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  1. Bosse, Would you let us know how the Quinta parts play out? Considering buying it to backdate a Tamiya F-16 to an -A
  2. I too have a soft spot for line jets. CAG aircraft are nice, but too "flashy"
  3. Remember, an old(er) kit with new decals is still by definition "new" in the sense that those perticular decals haven't been released before from that manufacturer, even if the molds may be old(er). As for the F-35, it will come for sure - I have no doubt.
  4. @Groove Toad Twobobs, Authentic Decals, DXM, Galaxy and CAM decals all have made decals for F/A-18F's of VFA-102. This is a selection of VFA-102 decals as provided by Scale Mates
  5. I always follow anything Norwegian Will be watching this one
  6. Sort of missed this GB, will have to check what I might contribute
  7. Nice! Will be following this one - as for all RNoAF projects
  8. 94-0047 is available in decal form: D48157 F-16C Viper Demo Team "Venom” - Sklep internetowy (modelmaker.com.pl)
  9. Nice! Brings back memories - still have an urge to build one in 1/48
  10. Nice, would be good to see some more pics too please?
  11. Here's my finished F-16C block 52 from the 169FW 157FS South Carolina ANG in the Have Glas V scheme. Pilot from Reedoak - which is excellent BTW Decals by Caracal Decals Kit OOB except ordinance wich came from weapons kit. On the shelf - sorry about the lighting, I know it is a bit dark
  12. Well there's no shortage of up-to-date F-15E markings these days I have 3 in my stash, a C, J and one E. (The J will become a C too), still drewling for yet another E or I
  13. I thought from what I read that this chute should be possible to add onto any F-35A, so the requirement for strengthened spar is a little surprising? One would have though that they would implement this as standard, and hence quell any cost increases over the overall production of the F-35A's?
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