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  1. It's better sort short-run, I mean. Fits quite good but some putty and sanding is needed, of course (mainly at fairings). Thank You for watching and comments, mates!
  2. Good luck to All! Let me to post here some pictures of few plastic pieces glued together and bathed in the paint... So, have a fun!
  3. Right, J. "Slim" JARRA RAAF Thank You mates once more for watching!
  4. Mr Paint and Gunze H. Classic Africa's scheme repainted by well thinned dark sea gray. Thank You mates for watching and comments! Highly appreciated!
  5. Very nice Day to All! Breaks between new builds and posts are longer and longer... So posting something small done not long ago.
  6. Thank You for watching and sorry for so long time to reply. Not so much to say about top wing fitting. Just precise preparation before painting including own pins and holes. Clear Epoxy is used for final sticking.
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