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  1. Fantastic, really like it! This one is in my stash too. What colors (+brands?) did you use for the camo color scheme? Cheers! Jurrie
  2. Nice markings/colors, nice fading on the plane! Also like the base, how did you make it? Jurrie
  3. Really like the grey colors, that come out nice! It is always difficult to get an interesting finish in a one-color scheme, especially indeed if it is gray... Some chips and dust could even further liven it up, also the propellors are one singular tone of black...maybe for next time ;)? Cheers! Jurrie
  4. Not completely done yet, but almost. Added some chips with Vallejo. Added pinwashes and dust with oil paints. Cheers, Jurrie
  5. Thanks for your responses! @Parabat, sharp ;). I replaced the image in the original post with a F-14A VF-31 :). Today a small update. I added most of the Eduard interior PE. The seats are almost done, except for some final weathering (washes and some dust in the nooks and crannies of the seat). W/regards to the other parts of the cockpit: they are still in base color and just received their first PE. Seats 1. Painted various details 2. Chipping with Vallejo light grey 3. I drybrushed/painted (my technique is somewhere in the middle) the edges of the seat cushions and seats 4. Added PE seatbelts Rest of the cockpit 1. I forgot to mention last time: after the UMP primer I added a preshade with dark grey 2. Added most of the Eduard interior PE, some of the minor details are to be added (last) The pictures below demonstrate - in my view - the added value of Eduard interior PE, especially in 1/72 scale. I would not get this close with just painting. Next steps: chips in the cockpit, (pin)washes and dust. Then I can close the F-14 :). Cheers, Jurrie
  6. Thanks for your kind responses. @Rich G, nice to see somebody with some connections here. Do you by any chance have some more info on this unit / Wessex type they operated? Gr, Jurrie
  7. Hi fellow modellers, After my Italeri 1/48 Wessex HU5 I started on my latest project, a Hobbyboss F-14A Tomcat. The aircraft About the F-14A specifically Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumman_F-14_Tomcat The kit The Hobbyboss kit looks neat with engraved panel lines and not too many parts. I hope it is a good mix between buildability and detail. More info about the kit you can find here. Hyperscale did a review on the kit. Besides the kit (Hobbyboss 80276), I also make use of: 1. Eduard mask 2. Eduard interior set 3. Decalset (forgot to make a picture - brand unknown for now) - with a version of the VF-31 Tomcaters (see picture below): VF-31 F-14A Tomcats by G. Verver, on Flickr Starting the build - cockpit With an Eduard colored PE set, it is always a challenge to see what needs to be build and painted first (with colored and non-colored PE parts). So far I: 1. Removed the cockpit parts from the sprue and cleaned them up. 2. Put some of them together wherever useful. 3. Put the parts in the UMP primer 4. Airbrushed parts Light Grey (Tamiya), Olive Green (Tamiya) and Dark Grey (Vallejo Model Air) 5. Added the base colors to the seats. In the figure building world they use a lot of highlights and shadows. Some of these techniques can be replicated...on actually any topic. I did it on the green seats of the F-14A. All Vallejo Model Color. The most important thing is to work in really thinned layers to get a blended effect. Next steps: add the colored PE. Then start on weathering the cockpit. Gr, Jurrie
  8. Thanks petetasker. It's not the worst kit I've ever build, but it is definitely not that good. But, with some patience and effort, a decent model can be build (at least in my view :)). Update 1. Weathering of the rear landing gear with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine, Engine Oil and finally Dust & Dirt deposits 2. Attached all final missing details 3. Masking tape removed on the windows. I also removed some overspray and retouched some paint near the windows 4. Wiring added, painted and weathered 5. I replaced the window wipers from the kit with some of my own, made with Evergreen and copperwire. After that, I painted them and attached them with superglue 6. Dust & Dirt Deposits (van Ak interactive) added diluted to the landing gear area and door. Also put on some dust splashes with a brush and toothpick 7. Rigging with Uschi van der Rosten (0.03). You can view the final update - since it is now complete - here: Cheers Jurrie
  9. Dear all, Last months I've been working on an Italeri Wessex HU5 in 1/48 scale. Some info on the Wessex: Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westland_Wessex The kit from Italeri is not too bad, but also not really good. Details are soft, especially on the top. And some basic details are lacking. The fit is ok-ish. I used the following: 1. Italeri Wessex UH5 kit no 2720 (the 'UH5' is an error by Italeri. It should be HU5...) 2. Eduard mask 3. Eduard interior PE 4. Paints from Gunze for airbrush and Vallejo for brush painting 5. Weathering products from van Gogh, 502 abteilung (oils), AK Interactive line with e.g. grease, oil, dust etc 6. Uschi van der Rosten rigging wire 7. Some copperwire and evergreen for some of the details I've added I decided to portray the Wessex in the form of 84 Squadron, based in Cyprus (according to the kit info) in 1987. Here are the pics. You can see the build log here. I will now be starting on a Hobbyboss 1/72 Tomcat. Cheers! Jurrie
  10. Thanks for your replies. @Lord Riot, it should indeed be HU.5, an error by Italeri. Stupid me took it over in the title . Ill ensure its spelled correctly on the nameplate. Jurrie
  11. Another massive update, I did a lot of mini-steps in weathering this beast :). I try to give an update below, but it is probably not complete :). Side rotor 1. Pinwashes with a mix of a black and dark brown oil paint 2. Streaks with a dark grey oil paint 3. Washes with medium gray, light gray and brown 4. Oil spats with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine & Engine Oil. I used this set a lot for this kit, I like it a lot! 5. Pinwashes at the metallic part of the side rotor (hub?) 5. Wash/filter/spats with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine & Engine Oil at the hub of the rotor Main rotor 1. Streaks with dark grey and dark brown oil paints 2. Washes with lightgray, black and brown 3. Oil spats with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine & Engine Oil 4. Pinwashes at the metallic part of the main rotor (hub?) 5. Wash/filter/spats with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine & Engine Oil at the hub of the rotor 6. Dust spats with AK Interactive Dust & Dirt deposits (2 colors) Helicopter 1. I re-added a number of details (not complete yet 2. Painted and weathered some details 3. Oil dot technique with medium green, dark gray, brown and yellow 4. Local filters with various oil paints 5. Streaks with oil paint (dark rust and shadow brown) and with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine & Engine Oil 6. Weathering with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine & Engine Oil at the main landing gear. I still need to do the rear landing gear 7. Oil spats on some local areas with AK Interactive Grease, Kerosine & Engine Oil Wheels 1. Airbrush wheels gloss black and then Alclad 2. Then cut a circular shape tape with the DSPIA circel cutter for the center part (masking) 3. Airbrush dark grey 4. Pinwash with black oil paint on tyre thread 5. Pinwash shadow brown in the center hub of the wheels 6. Pinwash dark rust in the center part of the hub of the wheels 7. Dust & dirt deposits added of AK interactive between the rim of the wheel and the tyre, and directly on the tyre tread itself 8. Spats with dust & dirt deposits On to the final steps :)! Cheers Jurrie
  12. Thanks Nikolay! @all, Another update: 1. A applied the decals, which are very thin (+). However, sometimes air gets somehow trapped below the decals. That took a lot of time to fix. Did some minor cuts and applied Daco Solutions Medium softener 2. Pinwashes with AK panelliner van AK. Used various colors. 3. Main rotor (?) weathered, not done yet. I lost some minor details here and there...I still have them and will apply them in the last stages of this build (...). Cheers, Jurrie
  13. Now in the right section Jurrie
  14. Nice, cool airplanes. How are th kit decals? Jurrie
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