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  1. Love me a good Skyhawk. She's a beauty.
  2. Well that did turn out pretty good didn’t it. Fantastique.
  3. Hello Friends This is my just completed Zvezda 1/48 Mi-24 Hind - finished as a Hind W of the Polish Air Force Circa 2002. I've been working on this kit since it landed on my bench. The fit is very good but the detail is quite basic. I used a fair chunk of aftermarket bits and pieces. -Montex Decals -Quinta Studios 3d cockpit decals -Eduard exterior photo etch -Eduard Brassin Resin UB-32 Rocket Pods -Eduard Brasssin resin Wheels -Eduard mask set -Master metal DUAS air probe and nose gun barrels I also added all the rivets and fas
  4. You've done a great job. A suggestion for you (only if you are interested). Next time have a go at replicating the iridescent film on the disco light under the tail. Clear colours or self adhesive foils can be used to great effect.
  5. Fantastic progress. You are really going to town on it. I have the same kit on the bench and went with the Quinta cockpit details. I can't speak highly enough of them. Can't wait to see your next update, Cheers.
  6. Hey Mathy that is a brilliant job. I love the way your finishes look and this one is another stunner. Did you find the kit Ejector seat to be ok ? I'm searching for resin seat options but can't seem to find anything for the M2000.
  7. Great build. Its a pity Hobby Boss decided to box this offer with a C kit. Not quite correct for some minor details but that doesn't take away from your work. Thank you for sharing it.
  8. Just because I’m an Aussie. Testors Dullcote. The Matt coat of champions. Thanks all for the kind words.
  9. Thanks, the anchor points were made from really fine wire loops glued into pre drilled holes. The ezy line passed through the loops.
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