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  1. My hopes are on Zvezda. Their latest 1/72 Su-57 may not have been detailed down to the rivets, but it builds into a fairly good representation of the subject IMO.
  2. Some numbers Also, MiG had some models to show:
  3. The focus clearly seems to be on export: https://checkmate.uacrussia.ru/
  4. Apparently, Wave is considering a driver figure to round off the awesomeness of this release! https://www.hobby-wave.com/products/km012/
  5. Love the colors and the subtle weathering!
  6. The kit's interior details really were one of the weak points, the PE is a great fix. Note that in the concept art, the Sedan/Police Car has the same "wrist twist" controls as the Spinner, while the steering wheel was on the prop.
  7. You should check out Macky2019's blog, he's the guy behind Magonote. Tons of stuff to discover: https://macky2019.exblog.jp/ @Reelyator there was, apparently, a set of Deckard & Gaff figures made by Broken Heroes (see here), as well as a Deckard & Rachel set from MoonBus. Good luck tracking them down!
  8. Congratulations on the build, and the first pic perfectly captures the mood of Roy Cross' Airfix illustrations IMO.
  9. I'll watch this thread with great interest. If you go for a screen-accurate build, there is a set of aftermarket parts (mostly for the engine section) & decals from Magonote Products. Price is a bit ambitious IMO, but the parts pic will give you an idea what needs to be added.
  10. Very sharp modeling, and I love the colors & weathering. I ran into the same problem with the silvering on my kit, so hey, let's blame it on Tamiya's decals.
  11. You could it looks pretty hip! Nice work on the details, too.
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