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  1. Boman

    Norwegian Starfighter

    This CF-104D actually got its airworthy certificate and flew post-restoration first time last year. Check out www.Starfighter.no and you will be able to read all about her
  2. Boman

    Pakistani Mirages overhaul

    There was a very interesting article about the Pakistani Mirage fleet in AFM back a month or two ago, and Pakistan have basically bought all Mirage III airframes they could find; Australian, Libyan, Lebanon and France to name but a few. Hence they have the biggest fleet in the world. Many of these have been used as spare parts source to build operational jets. In some cases, they have manufactured parts for the wings etc.
  3. Boman

    F-16 Kits/Block questions

    I might have misunderstood you, but there is a great difference between the F-16I and F-16F, and you cannot make one from the other kit. As for the F-16D Brakeet, you can use this to make a Polish F-16D provided that the PW nozzle and small mouth intake is in the kit.
  4. Might be inert bombs based on the French Beluga cluster bomb?
  5. This one? To me this looks like Mk80-style inert bombs, or the british equivilent.
  6. Nice build! A tip: The slant mounted GBU-12's should be on towards the outside, not inside, and you can loose the TER when loading GBU-31's.
  7. Boman

    Two Bobs Arctic Bandits

    I would not use FS36118 on the radome of the F-16. Even with wear and dirt, FS36118 will be too dark. Better to darken FS36231 or FS36270 to give you the shade you want as indicated in the pic above.
  8. Boman

    P-51B Mustang III

    The photo is just for illustration, and not ment to be the P-51B/Mustang III I guess this photo, although showing Mustang IV/P-51D wing is better to describe my point
  9. Boman

    A20 Havoc / Boston

    Italeri released the 1/48 AMT A-20 in 2 versions; https://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2212&idCategoria=1&idSottocategoria=2 https://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=499&idCategoria=1&idSottocategoria=2
  10. Boman

    P-51B Mustang III

    Not sure I agree on this, as the main wing on the P-51 is one construction as can be seen in this photo:
  11. Boman

    Academy's 1/48 F-4B VF-111 kit markings

    151000 was upgraded to F-4N status after the war, so the photos you have found of it is not contemporary with the box decals. This is what confuses you.
  12. Boman

    Anyone fancy a B-1B gunship?

    Although this is a patent only, it seems a waste of time given that you have more than sufficient AC-130's going around, packing more punch already.
  13. Boman

    Hasegawa F-18E

    Here's the online instructions for you; https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10478516 Just click on the pictures...
  14. Boman

    New GWH's project

    F-16B/D would be a killer since the only other alternative would be Hasegawa. In 1/48 ofcourse...!
  15. Wingman is Kinetic kit, but with resin accessories. Too expensive in my mind, then it's better to go with a cheaper alternative as I already suggested. Best thing is you get 2 kits.....