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  1. Looks extremely good so far! The seats and the office and the wheel bay are beautifully done!
  2. You can use white spirit. It dulls oil colours somewhat and works just fine. Nothing against naphta/lighter fuel though. Buy only a few good quality paints. They will probably outlast you if you only make washes and hues. In oil painting acrylic over oil is a big no no, so give them a good amount of time to "dry". Forget about the hammer
  3. Wonderful work, precise work! And those cables within the blackbox pit are gorgeous
  4. Stunning paint job! I heard that Humbrol Clears tend to yellow over time though? Also excellent job with the tinted front window. Most builders overdo it a little imho.
  5. Excellent work! Beautiful Tomcat on top!
  6. Verry nice work and your poor mans photo-etch looks very fine too me. Love them cats heel-up anyway
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