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  1. 71chally

    Vampire and Meteor in Operation Firedog

    All Vampires, the Meteor and the Hornet are in high speed silver, Can't read the serials in the line up but can see the nose door codes, I will try and scan a couple of the shots as I really want to identify the T.11
  2. That really does look good Ced, just gotta love all that white and light grey!
  3. As above with the radome, I've never been able to find out if the black nose cone of the early MR.1s was a seperate part, as delineated by the kit. You mentioned filling in two holes in the wing undersides, generally yes fill them. However the MR.1 was capable of carrying Martel and AS12 missiles from pylons that fit those holes, it was a very rare fit though. I have seen a shot of an MR.1 with something else hung of the pylon, put can't work out what it is. Can't remember if you get the pylons in the kit? Cracking work, coming on a treat. Just to balance things out, long live the memories of dear old 42 and 236 at St Mawgan!
  4. 71chally

    Vampire and Meteor in Operation Firedog

    Just had another kook through the pics, sadly the 45 sqn marked Meteor was a figment of my imagination! I feel that I have seen a shot of one recently though. This is what is in the pictures, All below 60 sqn; Line up of five Vampires on ramp Close up of Vampire bombload Vampire T.11 belly landed Vampire WG872 W, air to air over Tengah Meteor T.7WG967, one parked on psp, one taking off 45 sqn Hornet WB908 OB-L undercarriage collapse, one from front, one from rear side, 45 Sqn motif on side of nose Lincolns RE301 & SX983 dropping bombs Lincoln A73-38 parked on psp, three shots, one taking off. Sycamore 3 / HC.10 WA578, two pics Dragonfly HC.4 landing Three Whirlwind HAR.21s (inc WV195) parked on psp
  5. 71chally

    Mk.7 Nuclear Device ? Colors

    Great info above, I really want to do an RAF strike Phantom with a B43 or 57 hanging from it.
  6. 71chally

    Blackburn Buccaneer Ejection Seat

    Don't forget most surviving ex Navy S.2s saw lengthy service with the RAF so the seats are likely their version, even the one in the Fleet Air Arm Museum is well and truly RAFised. S.1s would have had the earlier seats. I have APs somewhere but I don't think they say much about the seats. The nice FAA Bucc at Ellington was an early test aircraft, wonder if that has the Navy seats. This prompts a question, give that some of the Navy jets were pressed quickly into RAF service (216 Sqn for example), I wonder if they retained the Navy seats for a period?
  7. 71chally

    Blackburn Buccaneer Ejection Seat

    The seats definitely evolved during the 1960s to early 1970s, due to changes in hood jettison, then MDC and canopy breakers on the head box. I seem to recall that they started out with Mk4s and went through 6s. However, is there any visible difference to seats fitted to an RAF or RN jet of the same service time, I don't know. There used to be some brilliant info on this on Buccaneers.co.uk but that site seems to have gone now.
  8. 71chally

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    Thanks for that Julien, I should've stated that I had the intakes wooden ring on both type confirmed by the owner of WK800, just after I posted that. Also, possible info on when the DV windows were changed but need to research further.
  9. If you have more steady hands than I, then yes drill out the wingtip pipes, in the same stylee as the fuel vent and dumps on the flaps
  10. They are vents for the outboard wing tanks, again mighty fine job in creating them!
  11. Excellent work with that cockpit area!
  12. 71chally

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    I'm not into aftermarket, but buying the correct wheels will be the one extra expenditure for me, the other type wheels are so different that they will stand out and let down an otherwise superb kit. The extra outlay is worth it given the price of the Revell kit. Also, unless the kit has been modified, the flaps aren't separate and they are a pain to pose down correctly. I've recently done this on a Black Mike build and correctly modifying the main flaps and the leading edge flaps is hard. There is the Wolfpack flaps set of course, if you want to spend a bit more on the kit.
  13. 71chally

    Revell FGR2

    Especially when you consider that it's about the same price as the 1:72 Airfix example. Good to see this classic back, will have a couple to go with my Hasegawa ones, the surface detail is still very modern.
  14. Nimrod MR.2 XV236 11 March 05 by James Thomas, on Flickr Nimrod MR.2 XV230 25 Jan 04 by James Thomas, on Flickr Hope these help with the windows business. I got some dead on front pics recently, will try and upload them. BTW I corrected the Nimrod tailplanes by removing material from the tips rather than adding, can't remember if more by luck than planning but the span scaled out correctly in the end. This method is also closer to the elevator to tip ratio. I saw Perdu touched on this earlier, the two Nimrod prototypes were converted Comet 4Cs left on the line at Chester, one retained its Avon engines, the other gaining the Speys of the production aircraft. All production Nimrods were new built as MR.1s, the majority of these were converted to MR.2s over an 8 year programme, the others previously became R.1s or AEW.3s. The ghastly MR.4 used retired MR.2 fuselages joined to new build wings and new engines and sensors.
  15. 71chally

    Vampire and Meteor in Operation Firedog

    I will ask for them again. I spoke to the chap who owns the pics, and he thinks that I'm mistaken about a 45 sqn Meteor, so don't get too excited on that one, there was one of their Hornets in amongst them.