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  1. That looks superb. Great work from your little girl.
  2. Looking great - I am modelling vicariously!
  3. Cheeky question: I don't suppose you have the decals left over from the "other" scheme from the Revell boxing, the NMF finish with the indian chief on the tail and the bird on the nose? I built this same kit years ago, sadly lost in action, I have a Hasegawa B-25 in the stash and I dearly love to go wit the same scheme.
  4. Well... usual thing, you go into the new year with all kinds of good intentions for the group builds, and then... I'm afraid that 2022 is proving to be the gift that keeps on giving. I haven't completed a build yet this year, and after a pretty traumatic few months now I'm about to go through a very significant change in my personal circumstances (let's just say the path of true love does not run smooth). I've decided the best thing is to put away the modelling stuff for now, so I've carefully packed the partly assembled Halibag in its big blue box and put it away. It may be a few weeks before I'm back on it, it may be a few months, but either way I'll be living somewhere else and it would've needed packing up in any case, and it's highly unlikely I'll get it built by the GB end date. So apologies for that, thankfully @Scargsy is building the same kit the the venerable old Halifax will be represented in the GB. I don't think I'll be dropping into the forum that much but will make a point of looking in on the B'n'B gallery to see what wonderful contributions people are making. Thanks to @Adam Poultney for hosting. All the best, and happy modelling. Tony
  5. I’ve had a closer look at the photo and actually there are 4 portholes - I missed the one below the serial number. My kit instructions show five (same as the kit, which I suppose ought to be expected) - parts 18 to 22 on the starboard side, but 20 was absent on this particular aircraft. The moulding on the inside of the fuselage suggests some kind of access hatch, but nothing to be seen on the outside.
  6. Well, I'm making progress in that half my dining table is strewn with bits painted Humbrol 78! I can't do much with the fuselage until the mask set I've ordered arrives so have been busying myself with lots of other bits. I turned up this better copy of a previously referenced picture. I'm intrigued to note that there only appear to be three little porthole windows in the fuselage side, as opposed to five moulded on the kit.
  7. Humbrol 78 all the way! Actually the nose section of the Halifax interior was black I think, but I'm not getting too hung up on anything with this build. There will be several inaccuracies that I'm already aware of but accuracy isn't the point with this one.
  8. Nothing worth photographing, but I got some interior green on some of the cockpit parts this morning. It's not much but it's broken the impasse and it's good to have the scent of enamel in my nostrils.
  9. Loving your work, @TonyW. The Lancaster - Halifax - Stirling trio is a "must build" for me. I could do with getting my behind in gear for my Halifax for this GB though. (I particularly like your prototype Lanc!)
  10. Good to see this coming along. Apart from gluing a few cockpit bits together I haven't even started mine. Life, innit.
  11. Been out of the modelling loop for som etime and I don't think I'll be back in earnest for a while, but I'll be following this one. I actually had this kit, briefly, before moving it on in favour of the GR Mk. VII version, because I fancy doing a coastal command scheme. Enjoy the build.
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