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  1. You made me buy one of those older kits! Terrific work! How where the decals behaving?
  2. Ouch Airfix surely has a spare parts service, best order two Eduard is on the way to bring a mask set on the market... What has worked for me before: apply yellow tape from Tamiya or Revell and score the edges with a toothpick as good as possible, then trace the edges with a very fine pencil and cut on a cutting pad afterwards. not on the clear part... Airfix could have designed the windshield wipers as etched parts, would be the nicer solution
  3. Thank you very much! I feel safer in the swiss lakes, but i heard about huge catfish here too
  4. Beautiful model! There`s something wrong with your shelf; the Tomcat is supposed to be on the top shelf...
  5. I also think scribing the band is a good solution (i detest rescribing as well) the rivets maybe give you the impression that it is a band? wonderful modelling, but you know that ;)
  6. Dear Community an old, broken model from the flea market restaged... kraken is made of wire, plaster, resin, glass, fabric, etc. the whole thing is luminescent, but it's difficult to photograph. thanks for looking!
  7. top shelf weathering and paint job. i`m impressed!
  8. The problem, i believe at least, is that modelling is recreating. It can never, ever truly match the original and trying can be downright frustrating. Creating is something completely different and much less frustrating because you are creating the original yourself. Most people don't even understand these attempts at replication. at most they smile at it. I personally believe that it is a form of love. Sounds absurd, is absurd, but i feel that way.
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