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  1. Hi Thanks, that's the best picture I have seen so far I have tried Dinger and whilst it is a super site, the pictures of the bomb recess dont show much detail Got some more now though, thanks again
  2. Hi guys I am building the Special Hobby 1/48 Skua and want to include a 250lb bomb in the fuselage bomb recess. Does anybody have photos of the bomb rack(?) Fitted as I have been unable to find any. I presume that there is a beam of some sort? Thanks
  3. Really nice looking work. I finished one of these a couple of years ago, it took me about fifteen years from start to finish. Also used the Neomega cockpit which was no trouble, but had a hell of a job with the seams either side of the nose. Despite all the aggro, it is a very impressive model when built and dominates the shelf
  4. I built one of these about a year back and had exactly the same short shot parts. Apart from this and the iffy fit of the cowling I found it a straightforward build. Replacement cowlings are available from Aerocraft and Barracuda, gunsights from various sources.
  5. The green bits are the covers for the flotatation bags. They varied in colour from a medium to dark green
  6. The sea tray was a thick rubberised sheet which covered the cabin floor. Its purpose was to stop sea water coming into contact with the magnesium parts of the airframe. There were also normally 'curtains' around the cabin sides for the same reason. I have seen sea trays in the same apple green colour as the soundproofing and also in dark green. I would expect the troop seats to be fitted and also al the normal SAR paraphernalia to be present, eg liferaft, wet suits, lifting strips etc. Hope this helps
  7. From start to finish a stunning build, so informative. Can I interest you in a Fly HU5, very cheap?????
  8. IIRC the BIMS were checked on every After Flight ServIcing, never found one faulty. Hendie, the only word to describe this model is magnificent, the attention To detail is astounding. When it is completed, I think you deserve several stiff drinks to celebrate
  9. There is a photo in 'Falklands, the Air War' of the white portions of rounders being painted over by brush. Can't remember if this was Hermes or Invincible
  10. There are some small sections of fuselage/cockpit frames which survive with a private collector in the Burnley area. These were recovered from a quarry in Cumbria over 30 years ago and even then they were in pretty poor condition. I am not aware of any progress regarding restoration
  11. Wow that's great, just what I was looking for. The parts in the Flightpath set are obviously meant to represent the later type. Thanks again everybody
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