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  1. Oh yeah, i know. Still nice to just see it on any Gripen. The E looks a bit more menancing to me, the beefier gear makes it look tougher, to me.. So really want a kit of it, too..
  2. Great paintjob. I sold my kit.. But I kinda regret it.. And hope for an E at some point..
  3. I trust in you. Yeah the A 32A´s open when you un-safe the guns, right?
  4. Ouch that moulding.. Kinda feel bad now. Not high quality.. Atleast I know you are good! But not the most fun modelling-work one can wish for, cleaning up all those mould-lines.. I messed up my J 34´s gun ports* so don´t know how I would deal with those shallow ones here.. Would have been easier if it was an A 32A..? (*I´ll fix that J 34 though!)
  5. Nice to see. Yet to dare tackling it myself yet.. And i will probably start with an A 32A.. I don´t have any J 32B though, I have some space issues, one reason you got it. But I will get another one later on.. I need to leave the bottom-end of Sweden for the nice west coast again and with a larger apartment.. Yeah the J 32B had 40% more engine power over the A 32A, about as much power without the EBK (afterburner) as the A 32A had with.. A supersonic engine ina transsonic aircraft.. Those EW Lansens operated and did great job during the Whiskey on the Rocks incident when that "U-17" went aground close to akrlskrona too. The Soviets were not allowed to transmit to their fleet and everytime they tried, those EW-Lansens circling blocked it. Great job guys! And my master-plan was to let you build first so I can see where I need to be careful..
  6. Lovely job and nice to see that old kit built.
  7. Looks like an amazing kit, well done Airfix! Ditto on the jaguar, please visit that one soon!
  8. But they aren´t P-47s.. Are those the easy to build ones? Not that it matters. I´m sure those are fine to start with, regardless. Was some time sicne i built myself a Hurricane.. Tempted myself!
  9. Tamiya P-47. That´s it. Beautiful kit of a wonderful aircraft. Razorback or bubbletop is your choice..
  10. That´s what I thought earleir too but I was also told, more recently, that they are indeed posting updates on their social media - hence why I asked. I am aware what is going on, thank you very much.
  11. Well.. If you make a new kit, I expect the correct engine to be honest. It´s a weird mistake, if it follows with the release.... Looking forward to this though! Any news? Not good at keeping up with all companies in social media..
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