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  1. Just seeing this Bruce. Bravo mate, nice overall package.
  2. Thanks Istvan the red missiles are training inert rounds. The White and black version is a live round. The colour grey I used just suited my eye. Others will chime in with the correct colour spec but I used something like medium sea grey. Approximately FS36320. Thanks all for the comments.
  3. You've done a great job. I wish I could get motivated to build mine.
  4. Hey BMérs With 2022 being an Anniversary I'm planning a few Falklands/Malvinas builds. These are the first ones. I've ended up in a bit of an unintended buddy build with Calum Gibson. This is my rendition of an A-4Q built from the Hasegawa A-4B with Cat 4 resin bits, Decals are from Aztec. I used a TER with Mk82 Snake eyes on the centreline as a MER covered the spot I wanted for the in flight mounting. The other is a bit of a bonus and was a nemesis of the A-4's - its is the Takom 1/35 Sea Dart Missile launcher. Built out of box with the red drill missiles loaded. I had to scrounge some white letters for the missiles from spares. Hope you like my take on the subjects, Thanks for looking.
  5. Love the way the sea base came out in the pics, very moody. Bueno.
  6. thanks mate. I’m not sure about any left/right mislabeled instructions. By the time they went in they had long been made as a sub assembly and they really only fit one way. Maybe I fluked it . Some say the intake lips are inaccurate when viewed from head on but it didn’t bother me enough to change it.
  7. Thanks Dov. The weathering was done with the Tamiya weathering set “oil stain” stippled on with an old stiff brush and then worked with some damp sponge foam in a tapping motion. No preshading. I like to do post shading with the airbrush.
  8. Cheers Mate for the comment. I understand what you are saying about the black. Fortunately the DACO F-14 book has some good pictures of the sister ship "164" in the same scheme and the black is indeed quite glossy and clean on the nose and the tails. Also I have kept the final clear coat a touch glossy to make it easier to clean the model. It is wayyyy too big for my cabinet.
  9. Hi All My latest completion is off the bench after a 6 month project build. It is the Trumpeter 1/32 F-14D Tomcat done in the markings of VF-101 Grim Reapers. The model includes resin ejection seats, resin wheels and resin wing seal bladders. The decals came from DXM and are printed by Cartograph, they performed flawlessly. Paints are all lacquers from MRP and SMS ranges and the weathering was completed using Tamiya panel line wash, Tamiya pastels and AK colour pencils. There are some known inaccuracies with the Trumpy kit but fixing those was outside the scope of this project so I picked my battles. Anyhoo - enjoy some pics. I hope that looks ok, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Cheers Andrew P.
  10. Wow that’s really great work. Love the execution of the faded paint work.
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