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  1. Many thanks gentlemen! I'll try to keep up with the next build.
  2. Thank you very much BMers! I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you mate. I think they're ready for inspection too. You just need to dig deeper in this part of BM.
  3. Thank you very much gentlemen! Haha, yeah! It never occurred to me though. I have used the Attack Squadron resin indeed. But given the fact I have scratch building the whole surroundings, it was kind of worthless because all the panel lines were lost and I had to rescribe the whole thing.
  4. Thank you! I am using Mr. Paint and Gunze (GSI) lacquers. The display base is not a work of mine, but my dear friend slava_trudu.
  5. Hello, I have finished this little bird from the Trumpeter kit with some aftermarket from Eduard, Master and my own design. The real bird flew for 18 months in East Germany Air Force service until reunion of Germany. It was the only airframe ever pictured with missiles during the service in LSK-NVA. Red 661 was then borrowed to US Air Force for comprehensive tests and returned back to Germany two years later. Aircraft was sold to Poland for 1 Euro in 2003. I hope you like the result, and I also welcome your feedback.
  6. How about no? PAK FA is a niche subject with no future. I'd like to see Su-25.
  7. Thanks mate! I've used Gunze Mr. Color C317 for the cockpit. Feel free to check Ready for Inspection album here
  8. Thanks mate, I appreciate that. The base is home made from high density polyethylene used as padding on conveyor belts. I've drilled holes and scribed the planks. Infini model tie-down points makes a nice detail. The rest is just painted with lacquer and oils as usual.
  9. Now that's a wonderfully built helicopter! The front is a bit too clean compared to the back, but I am not an expert on this type. I really like the result. More please!
  10. I'm wondering if these are plastic or resin parts. And what quantity one could get from each box.
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