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  1. You can see why the Cold War never got hot............LOL.
  2. Never noticed this model before, should be interesting. I noted your 'love a Northrop' comment. Never really seen before but there is a very 'Northropish' look to a lot of their designs.
  3. Great build, where the heck did you come up with the idea from ?
  4. Nice work. Stand wrong way round....
  5. Southend Air Museum ? Went there at about 7 or 8 with my bro. Train from Colchester, remember the Beverley and the J-29, not a lot else. Do remember the Carvairs at the Airport.
  6. G-AMSV was my Dak fight, Bristol Lulsgate into the Fairford Airshow. Head banging from doing best part of a bottle of Southern Comfort watching Live Aid the day before.
  7. Three U's followers on one thread. You would not put a tenner on that happeneing. I seem to remember all the TR-1 jets got re-designated as U-2's at a point, so there can not have been much difference.
  8. Had a feeling in the water since the first leg one weren't enough, to be fair the other game proved two weren't enough. Still all felt kinda pre-season.
  9. Barside, watch the U's on the gogglebox last night ? It was going one way all the way through I thought.
  10. Tim, Great work chap, you are a bit short on Phantoms, take it you have plans for the Alconbury RF-4C, 11 TRS, 10 TFW ?
  11. Hanger for the new Reaper Set-Up and one for the Reds ? Sentinel is on its way so maybe both for Reds ?
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