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  1. If it is the same colour though, don´t bother. Tanks came from all over. I used a splinter-camo grey one for my grey-grey JA and I have pictures of that being done so.. Adds flavour. Yeah, they were in all kinds of states in the splinter camo. I just think I like the look of the Gunzes slightly more but I wanna try those otehrs. iirc I used Tamiya´s NATO-black for the black and it looks great. On some airframes that "black" is almost, very dark grey. A good match that Tamiya one.
  2. Ah ok, sorry! It looked quite a bit lighter, earlier, but maybe not when i look carefully. oops! I agree on the Gunze colours, they look the part. I too did it, not too thick maybe, but it is a bit tricky with four colours and a mask like that. I think they look better in fact, than those others - Mr. Paint. But they can be applied thinner I think - and weathering might make them look the part too, perhaps.. Yours doesn´t look like they are too thick BTW. Looks great!
  3. iirc the engine was 10cm longer and the extension 13cm.. Different numbers.. And I have seen different numbers in different books, lol.. I´ll check my stuff as well, again. I think what the OP did looks good though, at that scale! Edit: And according to the Swedish wiki-site for it the engine was nine centimetres longer, lol.. Ah well.
  4. Ah ok, I got you know I think. I have built a couple of the 1/48and thought I could help - until I realized it was the wrong scale.. Oops. Oh yeah, I am aware of the Viggens, it is my main interest so I have a decent knowledge of the variants.. Interesting fact is, the JAs were slightly more knicked as well. Not noticeable in this scale but while lenghtening the fuselage, they also increased that "knick" if you know what I mean. Cannot remeber exactly why right now and I do not have that book handy (my father has it 520km away).. But just some fun facts. Good luck with the rest of the build!
  5. Checking through some old threads and my fav subjects and found this. Looking great, nicely done. What part did you lose by the way? And did you get it?
  6. Looking really nice and I also love the retracting gear, makes it look very dynamic. Sweet!
  7. It is looking really, really nice but then I am biased.. I did my service right next to F6 and even flew some Tp 84 and Hkp 4 there but the Viggens were gone since about ten years by then, sadly.. I think the drop tanks on those AJs were the same colours as the underside. Maybe the AJSFs had their painted another grey later on but that would have been after this one was at F6. But it does not matter, it looks great. I painted my splinter JA 37 from F13 with the same colours but plan to use those Mr Paint the next time. But I think the Gunzes are fine! Great job!
  8. It is looking fantastic, great job! I really do love the look of those and had the honour of riding in one quite a bit during my service (and the Hkp 6, 10 an 11 as well) Here you have some info on them, in Swedish regrettably. But there is some cool pics. http://navyskipper.blogspot.com/2012/01/var-har-forsvarsmaktens-hkp-4-tagit.html
  9. Agreed! I think I got that a couple of years ago but lost my HDD since.. Forgot about it.
  10. One reason I love this forum, people like you guys popping in with your own personal experience or close, second hand ones. Great stuff! Probably everybody knows but.. Sea Harrier over the Falklands and Hostole Skies by Ward and Morgan are "must" reads of course. Giving someehwat different but interesting views.
  11. This is just so cool, and the JA too. I don´t really have the space for it, now.. But I might "need" one still.
  12. Whoa! Great 80s music and looks, fantastic photo, simple story that works, manly airplanes.. What´s not to like??
  13. Damn, it looks so real..! Just wow.. Great job!
  14. Looking great! Love those colours and the Beaufighter is, sometimes, a forgotten workhorse.. Nice to see more of them and especially the Banff ones.
  15. A beautiful bird and very well done in that tiny scale.. Never seen that particular F-6D before but I love those decals.
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