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  1. I will convert wages to SPs next week!
  2. When I was young there was a small garage around the corner from the house, it used to have loads of old dumped British cars there, and got me into classic Rovers, my first car was a P5 3ltr. The wife of the proprietor obviously had her pick of the cars and was always driving around in a couple of 420Gs. So in short, I will get one of these beauties!
  3. If you are willing to build an original mold Frog Sea Vixen with a touch of aftermarket, it is a great basis for a nice model, it's certainly the way I go. Unfortunately by the time Revel reissued it it had suffered badly. Or we could do what @TheBaron has done and create an accurate Sea Vixen with a Mars printer!
  4. The Dragon/Cyberhobby Sea Vixen is the worst kit accuracy wise, there isn't any doubt on that, the most glaring error and the most difficult to fix is the fuselage profile which is pure fantasy. The more you look around the rest of the kit the more things are wrong with it. The Xtrakit one is slightly better, then the Frog, with Highplanes the best of the bunch. All have their issues and for pure accuracy all need modifying, for example the Highplanes booms are too thick in planform, but this is relatively easy to correct, whereas the Dragon fuselage isn't. I really d
  5. The thing is so horribly shaped that it's not worth any price, why would one want to buy a known mishapen kit? Typical of the Dragon 'if it looks ok,market it' team. The Frog kit requires a heck of alot of work, but it's a more accurate starting point.
  6. Oh, I bet there's some hoarders out there now that wish they got them on to Ebay before this announcement!
  7. Oh wow, the 2021 release list is incredible really, and this just adds to it!
  8. This is an absolute must have for me, I predicted it last year as there are giveaways in the current boxing, I contacted ICM last year and they said it will happen in '21. Fantastic news.
  9. This is incredible news really, a 48th Beaufort to ICM standards is fantastic.
  10. A 48th Chipmunk, from Airfix, this is absolutely superb news! Hopefully they will go their Gnat route and do a 72nd scale version aswel. There will be plenty of "my first flight was in one of those..." buyers for this.
  11. I had a reply to a message to them that a B-26K would likely be coming, let's hope that happens.
  12. It has to be said that from the photos, it looks a reasonable kit, even the cabin windows appear to be in line with each other. Having been lucky enough to have been up close and had a glimpse inside of the EC-24A, it is a strong contender for a project for me. I will await reviews, but might have to eat a bit of humble pie for this one!
  13. 71chally

    Drone meteors

    The current owner of WK800 (who is a good friend and work colleague) has asked me to post the following contribution: I would like to clarify some slightly odd wording by Julien: “The owner of WK800 took the lid from WH453 when he bought WK800 from the MOD as the lid on WK800 had been heavily modified.” The owner of WK800 didn’t “take” the lid from WH453 when he bought WK800 in 2008 - it came already fitted and had been thus for approximately 14 years of flying operations and a further four years at Boscombe Down. Both aircraft co-existed at Llanbedr for cir
  14. The mention of a calendar earlier in the thread prompted me to this mosaic of all the British Airways 747s I saw this year, it was going to be twelve pictures but with twenty 747s involved I couldn't really do it in less than fourteen pictures. G-BYGA, GB, GC, GD, GE, GG, G-CIVC, VE, VF, VI, VK, VM, VO, VP, VU, VV, VW, VY, VZ and G-BNLY, you have served proudly. Boeing 747 -436s 2020 by James Thomas, on Flickr
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