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  1. Maybe the P1127 could go back to the RAF and go to the Harrier heritage center at Wittering?
  2. Sorted now, have you tried masking up to the tape with....tinfoil? It confirms well to shapes, easily covers large areas, then just tape the edges? Pics working now, BTW The MIG liquid mask is IMO a far better product than maskol...
  3. Fairly happy with the Day-Glow orange, as anticipated the gloss coat calmed it down a little, anyway onto the black (some matt some gloss) and some decal some painted. Lots of little corrections and details to pick out too....she might have to wait for her TR, Searchlight and Winch @SimPlai is all over that bit! I did do a very light panel line wash as I'm not a fan of factory fresh paint and from my experience with harriers, i know it won't take long for the dirt to start showing! Actually looking forwards to the literally dozens of stencils on this.... TBH I'm a li
  4. I've the kit embargoed till Christmas, but thought I'd start this now. Post when you discover a new gem of an accessory or aftermarket add on for the new kit... Steve
  5. OK more paint on today, I resorted to Halfords appliance white and fluorescent orange! A little bit of bleed but nothing thata will be an issue, now for some matt black...
  6. My Vallejo Model Air RAL2005 is very thin, almost opaque. But it sprays straight from the bottle once mixed (i add a mixer ball to each one) the Vallejo RAL2005 Model Colour looks thick enough to brush! I've used the Halfords before on a RNoA Seaking so i know its a safe bet! Nice Apache BTW, bit too small for my fat fingers these days!
  7. Ok so the arduous task of masking completed and a mist coat of Vallelo orange, followed by a couple of coats of Halfords Fluorescent orange. Got a little bleed, but think that the white will need another finishing coat anyway.
  8. Same as here by the look of things ! Whilst its nice and bright, it may be a little too bright? this was a mist coat of Vajello Air Fluorescent orange, overcoated with Halfords rattle can orange
  9. @Jonathan Mock suggestion if using vajello airbrush cleaner to thin their paint is working well for me...
  10. TBH the best finish I've ever had with day Glo is the Halfords rattle cans, always undercoat with white..
  11. How did I not find your build thread? 24 pages read!! Regards Steve ( from the "other" AW101 build thread)
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