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  1. I've actually forgotten when started building this kit, whether is was before I after university, so lets say almost 30 years in the making. I started as a Revell owned Matchbox release so all grey plastic. Thanks to an excellent conversion article in Airfix magazine Vol1/#6 Feb 1989 and subsequently a super walkaround in (IIRC) Aviation News I made a start on the conversion as well as adding a lot of small detail and improvements. Here's a run down of the work done: * Removed and rescribed the raised panel lines. * Crash-moulded air-scoops, hatch handles/hinges from stretched sprue * Grab handles from wire * Modified pipework on underside to match the HAR2 more closely * Fuselage windows squared off and replaced with crash mould glazing. * Front windscreen re-glazed and framed. * Side windows replaced with crash-moulded examples to pose open. * Airwaves PE used for grills and cockpit detail * Added extra detail to the rotor hub * Winch detail - I could have improve the housing as it's very simplified * floatation gas bottles * Spot lights * Aerials, so many aerials! Over the years I added the 4+ book which has some lovely scale drawings and more recently the Haynes book which helped me redo the rotor head detail. The excellent ModelDecal sheet #95 which provides a number of Rescue Wessexes and HC2/HU5s. I can't recommend this sheet enough as it provides full stencils with variants so I could pick those that matched my references. Big thanks to MarkyM607 for providing a spare rotor blade that I snapped when trying to add some droop. The lack of droop is the only thing that detracts from the finished model. So here is XR507 of 22 Sqn St Mawgan, circa 1990
  2. Hello All, Well, I haven't quite got helicopters out of my system with the group build... At the Cosford model show I was rummaging in the bagged kits section on a stand and I came across a bagged Frog Wessex for £1.99. When I asked the man whether the boxed one was complete he said he didn't know and threw it in for free! So I now have two Wessexes for 99p each - seems rude not to build at least one. The boxed one is complete, so I decided to build the bagged one. There are some issues with it. The canopy is subtly short shot - the right hand side of the windscreen has shrivelled a bit and does not fit. Some of the windows were missing, but that's not big loss as they all needed replacing anyway. There is also a missing rotor plate (here replicated out of plastic card and rod), bulkhead (plastic card and scored wine bottle foil), and a missing seat (spares box). I knocked up a quick cockpit from the seats, balsa, card, rod and fuse wire. I also cut away the shrivelled side windscreen and located a Frog Blenheim turret as a donor for a replacement pane: Cockpit painted and fitted: Replacement pane cut from the turret: I made some replacement side window frames from card: And here are the parts for the windscreen taped together. I will file down the new pane and add a pillar to the edge: The bulged side window needed replacing so I made a quick balsa and superglue plunge mould: It fits! And I've hollowed out the exhausts: So I plan to use the decals from the boxed kit and go with the overall blue scheme. Two questions: Is it blue or blue-grey? Is there a source of white letters and numbers in Royal Navy font? I have a number of projects that are crying out for these (including a tasty orange and blue scheme for this one), but I can't find a suitable decal sheet. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  3. Good morning all, hope everyone is well. Season's greetings. I am hoping someone might be able to help me with the world of 1/72nd scale Westland Wessex helicopters. I'm totally unfamiliar with what's available in this area but I know there are many knowledgeable folk on here. I recently spotted an ideal candidate for a little diorama and since I have an old Frog 1/72nd scale Wessex hidden in the depths of my stash thought it might re-kindle some modelling mojo. I think the area that is likely to require most work would be the rotor heads, main and tail. Are there any manufacturers on the market who offer resin/photoetch upgrades for a 72nd scale Wessex? The cockpit isn't a huge concern as the photos I've taken show the glazing covered by condensation so much of the visibility into the cockpit will be obscured. Likewise the rear deck and cabin interior. The full sized aircraft has a tarp conveniently draped over those areas. I have searched t'interweb and seen some upgraded resin wheels so may treat myself to a set of those. Also, the aircraft I would like to depict is in a bit of a sorry state at present which is exactly what appeals to me. Recreating the aged appearance of the markings would be easier with masks so if anyone knows of suitable Royal Navy marking masks that could help create the roundels and numbers I'd be interested in those too. Here's a snap of the candidate in all her patinated glory Thanks for any help you're able to offer. Cheers.
  4. Here is the first (and the last so far) helicopter in my collection - Wessex HAS.3 in 1/72. Italeri kit made straight out of the box. The only change is tail rotor direction (wrong in kit) and, of course, add of antenna wires. Generally it was fast and simple work, just to try if build of helicopters models makes me happy.... I have discovered that it`s fun, so I hope that it`s not my last heli. This is well known Wessex HAS.3 in boring blue-gray, which was embarked on HMS Antrim during Falklands War. Note that not all decals from the Italeri`s set have been applied - the painting of this Wessex in 1982 was little different from today`s at Fleet Air Arm Museum (lack of emblems etc.). Maybe one day I`ll add some A-S weapons to this Wessex, but I don`t have any so far. For now my Wessex HAS.3, perhaps the most ugly helicopter in the world , looks like this:
  5. Like so many other people recently I started scale modelling during Lockdown. During a spring clean I came across a Wessex kit someone had bought me for my birthday a few years ago, this was my first attempt in a long time- i gathered some basic materials and used some left over acrylic paints....given the limited colours i had available its not 100% accurate so I hope I don't offend the purists This was before the purchase of an airbrush so the whole thing was brush painted - quiet an achievement I've been told for a first attempt let me know what you think!
  6. Since I seem to have hit some leaves on the rails over in my Pullman Car build and have been stymied by my nemesis, the unassuming but terrifying nightmare otherwise known as... the paint job, I thought I should try and refresh my batteries by trying a diversion - namely, starting self flagellation another build. I've had this one in the stash for a while, and my interest was sparked by @HL-10's very nice Fly 1:32 Wessex build (sorry, don't know how to add that nice little box thingie with the preview) so I thought what the heck, let's give it a go. What's the worst that can happen ? Well, let's get some things straight before we start... this will not be a quick build. I just can't do quick builds. Also, as my slightly battered psyche joyrides on the sinusoidal monorail that is mojo, I will probably switch back and forth between this build and the Pullman Car to keep things (namely me) interested. Scratchbuilding? Well it goes without saying - yes, there will be lots of scratch building. There may even be some 3D printed parts or some resin parts cast up. Let's wait and see shall we? So what are we dealing with here ? Well, here's a couple of bits of 1/32 Wessex taped up and sitting in front of my 1/32 Pullman Car (yes, it's just the chassis so far, and yes, it's upside down). I never realized just how close they were in size to each other before. I'm going to need a bigger display case. and we're off! I actually glued two parts together 'scuse the 1:1 feet photobombing the picture. As this thread continues, I'll try and (constructively) review the kit. So far there are some nice aspects, and some not so nice aspects that I have come across. The most immediately apparent is the lack of any alignment features which is proving troublesome, particularly as the parts also have different wall thickness - you can't just go and glue a tab on the back of one part as the surfaces then end up at different heights. Then, part edges aren't square - tale a look at the gap on the reverse face here. (That will be dealt with later after the glue has cured) So, a short post to start the proceedings, but more to follow as mojo is rising
  7. Another one for my Falklands War collection - 1/72 Westland Wessex HU.5, XS486, 848. Naval Air Squadron, Flight A, RFA Regent,Operation Corporate, May-June 1982 r. Italeri kit + PE parts from Eduard. Wessex XS486 (produced 1964, serial WA160) served in the Falklands as a machine to transport equipment and people between ships and units on the islands. After the end of the war in June 1982, it took part in Operation Keyhole (aboard HMS Endurance), the purpose of which was to retake of the South Sandwich and South Georgia islands. Most of the XS486's fuselage has survived to this day and is awaiting renovation in the back of The Helicopter Museum in Weston-super-Mare. The camouflage from the Falklands war period is not very interesting - almost all the original white inscriptions, emblems etc. were overpainted olive green or black to minimize the visibility of the helicopter. So it's like Shrek - ugly and green... On the other hand it`s W O W (so it is written on both sides of the fuselage in capital letters)... Italeri kit itself is simplified, has some flaws and issues, but it was quite pleasant to build. I'm just glad it joined my collection. Work in progress (in Polish) here: https://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=884&t=90571 And now some pictures: Thanks for watching!
  8. Rightio, I have started a new project, which i have called (on other platforms) ASW Then vs now. i started this project about a week and a half ago, but i have had a little break As a fan of prototype/pre-production helis, i have decided to go with the pre-production Wessex and Merlin, the Wessex being the first Westland Helicopter to be solely designed to be an Anti-Submarine Helicopter, and the Merlin being the latest These are the kits i am using: As far as i can see, the Wessex is practically is the same as the production variant, and so i won't bother doing any scratch building for it. Doing PP5, well that a different story, it would have needed a slight conversion if i was gonna do the earlier or later look, the latter looking more like a production Merlin HMA.1..... so i decided to be mean to my self and take the harder one, and well, the Whirlwind conversion was hard, this will be pushing my limits. This is how i will be depicting ZF649 (PP5) This is a production HMA.1(what the kit is) I do need to do quite a big conversion; i need to do a fair bit of a redesign to the tail aft the fold, make a symmetrical tail plane, sand down the side of the sponsons and cut away at the sides to make it seem like the float bags aren't in place, remove the front float bags, remove the lower rear cockpit window... and possibly more. I have started most of the main bits of conversion before even considering 'starting' the kit if you will. I have sorted out the tail, started the tail plane and sponsons and removed the window As for the interior for both, The Wessex doesn't have one, and the cockpit is just seats. None of the instruments are there, but I'm really not sure if i can be bothered to do any work to the cockpit. The Merlin i am just keeping the same, I'm not sure what the interior of PP5 looked like, so i would rather it look full than empty
  9. This is where I'm up to with my current build, a Westland Wessex commando carrier. I've just been doing some faffy window masking. The instructions said to paint the passenger seats olive drab same as the pilot seas, but I've seen two photos of similar choppers of the same era where the seats are dark blue, and indeed this is how they are on the splendid Fly Models 1/32 kit, so I went with blue. This is my first helicopter, I'm enjoying it so far. I realise those circle things on the starboard fuselage should really come out, but they won't be seen once it's assembled. I've filled the three corresponding craters on the other side...
  10. Picked this up off eBay a little while ago, its OOB apart from an Eduard exterior set and a few scratch built bits. The aerials are thin elastic and the exhaust are from a "chrome pen" (I'm aware the HAR3 had different sized windows so you'll have to accept my intent to build OOB as much as possible!) hope you like paint is Xtracryllic RAF rescue Yellow with Xtradecals for 22 Sqn and a lot of stencils from the spares box.
  11. Hello guys, This is my effort with the new 1/48th Italeri Wessex HU5. built as a Falklands war veteran. The references for this actual bird seem to be slim pickings and the Italeri research is questionable. Nevertheless the kit builds nicely and I added a few touches of my own. The main cabin received pipework & cabling as well as seatbelts and some gear to make it look busier. The aerials, tie down rings & hoses were added where I thought necessary and I scratchbuilt something that looks like a cargo sling. The twin aerial lines are EZYline elastic. I hope you like her. Cheers. Andrew
  12. I was asked by my good lady why all my models are dark grey and green or "boring grey". Do I have any nice bright coloured ones to make? So, I found these two old kits lurking in the loft, along with a Sea King and an S&M Models Sycamore, so thought I'd give them a go. They don't come much brighter than bright yellow! I'll start with the Wessex, for which I'd treated myself to a set of aftermarket decals. Luckily there should be enough 'Rescue' markings for the Whirlwind as well. I'll be making the helicopter in 22 Sqn markings, circa mid-1980s. I'd love one in 1/48 too if I can ever find a cheap one on ebay. All silly prices for the Italeri Wessex 'UH5'. Anyway, back onto the little HAR2, which is what this will be. Strangely, there are no serial numbers included in the decal set, so I'll have to raid the spares bags. I splashed out on some paint too! Hopefully enough for all four choppers. Must be a Chinese import Matchbox kit! Luckily the missus is a fluent Mandarin speaker ...
  13. Dear all, Last months I've been working on an Italeri Wessex HU5 in 1/48 scale. Some info on the Wessex: Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westland_Wessex The kit from Italeri is not too bad, but also not really good. Details are soft, especially on the top. And some basic details are lacking. The fit is ok-ish. I used the following: 1. Italeri Wessex UH5 kit no 2720 (the 'UH5' is an error by Italeri. It should be HU5...) 2. Eduard mask 3. Eduard interior PE 4. Paints from Gunze for airbrush and Vallejo for brush painting 5. Weathering products from van Gogh, 502 abteilung (oils), AK Interactive line with e.g. grease, oil, dust etc 6. Uschi van der Rosten rigging wire 7. Some copperwire and evergreen for some of the details I've added I decided to portray the Wessex in the form of 84 Squadron, based in Cyprus (according to the kit info) in 1987. Here are the pics. You can see the build log here. I will now be starting on a Hobbyboss 1/72 Tomcat. Cheers! Jurrie
  14. Garden shot with stand photoshopped out. A bit of a vid to show sensor activation, runs for 30 seconds (adjustable). Supplies 6v for motors and lights. The same stand as used on an Argosy build from last year. Bit messy I know, I’m not sure what angle the rotorshaft should be tilting forward but it seems about right. The main rotor is driven via a 6v 200rpm motor gear box.. I think I remember the real thing was about 230 - 240 rpm. The rotor head isn’t fixed to the shaft (although it goes through it) but has a slipping clutch effect on the collar shown, which is fixed. It takes about 15 seconds for the rotor head to catch up with the shaft. (The nuts shown aren’t used) I did it like this because I didn’t want a high speed motor running away with it’s self and difficult to keep it slower and steady speed. But then the problem with the slower geared rotation was too much torque which would go from 0 - 200 rpm in less than a second which would either rip the blades off or rip the body apart. The tail rotor spins at about 1000rpm but is so light I just used the same motor as in my Argosy. IR jammer, as close to what I can remember when I was on 72sqn in the mid 90s
  15. Hello everyone This is my latest kit. It's Mark I Models' 1:144 Wessex HCC.4 XV733 of The Queen's Flight, RAF, at RAF Benson, UK, in 1981. It was built mostly OOB modifying the main rotor mast, this kit's main flaw, apart from those modifications specified for this variant in the instructions concerning the windows on the fuselage sides. The folded steps came as a nice resin part but unfortunately about 2mm too long so I had to cut it in two and reduce the length. Missing struts were added to the steps made from stretched sprue. In the cockpit I added belts from Tamiya tape and shortened the control sticks. The various antennae and the cable cutters were added from stretched sprue and etched metal. The engine exhausts were opened up as they were moulded solid. The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush and freehand. The photos in the walkarounds section were very helpful. A big thanks there. Although some things didn't come out right I'm pleased with the finished result. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome Miguel
  16. Hello everyone! Here is one of two Westland Wessex kits I built back in 2015. It is Wessex HC.2 XR505/081, Escuadrón Helicópteros, Aviación Naval Uruguaya, based at Base Aeronaval Capitán Curbelo, Laguna del Sauce, Uruguay, as seen on the USS Oak Hill (LSD-51) during Exercise Southern Partnership Station, Uruguay, in July 2009. This one one of five ex-RAF machines delivered to the Uruguayan Naval Aviation. It is the Mark I Models 1:144 kit with etched parts from Brengun. The kit needs some care and work as the fit of parts isn't great. The Brengun parts really improve the cockpit and supply several missing external details such as the winch and steps. The biggest flaw of this kit, and one that really needs a resin replacement, is the main rotor mast. As it comes, it is nothing like the real thing and makes the main rotor sit lower than it should. My simple solution in both kits was to cut off the mast, make the rotor head thinner (as it is on the thick side) and make a new mast from the kit's sprue sanded more or less to shape. It's not a great fix but looks much better. I'm currently building an HCC.4 and I'm giving thought to adding the links which would really improve the appearance. The exhausts were hollowed out as they came moulded solid. The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcome. Miguel
  17. Hello. My newest project that just got finished.
  18. Hi all, Would be grateful if anyone could help with best interior colours for a Royal Navy Wessex - I know the soundproofng was 'apple green' but just not sure about the main cabin/seats/cockpit, cushions etc. Many thanks in advance! Dermot
  19. Hi, Joined a while ago but this is my first post! I am an ex FAA Artificer and model mainly RN aircraft in 1/48. I spent my time in the navy on Wessex Mk5 and Lynx mk3 and still have a soft spot for the Wessex even now.I am currently building a HAS3 from the Italeri kit,having previously completed two Mk5s. Despite its faults, I like this kit as it is 100% better than the old Revell offering and it was a long,long wait for anything half decent in 1/48. I am also thinking about starting the old Fujimi Wasp kit and have been comparing it with the drawings in the recent warpaint book. The fuselage seems to be too short according to these drawings, the discrepancy being in the section between the point wher the fuselage taper starts and the rear undercarriage mounting is located. Does anyone know if these drawings are accurate.I am tempted to take them with a pinch of salt as they were drawn by Richard Caruana who has been known to get things wron on the past. Sorry I seem to have gone on a bit. Cheers Mike Smith
  20. Had the chance of a brief tour of the airframes used engineering training at HMS Sultan IMGP7754 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7768 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7763 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7852 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7851 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7837 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7833 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7823 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7806 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7797 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7796 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7770 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP7755 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Sea King Rotor head IMGP7746 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Willy
  21. They hope to have them available for Telford, where they will have a stall. Box art for HC.2 and HU.5
  22. Good evening all, Just to finish up on my latest RFIs I have a pair of 1:72 Italeri Wessex finished in Royal Navy colours, the only colours a Wessex should wear . These were originally built for the Wessex ST GB last year, although they were finished on time I tried to upload a couple of minutes after the cut off, not realising the efficiency of the GB moderator . It's taken me this long to get them up! First up is the Wessex Mk3, I've modelled her as an early version before the advent of the parrots beak. I always prefer a wessie looking like this. So this involved opening and rebuilding the intake area, I also added lots (aand I do mean lots!) Of little handles and hand holds that are missing in the kit. The internal details were skipped and the doors welded shut. I completely rebuilt the underside trunking going by lots of upended wessies in various firepits. The tail rotors were swapped over and I folded the rotors using the bigger scale warship fold set as a template. Aerials were rigged with very fine cotton if you can see it! Unfortunately the blue is very dark so it doesn't show Alot of the details so I took a couple outside in natural sunlight. Cheers now Bob
  23. This is my contribution to the group build: I shall be building XT601, an HAR 2 that was temporarily based at RAF Coltishall when the Sea Kings were sent off to the Falklands back in 1982/83.
  24. Okay, I have not got the kit yet. I have lots to do at home as well as a 1/48 Phantom FG.1 and a 1/48 Sea Harrier to finish I have also a confession of shame that I bought the kit and never started it for the last rotary GB I joined which involved a Huey. However, given my 1/48 Phantom obsession, and my love of FAA subjects I am going to join this with the intended aim of producing a Plane Guard Wessex from Ark's Fleet. First helicopter since I was a kid, so no fancy bits, just as close as I can get to an OOB Wessex build. Any pointers on which kit and mods I need to make will be gratefully received! Thanks.
  25. Good day everyone, I've been waiting for the start of this GB for like, forever! So am just bookmarking my page. I am going to try for 3 of the blighters, 1st will be a 1:48th Italeri Mk5 version, probably done in the sand/green box version. Next up will be TWO 1:72 Italeri versions one a Mk5 of 771 and the final one a Mk3 version which will be the blue/yellow type (I already have a Falklands Humphrey). The 48th will have an eduard etch, I'm not planning to go all 'Hendie' on it but lets see how deep I get dragged in. The small Mk5 will be OOB with some aftermarket decals and will be a red/green SAR version. The blue/yellow bird will have a new radome, exhausts and dog kennel and I am not sure which version she will be, I think I have a couple of options (I can sincerely stipulate that on no account will the Mk3 be the all over yellow type!). So that is my plan, phots to appear soon. I intend to build them together so instead of 3 different posts I will document all 3 on this post........if that is allowed mods?? So far this year I have pledged 6 builds in GB's and have achieved 5 with 15 days left to get the 6th finished (which I should do) so it would be quite unprecedented if I can keep that going. Looking forward to seeing all the varieties of this magnificent beast coming alive in this GB........ Bob
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