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  1. Paramedic

    Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Yeah, there is no Miss here so.. Eh, I think I skimped on those legs since I did not have that many heavy AM-parts? Not sure it is really needed on the recce one either but since I have a pair this time I might as well use them..
  2. Paramedic

    Tarangus AJSH/SF 37 SAAB Viggen 1/48

    Thanks! @ exdraken, yeah it looks real nice! Not too accurate for any fighter-Viggens but here it works nicely. Yeah I really miss those big brutes! Most masculine plane we have had here atleast.. @ mstorin, thanks! I did not know about those. I will have alook but there might be FODs added here. I do have more Viggens in the stash however.....
  3. Paramedic

    Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Hi! Thanks mate. I used those Slovakian (?) Mr. Paint, I think they are called? I´ll check the numbers for you.. For the grey fighter-Viggens you want Dark Grey (033M/MRP-221) and Grey (032M/mRP-220). For Gripens Panzer Grey (5431-17M/MRP-222) and Dove Grey (5431-14M/MRP-223). I made the demarcation line with Blu tac, can´t remember how big the sausages where.. 4-5mm wide perhaps. I was happy with the result and suspect it was more luck than skill to be honest..
  4. Hi! It is time for yet another Viggen for me, this time one of the recce variants. (The last one can be seen here.) I have yet to decide which variant it will be, an AJSH or AJSF 37 - I have aftermarket goodies for both - and I will build both but which one first? I am deciding between an AJSH 37 from F10 Ängelholm during the late 90s and carrying a pair of RB15Fs and a pair of RB74s (AIM-9L) or a SWAFRAP (Swedish Air Force Rapid Reaction Force) AJSF 37. SWAFRAP was set up during 2001 and hade a number of photo-recce Viggens at its disposal. All where painted in the same grey colours as the JAS 39 Gripens and it is not the same as the JA 37 Viggens had. The AJSH 37s kept using the famous splinter camo looking like this (though that is acually an AJS 37 but they are quite hard to distinguish, usually it is by what they are carrying on the hard points) AJSF 37 Box art: I have an unhealthy ammount of aftermarket stuff: Everything but the kitchen sink, eh? If it is the photo recce variant this time around I will use flash- and photo pods under the belly plus a jamming pod and a flare- and chaff dispenser plus a pair of RB24Js (AIM-9J?). If I decide on the sea suirvaillance/maritime strike variant, the AJSH 37, I will use a pair of RB15Fs and a pair of RB74s (AIM-9L). I have both photo etch and the Neomega cockpit made for the ESCI/Airfix kit and planned to use only some of the cockpit resin parts but after compairing it with the kit plastics... I decided to make the resin fit..! Bagging the plastics.. There is still alot of sanding to be done but I dry fitted it earlier today and it seems to work okay! (The IP cover or whatever it is called fell down slightly as I snapped the pic but it fits almost nicely!) Probably gonna paint the side walls and the inside walls before gluing them in and then make the tub fit in there too. Seems slightly tricky to slide down the bang chair but it should not be impossible! Alright! I might not be that fast, have loads of studying and tests this Winter and Spring but it seems like another nice SAAB build. Some inspiration, while they are AJS 37s, the Viggen still looks good in DCS!
  5. Paramedic

    Spitfire Mk XII, Airfix 1/48

    Lovelly! Looking great mate. I built it a few years back and liked it, it is an interesting variant and buolt nicely iirc.. (used rattle cans son mine)
  6. Paramedic

    Falklands FRS.1 load question

    ...and can be read about in "Sharkey" Ward´s book about the campaign iirc.. That´s the one that tossed bombs on the Argies as they went for the CAP right? Edit_ not the pylon, meant the bomb tossing ofc..
  7. Looking great! Love those Danish Drakens.
  8. Looking real good! I can see myself buying quite a few of those - for both straight out of the box and with loads of AM.. Nice work on the office by the way.
  9. I like it! And the painting is really well done!
  10. Paramedic

    9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Yay, more - keep ´em coming! It never gets old, such nice aircraft and you make them really, really good..!
  11. Paramedic

    Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    My JA37 could not carry them (at that time). The upgrade allowing them to carry RB99/AMRAAMs came with the D mod in the mid-late -90s. But I have the bitz for one such aircraft in the stash so it will be coming.. Kinda the ultimate fighter-Viggen with all the upgrades (U95 ECM pod, flares, chaff-dispensers etc) There was one single airframe of that mod kept in the splinter camo and that airframe is preserved a bike ride from my parents home so I might build that one...... There she is.. Those shark-fin dorsal antennas show it is a Di-mod, the last modification where among other things, the intruments were changed from altitude in meters to feet and speed from km/h to knots.
  12. That should be real nice. Yeah some Tamiya decals are really thick but they can probably be used...
  13. Wow, always nice to see one of these beeing built! And the Razorback is a bit pushed out of the way like the Hurricae in the Battle of Britain, compared to the bubbletop.... What decals do you intend to use? I have one in my stash and cannot decide between Bud Mahurin´s from the box and Robert S. Johnson´s, one of his..
  14. Paramedic

    Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Thanks Bungalow. Got a message from the Viggen pilot´s son, the pilot filming the videos. Said he liked the model after seeing it in the Facebook group for the Viggen. A bit humbling.. It´s not that good..! Felt nice though.. ^^
  15. Yeah, I generally avoid Italieri but have yet to get a A-10 in my stash... :/ Gonna have to look for that decal sheet. Looking forward to your progress.