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  1. Care in the community perhaps ?
  2. To be fair you see two growbags talking in the advert and I think the second is a WAFU. If there two RAF Pilots and one WAFU as the focus of the series it mirrors the make up of the Typhoon force.....is one way to look at it. On the other hand, fancy letting WAFU's on an RAF TV series !!!
  3. Blimey, He never said that when he was the Punka Wallah on 'It ain't half hot mum'
  4. Blimey, war is hell...... Whats the point of that !!!!
  5. That really is very nice. Good stuff.
  6. Really, mate, that is top work. You really need to give us a look at your work.
  7. Yeah, all right I guess In fact bloomin marvellous. Excellent work. Well done. Only shame is the figure has that persistent Rick miserable face. True to the series, but blimey, he really needed to learn to laugh !!
  8. Used to go a lot back in the day. As a nipper used to go to the Old Open end under the clock until it was closed, and then started standing opposite side to the Bar Side. Not really been since they moved to the WHC. In fact, seen them away more than at home in last few years, and that ain't very often to be honest. See the Drury has turned into a Tesco/Sainsbury mini store.
  9. With a name like Bar Side, did you used to go to Layer Road ?
  10. Welcome Chris, Essex boy living in Lincs here so another one from East Anglia'. Know Norfolk pretty well, in fact, down to Norwich to me see lad tomorrow.
  11. Yes but there is a line of thought that a Typhoon would fit the Canadian requirement better than the F-35
  12. I would have a punt these 100 end up in what was Warsaw Pact Country, probably Poland, just a punt but worth a bet.
  13. I am guessing the aircraft will be pooled at Marham similar to the old LTW and therefore will only have basic markings along with 'branding'. Matters not who is flying them, Crab or WAFU. Although if there is a Union Jack painted on the inside of the fan cover as said, it would be great to see it in Red, White and Blue.
  14. Branding....branding.....it's not a blinkin' boy band.
  15. It was easier with chalk and a blackboard !!
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