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  1. No worries. Many years ago I purchased a professional lighting case for small objects. It unfolds as a cube, it has a reflective material inside and fluorescent lighting tubes with a plastic diffuser for smooth shadows. The photos were taken with my old Leica M9 and a 50mm Summilux lens at f11. Unfortunately I recently discovered the sensor on my M9 is damage...
  2. Is all good mate. There are things we may never know for sure and we can only speculate with the limited info we've got now.... to me this camo was so attractive (and different) that I went for it thanks for looking and commenting
  3. Hello mates, I've just finished another great FeR Miniature. This time in 1/12 scale, painted with Abteilung 502 and Scale 75 acrylics paints using a redgrass wet palette. I struggle a bit with this one. I’ve painted and re painted many parts until I was somehow pleased with the warm colour palette, although I’m still not 100% satisfied. The texture of the cloak was also quite difficult to do and I’m still thinking it can be better but I’m going to move on to something different and I may come back later once I’m more confident with the technique. One thing I really enjoyed doing was the shield drawing. I spent a long time looking for Viking references and patterns and I ended up combining a couple of things and I’m quite happy with the result. Thanks for looking! and please share your thoughts! cheers, Jorge
  4. This is my third painted figure. Fantastic 1:16 bust packed with detail and expression by FeR miniatures. Originally I was a bit intimidated by the size but it turned out to be an amazing experience overall and a fast one too! I was able to finish it on a weekend. Painted with Abteilung 502 and Scale 75 dense acrylics line using a wet palette. Thanks for looking Jorge
  5. Hi Tzulscha, thank you for looking and commenting. I appreciate the feedback. About the eyes, I've simply followed the free tutorial pdf's available in the Life Miniatures site. They are amazing! You can check download them HERE cheers PS. Once I've finished the Space Adventurer I've painted THIS ONE, which I think is better, would love to get your opinion too Jorge
  6. Hi Bertie, thanks for visiting! Well, I wouldn't say that, but I can say I absolutely loved this hobby!. I've been doing it since I was 8ish and since I've spent the whole of 2020 unemployed this was my daily job. It kept me sane and happy while looking for work...And I reckon when you find yourself with all this time to do what you love things start to shown. I'm always looking for something new, to learn new techniques and to challenge myself with different stuff. cheers mate!
  7. Alright then! In that case, happy to comment! cheers mate
  8. Yes! I see your point and I totally agree. I like that more artistic approach with everything. All my scale models have weathering because I'm trying to tell a story as opposed to just do a correct perfect build. Perhaps you could check my website: www.jarkmodels.com cheers
  9. I'm looking forward to see your work!, Not sure, though I'm really qualify to give you much constructive criticism, but I'll do my best! About being colour blind...yes, it's weird cause, I'm an architect and I work in interior design...my whole life I've interested and involved with colour whether is with my hobbies, drawings and paintings or through my work...and It may give me an advantage or at least let's say a "different point of view"...
  10. Hello again, Bertie! really thanks you for commenting, again! I'm glad the figure is expressing all those emotions through the colours, but I can't take the credit on that. I simply used the reference from the box! Yes, I was more relaxed with this one, since I've broken the ice with the previous one. I personally think I did a better job on this one, It was certainly more complex colour wise. Maybe I should've done a better job with the blending of the strokes or it may be that I'm still working out the wet palette and my paint is still too thick? not sure? The shirt was a challenge!! and I know it could've been better!...remember I've told you about my colour blindness ? well, I've painted the whole shirt red and I was about to add the lines details when my daughter said, what are you doing!!! the shirt is blue!... In regards to the face you are right!, the reference photo in the box clearly shows some stains and water dripping, but, I thought I wasn't there yet, in order to achieved a convincing effect, so I didn't even try! Thank you again for your kind words! I'm really glad I make you empathizing with the figure! that means I dind't do to bad!. cheers
  11. Hi Bertie, thank you very much for taking the time to look and comment. I really appreciate this level of constructive criticism, best way to improve! Yes, I consider this one to be my first real figure painting experience. Before I was just doing some quick rushly painted ones to add some detail into another projects (and the results were pretty average). Now, don't think I've painted the face when inside the helmet, no way! I've painted the head first and then I glue it to the body. The helmet was the last thing I've added together with all the small details (cables, hoses etc) Yes, the skin tone are in fact a bit pink...that is clearly my mistake for a very good reason, I'm colour blind! (but let's keep that secret between us only ) So I rely most of the time on my daughter's eyes to correct me, but sometimes I still get things wrong and is too late to fix them! The suit turned out to look ok, perhaps some of the highlights are a bit too emphasised? but overall all I like the colour variations, and yes I did painted the curved highlights on the helmet, otherwise it would've looked too flat and boring with one shade of white. And regarding the back and sides, I did painted them with a much darker tone. Thanks again, Bertie! cheers
  12. Here is the second big bust that I’ve finished, and I think it is an improvement from my previous figure. Inspired by the amazing movie "Das Boot" this figure was sculpted by Korean artist Sang-Eon Lee. The resin cast, detail and overall quality is fantastic. I've painted it using abteilung 502 dense acrylic line and using a wet palette. Hope you guys like it and all comment are welcomed. cheers Jorge
  13. Amazing! love the figure and you did a fantastic job! Beautiful
  14. Hi there, This is my first proper painted figure. I've done others in the past, but always to complement another project, mostly pilots for 1/72nd or 1/48th aircraft or tank crew in 1/48th. So this is the first time in which the figure is the project itself. Being the first, I wanted to pick something relatively simple but that looks good. This is a fantastic figure by the Czech company 2dreamers and is a 1/9 bust to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the first space orbit by Yuri Gagarin. (doesn't look much like him, but it's ok ;)) Overall, painting the figure was a great experience. I learned new techniques, I used a wet palette for the first time and I got to test the new abteilung 502 dense acrylic line. I hope you guys like it and please go ahead and share your thoughts!. cheers Jorge
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