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  1. Not quite. The RJAF bought their initial batch of F-16's from US stocks of surplus F-16A/B ADF's. The F-16A ADF has the buldge on the tail and no parachute housing. Later, Jordan bought surplus Belgian and Netherlands F-16A/B's, both of which have the parachute housing although the Belgian jets use this for the Carapace ECM gear. So sorry, but still not quite there. The picture above shows the MLU-updated Jordanian ADF's, and in front of the cockpit they have the AN/APX-16 antennas. Here is a link to F-16.net and the Jordanian AF photo collection with some 162 images that should help you out: http://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album07/album27?page=1 And a bit more on the history of the F-16 in Jordanian service: http://www.f-16.net/f-16_users_article11.html
  2. Tamiya and Hasegawa do not have any parts usable for a F-16A ADF. Kinetic however has both the tailbase and the antennas in front of the cockpit and below the intake.
  3. Very nice! I remember building this as a teenager, and always found that the cockpit looked odd - sorta out of proportions, but you really brought this one home making it look the works. Great job!
  4. Hi Clive Any updates now that summer is here? Always love to see what you've done next in this saga
  5. Suspect "my achin a**" was added after Crim's 5th kill but before Gruici took it over? Things are rearly static over time?
  6. Since Crim scored his last kill on July 6th it has to be the other way around. The pic in this thread is taken just after, and you can see the faint "aichin bottom" nose art https://books.google.no/books?id=ULzvCwAAQBAJ&pg=PT148&lpg=PT148&dq=P-51D+harry+crim&source=bl&ots=a8d6A3d8Px&sig=ACfU3U3rFtwZWf3wBqaJi_dxHIDrS864BQ&hl=no&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwir5Kbt9sDqAhVQyKYKHW60D6IQ6AEwC3oECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=P-51D harry crim&f=false Funny, I've not allowed to write Achin A** hence this becomes achin bottom
  7. @Troy Smith I'll do the walk of shame on that one, missing out the photo I had linked to earlier. Sorry mate! As to the use of same squadron codes in North Africa as in GB, this was supposedly done in an attempt to confuse the enemy. Information on this comes from story of the 31FG USAAF which carried the same codes eventually as the 4FG in UK. But as @EwenS point out, sometimes a new unit would take over aircraft from a previous unit, retaining their codes atleast for a while. A decent source for all the RAF unit codes (including doubles) is this link on wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RAF_squadron_codes
  8. "In August 1939, as war loomed, the squadron moved back to RAF Ismailia in Egypt and carried out escort missions in the Western Desert and provided fighter defence of Alexandria.[12][13][a] In November 1940, it was sent to Greece to operate its Blenheims in both the bomber and fighter roles, but in March 1941 the squadron was redesignated a fighter unit. After the fall of Greece and the Battle of Crete the squadron returned to Egypt and was re-equipped with Hawker Hurricanes and employed on night defence of Alexandria and shipping protection patrols before moving on to operations in the Western Desert.[14][15] When the situation in the Far East worsened the squadron was ordered to reinforce allied forces in Java, but by the time the squadron left Egypt, Java, had already fallen, and the squadron was ferried by the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable to Ceylon arriving on 6 March 1942, just in time to assist in resisting the Japanese carrier strike against the island.[16] This raid took place on 5 April 1942 with 21 aircraft being launched from its base at RAF Ratmalana whilst under heavy fire from Japanese aircraft. Seven of the squadron's Hurricanes were lost, with five of its pilots being killed or dying later of wounds received during the battle. It claimed 14 Japanese aircraft shot down, together with six probably destroyed and five damaged, out of a total claim for the whole of the island's defences of 24 shot down, 7 probables and 9 damaged. In fact, the Japanese lost seven aircraft, with a further 15 damaged.[17][18] In February 1944, it moved to the Burma front flying escort and ground attack missions and in May 1944 was re-equipped with American Republic P-47 Thunderbolts, which it took back into action in October until May 1945." Seems they (30sq) were just about everywhere but mainland Europe during WW2. But 33sq never carried "RS" codes, that was reserved for No. 229 Operational Conversion Unit, No. 30 Squadron, No. 157 Squadron and No. 171 Squadron. I'd say that the unit is indeed 30 sq in Ceylon and that the reference to Africa is not correct.
  9. There is a picture here of RS-X, but can't tell if it supposed to be the same aircraft: https://www.old.bombercommandmuseum.ca/s,jackallan.html
  10. Surprised 44-73623 isn't shown as when flown by Harry Crim? Must be after he left the unit....?
  11. Love your photos - excellent!
  12. Says in the linked article it started out in standard US colors of OD over NG, later stripped to bare metal.
  13. Looking good. The wingtip missile rails are mounted too far back though.
  14. Following the link to Kinetic's site, the following weapons is included: AIM-9M/X Sidewinder AIM-120B/C AMRAAM AGM-65 Maverick AGM-142 Popeye GBU-15 GBU-24 Paveway III GBU-31 JDAM GBU-12 Paveway II GBU-38 JDAM AN/AAQ-13/14 LARTIN Pod AN/AXQ-14 Rafael Python 4 Rafael Spice IMI Delilah 600 gallon tank
  15. WOW! Really like this one - good work
  16. The PIDS pylon came about ~1988. Your question on wether one side or both is time dependant. Initially it was carried on one side, but as time has gone by the benefit of having it on both sides emerged. There are a couple of good threads on this here: http://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=13871 https://www.terma.com/about-us/doing-business-with-us/customer-stories/f-16/
  17. Nice! Remember building this one some 33 years ago
  18. Taiwan F-16's are cleared for Harpoons. I'll join - nothing beats a good Viper
  19. Nice! The 555th was inactivated March 25th 1994, then re-activated with F-16's when moving to the 31FW April 1st 1994.
  20. It's correct that Norwegian F-16B's do not have HUD repeaters in the backseat. The only B's having this is the ROCAF (Taiwan) examples.
  21. CHecked out X72189, and I agree these look better than the 1/48 equivilent. Seems these are good mach for the size seen on many P-51B/C/Mustang III's too
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