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  1. Looking real good! I might have to try those AK Extreme Colours.. That kit is so nice.. My fav!
  2. Very nice interiors. I love the shade of your Interior green.
  3. Looking really good! I love the aluminium finish. I really need this kit too.. ^^
  4. Wow, that is a fantastic paint job! Love the weathering. Well done!
  5. Impressive, really well done. And what a lovely collection.
  6. Oh nice, i missed that. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Oh wow, great stuff. Glad to see an actual Republic Razorback. Thanks for sharing! You seen this @Tbolt
  8. How´s it going Christer? Found this when i was searching for pics..
  9. Lovely to see! I became aware of these two while listening to Tales From Above, Warbirds podcast. Not bought the decals yet but I plan to make it too. Just won´t be as nice as yours.. Great job!
  10. Looking real nice.. Thanks. I realized I just assumed that the Beaufighters were present on Malata during all of 1942 but I really don´t know much. Should probably read up a bit more. Probably looking at painting it as on the box though, I made one of Beurling´s Vb Spitfires a few years back and really liked those colours and working with the Gunze paints (both acrylic and laquer). But it is intriguing with the more unique schemes. (I did paint a few Spits in various Dark Slate Grey, Extra Dark Sea grey and all that - like them all). As for the Mk. TF. X, I grew up by the Kattegatt were some of the German sailors from the Banff Wing´s strikes washed ashore.. Even had a Mossie emergency land in my home town. Would be a nice little way to honour those aircrew to make that too, later on (but with rockets)..
  11. Hi, as part of the IPMS Gothenburg "Julstrul" - or Christmas-muddle, i got a Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter Mk. VI from... Damn, i forgot his username here (Christer?). A very, very nice Christmas present and it filled a hole in my collection. I have always oved Beaufighters and fondly remember reading Battler Britton comics where he wreak havoc in them.. (And that´s where I got my eyes on the Whirlwinds as welL!).. Now, the kit provides me with rockets which feels wrong for a Malta 1942 bird, as I would like to do. When it was really tough yet these heroes went out there.. And you did not get bombs not rockets in the kit.. But after taking a little bit of a break from the hobby sicen New Years and it is my birthday, i decided to gift myself a TF Mk. 10 as well. Since I know it has a torp and bombs (and i can make a Banff Beau later) I had some idea of making a Beau Mk. VI with no stores and see it as escort for Beauforts. But then I decided I wanted a torp or bombs. And that is the question, both were used on Malta? I heard that the navigator did not like the torp as it blocked his escape hatch? And i can make it with a torp. but I like the idea of bombs and I have never seena model with them on. Which made it more interesting. They used 500lb bombs on Malta I presume? Or is my first idea of just cannons (and MGs) and helping the Beauforts or Wellies by suppressing enemy ships´flak more "correct"? Really looking forward to doing this, Dark Earth & Middlestone plus the lovely Azure (?) blue underside.....
  12. I mean, it will do a good job. it is just how they manage the poo-poo..The ECMO at Karolinska has all the money they need and are treated well, with loads of personell.. At the cost of other departments, sadly - because it brings in money.. They have the capacity to treat patients from other Scandimnavian countries and even further. So it is like a cash cow.. And this will make it easier. problem is, as I mentioned, it is at the cost of other areas and the core area... But it is the usual bullshit with everything.. Helicopter looks great! And i love helicopters.
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