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  1. Beautifully made! How did you achieved the fine lines on the canopy? Stripes of decal or masked and airbrushed? Its remarkably good especially in 1/72 scale.
  2. Maybe you will have to buy a classic airbrush too for the very fine, subtle work in the future. The pistol grip seems to work better for covering areas? Aside of all the good tips above, here are my two cents: install an airbrush holder around your workplace! So many times i had the model in one gloved hand and the AB in the other and a problem occured. If you thin your colour within the AB cup, hold a towel or paper to close the nozzle to mix your paint with the help of air...if the mix is too thick, it will spatter, if not: you`re ready to go.
  3. Definitely feeling your pain too Wonderful work! I assume you opted for no lights and jingles? I`ve seen somewhere in the deep net a build with pod and lights and interiour-it would be worth it i guess?
  4. You are a very good modeller....and you have some output
  5. The last picture could be a model out of my hands Just kidding Wonderful model you made there, nice details, excellent paintjob, very well done!
  6. Fantastic work, nothing more, nothing less Can`t wait to see it finished!
  7. Looking great! The resin heads really improve the kits alot!
  8. Well done! I have the same task in front of me in 1/72....frightening
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