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  1. Hello, I was planning on building this kit next https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/italeri-188-f-16c-d-night-falcon--640264 I am a bit confused though. The kit says f-16C or D. But it has decals for Dutch and belgium versions as well. And inside it looks like you have to create the A or B version. But the box says it's C/D. Because if it's C or D, it wouldn't work as Dutch or Belgian vipers since they had the A and B now the MLU's. Can someone clarify my confusion?
  2. Love it! Was looking to buy this kit as well.
  3. Wow this is a perfect growler! Awesome work for 72 scale
  4. Oh wow nice Dragan. A somewhat older aircraft from you. Great job!
  5. This is the best flanker build I’ve seen..10 out of 10 from me
  6. That's a very nice outcome...like the others said the camo makes the mig-21 very sexy
  7. Lovely build! I want to build one some day together with the blue version which was later absorbed by iran because of defectors
  8. I always view these projects as a chance to experiment. So I went all out with riveting this frogfoot. Used dcs as reference. Scribing some extra detail. Worked on the exhaust since it was way too thick aob. Just fooling around with hud cut from some transparant plastic I had from some package. Also wanted to make the edges green to see if it makes it look like glass. It worked out pretty well. Priming done. Will have to resand some areas. Also put the front section of the canopy on a bit crooked. Nothing to do about it now. Oh well. It's a learning experience.
  9. The pictures are really nice!! Especially the dark one. Looks very real.
  10. Maybe get into 3d printing to fix such things...anyway very nice outcome
  11. That looks like a perfect eagle to me! I will subscribe to your YouTube channel as well
  12. Wow thanks a lot guys! Really nice to see everyone enjoys my latest project! Appreciate the positive feedback
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