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  1. A piece of art! And I love how you included the markings in the weathering.
  2. A masterful build, and the paintjob is pure art! Mind to share your approach to the chipping at the wing root?
  3. Thanks @all for the encouraging feedback! I hope to inspire some more gear-up builds!
  4. Very nice, the Lancer is my 2nd favourite MiG-21. Good luck!
  5. Great work on what looks to be an excellent kit, and a very interesting camo scheme. I'm close to finishing a 1/48 HB kit in classic russian green/brown/sand colors, and this kit could be an option to build in the modern polish scheme.
  6. Great execution, and I can only echo the appreciation for the Euro scheme!
  7. This is my first WWII kit after primary school. I always loved the design of the 262, but never found the regular mottle camo even remotely attractive, so I was happy to learn at some point that there were more uniform schemes available. The inspiration for this particular paint job came from a build by the great Chris Wauchop; I hope the enthusiasts here will forgive me that I just slapped the kit's incorrect aircraft numbers on it. I chose the Tamiya kit over the Hobby Boss offering simply because it comes with a pilot. Beware that the kit will totally spoil you with
  8. Beautiful colors, and the execution is just perfect.
  9. Wonderful colors, and I love the heavy, but not overdone weathering.
  10. Wow, four tanks? Where do they want to go?
  11. Good job on a very cool machine. One question, are the KASL pilots a tad undersized or is the Tucano canopy super spacious?
  12. Very nice work on the camo and overall weathered appearance. What's the maker of the second kit, the "121"? Is it the same kit with added rivets?
  13. I think the Su-47's wings are to slender to make the pixels work. But it actually would look good in the classic Flanker scheme, as can be seen on S-22 mockup:
  14. Thanks for the review. Now what would be an appropiate state of the art (seated) pilot figure for this beauty?
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