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  1. Great collection of Photo's there chap. Remember Tatty Ton changing jets, having been used to dealing with the Fly Away Packs of spares for Canberra, the spares for the Hawks looked like toys. Good Camp, lots of detachments, all 3 Sqns regularly away.
  2. Cough.......Freightdog Resin Replacement......Cough.......
  3. Decal film, centre circle Red from spare RAF WWII roundels. Job Jobbed
  4. I get it mate. A cockpit is one of the first things you really note, if it tweaks your button you have to do something.
  5. Horrific !!! Blimey, that's a serious word for a bot of clear plastic.
  6. I am sure the same thing was said when it was found the Harrier couldn't have 2 cannons on the GR5.... however this will be sorted, besides which, it is an issue on the A and we are buying the B.
  7. I think the Operators make it clear it is a hell of a platform, and all will get sorted. Let the thing grow and develop.
  8. I am certain it is not Wyton. I think the Leuchars shout is a good one, got a feeling I worked out of there at the start of GW1 for a week. Can't remember if with tatty ton or 360.
  9. I don't know about Canberraman, but you were there same time as me, (1990-1993), 231OCU Stores then Mobility Supply out of the Camera Factory then the old 25Sqn site. EWAD/EWOSE, was it you lot who used to b****er up the TV's when playing with electronics of a nighttime...
  10. Nice work. Do not take as a criticism, could I make a jig for similar handles ?
  11. Like them and the settings they are in. Good work.
  12. That's true, but when you sup with the devil... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molotov–Ribbentrop_Pact As for the Spit, there were a lot of calls for this before the announcement, and while I did not really see the need for another variant, I guess I will have to have a couple on principle. Bit of aftermarket decals for me on this one though..
  13. But you're doing a WHIF. So whatever you fancy doing crack on ......
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