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  1. Great execution of this well-made kit. I like the low contrast in the scheme.
  2. Amazing work, you could pass that for 1/48. Another great Fitter on the forum.
  3. A masterful portrait of a real dirty beauty! Can we pleeeease have some more pics?
  4. It's mainly the bubble windows that give the scale away, your build is flawless. Those rails must be hair-thin.
  5. Amazing weathering, and the cockpit is a diorama of it's own! Are these Reedoak pilots?
  6. That's very refreshing, you don't see that scheme too often. Great job on the execution & weathering. I still have to finish my HB Fitter, but I remember the assembly of the BBQ spear was pretty nerve-wrecking.
  7. Congratulations on finishing this kit! It has the quality of a piece of fine art.
  8. That's great sculpt and very impressive paintwork! Also a great movie btw.
  9. Good point about Fujita, but I think the recent work of Katoki of Katoki, i.e. "improving" classic designs, is often underrated because of the subtlety of his approach. While his early designs for the MG line were instantly recognisable for their chamfered blockyness, he now has a wider range of forms that allow him to reconcile more radical designs like the Xi Gundam or the Zeta with the engineering aspects of bringing these MS into the form of a plastic kit. If you put the Zeta kits in a row, IMO you can see that the latest iteration is actually closer to the crystalline appearance of the original Nagano/Fujita lineart. Nagano IMO has gone all the way from the Renaissance of FSS's pure aesthetic to Gothicmade's Mannerism, i.e. inducing complexity with the intent to overwhelm the spectator.
  10. A very precise build, and I love the colors. Any intent to build the 1/48 kit?
  11. I loved Kenki's artwork in Dengeki Hobby's Advance of Zeta, but for me the original masters are Kazumi Fujita, Mika Akitaka – and Katoki. His Sentinel work blew my head off.
  12. Very cool color scheme & weathering. I just noticed that the design of some of the Iron Blooded Orphan Gundams took some inspiration from Shinkawa's Tiger.
  13. They wanted to make sure you catch all the detail from the other corner of the room...
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