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  1. Hello again Thanks for all the comments on my Panther. Here is another vehicle, a second part of the Eastern Front diorama I'm working on. This time 1/72 Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf C from Dragon. As previously the crew will come later with the diorama. Here are some photos Thanks for viewing. Cheers Marcin PS. Have a Merry Christmas!
  2. Hi guys, here is Panther Ausf. D from Academy I've finished recently. It's the first element of the Eastern Front diorama I'm working on. I've made some alterations to the original moulded model like open hatches replicated in resin or the side skirts made of thin sheet of brass. No crew for now, they will come later. Thanks for viewing
  3. Well, when I make washes from the pastels, the dissolve completely leaving just coloured water and some residue. I guess that's why they react with varnish as well. I just hope that real pigments are not and after drying up they retain their colour and graininess. But before I start buying them I'd like to know for sure. Otherwise it would be simply a waste of monies.
  4. Guys, I've been doing the weathering using pastel pigments and PVC glue/water solution for a while now as they are cheaper. The problem I experience is that although they built up nicely they tend to darken as soon as I apply a coat of the matt varnish over them. See the picture - the pigment on the left is just PVC coated, the right hand side is matt varnish coated. It looks like the varnish dissolves them a little and the lighter tones disappear. I was thinking about moving on to real Vallejo or MiG pigments. My question is, do they darken as well or stay the same are after
  5. Thanks for all the comments @Badder, regarding the storage, I've got this perspex case I've made
  6. Finally finished. Photos taken and photoshopped with the background More photos in this thread Thanks for watching. THE END!
  7. I've started this one over a year ago and finally have the time to finish but here it is. Somewhere in Russia, probably just before the Battle of Kursk. The models used: Heinkel He 111 H-6 - Revell 1/72 Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' - Academy 1:72 Kubelwagen and Kettenkrad from the Academy 1/72 WWII Ground Vehicle Set Figures from Preiser and Revell The 'making of' thread is available here. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching.
  8. The whole gang + some furniture painted. Everything ready for the final assembly.
  9. Ground base finished. Static grass sown and some turf bits placed here and there. Trees planted. As always, thanks for watching and the comments.
  10. Another update. I've started to work on the base. First I've cut the sheet of hardboard to the case size Then made the ground using modelling clay Covered everything in PVC glue and sprinkled with various size of sand. Coarse on edges and mounds, finer in the middle. Sealed everything with a layer of diluted PVC glue. Airbrushed the whole thing with various ground tones. And finally dry-brushed with light colour and pin washed with dark pastel wash here and there. I've put the stuff together to see how it's go
  11. Finally some progress after 6 months. This time I've made some trees for the diorama. After trying many different techniques to make the trees I've used the one described below. First I've created the trunks and branches from twisted 0.25mm copper wire and covered them with a few layers of the liquid latex to hide the wire coils. Then I've added some extra twigs made of 0.1mm wire (2 on the left) and 2mm static grass (right) Painted the trees with Vallejo acrylics. And finally added the leaves made of turf. I've used hairspray as a
  12. Some long grass tufts to be put here and there on the dio. I've made them from jute fibers colored with acrylics.
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