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  1. Eduard are modelling Rats now ? What scale ? Black or Brown.......?
  2. I do like the photos Tez, got any more like them ?
  3. I did wonder about a brown stars crew as they had more recently moved off of Phantoms but I am not sure the cheques are green and gold as I would expect.
  4. Would make sense Italian Fighter Sqn, maybe Sqn Exchange, maybe DACT in Deci. http://warbirdsnews.com/warbirds-news/f-104-special-livery.html
  5. I have never noticed the Fighter Squadrons having differing numbers of checks in the markings. Definitely looks black and white checks to me, much as it is wrong in every way.
  6. White ex-Navy stock Sgt & Fletcher Tanks ?
  7. Reckon that is a 9stormo Italian Air Force Zap A prancing horse. http://www.aeronautica.difesa.it/organizzazione/REPARTI/unitacompositaproiezione/Pagine/9Stormo.aspx
  8. Thanks, I knew there was something around someone swapping jets out.
  9. What about the Helmet checks on the Growbags ? Yellow/Blue ? Would normally associate that with 54Sqn.
  10. Hi Dennis, I presume you are looking at what looks like the Black/White checks around the roundel ? Did 43Sqn run FGR2 before going FG1 ? Was the jet with 43Sqn at one point ? In the back of the bonce I have it 111Sqn may have had FGR2 before reverting to FG1 to make Leuchars an FG1 Unit ? Great Photo's by the way......you lucky so and so.
  11. Come on Dennis, would be good to see some Photo's of jets from the only RAFG Phantom Fighter Sqn.... Great work on the Jet and decals by the way.....
  12. I was thinking more about the dappled grey over the model to be honest. Great Airbrushing artistry but not right to ME. But lovely work none the less.
  13. Great piece of art. Not sure how realistic for a jet wearing a special paint scheme it really is though.
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