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  1. Its probably running off the energy given out by the 6G implant you had injected during your COVID jab...
  2. Norfolk...........................you mean they've learnt to read ?
  3. Can't put a like for that, but you know what I mean. Hats off to you fella.
  4. Five, you were a really naughty boy, I thought three tours for an even 12 months down there marked me as a bad'un.
  5. Anything attached to Haythornwaite, Funken or the Ospreys covered Napoleonics for my Wargames figures.
  6. PLC1966

    The Weather,

    Just Sheringham or did you go for the classic Sheringham/Cromer double ?
  7. I really liked the TU-104, OK Jet in particular looked smart. The 154 a proper Tri-Jet of its time.
  8. Absolutley, I cannot say I overly enjoy modelling a lot of the time nowadays.
  9. I think the 'Vintage Classic' label on the box front may be a bit of a giveaway................
  10. These old Russian jets are great to look at. I have just been transferring the numbers from my spotting logs for 92/93 on to an Excel sheet and have just finished the Aerolflots, IL-62, TU-104, TU-134, IL-76, IL-86, AN-124, all jets with real character.
  11. I get it, you don't actually know how good a fighter the F-35 is any more than any other internet pundit. I suspect the idea of the L.O. in the case of fighters is you aim to not actually get into a dogfight in the first place. P.S. I don't think you will need to bold the words all over the place.
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