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  1. Nice build Although the Beau didn't fly with both rockets and torpedo's I do like the combo and would be inclined to load my Beau with both too. Just looks cool
  2. Calum, have you counted shipping cost into you numbers? The cost of the Royal Class is given to be CZK1400, CZK1120 with 20% discount but freight is additional CZK 513 (to Norway). (Also Eduard has a disclaimer that all prices are based on CZK, subject to changing FX rates for other currencies) On a different note: Differences between the K-14 gunsights in Tamiya's kit vs. Eduard's: I was puzzled about the differences between the K-14 gunsight in the Royal Class boxing vs. Tamiya's original P-51D. Googling a bit today trying to find the answer, I stumbled upon this one which explains quite well the similarity and difference; http://blog.nicnilov.com/2015/08/p-51d-mustang-pacific-vlr-version-148-build-log-part-two/ Turns out that Tamiya's kit displays the K-14A while the Eduard kit display the K-14B sight. The "original" N9 gunsight can at first glance be mistaken for a K-14B sight, however you have the "half moon" dial in front which gives away the K-14B gunsight. Hope this is usefull for others who will be using the spare parts to beaf up their ICM or Tamiya kits
  3. Think I gave you some input over at ARC on this question?
  4. 111 recon squadron had N5 as squadron codes, with individual aircraft in single letter + as mentioned a second letter for the flight ID. This is fairly unique as hardly any other unit marked the flights in this manner. The striped tail was a late-war feature from 1945, and from what I can gather it's red diagonal stripes on the tail.
  5. The yellow outline came late in the war, similar to the extended checker tail, so all depending on time period you're after.
  6. Think I'll chime in too as I have a couple of Hasegawa A-4E/F's and a TA-4J "in stock" When is the planned group build date?
  7. You're correct - should be Kormoran and not Exocet - me bad . But the Kormoran was carried operationally by MFG1 and 2, so not just experimental.
  8. Doubtfull. Most D-5's from what I can gather went to Europe and the MTO. Europe had higher priority than the pacific which was well covered by the P-38, hence the P-51 was a late arrival in the PTO/CBI
  9. 8AF started with colored fins around Oct-Nov 1944, so could have been an early one?
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