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  1. Quick update on the lynx.... filler.... lots of filler...The nose has needed lots of filler, the sponsons has needed a reasonable amount of filler and the tail has needed some. The shape is really good for a lynx, but the exhausts. The exhaust are oval, and the exhaust cowling is the wrong shape. I'm not gonna worry about the oval exhausts, but the cowling is needing change. I have applied some milliput on the area (about an hour ago) which you will see in the photos, along with the nose that is still getting filled. While i am reworking the necessary area, i am gonna
  2. Thats the good thing about this hobby, you may make something that are very personal to someone, yet is just another 'thing' to another. Hopefully one day i will be working down at Leonardo, but i also would love to work for Historic Helicopters (The older they are the more interesting they are to me) Thanks
  3. So, as you should know by now, i like my whirlydoos, the lynx being one (of many) at the top of the list and with that, i like prototype ones. I also like doing models of airframes that most people haven't seen being made in scale, or even seen in full size, whether that is over the internet or real life. I bought this kit during lockdown, and i kinda knew what i was getting into with this kit (I like doing my research) I was orginally gonna do the oob scheme for the HMA.8, but after looking in a book, i decided to do XZ236, a HAS.2 which was made to develop the CTS eq
  4. Cheers, and yes, a bit of messy scratch building for both. Well for one i kinda cheated. The one in storage has a little piece of styrene glued to the wall which the tail sits on to stay up, the other i just put in a bit of weight behind the cabin to keep it up
  5. Cheers guys, The diorama wasn't actually my idea to start with, i was talking to someone that worked on gazelles at the ETPS and he gave me that idea..
  6. I recently did my last WIP post on these, so its time for a final post for these. Both Gazelles are the Airfix offering, one from the 80s and the other from the 90s/00s. The first one i started (back in March) got to the end of the painting stage and it all went a bit wrong when i found out i had completely messed up the canopy. It took me a fair few months to know what i will do with it. I decided to do it in the scheme of XX453 used by Qinetiq in a fictional diorama with it in storage, getting brown paper getting applied to the glass. (The wonky antenna has since bee
  7. Final post on this one, finished both Gazelles now, I enjoyed both gazelles, giving one a new life and starting a new one. I have made a quick base for both, not the best but it gives it a bit of context into the models. With the end of this project, i go onto another one, or two. A Development Lynx Mk.8 and Half a Heron.... Here are a couple pictures (more will be on the Ready for inspection Topic)
  8. XZ347 has been painted, all but the exhaust and transmission. I did preshade, but that has faded quite a bit now (due to paint repairs) On the real thing, it seems to have invasion stripes that has got removed or painted over on the underside, so i tried to replicate that. I also did a bit of work to the rotor as it was very crude. It still is crude, but it looks a tad better. I cut the blades off, and did a similar thing to the rotor head that i did to XX453. I then sanded and rounded off the ends of the rotor so i could fit in the cut on the blade grip.
  9. Just taken some pictures, and you get to see them before my Instagram does which will be a rare occurrence. I have scratch built some antennas on the tail, I made the RWR on the tail, but needs a bit of a rework. This one isn't a tail sitter luckily. I also need to mess around with some more filler around the top glazing.
  10. I have been working, just haven't posted yet. XX453 has had no progress upon it, but i am making a diorama for it (for both Gazelles actually). XZ347 has been made and now is ready for paint, but i only have pictures of the cockpit currently . i didn't do anything too fancy, I added some paper in the back to try and some mapping or maybe a note book. I did try to add some radio wiring on the top 'console' but i didn't go to far on it I will probably take pictures of her tomorrow
  11. White has been applied, not too accurate but as long as i am enjoying it, accuracy isn't needed. I've also painted up all the smaller bits and then gave it a gloss coat ready for decals. (i do still need to paint the tail drive shaft) I was thinking about having the rotor and blade on, but as i am going to be having it as if it was in storage, that wouldn't make much sense. So i cut off the blades, and changed the rotor slightly to make it somewhat more accurate and then repainted it.
  12. Wow, that must have been an extraordinary sight. Yean i would love to see the front shot, cheers
  13. The Qinetiq bird has been painted blue (white has been applied but i will take pictures to tomorrow)
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