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  1. The zvezda kit is nice but a little bit tricky.Glad to see each part fits very well in such complex design.Auxiliary air intake is movable.so it needs to be assembled very carefully.
  2. I‘ll see after it release,but MV-22 in 1/48 is a little bit too big,and hobbyboss always make some mistakes. I'm dealing with zvezda 1/48 yak130 now and i found it very delicate
  3. it's a nice kit,stripe decals on the top of fuselage need to be done carefully
  4. Hi This is my latest finished MV-22,hasegawa kit.
  5. Thanks. I was confused when i finish with this part because of the ambiguous instruction from Revell(They even put wrong number on this two part).So i find some photos to confirm where should they be
  6. Thanks. Yes the decal is from the kit.IT fits the convex details and rivets perfectly as you can see in the detail photos. Decal for the instrument panel is also great.I cut them into pieces and apply them one by one instead of sanding the whole panel.
  7. Really nice kit and perfect decal as you can see.A little trouble in cockpit fitting,hatch door is 0.5mm wider.The rest of the kit is fine.
  8. The detail is good enough,I just add some pipe lines
  9. Hi, These are some pics of my last build. Its Eduard kit and I use some Eduard resin detail parts. Wish u like it!
  10. Yes, the exhaust nozzle is from the kit.
  11. Trumpeter kit Eduard missile & wheel wells Aries cockpit Dream model PE Scale aircraft metal landing gear Thanks for watching!
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