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  1. Ah - are they online? Yeah.. This is the Maestro RAT, iirc Pilot Replica´s was slightly smaller. it was different anyways. A wild guess actually makes the Maestro one too large but I could be wrong.. Oh yes! It´s got that shark fin antenna, the canards are the same, the RAT is there and there are the extra, or missing supports for the intakes etc. Can´t find it on rebell.com anymore though? Pretty sure it is in the SWAFRAP-box but not in this first recce box with the splinter Viggens at on the front.
  2. Ah you did, nice! 2nd hand or just lucky? I need atleast another box - don´t have the plastics but the rest for my Di... I had planned to base coat some of the stuff - but I did not have any cotton buds at home.:! Need them.. Instead i opened some of the AM stuff and cleaned it up. They are nicely moulded, great details and not uch effort was needed to clean them up. I am unsure about the plastic RAT-unti however. Will probably not use it(maybe the fan part, i awlays break the resin fins..). The resin part will require a bigger opening in the fuselage however.. IMG_6836 IMG_6841
  3. Incredibly well done. Love that paint job. Not sure why you would want that bird with those thing son - but why not? Definetly unique and looks cool! Pretty sure your customer is going to be very happy none the less!
  4. lol - I am so bad.. Once again did not model anything for months, dunno why.. Too many series to watch, games to play and too much time in the gym and the trail.. But now I am back into it, again.. And now it IS going to be a SWAFRAP AJSF 37. I need that grey bird. Took out the recce nose and looked at the parts. Thinking about just spraying the inside black once the lenses are in place. Leaving the outsides clear and shiny - but not sure.. There will be some weights in there as well, probably needed since I have some AM stuff. Decided to use the flaperons, chaff- and flare dispensers and both camera pods. IMG_6834 Working on the RAT, plastic one for this model. Thanks trickyrich for some needed motivation to get going again..
  5. Nice work! Looks nice with that olive drab. Probably my fav variant of the ´hawks.
  6. Yeah, would be interesting to know about the 1/72nd one.. Not that I would build it, I "switched" to 48th scale ones and my socks scroll themselves if I mix the scales.. They did fix some of the mistakes atleast. But not all of them.
  7. That was your job, wasn´t it? The bucket.. I say it again, great job trickyrich.
  8. I would not advice to build Tarangus/SPecial Hobby´s Viggen without some nose weight however.. I know what the instructions say and I have built it.. But even without any AM - if you suddenly built it and want to add perhaps a RWR at the back... You might get into trouble.. It sits nicely on its legs but it is easy to add a few grams in that big nose to be sure.. I would actually stress that.
  9. That´s so true. Yeah, no rails or weapons in the JA 37 box. But the pylons are there - or is that the right word? The hard points are there if you know what I mean. I was annoyed by that at first and the cost can be quite high but I don´t think the details would have been great on any if they had been in there, small, nice detailing is not the kit´s biggest thing - it is more like the basic shape of a Viggen.. I built my two JAs with just the extra tank, just how they usually looked on air shows. Those on intercept duties usually only had the cannon loaded (the most powerful auto cannon used in a fighter by the way... It is kind of a single barrell GAU-8 with 5-7 more kinetic energy than the 30mm ADENS and a very long range for such a gun..) And I think it looks decent like that. If you want a good-looking load out the D and especially the Di variant could carry up to 4x AMRAAMs or three plus a jamming device plus two AIM-9Ls. That can quite easily be picked up from other kits. The rails can be used from some of the cheap F-16 or Eurofighter kits iirc.. Any resin variants for a first generation attacker or recce variant will be more expensive but you do get the "rails" in those AM packs.
  10. Nah, it is a tough kit with some fit issues. I have never used so much filler on the two I built. Took out my WIp AJSF and started again. And I see that there will be atleast as much work if not more on that one..! (I have more AM stuff though) It is nice when she is ready though. You sure did!
  11. She´s looking great. I like that she is from F13 as well.. Lovely bird with that camo to have in the collection, well done!
  12. The hasegawa/Eduard Draken will give your mojo back after that Special Hobby/Tarangus.. Workload.
  13. Yeah they aren´t the best.. Moose Republic has better ones, in colour too! But looks like you managed anyways, great joB! Agreed, the Swedish Air Force roundels look good on that camo.
  14. It´s a good boxing with nice decals and a bit hard to get parts, for example the Danish stuff. Pretty sure you get the Danish extra ranks, 1200l (or whatever) ones. Keep them for any Grips you might build.. It´s the same ones. What decals did you use for the Viggen - box ones? Can´t wait to see it, it really makes it pop when the blue and yellow comes in as a nice contrast to the leaf-camo..
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