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  1. I owe you an apology in that I don't appear to have added you to this! Shall I remedy this situation!
  2. Personally I feel that being interested in seeing what comes out of a GB even if one doesn't intend to participate is a more than valid reason for giving it a vote! There are already around 10 in the Bunfight that'd get a vote from me, and I know for sure that I wouldn't be able to actively participate in them all.
  3. A little bit of tinkering going on. I did a test fit on the wings, nose and fuselage and the fit is very good, it pretty much snaps together. I've gone with the callouts for the interior and wheel well colour. it's RLM whatever which changed however many times over the course of the war. Probably a bit dark. I put a black wash in the wheel wells, not that you'd know. There are two bomb options, little bombs and big bombs, I have decided to go with big bombs because they are big bombs. In a concession to giving a monkeys (for this is a build where I have decided that few monkeys will be given) I've decided to use some thin plastic rod to make them look a bit more like the real thing. Once I've got the Zero over the line I feel this one will come together quite quickly!
  4. Much as I'm trying to be more sensible with next year's GB aspirations... including my own two, I'm seeing no less than 10 that I absolutely definitely want to do on the Bunfight list so far...
  5. Magnificent, @Giorgio N! I have to say I prefer the look of the tricolore roundels over the fasces.
  6. Lovely example that, @TimJ! Planes are my thing but I’m hoping we’ll get to see Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Ducatis… (maybe even a Piaggio or a Vespa! )
  7. TonyOD

    Bunfight !

    It’s the annual vote for which group builds will take place the following year. Your countryman @Giorgio N and I were discussing which Italian world might work, as there isn’t a direct translation? La rissa, forse? In English it suggests a chaotic scene with food being thrown about…
  8. Beautiful models @Ettore, thank you for sharing. Lo Sparviero in particolare mi piace molto!
  9. Don't fall foul of the signature rules @AdrianMF! I inadvertently did that with a banner for In The Wrong Hands, proper got my wrist slapped and I've only been allowed a two-line signature ever since...
  10. Some lovely builds from @wimbledon99 amd @Torbjorn there! So many possibilities under one tricolore!
  11. That's where I learned my Italian, or where I made a good start at least. I don't remember a particular word though!
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I've done a bit of test fitting and it seems OK but I'll keep an eye. I'm not too worried on this one, just looking for a fun OOB build, though now you mention it the codes - especially the letter "S" look a bit skinny, and the style of the letter "K" is all wrong. I won't be losing sleep over any of this!
  13. Finalmente Giorgio, sei arrivato... non volevo chiederti... I'm pretty sure there isn't a direct translation of Bunfight into Italian! Would rissa cover it? Tafferuglio, maybe?
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