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  1. Quality document. As noted before, these were held on Microfische for years. In the Section DMC 22 & 23, Ground and Flying Clothing, lists of prices so people could be billed for losing kit. Up in the Oil, Paints, Fuels & Lubes, a good few products there that would be banned nowadays due to their contents, Trike is one I noted. Sure I read of a Safety Equipper taking the MoD to court because of Health complications.
  2. Cough.....26WX was the Domestic Management Code.........1680 was the section......99 was the Nation Code...........1234567 (from 3 to 7 figures) was the reference number..... .......much as we always called them the Section Ref. Thirty years a stacker, there must be a film in it.
  3. That will be for the resin boys rather than Airfix I reckon. This kit looks quality.
  4. Gillingham - Kent - Say it like the J in Jarhead so Jillingham Gillingham - Dorset - Say it like G in Girl so Gillingham A couple of miles from me.... Leasingham pronounced Less-ingham Anwick pronounced Annick
  5. The cousins ahead of their time. I was in Incerlik for four months back in 2000, the local American Forces Network Radio station, called maybe Radio Freedom or Radio Liberty, was using the phrase constantly. It took me a few days and hangovers before I could work out what they meant.
  6. Did catch me out when hearing the Cousins talking about 'Turk eye yea' when referring to local Turkish customs. I also find the fact that everybody who appears on some rubbish reality TV show has undergone 'a journey'. Where on earth did this come from?
  7. Just remember sitting in Eng Ops and the Fat Controller repeatedly saying Rotortune after blade changes....
  8. That looks very nice. Airfix had to make a choice of whether to make the fuselage inner HC Mk1 or 2, I guess they went for the more interesting shaped Mk2 version. Realistically the average modeller will go with it. If it is a concern I suspect it would be no biggie to cover the pipework etc. However if the fuselage was made initially as a Mk1 and you wanted to recreate a Mk2, it would be far more of a job to sort.
  9. Not so sure on that, I think three Open Line points on both sides and a Hi-Pressure point front right Starboard side on both versions.
  10. The down draft from a Chinook is awesome, however oddly I found the Merlin even stronger, hell of a draft.
  11. No, blades were removed when required and put on wheeled stands. Refitted when required followed by a Rotor Tune. For Air Transport in AN-124 etc the Fwd & Aft Rotorheads were also taken off.
  12. Stu, this may not help, but the 92Sqn Blue Diamonds Hunter that sat on the Sqn HAS Site in Wildenrath looked more like a gloss blue version of your first photo, the 1157am Monday photo, certainly nothing like the Blue on the real Hunter in the second photo. Just an observation...................LOL...............
  13. Thats great work there, and you explain the paint mix up really well. Think I might have to have a look at your previous builds. Good stuff.
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