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  1. Fly 1/32 Wessex, I’ve tried posting a video via youtube, not sure if it works.
  2. Garden shot with stand photoshopped out. A bit of a vid to show sensor activation, runs for 30 seconds (adjustable). Supplies 6v for motors and lights. The same stand as used on an Argosy build from last year. Bit messy I know, I’m not sure what angle the rotorshaft should be tilting forward but it seems about right. The main rotor is driven via a 6v 200rpm motor gear box.. I think I remember the real thing was about 230 - 240 rpm. The rotor head isn’t fixed to the shaft (although it goes through it)
  3. I've tried posting a video, a bit blurred but it shows the sensor activation. Sensitivity and run time are adjustable.
  4. Hi, Adey, thanks.. It was a picture of your argosy that got me started in the first place. I hadn't made a model since being a teenager. I was looking at some old photos of when I was a kid and saw an Argosy in the backround at RAF Benson and that got me searching for photos of them on the net. Amongst these was your model. I'd never of thought that someone actually manufactured a 1:72 kit. So in the space of one evening having a slight interest in looking for photos of real Argosys, a photo of yours made me order a Mach 2 kit back in April. But then it arrived.
  5. Hi Mikey, my Dad worked on them as well. I was brought up at RAF Benson in the late 60s and went to kindergarten next to the runway... Argosys everywhere.
  6. A few outdoor photos with the stand photoshopped out. Trial and error with the shutterspeed to catch prop blades and red flashing beacons.
  7. Thanks for the kind comments. I’ll try and upload some more photos and a video. The sensor is a ‘Sensky SK010 PIR.... (£7 from Amazon) It operates between 4v and 25v and works well with the 6v supply I feed through it. The motors are ‘3.7v 22500rpm 1mm shaft coreless’ £3 for 5 from ebay. The four engines are wired via a 1kohm variable pot adjustable through the rear cargo doors. It’s set about midway (this was adjusted last to give the best speed after all other wiring had been completed). So the 6v supply is cut down to about 3v and shared between the 4 motors in series, so less than
  8. Finally finished my Mach 2 Argosy, Iighting and motors all run for about 30 seconds via a motion sensor.
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