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  1. Looking real good! I might have to try those AK Extreme Colours.. That kit is so nice.. My fav!
  2. Very nice interiors. I love the shade of your Interior green.
  3. Looking really good! I love the aluminium finish. I really need this kit too.. ^^
  4. Wow, that is a fantastic paint job! Love the weathering. Well done!
  5. Impressive, really well done. And what a lovely collection.
  6. Oh nice, i missed that. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Oh wow, great stuff. Glad to see an actual Republic Razorback. Thanks for sharing! You seen this @Tbolt
  8. How´s it going Christer? Found this when i was searching for pics..
  9. Lovely to see! I became aware of these two while listening to Tales From Above, Warbirds podcast. Not bought the decals yet but I plan to make it too. Just won´t be as nice as yours.. Great job!
  10. Looking real nice.. Thanks. I realized I just assumed that the Beaufighters were present on Malata during all of 1942 but I really don´t know much. Should probably read up a bit more. Probably looking at painting it as on the box though, I made one of Beurling´s Vb Spitfires a few years back and really liked those colours and working with the Gunze paints (both acrylic and laquer). But it is intriguing with the more unique schemes. (I did paint a few Spits in various Dark Slate Grey, Extra Dark Sea grey and all that - like them all). As for the Mk. TF. X, I grew up by the Kattegatt were some of the German sailors from the Banff Wing´s strikes washed ashore.. Even had a Mossie emergency land in my home town. Would be a nice little way to honour those aircrew to make that too, later on (but with rockets)..
  11. Hi, as part of the IPMS Gothenburg "Julstrul" - or Christmas-muddle, i got a Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter Mk. VI from... Damn, i forgot his username here (Christer?). A very, very nice Christmas present and it filled a hole in my collection. I have always oved Beaufighters and fondly remember reading Battler Britton comics where he wreak havoc in them.. (And that´s where I got my eyes on the Whirlwinds as welL!).. Now, the kit provides me with rockets which feels wrong for a Malta 1942 bird, as I would like to do. When it was really tough yet these heroes went out there.. And you did not get bombs not rockets in the kit.. But after taking a little bit of a break from the hobby sicen New Years and it is my birthday, i decided to gift myself a TF Mk. 10 as well. Since I know it has a torp and bombs (and i can make a Banff Beau later) I had some idea of making a Beau Mk. VI with no stores and see it as escort for Beauforts. But then I decided I wanted a torp or bombs. And that is the question, both were used on Malta? I heard that the navigator did not like the torp as it blocked his escape hatch? And i can make it with a torp. but I like the idea of bombs and I have never seena model with them on. Which made it more interesting. They used 500lb bombs on Malta I presume? Or is my first idea of just cannons (and MGs) and helping the Beauforts or Wellies by suppressing enemy ships´flak more "correct"? Really looking forward to doing this, Dark Earth & Middlestone plus the lovely Azure (?) blue underside.....
  12. I mean, it will do a good job. it is just how they manage the poo-poo..The ECMO at Karolinska has all the money they need and are treated well, with loads of personell.. At the cost of other departments, sadly - because it brings in money.. They have the capacity to treat patients from other Scandimnavian countries and even further. So it is like a cash cow.. And this will make it easier. problem is, as I mentioned, it is at the cost of other areas and the core area... But it is the usual bullshit with everything.. Helicopter looks great! And i love helicopters.
  13. Dunno.. So much rumour.. And angry people, that is money that comes from the same chest as for personell.. And that has been alcking. And this is not needed. but it brings in money from other Nordic countries via ECMO..
  14. Hmm.. One of the prop-decals is not right, must have slipped.. Was pretty careful. Well, I need to add the strut placards anyways.
  15. Looking stuuningly good. Wish that kit was easier to pick up these days..
  16. Looks better with the prop on.. (Ultracast, correct one for the next? But this is not glued so I can change later). And I will wash it a little in the middle.. Oh, and varnish it.. Same for the replacement serialcode decal.. Glass for positional lights, small actuators in the wheelhouse and doors for the arsewheel left..
  17. Done some more.. Prop with its tips and decals are on the way.. And I will re-decal the tail when i do that!
  18. Thanks mate. A couple of mistakes and sloppy places but - I am decently happy for once.. Quite clean but that is okay! And now she´s got teeth! Master´s brass, blast tubes. Alclad Stainless Steel. And flaps, not glued, yet, since I need to thin the supports. Tricky to get in properly after painting like this, it seems? But I might just leave them unglued (though get them more properly in place) Not much left then!
  19. Thanks @Tbolt. You have been invaluable with alot of the details. I was going to mask off the tail and spray the "hinges" yellow.. But since I keep messing up.. Ah poo-poo.. Atleast i have spares - kits World. But I decided to leave those painted in camo. Do not wanna mess up more. It bugs me but I can live with it.. Lesson learned.. And since I probably will do another one of this subject in the future.. It is okay-ish.. The "X" on the codes is a bit more pronounced with an "up" and "down" part than on some other decals, I think.. Too bad I messed that up too.. i thought about lifting it off too but.. No. And thinking about decals.. Did I place the national insignia/roundel too far forward on the left wing? I looked so carefully (maybe not!) on panel lines.. I will probably use my Neutral Grey-painted big bags though, I like the look of them attached.. We need to get to the Nazi jets.. I will take better pictures later, but there is a bit of spill and streaks from the filler caps. Not sure how realiztic but i liked the look of it.. Painted the area behind the armoured plate in the cockpit (OD - or an old Vallejo Brown Violet from my Flames of War days)) but the rail guide support thing was sprayed Citadel Chaos Black from a rattle can and then sprayed Tamiya OD from a can.. So different but under the canopy it is just a little difference in the shade.
  20. Looking really good! Wrong scale to me, which is a shame! Since the fillet-part is a nice touch and the subjects even more so! Evalina etc.. i think it looks great! And I hope you will enjoy it!
  21. The sheet at the top right has Lt. Leo Batista´s signature on it - pretty cool. Need to find a way to display it nicely later. The sheet below is an alternative with red stockings, which seems more correct to be honest (I was shown a picture that I lost! And on that one, they actually looked red!) Maybe I will redo the subject some day with that decal? But I also plan to get Zotz 1/32 sheet if I can - the only thing i would need is a Vector engine for an M. Also got this today, which made me happy..! Took long enough, thanks to our customs.. The curator (?) at Halesworth even mailed me when he sent it (a sunday iirc!) and was very polite.. great book from what seems like a very friendly museum! IMG_0400 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Also visible, the not yet ready tanks and the cockpit of my Revell N..
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