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  1. Very nice surface texture. Maybe the roundels could use a hint of weathering to bring down the saturation?
  2. Got a long wanted GK treasure today: Erina of the Sky from the Galaxy Fraulein Yuna series. Design by Mika Akitaka.
  3. Stunning work in all aspects & great photos! How is the kit? I‘m playing with the idea of building a 2000 ever since watching „Les chevaliers du ciel“.
  4. One of the best Mecha designs ever. Perfect execution of this awesome kit!
  5. I never got into the design, but your color scheme looks amazing!
  6. I love the ZoE designs, great work on those great kits! Too bad the line stopped before we got Nephtis. Good luck with Anubis, it‘s a test of patience.
  7. Great shopping choices, Mike, and I agree that the movie is nothing to write home about; but the designs still stand out today IMO. Note that you can use the sprue from the Fighter 1 canopy to make cockpit windows for the Minerva:
  8. Very nice details on the kit, and your execution is perfect! How did you achieve the camo pattern? It looks like it was applied with a paint roller on the real thing.
  9. Thanks for watching, guys! The armored suit is unfortunately one of the more challenging kits of the old series, but maybe Hasegawa will get around making an update. Here's a shot of the basic setup: I put a stiff black cardboard up against a window faching north; the cardboard (or several sheets) are positioned so that they just fill the field of view of the camera. The light from the back will come around the sheet and give you a nice low key silhouette lighting. Placing white sheets in front of the model will add fill light. Put the whole setup at an angle against the window to produce interesting highlights on the model. Use gradient curves in Photoshop to push the background to pitch black.
  10. I think I found the set; It would be great if the awesome pilot became available as a seperate item.
  11. Outstanding work on all levels, this is perfection! You really did the kit justice. I just wish works like this would stop tempting me to get a Minibase kit for myself...
  12. Thanks, I kinda have it sorted out after reading this article: https://www.key.aero/article/knights-over-croatia
  13. Great work on that excellent kit. I didn't know they were in service that long (before being replaced by dutch F-16s IIRC).
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