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  1. Well this is something new. Made some copies of the decals to work around all those weapony bits. I’ll only get one chance with the real thing so I’ll use these as a template.
  2. Why haven’t I seen this before?!
  3. That’s a beaut @Corsairfoxfouruncle! Funnily enough I was thinking just yesterday that “Design your own prop racer” would be a fun theme for a GB...
  4. “Well I might as well order some more stuff... to spread the postage...” is going to bankrupt me.
  5. I've just got hold of a boxless Vb for a song that I might* squeeze into the GB. I have a decal sheet from an Italeri kit with a desert option. * he says, having not even touched his Amiot, and don't even go there with the MTO III LeO...
  6. I'm in for this if I may, French (Op. Daguet) SEPECAT Jaguar. Thanks!
  7. Another LeO to enjoy! I find myself bemused by the on the Smer box. Does this mean this kit is within the capabilities of your average eight year old? Or is it (nmore likely( an eight man job?
  8. I stuck ‘em all on, then broke most of “em off again. Such fun!
  9. It transpires that there’s a vacform set by Falcon that includes bits for the 451 as well as a whole bunch of other Heller kits, some of which I might well build sooner or later. Seems like the way to go.
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