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  1. @Cuppa_joe The “what’s the worst that could happen” slot is yours! Welcome aboard! (Mate, if I fulfill every GB commitment this year, it means I will have to do without sleep. And 2022 is already shaping up to be busy too.)
  2. Great job, nice to see something out of the ordinary.... I might do something like this for the Nordic GB...
  3. I’ve got my fingers crossed for something like this
  4. Welcome. I'm from Bradford, but being kept prisoner in Nottinghamshire. Send help.
  5. Some fascinating stuff there. The manual for Aluminum Overcast is a beast of a document.
  6. Oh, lots of places. For about five years I went to Lodz a couple of times a year (I worked with an import/export agent there - TextilImpex they were called. I worked with two guys called Miroslaw and Slawomir. We went to visit a factory in Bilesko-Biala once, a long taxi ride in January. I've never been so cold). My first trip was in 1990, it was very different to how it is now. The train ride from Warsaw felt like a real adventure. I stayed in the Orbis Grand... it wasn't very grand... Later on I went to Warsaw and Posnan often, and travelled around a bit. I had lots of good times
  7. @fightersweep I happened to come across a pic of that long-lost Fujimi Phantom I mentioned. Doesn't look bad, to be fair (I'd probably do more with it nowadays)... but no soul!
  8. Looks great that. Love those desert schemes.
  9. That is interesting. It's the same way I did it. It's almost like we're using entirely different pains. Humbrol 241 and 242? I mean, my LeO doesn't look bad... but it does look very dark and menacing, and there's a real contrast with the yellow underside. I've just Kleared my Spitfire and as you say it gets alarmingly dark but then behaves itself again with a final matt varnish.
  10. Great job, very smart that. What's going on with the artwork on the side? I can't quite make it out. I'm interested to see your Humbrol-painted splinter scheme, I'm using the same paints on my Leo and I'm finding there's hardly any contrast between the two dark shades of green whereas yours shows two very different colours. Possibly this is because I got them the wrong way round and used schwarzgrün for the base, which logically would be darker, and may have darkened the dunkelgrün painted on top. Wonder what it'll look like the other side of a coat of Klear or two and an oil wash.
  11. Mind you, somebody didn't make a very good job of disposing of a murder victim.
  12. Haven't kicked mine off yet but I've had a scan through what's going on and there are some really interesting builds. I had no idea there was such diversity to the equipment used in the Gulf War.
  13. Apparently Heller are releasing a C-47 this year, well, reboxing an Airfix kit to be more precise, so I'd be up for it.
  14. Ha, experience... you almost make it sound like I know what I'm doing! Stir with bit of sprue, gloop out onto palette, thin with an inexact quantity of white spirit from the massive bottle, slap it on and hope for the best, that's me. I rally should broaden my horizons with paint, if only to speed things up a bit, my builds are so slow partly because I'm forever waiting for paint to dry. My local Boyes also stock Vallejo acrylics (weirdly they're very big on Warhammer, but don't stock any aeroplane kits). Maybe I'll have a look at them, at least to start off by using them for thing
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