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  1. love it. Wanted to buy two of these kits myself. To build the iraqi and the iranian version which are actually the same aircraft XD
  2. Wow very nice! I am planning to build a few Iranian jets as well. Only have the f-5e on my shelf now but didn’t build that one myself...working on the iriaf mig29 only in 1/72 ...great example..I love the shots where they are lined up
  3. I think you did an amazing job. I really love this little jet
  4. The viper is looking very sexy in these colors!
  5. Great f-14 piece. Fine work and will be a joy to look at when displayed
  6. Beautiful result. This Belgian scheme has some very nice colors! Love the orange
  7. Nice! I love the frogfoot and you did an wonderful job with modeling it. I have the Zwevda kit in my stash. Makes me want to give it a try
  8. Thanks a lot guys. Feeling motivated for my next build now!
  9. Thanks a lot Doktormig, that means alot coming from the one who inspired me to start with this hobby Wow, that is very kind of you. I will do my best once again
  10. Hello dear modellers and friends. Some time ago I posted a thread of my very first ever build which was a mirage 2000D 1/72 scale: As a complete beginner I already collected a few kits for my future builds. I ordered this one not ever hearing about raised panel lines and poor old quality kits. Well this F-18 from Italeri sure made me learn quick. I decided to make this my second build as a practice piece. not caring too much about srewing up, which I did do on a few occasions. Lost some parts, so if you notice something missing. I lost it So I mentioned raised panel lines. This kit had them all over. Since I needed practice with re-scribing. I decided to rescribe this entire model. This was a long and tiresome process, but I'm glad I did. It really makes it pop alot more. Everything out of the box. Not comfortable yet to add custom parts. But bought an ejection seat for my next build (iriaf mig-29) as a starter. I modified the engines and tried my hand at riveting (wings). With the rescribing I tried to add some missing detail here and there. Hope you like it and feedback is ofcourse welcome. I also added the gun holes which were absent. I painted on the navigation lights instead of using the decals. I thought they were a little too much compared to the images I saw of the real thing which looked more subtle. I modified the engines since they were boring with very little detail. I tried to cut out the engine blades, which was pretty difficult. After ruining and fixing a couple of times I managed to make something better looking.
  11. What a wonderful job..the metal finish is so convinsing! love it...also the pictures are great!
  12. Wow nice one! Working on my second kut which is an f-18D at the moment. Will use this awesome weathering and paintjob as a bit of a reference.
  13. Oh I am working on this one myself right now...It is my second kit ever..,.I am rescribing all panel lines though...I didn't know that this was such an old kit with raised panel lines....but you did a fine job!
  14. Thanks so much everyone! I am very glad that I somehow managed to impress people with so many nice builds under their belt. I only hope to create as nice of a collection that you guys have built! Lets start with my second build Oh yeah that would be better. How do I do this with the current thumbnails? Maybe I can edit the post.
  15. Thanks a lot buddy! You were of great help! You never hesitated to give me advise. I am very thankfull
  16. Thanks Nikola I know the pictures aren’t great. I only had my phone camera and naturally it’s a bit limited. I will look into it for the next time.
  17. Thanks! It is far from perfect and I did screw up here and there. Learnt a lot during the process and I guess that’s where the fun is. But I’m glad that you guys like it!
  18. Hello everyone! Picked up some new hobbies during the pandemic. First I discovered DCS, the combat flight sim. This rekindled love for fast jets and youtube led me to scale models as well. This is the result of my first attempt at building and painting a model kit. I learned alot during the process and have already strarted a new one. I received a lot of helpfull advice from Doctor Mig, whos video's inspired me to try it out. So thanks for that.
  19. Thanks everyone for the replies! Much appreciated.
  20. Thanks for the reply. It is already clean. It was this way out of the box.... What I understood, is that this stickyness can be caused by a new and fresh seal right where the trigger goes through...apparantly when it is new, it can be a little rigid...
  21. Hello there, This is my first post. A first time modeller living in the Netherlands. I am now working on my very first kit (Revel Mirage 2000-D) and it's going pretty well untill now. I got a brand new Harder & Steenbeck Ultra airbrush and I am loving it. It did come with a sticky trigger causing it to blow air even when not pushing. Requiring me to sometimes pull it out manualy. I understood that lubrication is neccessary for this. I have the iwata super lube (the not blue clear version). Used it to lubricate the needle. I also bought murrays beeswax to lubricate the trigger. Is it also good for lubricating the needle itself? Or totally not apropiate for that purpose? Thanks in advance. Ramtin
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