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  1. Just been perusing the instructions for the kit,and I can't see any reference to the pipework on the fuselage sides, but maybe I'm just being thick. Also the more I look at the way Fly have done the nose door intake,the more I dislike it. Seems a cop out just provide an intake cover with not even a FOD guard. They could at least have attempted to put in some kind of intake interior as the guards were only fitted in summer IIRC
  2. Recently found this thread and have not been able to leave it alone since, more addictive than Game of Thrones! I thought that as an ex grubber I knew the Wessex pretty well but either I've forgotten most if it,or to quote 'Goshawk Squadron' by Derek Robinson, 'the eyes looked but they did not see'. The level of detail you have incorporated is astounding, and the only problem for me is that I now have grave doubts as to whether I will ever build my Fly MK 5 which is in the loft. Excellent work!!!
  3. Re the cockpit seats, the seat pan could be folded up, but there was no fastening device provided. When up, they were held in position with elastic bungee cords hooked around the seat pan and back. Lovely work on this
  4. Daedalus72

    Those other Wessex.

    When 772 were providing aircraft for the SAR flight at Lee, after the Falklands, on arrival at Lee the cabin door was replaced with one which had 'Royal Navy Rescue' titles. This was then removed and the original door refitted when the aircraft rotated back to Portland.Otherwise the markings were standard.
  5. Daedalus72

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Maybe Alan will produce a Firebrand,or Sturgeon or Whirlwind or.........
  6. Daedalus72

    Airfix Sea Fury or Trumpeter Sea Fury

    I recently built the Airfix Sea Fury and it was generally good but let down by the poor moulding in places and the annoying fit of the cowling, which I replaced with the Aerocraft item, which is a worthwhile buy. If you wanted to go the whole hog, Barracuda do a resin cockpit,wheel bay,mainwheels engine cowling and brass u/c legs. That said,the kit itself looks good when built and is way ahead of the Hobbycraft item (not built the Trumpeter)
  7. Daedalus72

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    I agree about the decals they are very iffy, but should be relatively easy to replace apart from the squadron markings. It would take a braver man than me ( and a far better modeller)to attempt to fold the wings as they are solid resin. The canopy and windscreen are very thick and none too clear but may polish up, but the rest of the kit looks ok IMHO
  8. Daedalus72

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    I too have mine, can't wait to get to grips with it
  9. Daedalus72

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy, just ordered one of these. If it comes off it will be the best thing since bread came sliced. Who needs 1/48 Vulcans!!!
  10. Daedalus72

    Hellcats and the Tirpitz

    That is one nice Hellcat! I recently built this kit and yours puts mine to shame!
  11. OK, here goes Gannet AEW3 Westland Whirlwind Helicopter Blackburn Firebrand (no chance) Short Sturgeon ( even less chance) DeHavilland Sea Venom DeHavilland Sea Hornet NF21 (To obliterate the Trumpeter version) Westland Sea King All 1/48 A 1/24 Sea Fury would still be gratefully received
  12. Daedalus72

    Illustrious to Invincible

    Thanks I will look for them. As this is my 1st ship, not quite in reality but in model form, I will be out of my comfort zone.
  13. Daedalus72

    Illustrious to Invincible

    Gulp! The phrase ' bitten off more than I can chew springs to mind'. Will have to assemble serious references before commencing this.
  14. Daedalus72

    Airfix Sea Fury - aftermarket canopy?

    Yes,I used the Squadron canopy recently on the Airfix Sea Fury with no problems. Just the usual fettling reqd with any vac form item.IMHO it was a worthwhile change. Mike
  15. Daedalus72

    Illustrious to Invincible

    Apologies if this question has already been asked but here goes. I recently obtained the Airfix 1/350 HMS Illustrious kit as I reckoned that it was high time that I tried a ship model. I would like to build it as HMS Invincible pre or soon after the Falklands war (I could then legitamately include a Wessex V or two on the flight deck). What would be the main modifications reqd to achieve this? I am aware that the ski ramp was altered but do not know the extent of the work reqd to backdate the kit. Thanks