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  1. Stunning paint job, I aspire to achieve a finish line that!
  2. Looking good there, I helped create the Flight path set many years ago by mastering the sponsons. Mine is still going strong after 20+ years. One of my favourite builds. Steve
  3. inspired by this painting, and having been in the stash I wanted another play with the Flory washes and the silly putty masking. This is my take on a 617 Sqn BAC Eagle (believed to be the chosen "in service" name for the production TSR2 Desperately trying to remember the make of resin aftermarket seats? A spare pair of Martel radar guided missiles from an old Flightpath Buck set and a donation of most of the external stores from the Airfix Desert Storm Tornado And onto the finished airframe:
  4. I think we need to point out the decals and markings are for a restored variant, including a few spelling mistakes on the real restored aircraft!
  5. That's beautiful, I'm looking to doing the same with WP914 from 6 AEF, again my first flight in the ATC in 1979. Bit cheeky but do you have any spare decals from the xtradecal sheet? I'm after the 6 ( VI) AEF green shields? Steve
  6. Wanted to post some pics of the new Eduard Brimstone sets in 1/32?
  7. Used the PJ Productions Lynx crew.... https://www.youtube.com/embed/8rQ4DlWMrEc" title=
  8. Message @SimPlai as he produced these items in 1/72 & 1/48
  9. My pleasure old chap! Mine is actually 99% done as I'm hoping the @SimPlai will finish the Norwegian winches soon ( it's such a complex shape to get right) I must be mad, but there's now another one in the stash! Not sure if another Norwegian one or the CSAR Italian one in Matt black... I'm mid way through the 1/32 KH Mirage 2000D but next us a 1/48 "What If" TSR 2 as a BAC Eagle GR1 in 617 Sqn markings (Eagle was apparently going to be the in service name) anything not dayglow orange is a good idea!
  10. I've started saving ferrero Roche boxes to store loose bits of builds
  11. I'm thinking Italian CSAR in Matt black? Or even a what if RAF Rescue.....
  12. They look cracking to me! I've only got and done it..... Pushed the button on another one
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