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  1. Thanks Jeroen. Well they're aircraft related so it was worth a try. /Bosse
  2. Thanks arfa1983. I'm doing my very best to meet the deadline. I did polish the canopy and primed it yesterday, so I'm still good on my schedule. If I can paint the canopy today after work and glue the ordnance in place as well, then I can fix the canopy in place on Sunday and still meet the deadline. Sounds doable to me. /Bosse
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    Yes, we'll have to move to another apartment for 10 weeks starting mid September. As for the airbrush, we'll see. Since it was rather expensive I hope so. /Bosse
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    I'm still here, but not in this GB. At the moment I'm in the Bomber etc GB. And I also have an active thread in the Armour section. As you might remember our apartment building is under renovation and soon they'll start in our flat. So I'm about to pack everything up and close down shop, I guess for the rest of 2022. But I'll try and keep my thread in the Armour section live for the duration. I've bought myself an airbrush which I plan to learn how to use. /Bosse
  5. Hi. I've been doing some more work on my tractors and Tsar Bomba during the weekend. Almost all that can be glued before painting has been glued. The chassis looks great. 047 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 048 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 049 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The second chassi is also done, but no picture of it. The lorry platform to the KZKT variant. 050 by Bosse Persson, on Flick The bomb trailer did almost brake me. The beams on the underside are made up of a collection of parts that absolutely didn't fit together at all. I had to cut, file and sand every one of them to get them together. 051 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr There are going to be some beams on the top side as well. 052 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I started on them yesterday, but I only got one of them in place. The rest of them has some nasty sink holes that I had to fil before I cant continue. I don't think I'll have that much time to work on these during the week, must get my Taiwanese F-16 and Japanese F-2 done before Sunday. But perhaps I'll bring it and the airbrush with me to the cottage during this weeks long weekend. To be continued..... /Bosse
  6. Hi. Last week of the GB, and I think I'll have a shoot at making it. But it'll be tight. On Wednesday where going to the cottage for a four day relaxing weekend, but I'll try my best to get these two finished. The F-2 has got some wheels covers and a belly drop tank. 187 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And flip it over and glue the stabilisators and flaps in place. 188 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I've also masked and painted around the cockpit. Spin it half a turn and glue the slats in place. 189 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I have multiple place of detail painting to do, so I guess that is what I'll be doing this evening. To be continued..... /Bosse
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    Hhmmm Bulgogi... And your Starfighter looks great too @reini /Bosse
  8. Please count me in. I'll save my JAS-39C Gripen for this GB. /Bosse
  9. Hi. I found some benchtime yesterday evening before Sweden had a hockeygame against Great Brittain in the World Championsship in Finland. Sweden won the game 6-0. I've now glued one of the tractor chassis together. 045 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr It'll be around 13-14cm long when completed. And for being in 1/72 it's quite well detailed. 046 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Lots of drive shafts, gear boxes etc. This is the first Takom kit I've built, and I really like their very small spruegates which gives a minimal work of cleaning up the parts. Quite the opposite of the Amodel kit. To be continued..... /Bosse
  10. Thanks @2lefthands and @sardaukar As for the needle in my airbrush, I bought it with a 0,3mm needle and I also got the 0,2mm conversion kit for it. Grex also sells conversion kits for a 0,5 and a 0,7mm needle. So with the change of needle size I can have 4 variants in one tool. Yesterday I continued to glue of the humongous bomb. First I cut of the smaller museum nose cone. 042 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Quite thick plastic in this kit. And then, what seemed like forever, I sanded down the nose part of the bomb until I got the right diameter for the new larger nosecone. 043 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And finally I glued the brake parachute in place. 044 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I'll be continuing to sand, putty and adding the fins on the bomb during the coming days. I want to have it finished by Friday, so I can use the weekend for testing my airbrush. I'll also build up the chassis of the tractors so I can prime them as well during the weekend. To be continued..... /Bosse
  11. Thanks Gents. All tips I can get are valuable, so keep them coming. /Bosse
  12. Thanks for the tips Wouter1981 /Bosse
  13. Thanks Andy. I found a picture online that show the size of this insantiy. /Bosse
  14. Hi. I'm now going to start using my newly bought Grex Airbrush. 245 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I've been pondering on what I would build to have something to paint. One of the first new colour sets I bought was a set with Russian green colours from AK Interactive. 257 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr So the first build will be something Soviet/Russian. 029 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Takom doublepack with one KZKT-537L and one MAZ-537 in 1/72. But what are two tractors doing in the aircraft section? Well these two tractors belonged to the Soviet Airforce, used for marshalling aircrafts around the airfields and pulling weapon and tank traliers. What you get in the box are. 030 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 1½ sprue of chassi parts. 2 identical sprue with the suspension. 031 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 2 more sprues with chassi parts. 2 identical cabs, moulded in one piece. 2 identical clear parts sprues, containing doors, window, lights etc. And a bag of licorice rings, no wheels. 032 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Decals and a few PE parts. And now we come to the aircraft related part of the build. A tractor must have something to pull. And me being me, I thought I'd put the most powerful weapon ever created behind the tractor. A trailer with an AN620 "Tsar Bomba" nuke. 033 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The bombs are approx 13 cm in 1/72, which translates to around 9,5 meters in reality. 034 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr In 1961 did the Soviets test a "downgraded" version of Tsar Bomba and that detonation is still the largest one ever created. It's estimated that the yield was around 50-57 Megatonnes. The "war" version of the bomb would have had a yield of 100 MT. The model is from Amodels and will have to categorized as a short run kit, with all work that comes that. The frame for carrying the bomb on the trailer has sink marks in every joint. 035 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 036 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The kit contains five more sprues. 038 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The instruction includes a diagram if you would like to load a Tu-95 with the bomb 039 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And you can build the bomb in two different version, one representing the muséum piece, and one wear-shot. I'll build the war-shot. So lets get started. First a lot of putty on the frame to get rid of the sink marks. 040 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And then I glued up the bombs halves. 041 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr To be continued..... /Bosse
  15. Hi, Just a wee quick update today. I've got the seats in place during the weekend. 185 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And the AoA probes and the pitot tube. 186 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Now I've only got the HUD and the canopy left to fix on this one, so it'll be done during this week. And then I'll finish the F-2 as well. To be continued..... Bosse
  16. I just found this thread, and what a nice project Chris. I've always like the look of the Viking and remember foundly when I got the Airfix 1/72 for Christmas as a kid. I've been wanting to build one once again but in 1/48. Yes I've built the Esci one as a kid as well. But I just realized that if you want to add all resin goodies to this machine nowadays it'll set me back over €200.- And I don't see that happen any day soon. So I'll follow your build and enjoy the show. /Bosse
  17. Thanks Col. Yes it did, but I think a bit more would have been better. /Bosse
  18. Hi. Some more small work has been done on the Taiwanese F-16. I've hung all external load. 178 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 179 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And I've continued to work on the ejection seats. I used a brown wash from Ultimate to tone down the pink colours abit, it's not perfect but will have to do for this build. 180 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 181 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And complete, with all but the yellow ejection handles on the side of the seats. 182 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 183 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 184 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I still have to glue the seats to the cockpit, fix the HUD and the canopy. And I've also got some nav light to fix and of course the pitot tubes. Add some detail painting, but I think I'll have this one done before the weekend. And then I'll use the extension to finish the Japanese F-2 before the 29th. To be continued..... /Bosse
  19. Thanks Werner. I'll perhaps have some more progress on the seats to show later on during the week. /Bosse
  20. Hi, And thanks for the extension of this GB. Two more weeks is just what I need to be able to finish my Japanese F-2 and Taiwanese F-16. And speaking of the Taiwanese F-16 I can report that I've put some more small bits in place. The nose gear cover, and a Sharpshooter pod. 171 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 172 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And the Lantirn pod. 173 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I've also hung some Harpoons. 174 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 175 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And yesterday I started with the Quinta decals for the ejection seats. 176 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The sheepskin cushions are a bit too beige/pink for my taste, so I'll tryout a brown wash on them just to tone them down a bit. 177 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr To be continued..... /Bosse
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