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  1. That´s horrible news and great news! They seem like nice guys..
  2. Thank you. And good luck with that project..
  3. Oh nice, please share if you go there! I DO rememebr the TSR-2 actually! ^^ And while you pass Newark, say hi to the AJSH 37 and give her a few lumps of sugar from me.. And congrats to the education, sounds fun! If you like maths..
  4. That´s.. Embarrassing. But I went through ina hurry and was more into WW2 stuff then.. Need to go back..
  5. Looks great to me, cannot see any wrong with the engine cowling, but having built one, I probably know what you mean.. Very nice work and nice of you to display it at the locla hobby shop! Hope you have fun with the next one!
  6. She´s a massive bird..! Even for 1/72..! Sadly never seen one in real life - or have I? I was at Duxford, is there one? (I remember the Concorde prototype and then the US hangar.) Really nice painting job, very well done sir!
  7. That is a great-looking B-17! You did a great job! Looking good to me. Neither I am an expert but what could possibly be wrong? How was the kit?
  8. Nah go ahead - the original question is answered really. This is interesting.
  9. It´s kinda Airfix´s niche - supplying cool, British Aircraft.. Here´s me hoping!
  10. I was trying to be "funny".. Yes, please, post it!
  11. Those were quite nice shades, colours.. But I also like the RAf P-51Ds. In the day fighter scheme. There was a force landed one in my home town, the top scorer, RAF pilot in those even. (MacPherson iirc) Wanted to build that one. I think it was an IVa/K. Started my P-47M but I was really tempted to start an Eduard and build either "Old Dirty Man" or "Dirty Dick" - which I kinda think suits me after all the pin-ups I have for other subjects..
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