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  1. This boxing is 1/72 scale and not 1/48, so would definatly be interesting wrt applying the decals Joke aside, people may have various preferances for wanting a new boxed kit - me for one find the USAF options very attractive, less so on the South Korean and SAAF option. But that's me
  2. The Norwegian F-86F's had the 6-3 wing reinstalled during the service life. Same with the F-86K if I'm not mistaken.
  3. I believe they carried 1000lbs dumb bombs and potentially napalm bombs, otherwise just droptanks.
  4. Don't believe RNoAF F-86's carried any bullpup missiles, but could be wrong? @Vingtor should hopefully be able to advise?
  5. KM272 was indeed a P-51K. USAAF serial 44-12395 to RAF as Mustang IVA KM272. SOC Jun 26, 1947. The link is to Joe Baugers excellent site.
  6. Effectively the RAAF F/A-18F's can carry anything that US F/A-18F can, so you are quite free to use those as references also.
  7. Anyone know the unit and aircraft serial for the shootdown?
  8. Kinetic's Instagram account shows cad images, and these show the frameless windscreen
  9. The F-16 can carry both shallow and deep versions of the ALQ-131. Norway only uses the deep version, although we have borrowed shallow ones from The Netherlands during FWIT's.
  10. Boman

    F-35A drag chute

    "a guy on Facebook" You don't happen to have a name or a link please - that would be a bit easier than just looking for anyone
  11. Boman

    F-35A drag chute

    Thanks Armando, but I build 1/48. My loss I guess
  12. Boman

    F-35A drag chute

    Been thinking since I saw this topic first time, and wonder if the gondola from an Tornado GR1/4 might be a good starting point?
  13. Bosse, RNoAF F-16AM #687 retired today to the Air Force Museum at Gardemoen. Once de-mil'ed she will be put on display there
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