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  1. Not built it but I have had one and I have built the Tamiya one. And i compared the sprues. The ZM had some flash on mine. Not hard to clean up. And the details seemed softer. If I had to chose, I would go with the tamiya, but the ZM looked nice as well - just different.. Pretty cool with that internal thing but that is not my main interest.. If you get it for a good price and like P-51Ds, I would pick it up though.
  2. Sounds cool witha German rescue helicopter.. Today, whilst working, i got some interesting gossip.. No idea if it is correct.. But.. We used to have one heli in Stockholm, plus another from April to November (huge archipelago). But I heard today that the hospital boss, ordered another two over the heads of the politicoans to use for the ECMO department, mainly - those helis you mentioned. no idea if it is true but seems like there is some controversy about those new ones. I am just glad to see more helis around - great wat to transport patients! We have a fuckton of roundabouts and there is too much traffic for the ammount of cars - so helis are great in my noobish mind..Bring ´em on! What else can you tell me about those new ones we got? How much better are they - and how is your build going?
  3. Thanks.. Well, I should.. But I have not done anything, sorry.. Working this weekend - but I will pick it out again and have a look on Monday, because you asked.. I want to build it, just.. Got wee weed off at those resin parts after I started to drill.. Probably more poo-poo behind the wheels than the parts? But I got a bit of a meltdown.. And then went back to my bigges love, WW2 US P-47s and P-51Ds... But I spent alot of money on this and it should be a decently easy build - when i get past the blast deflesctors so... I´ll have alook. Thanks for asking buddy!
  4. Taking it a bit slow with the model.. Had my parents visiting so could not do anything but the pin-up is still a little wrinkled so no biggie. I am waiting for Tamiya´s Mark Fit Super Strong to see if it can solve it (pun intended!). 5-6 "coats" of Gunzes stuff made it better but not perfect. (I should have cut it?) Some more decal soloution, maybe a damp, hot cotton bud as well hopefully does it. In the meantime.. Picked up this today. 2nd hand Jug, slightly below £50 with all those aftermarket-things. Pretty darn good! Wheels and barrels seems essential on that kit? I may or may not use the PE.. (have a Löök-set somewhere) and i will probably get Brazilian decals.. I like both subjects in that Montex thing but I prefer decals over masks (I know!) And here I was, saying I did not need a 1/32 Jug again.. lol (Actually prefered making all in the same scale - but this was too good a bargain!)
  5. Aand i forgot to reply to you, sorry.. Thanks for the link! Your build looks good so far. I did not even know there was an M-spine resin part, good to know if I ever "go back" to 72nd scale. Looks NMF to me but as usual, I kinda need to go back and look. Do not trust my memory, too much other doo-doo going on in my head too! iirc Norris Graser had pretty good pictures (as do Tbolt I think) of many of the 61st, 62nd and 63rd Squadron Ms. Pretty sure they would look good with grey too though..
  6. Thanks again Tbolt. Ah yeah, I am not that familiar with Eduards "new" decals.. Last time i used any from them, I think was the Royal Class Mk. IX in 1/48 and that was Cartograf perhaps? I might order some for other build though. Parents visited me for a few days so done - nothing.. Except working on the pin-up.. Some wrinkling left. I use Mr Hobby´s stuff. Thinking about getting Tamiya´s Mark Fit Extra Strong.. Not sure it will help but I might need it anyways.. Whan that is sorted, i can go on.. Instead been thinking more about the next ´bolt.. The Revell N? Or Neel Kearby´s Razorback..? Hmm.. Probably need to finish off the N otherwise it will bug me but.. Fiery Ginger IV is quite high on the list. As is that Slick Chick from Thundercals too!
  7. Nice, followed your link! A little busy (parents visiting) - but I will be back and have a proper look!
  8. lol, is it that bad.. makes me tempted..
  9. I have built a couple and enjoyed the Tamiya ones (old I and Vb) along with the Eduard (IX) the most. The older Tamiya kits build nicely but might have some accuracy issues? Or so I have heard, here. But there is nothing wrong with the fit! The Eduard Mk IX was really nice! More parts, more smaller parts.. But as long as you take care and check the instructions you should be fine. Built a Special Hobby vc too. Not bad, but harder than the ones above. Airfix XII was pretty nice too but a little more chunky and less fine surface details - but it build intoa brutla looking griffon Spit!
  10. That would have been me - had it been today..
  11. Really nice vids! Thanks for sharing, I have not seen them before. Re: 1943, yeah.. Saw those 6 MG wings and chuckled too. When did the first bubbeltops arrive? May-June -44? July? (Just in time to "steal" the glory from the ´bolts and b/C ponies that dealt with the Luftwaffe in preparation for D-day.. )
  12. Hmm.. Tamiya´s stenciling does not look too good.. Are Eduard´s sheet decent?
  13. Aha.. Yeah.. Hmm.. I can wait a while.. Or build the 72nd scale.. But I have kinda left that scale, it would bother me having a smaller one.. lol Tricky to make a correction kit i guess..? Looks really good, painting-wise though! Yours..? I wonder if "we" wanted them.. Think the SwAF was happy with the J 9s/P-35A - they did great service. And "we" wanted P-47s, cannot exactly remember why. Did not get them, asked for P-51Ds, did not geth those either, at first, not until you guys offered us Mk. IX Spits -then we could suddenly get P-51Ds! And got the first before war´s end.. A little sad we never bought the Jugs..
  14. Nice, thanks! Thanks for the heads up on the nav light too! Will remember that. Looking really good! (7nd scale or 48th?) You matched the serial number very nicely with the rudder! What colour is that? Been looking at paints to get for 63rd FS rudders.. And the camo lines look beautiful! Great inspiration.
  15. Alphaville?? I thought you were a hard rock dude?? (j/k) it is looking good by the way.
  16. Yeah - the necessary evil - dealing with those gaps and what not.. But you seems to be an expert. Listen to some podcast and just have a relaxing time? I guess you have your routine already but that is how I do it..
  17. Will do my first attempt with oil paints, washes, on this one.. (After some practicing on some trash model!). I have Abt 502s Black and Brown Wash and ordered Burnt Umber and Engine Grease. Any other ideas..? Should I get lighter ones as well (white? yellow??)? Just removed the annoying little national insignia on the door.. Oh! And I ordered another Razorback and Bubbeltop since I already had masks and LööK-sets for them! And the hole in the stash when i just lifted out a Razorback-box irritated me - and they were cheap (£24.86 or so is pretty cheap for those kits! Atleast here) Christmas presents for myself, from myself?? Always liked Mahurin´s Razorback (and his P-51D!!) - and he is another interesting character.. Might do his ´bolt next.
  18. Yeah, it is not the same. I could get a new sheet, Hannants still have them in stock. But it would take a couple of weeks I think. I will see later how it "feels". It is noticeable when you know it - but for most people (all) that would see it live here, they would not have a clue. Still makes me irritated - But enough? Hmm.. Ah! I need to get scholled about that I think. Norris mentioned that they sprayed them with the canopy closed so they were NMF underneath - ie when opened. I did not, so it will be closed (most of my aircraft are closed up). You have any good pictures of how you have done it on yours? (Good opportunity to see more of your ´bolts! )
  19. Hinges-thingys for the rudder should have been yellow too.. Noted that yesterday. I just felt smart painting the rudder separately and never checked, oops.
  20. Thanks Tbolt! Seen that picture, never checked if there were any decals for it - does it say Marion? Oh, I have not read or checked any reviews on the P-43.. Hmm..? Is it bad? I think I will do a Razorback after this one (have to finish off the Revell P-47N as well) - or an Eduard P-51D. But after that, I might go for the J 9 - or S 9 rather, do not think I am ready for that Italian inspired camo yet.. Working weekend again, so free today.. Woke up early so grabbed a big cup of coffee and started to cut out the decals.. And then they fell into the water.. I need to work on the pin-up (front), the X is upside down.. I saw it too late. I could, maybe use the KW one if I remove it. But I think I can live with it.. Irks me but.. Yeah. The white part on the door I can fix, it is a little off. And it extends into thin air. Used Zotz for the subject specific decals except for the kill markings (Kits World) and Thundercals for the rest - all behaved very nicely!
  21. Lovely build, love Jugs, love the N! And she looks great! Well done sir! Too bad about the engine, but as it is now - she looks fabolous! Great subject too, I really like 2 Big And Too Heavy..This is a MANLY plane - big, FAST and gets the job done while looking brutally cool!
  22. Might have to have a look at the pin-up from that sheet out of curiosity. The paint mixing sounds good, I compared my Gunze Insignia Red and Yellow with the Tamiya Red and Yellow and would do the same! Yeah, the grey is interesting. I have the photos in colour, a few in different "shades" and in some it is lighter and more blue-ish - but in others it may very well be Ocean Grey.. I would guess it is either Dark Sea Grey or Ocean Grey - if they used Dark Green. But that is me guessing.. They were sprayed with the canopy closed anyhow, so NMF under it (re: Norris Graser). Would love to see your model - feel free to post it here if you fancy or in a thread of your own (maybe there is one??). We are a couple of Jug-fans here.. Yeah the P-35s and P-43s are cool as well! I bought the P-35A, or rather the J 9 as we called them in the SwAF, from Dora Wings. Might actually push it to the top of the To-Do-list after the M.. it looks quite nice! And they have a P-43 as well, don´t they? I went and picked up my long due Tamiya Dark Green today.. And some other "minor" boxes.. Oops! IMG_0360 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr In my defence, that P-47M was very lonely in the store - I am also responsible since I picked up its buddies, the bubbletop and razorbacka few weeks ago. The Razorback I had ordered more than a month ago in another store.. There is room for one more bubbletop in my "ready-rack stash" so.. IMG_0362 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr
  23. That extra tank looks funny - and great, alongside the Gnat!
  24. Those 300 gal extra tanks are big.. Great painting and especially great weathering on it all!
  25. Hi and thanks. Great subject, is it not? Cool, yeah I will have a look at what decals I use for the underside. And I agree, only on the starboard underside. Some added that really big roundel on the underside as well but I do not think this one did.. I like the look of two on the underside however, so will need to build a subject with that, soon.. That 1/72nd scale Tamiya is nice as well! What decals do you have?
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