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  1. I suspect both Python III and IV are included. Both were shown on the CAD images released earlier.
  2. If you look at this sprue shot, which I believe will be common for both the B and A (and possibly C?) you will see the middle section of the exhaust tube in the top right corner. Haven't seen the instructions, but pretty sure at this point that this will allow you to build it "buttoned up", which is my exact plan aswell.
  3. Nope, C-model. You can tell by the enlarged/extended tailbase. A is shorter and narrower 9501 is actually a block 32 belonging to 232TFW accrording to F-16.net
  4. Thanks Markus. I think in all fairness that the -C mods made the IP wider at the top compared to the old -A/A+. Simply due to the MFD who "square off" the top of the IP compared to the early ones. Phasehangar Resin does a nice A-10C cockpit conversion wich I was considering, but have to build one model at a time and starting with an A-10A
  5. Just bought my first A-10A+ from Hobby Boss, intenting to backdate to an 80's A-10A. If proving as good as the reviews state, I'll be chasing this A-10C for sure, sparing me the cost of aftermarket cockpit
  6. From the sprue shots, it appears to be a C instrument panel on the top sprue;
  7. Thanks, figured the same after researching some more after I posted. Planning to do an 80's A-10A from one of the USAFE units based in the UK.
  8. Hi Anyone know how the Eduard A-10C placards will fit the HobbyBoss A-10? Thanks
  9. @Shorty84 - thanks, those pics are great!
  10. #42 is also seen on the same date with the same color scheme, while other # shows the 3-tone colors, but find the green-green scheme most appealing and subject for upcoming MiG-23MLD build, hence the question
  11. Hi Does anyone have the full color scheme for this MiG-23MLD? Aircraft Photo of 51 red | Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MLD | Soviet Union - Air Force | AirHistory.net #477914
  12. Training of pilots will take 1-2 years minimum, hence no quick fix. The aircraft to be delivered to Romania will only be handed over late 23/early 24
  13. Don't think so, can't remember to have seen these in decal form. There is for the subsequent 65yr anniversary though; Berna Decals Aircraft decals - BER48125 | Hannants
  14. The "Plus" came from the time when the block 15 F-16A/B were introduced, whereby they used the "plus" to differenciate the block 15's who had larger tailplanes from the earlier block 1/5/10 who had the smaller tailplanes. Today the plus-designation is gone, not atleast due to the fact that many block 1/5/10's were retrofitted with the biger vertical tailplanes of the block 15. Naturally these days, these jets are mostly upgraded to MLU standard
  15. Straight forward and simple to remove the "casting point" from the tail. The only thing missing is the parachute pack, but if you have a late model F-16 from hasegawa you should be able to source one from that kit.
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