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  1. Lovely job and nice to see that old kit built.
  2. Looks like an amazing kit, well done Airfix! Ditto on the jaguar, please visit that one soon!
  3. But they aren´t P-47s.. Are those the easy to build ones? Not that it matters. I´m sure those are fine to start with, regardless. Was some time sicne i built myself a Hurricane.. Tempted myself!
  4. Tamiya P-47. That´s it. Beautiful kit of a wonderful aircraft. Razorback or bubbletop is your choice..
  5. That´s what I thought earleir too but I was also told, more recently, that they are indeed posting updates on their social media - hence why I asked. I am aware what is going on, thank you very much.
  6. Well.. If you make a new kit, I expect the correct engine to be honest. It´s a weird mistake, if it follows with the release.... Looking forward to this though! Any news? Not good at keeping up with all companies in social media..
  7. Fabolous, love that painting. Very well done! And Corsair IIs are cool AF!
  8. Looking great, love to see the Finnish brothers´ aircraft too.
  9. Yeah they are good! But I don´t mind building the Tamiya P-51D for example. or the Hasegawa.. Much, much simpler. But somethimes you need that. The Eduard bitz are really fiddly. I don´t always want that. But then again.. I often have a goal to build a certain subject and am quite happy to "rush" to the outer stage to get my fav subjects.. So slow fiddling with inner details can be "frustrating". A bit weird perhaps.
  10. Looking real good! I might have to try those AK Extreme Colours.. That kit is so nice.. My fav!
  11. Very nice interiors. I love the shade of your Interior green.
  12. Looking really good! I love the aluminium finish. I really need this kit too.. ^^
  13. Wow, that is a fantastic paint job! Love the weathering. Well done!
  14. Impressive, really well done. And what a lovely collection.
  15. Oh nice, i missed that. Thanks for the heads up!
  16. Oh wow, great stuff. Glad to see an actual Republic Razorback. Thanks for sharing! You seen this @Tbolt
  17. How´s it going Christer? Found this when i was searching for pics..
  18. Lovely to see! I became aware of these two while listening to Tales From Above, Warbirds podcast. Not bought the decals yet but I plan to make it too. Just won´t be as nice as yours.. Great job!
  19. Looking real nice.. Thanks. I realized I just assumed that the Beaufighters were present on Malata during all of 1942 but I really don´t know much. Should probably read up a bit more. Probably looking at painting it as on the box though, I made one of Beurling´s Vb Spitfires a few years back and really liked those colours and working with the Gunze paints (both acrylic and laquer). But it is intriguing with the more unique schemes. (I did paint a few Spits in various Dark Slate Grey, Extra Dark Sea grey and all that - like them all). As for the Mk. TF. X, I grew up by the Kattegatt were some of the German sailors from the Banff Wing´s strikes washed ashore.. Even had a Mossie emergency land in my home town. Would be a nice little way to honour those aircrew to make that too, later on (but with rockets)..
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