic's F-16's, but still keep hoping
  11. May be, this is however the instructions from the 2009 boxing; C:\Users\Mara\Desktop\slozka\navody\f-16\f-16full (scalemates.com) and this is the likely weapons included - GBU-15 confirmed; https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=SW-48001 Personaly I hope they include the Spice as it is more representative of weapons carried by Israeli jets recently
  12. You are forgetting that COVID reduces sales in many cases and it doesn't necessarily allow for employing additional staff. Add to that most are ordered to work from home and you get the drift. It can also be difficult to check if an item is 100% even in a blister pack, and no, I don't expect the staff to have intimate knowledge of all the parts in each item they are selling, and wether they are OK or not. Just check how many items Hannants have in stock and you will understand why. But it is entirly up to you. As I said I would contact Quickboost in parallell and highlight t
  13. Checked the instructions from the 2009 release, and the decal options is the same. Wonder if this is merely a re-release although with a new kit number? Will be interesting to see when the instructions become available via Scalemates
  14. That's a bit harsh to be honest. Firstly, postage these days takes forever, so setting a 2 week deadline will for sure give you dissappointment. Secondly, have you tried to contact the manufacturer and present the problem to them? Even if the goods where purchased through Hannants it is after all the manufacturer who screwed up, not Hannants. So try that path in parallell, and you may get a better response. Remember, between Brexit and Covid, UK companies has more than their share of issues to deal with, so you should cut them some slack. Edit: Here is Q
  15. Seems to be pre-1967 South Yemen as the insignia bears resemblance to the flag of SY; Roundel , South Yemen (online.fr) Yemeni Air Force | Military Wiki | Fandom (wikia.org)
  16. You send them a reminder firstly - resend the email but without the photos. They may have missed your email, or the pictures may have made the email too big hence have gotten caught in some kind of email filter or similar. Some email servers don't allow emails over a certain gigabite size. Secondly you could try to call them.
  17. Hi Each CFT: 4x MK12 GBU or 3xGBU-38 (Foreign F-15E's (SA, SG etc) can carry 6xGBU-38 per CFT's on extended pylons on the CFT) 2x GBU-31/24/10 2x Mk 84 2x BRU-61 with GBU-39 SDB 6x MK82 or CBU's 2x AIM-120A/B/C's Centerline: 1x GBU-31/24/10/12 or BRU-61 with GBU-39 SDB or fueltank 1x MK84 Each wing pylon 1x GBU-31/24/10/12 or BRU-61 with GBU-39 SDB or fueltank together with your choice of AIM-120A/B/C and/or AIM-9M/X 1x Mk84 Depending on time period you're modelling you can use the AGM-130
  18. Firstly, it always pays off to read the terms and conditions before ordering/setting up an account. If you don't agree to the T&C's then you have to trade somewhere else. Secondly, Hannats is a UK firm subject to UK laws, and you have to keep this in mind as there are important yet subtil variances from country to country when it comes to what is allowed or not wrt price updates. That said, this is directly from Hannants T&C's; "We will take all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of Goods appearing on the Website are correct at all
  19. Have to agree with everything said so far. How did the test fit go?
  20. Boman

    Hurry home hunney

    Eagle Cal Aircraft decals - EAG48103 | Hannants
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