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  1. Used the Neomega cockpit for mine and it fitted well. Unlike the rest of the kit which is poor, especially the fuselage halves which need a lot of work
  2. That's a good looking T17A. Reminds me of when I worked on them for 360 sqn in the early 90s. The TT18s and B2s were being scrapped at the time and I managed to obtain lots of bits for an aircraft that was being restored by a museum I was involved with at the time
  3. Looks every inch a Hornet, unlike the Trumpeter effort, nice build
  4. Hi Colin Yep, I spent a lot of time at Daedalus doing training and then a stint on NATIU, and three years on the SAR flight. Mike
  5. Good to see another ex Grubber doing a Wessex, looking forward to seeing it progress
  6. I too screwed up the canopy on my Blenheim. I contacted Airfix and paid £8 for a new clear spruce and within 24 hrs it was in my hand, their service was first class
  7. Very nice Tiger. Glad you got on ok with the etched rigging. Tried it on the Tamiya Swordfish, and it didn't end well, the model being RSP for a variety of reasons!
  8. Lovely jobs in these, very nice indeed Mike
  9. Beautiful models, I have both in the stash and will move them up the to do list
  10. Just found the Almark sheet I mentioned. It s Almark A48-1 and includes 5 a/c of 700P, 767, 892 and the Phantom Training Flight. There are also stencils but on my example they are mostly illegible. Suspect that it may be difficult to find now
  11. IIRC there was a sheet by Almark which had several RN options on it, but it is doubtful if it is still available
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