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  1. Got myself a new H&S Evolution a week or two ago. Work kinda stopped when my old was jamming etc. I gave it to a friend that makes terrain for some table top games we play.. Cheap for him and I get a fresh! So I painted the missiles and "bombed" up my previous build. The AIM-9Ls/RB 74s came out very dark with Gunzes H308.. I mixed in some white but still very dark.. Undercoated them with Alclads grey - so maybe I was too careful with the actual paint.. The Skyflashes/RB 71s were VERY white at first. But after some Flory grey wash they became very dirty instea
  2. Nice! I´m kinda bust with my SAABs these days, rarely have time for others. But I´m also a sucker for maritime strike aircraft so this got me interested, I´ll be sure to follow this! It is a good looking plane.. Kit seems nice too?
  3. He´s fantastic. Was surprised about the drop tanks vid in particular. About the P-47 actually having the range etc.. Pretty cool.
  4. Lovely work, very impressive! I built the 48th scale Airfix once and since I have a fondness for the Mk. XIIs..
  5. Lovely, another of those builds! And a ´stang to boot! The subject is a lvoely bird, glad you chose that one. Nice workplace too, proper lights and all - and a skeleton!
  6. I would easily build "Zeke", everything with cool nose-art (preferrably pin-ups though!! ) is always interesting and fun. Now for that decal.. Thanks for the info by the way.
  7. Wow, that is a cool camo - and it is very well painted, great job!
  8. It looks great, keep going mate - you´ll only become even better.
  9. I was toying with ideas of SAAB Lansens, A32As in SEa camo sent to Vietnam.. Funny I saw this then. You did a wonderful job, it looks both cool and nice, very well done. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Escellent, very nicely painte dmate. I love that aircraft and visited Flygvapenmuseum almost just for that one a few years ago. But theirs is in metallic, I prefer it like yours - and with those HUGE roundels! Great job! Need that kit too..
  11. Nice to hear those Yanks visiting where their forefathers did heroism. Can only imagine how that would feel, to come over and see where it happened. Hats of to those young men (and women) serving so many years ago. I read an article years ago, about a P-51 pilot that had his plane shot up and bailed out, over my county in Sweden. Sadly his parachute failed to open and he did not make it. Many decades later his sisyer, iirc, visited the place and got to see parts of his plane. Heartbreaking and made me cry. But she was so thankful for all the info and getting to visiti the place. An
  12. Yeah, i expect some filling and dry fitting.. Built a couple of the 48th sclae Viggens so.. I´m used to Tarangus.. Your thread will be helpful though! My dad grew up seeing those A32As from F 14 Wing, among others, going fast and low over the Kattegat so he might get a model, that´ll make him happy.. But then he saw our Hawker Hunters off F 9 Wing as well, flying around as he was in the Swedish Auxiliary Naval Corps. So I guess I have an excuse to build one of those too! Anyways, your thread will be most helpful!
  13. Found this now as I was checking what others have done before, got an A32A during the week.. Great job mate! I was thinking about doing the same airframe, love that camo scheme..
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