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  1. No worries nearsightedjohn! Thank you for your nice comments. Yeah this one was my first car but as you've clearly figure it out I've done various models before, many of which I've posted here in the forum. If you'll like to see some you can look at my profile or my personal site as well here : jarkmodels I've got a taste or a newer kit when doing Ebbro's BT18 and I've been having such a good time doing F1 cars that I have already purchased a couple more than I'm planing to build in the near future and I'm hoping eventually to move to something more detailed like a Model Fatory Hiro kit or similar. Thank you to all of you for looking and commenting! I always appreciatte the support and constructive criticism. cheers
  2. Hello fellow modellers. I like to model many different things but during the last month I've been in a full on "modelling car mode", so here is the second one I've done so far. It is a really good kit by Ebbro of the Brabham BT18 Honda F-2 winner of the 1966 Formula 2 Championship. The whole building process went well without any major issues. I've added some extra detail in the engine and widescreen to make it look a bit better. Probably the most complicated part was to find some reliable references images... Hope you guys like it and thanks for looking. Jorge
  3. Thanks Toryu! Glad you liked it I have to confess I don't know anything about cars (been this one my first build) but yeah, a transverse engine seems to be a pretty weird and uncommon idea. cheers
  4. Thank you Spiny. As I've mentioned I had some concerns about the glossy finish, but it turned out not to be that difficult. I didn't use any fancy product like Zero two parts or anything. Just my regular Tamiya/AK Real colour lacquer paints and Gunze GX112 Clear Gloss combo that I always use. The only difference this time was to sanding and polishing every coat in order to incrementally get a very smooth surface. I mostly used INFINI model sanding pads and Tamiya polishing compound. The whole painting process was something like this: Cleaning the plastic, sanding any imperfections, injection marks. Priming with Mr. surfacer 1500, sanding+polishing. First coat of paint, sanding+polishing. Second coat of paint, sanding+polishing. First coat of Clear gloss GX112, sanding+polishing. Decals. Second coat of Clear gloss GX112, sanding+polishing (and for sealing the decals) Third coat of Clear gloss GX112, sanding with higher a number grit and polishing with Tamiya's Polishing compound Coarse/Fine One final application of Tamiya Finish polishing compound with a clean soft cloth And from that final step onwards I try always to wear gloves not to stain the finish with dirty fingers!. And thanks to all for commenting and looking. I appreciate the nice words! cheers Jorge
  5. Hello!. This is the first car model that I ever build. Throughout my very interrupted 30+ years of scale modelling, I never thought to build a car. But like with anything else one day I got inspired by the amazing work of a fellow modeller. I loved what I saw and immediately thought that maybe I could try and give it a go. Probably the most intimidating thing about modelling cars is the super gloss and slick finishes, which is completely different to what I usually do, and with almost no weathering at all! (except a bit in their engines). Also, I was always put off by the endless amount of aftermarket details that make car modelling quite expensive and difficult to research. So I decided to start with something relatively "simple". To me, the sixties racing has the most beautiful cars of all eras so I pick up this Tamiya kit of the winner of the Mexican Grand Prix of 1965. The kit is quite old and it shows its age but is a strong base to add extra detail. I've added all hoses and connectors in the engines as well as some extra scratch detail at the nose area, wheels and windscreen. The build went so smoothly and was such enjoyable that I will more likely do other models, So I hope you guys like it!. cheers, and thanks for looking Jorge
  6. Hi Martin, Thank you! You are up to a treat with both the Tamiya kit and the decals set. They are really good. if I may give you a piece of advice: the decals are excellent but quite thin, so be careful when applying them and also be extra patient when doing the walkway lines matching the camo colours...Regarding the Tamiya kit, is great, excellent fit as usual and very good surface detail, although the intake has a big seem line running all the way inside that you may want to fill if it bothers you...(I didn't ) --- Finally I would like to thank all of you that have commented and for the support here in the post as well as private messages. So thank you! I'm very happy you've liked it 'cheers Jorge
  7. Yes, your feedback is precious..."but the model is still a block 50 airframe, not a block 30" Yes, you are really helping everyone Yes, let's hope your information will prevent others do the aberration I did... Yes, your models are amazing, they look great and you have nothing to improve. Please keep doing them like that and definitely don't weather your aircrafts like AFVs... thank you
  8. Mate, it has nothing to do with ignorance but with a CHOICE as I told you more than once. Get it? Why on earth does it bother you how I CHOOSE to build my models? I like constructive criticism when: A- I learn something relevant that I didn't know before B- It helps improving my techniques. I have had plenty of good advice here in the forum but in the case of your comments is none of those. You just simply pointed out something that already knew and that I've chosen to ignore because I considered the little differences to be irrelevant. I rather do a great looking model, explores techniques and spend my time painting and weathering instead of counting rivets or in this case complying with the Block 30's ten commandments check list. But don't worry I will edit the original post with a warning to all the rivets counting out there. I've seen some of your models, so why don't you focus in improving your basic painting techniques, your absolutely none existing weathering and overall finishes and presentation, and then learn how to photograph YOUR models instead of going around telling people about what you believe is a mistake? Or maybe you don't know how? Does the ignorance is bliss apply to you in that case? Jorge
  9. Congratulations for noticing the basic differences between the various versions. That, my friend, makes you a great modeller Here is a photo of the actual aircraft. And here a photo of my model: If the MLG wheels have different bolts I honestly couldn't care less...they look close enough to me but if that bothers you, by all means when you build yours, and paint this scheme, fix it. cheers
  10. This particular serial number has the wide mouth intake and the heavy gear undercarriage leaving only very minimal differences... Since I'm not a rivet counter, It doesn't really bother me. cheers
  11. I'm editing my original post with this warning: *** FRIENDLY WARNING TO ALL THE RIVET COUNTERS OUT THERE*** This aircraft serial number 86-0263 is an F-16C Block 30. I've decided to go ahead and use the Tamiya 1/72 block 50 (how dare you!!!) because: A- As far as I know there's no 1/72 Block 30 available. B- I consider the minor differences on a plane of this serial number IRRELEVANT C- I did not found and will not spend money in after market correction set. If you think I'm committing a sacrilege stop looking. If, on the other hand, you can think out the box and are willing to look, hoping this splinter colour scheme is worth of looking go ahead. thanks Hello, Just finished this great 1/72 kit by Tamiya. Since I built another one in the past I wanted to do a complete different scheme and something more interesting. To me nothing beats a splinter camo so I got myself a fantastic decal set by "TwoBobs" and painted this Alaskan F-16 of the 354th wing, 18th Aggressor Squadron at Eielson in Alaska. Painted with AK real colour lacquers and weathered with Abteilung 502 oil paints. F-16C Serial Number 86-0263 354th Wing, 18th Aggressor Squadron/ Eielson AFB, Alaska June 2017 Thanks for looking. Cheers Jorge
  12. Very nice job! I just finished the same kit. It is a good one... cheers
  13. Hi Eric, Really nice work on this baby. Excellent paint and weathering. Having built an Eduard Mk IX myself I can say you did an excellent job. To me is probably one the best 1/72 kit out there and an absolute pleasure to work... I may have to do another one, now that your one reminded me of it! jorge
  14. Really nice indeed! Beautiful work. Great metallic finishes! What paints did you use? cheers jorge
  15. Beautiful work Roman. Excellent job with the paint and camo!
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