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  1. Wow Thankyou guys. Do you know how long she was in NI for? This one has a really interesting history, more so than i originally thought. Cheers, its amazing on how you can get information so fast.
  2. Thanks guys! I was wondering why they wanted a Navy cat considering they had army ones, Thanks.
  3. It is quite interesting isn't it? Been wanting to build this since October. Cheers
  4. XZ691 Westland Lynx HAS.2 RNAS Yeovilton 29 JSTU 1980 So, another lynx. This one i am very happy with. Before i talk about the model, lets talk about the real thing. XZ691 was a HAS.2 that got selected to be used in OP BANNER in Northern Ireland. She was stripped of her standard scheme (Blue) and painted in Army/Marine Camo and was put in 29 JSTU (Joint Services Trials Unit) I could only find one picture of her, so anything on the port side could be fiction. Because the picture was taken at an angle, It was somewhat difficult to follow the camo. After putting decals on i realised that is was pretty inaccurate. The band on the Aft fuselage/start of the tail should be a lot wider in particular. The blue sun shield is way too opaque (I have no translucent blue and probably won't until after this lockdown). I did some minor modifications that are needed on Hobby post lynx. The Flotation bags are made from tissue paper, and I like the look quite a bit. The tags are made from Masking tape. Even though there isn't many decals, I used quite a range including 2 Xtradecals sheets, the kit sheet, and an Airfix sheet. This was my first time using Hataka paints (Red Line) and I am very happy with them and will buy more in the future.. The Olive Drab is Hataka and Black is Tamiya. WIP: Edit: I've just read that she was rolled out the factory in 1979, so she may have not been painted blue beforehand and rolled out with this camo.
  5. XZ691 is all finished. I decided to give it some remove before flight tags, some wires on the landing gear and that's about it, not too much to say about this one but i quite enjoyed making it and am very happy with the result.
  6. Not too consistent with posting on here, but she is painted and all decalled up. As with some of my models, its not a standard of its type, this is representing XZ691. In 1980 she was painted in a army/marine camo to be used In Op Banner. This is my first time using hataka paints (red line) and i am impressed. it went down really nicely (I used X-20A to thin it). That being said, the Olive Drab is Hataka and the Black is Tamiya. Flotation bag covers are made from tissue paper. The rotor head was painted Hataka Darks ea grey with a black wash and the blades were painted Tamiya RAF DG 2 with Revell Yellow tip edge markers and folding markers (can't think of the proper name but they indicate where the blade holder thing goes when folded)
  7. Cheers. I kinda agree with you. The Hb kit is fun and i would recommend it to someone starting the hobby and isn't particularly to worried about accuracy. 1/72 is the perfect scale for me atm so i can suffer a little longer.. As for progress, well basically nothing. Waiting for some bits to arrive. Since that post i have done a quick build of an Airfix Magister (2 or 3 days) which i finished yesterday.
  8. Another lynx, this time a Hobbyboss kit. This one will be a normal HAS.2, with a twist that will come apparent in the a couple days. As with all my recent lynx, I have detailed the interior a little bit. I made milliput soundproofing along with some detail to the seats. I kept the Cyclic (No collective in this kit) away from the observers position and tried adding something of a radar screen to the console, and some overhead console. I used some evergreen strips to try and make the door rails a bit larger like the actual lynx, although i could make them a bit thicker. On the inside of the doors i added some styrene to make the correct angle they sit at (they don't sit flush irl) The antenna on the tail are either spares or stratch built and i added the wire. The kit has the 'lump' on the tail for the reversed gearbox on later variants so i removed that Not too much has been added but this look is alot better than the kits.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, does really help me out. Its designed too, just doesn't achieve it well, it seems a bit too snug, but a bit of sanding down the door a little bit to make it thinner should fix it.
  10. Thanks. The colour of plastic was yellow, so that was a massive help. Thanks, I remember seeing them quite a bit down here aswell, of course you had to wave at them as they flew past
  11. XZ585 Westland Seaking HAR.3 RAF Coltishall 202 Sqn 1986 This is my attempt at the old tool Airfix Seaking, and well its a meh. The first issue with this, is that is has a crack on the starboard side, which i couldn't be bothered to do much to it to fix it. I have heard alot of bad about this kit, and If im honest i didn't experience many problems (apart from some odd shapes for the seaking) The worst fitting place was around the inlets but even that wasn't difficult to get rid of. Yellow is a few layers of Tamiya Xf-8 and a couple layers of X-3. Decals have a slightly milky look, but im putting that down to the age of them. The real let down is the exhaust staining i attempted, but that can be an excuse to buy a new tool one. Here is the WIP
  12. Finished the king probably the best of a week ago now, and I have let myself down. I decided to try to add some exhaust staining to it (which i never do) and completely messed it up. Luckily it wasn't the best of kits, and i want to build another HAR.3 in the future. The decals are ever so slightly milky, I'm assuming its just down to the age. (its not silvering, im a bit too used to that) The mrbs weren't painted in any particular way, just looked at some HAR.3 photos and like them with one yellow blade. I look the like of this one, but hate it at the same time. I also forgot to add clear smoke to the sun windows but oh well.
  13. Cheers, and yep should end up as a RAF SAR bird and not one that enter the fire dump, well that is the plan
  14. 585 has been all painted up (and decalled now but that will be a subject for tomorrow) Yellow is Tamiya X-8, and had a base coat of Xf-3 (just because it wasn't yellow enough) Not too much to say about it yet.
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