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  1. Hi Eric, Really nice work on this baby. Excellent paint and weathering. Having built an Eduard Mk IX myself I can say you did an excellent job. To me is probably one the best 1/72 kit out there and an absolute pleasure to work... I may have to do another one, now that your one reminded me of it! jorge
  2. Really nice indeed! Beautiful work. Great metallic finishes! What paints did you use? cheers jorge
  3. Thank you so much Gary for your words and I'll most certainly have a frosty one! And again, thank you very much to all of you for looking and commenting. I'm very happy you guys liked it and I hope it can be a good inspiration.
  4. First, thank to all of you for looking, liking and commenting. I appreciate all the feedback and support! Correcto! Como estas Gremlin? Como muchos retome el hobby el año pasado y no he parado de armar desde Junio...Tú, bien? armando también? Que bueno que te gusto el Sukhoi, un abrazo mate
  5. Thank you very much guys! Glad you liked it and thanks for commenting.
  6. Hi there, My first Russian aircraft and my fist model by G.W.H. Great kit, excellent detail and fantastic fit. Maybe my only criticism is the lack of weapons variety so I was force to use some from another kit... Even though the G.W.H kit is of a more advance variant I couldn't resist to do that awesome splinter camo of the 2nd prototype, so I'm ok with the minor inaccuracies... cheers and thanks for looking. Jorge
  7. My pleasure, hopkp , happy to help. Yeah, in my opinion, the Luftwaffe has the most visually interesting camos... ( and the same can be said about the rest of the Wehrmacht forces) Hi Wulfman, thank you! looking forward to see yours Thats great 28Zcomback...you won't regret it! OPR is much more than just adding light and gradual shade. You can actually achieve all weathering processes just with oil paints. And in a controlled way. cheers
  8. Thank you 28ZComeback ... Well yes, that is part of the process. There is a sequence of techniques layered to achieve the colour variation, fading, weathering and visual interest, and using oil paints are a fundamental part. Specifically regarding oils I use a technique called OPR or Oil Paint Rendering by Michael Rinaldi (check out his work and get his books! I promise you won't regret and will learn a ton!) cheers
  9. No, it wasn't. I've found the image in another forum (i...) But in any case, thanks for the link to your one cause it's amazing info. cheers
  10. Hi hopkp, thank you. No, I haven't been able to find any definitive photo, just one or two which may suggest a three colour scheme as presented here with RLM 79/78/80. There is very conflicting info online and I can't even find any biography books on Rudorffer either. He clearly is the less-known german ace, even thought he lived until 98! Eduard's instructions booklet shown the Tunisian scheme as a two colour, just RLM79/79 and one white stripe in fuselage but not in the wings. I've seen, however some photos that shows white stripe at least under the wings...
  11. Hi Convair, I'm glad you do Hi noelh, thanks for the correction! you are absolutely right...when in the zone doing the chipping I always seem to get it wrong cheers
  12. Thanks you Electric Indigo!. I always weather the markings otherwise they look fake and "applied" on top. In this case I've also chipped the white stripes. Another thing that I'm trying to achieved is to do weathering that happens throughout time, not all at once, meaning some darker areas of fresh dirt and some dry dust etc. Sometimes I'm more successful than others but to me all models are part of the learning process. Thank you, Gary, much appreciated words! Thanks mate!, very happy for all the attention and nice comments! by the way what is R
  13. Very nice!, excellent paint and spot on weathering! Beautiful
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