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  1. You would think they would issue it as A1212251 and get it out for the Platinum Jubilee, has to be a good sales gimmick.
  2. Looks great, and confirms answers to earlier questions, both types of intakes, canopies and alternative nose option. All poseable flying surfaces and airbrakes are a nice touch aswel. At this price I can only get one, but looks fine for the money.
  3. Correct, and their export derivatives. It does look look like the same wings as the T.17 as you can make out the scribing for that types extra intakes fitted to the wing undersurfaces, good news though as they are accurate for B.2 and associated marks, bring on a TT.18!
  4. They are indeed the brake lines, clever init! Scimitar XD317 port undercarriage by James Thomas, on Flickr
  5. Great news, I would buy a couple of these!
  6. I think I can easily remove those fuselage/intakes fairings to make an early Navy S.2. Sprues look superb.
  7. Lovely looking components and nice prices aswel, are there UK stockists for these at all?
  8. I am a 1:72 modeller and I would be happy using the cowlings for a basis for conversion. I'm surprised by your post to be honest, our modelling skills and expectations maybe very different from each other, I would admit mine are very basic, but I'm not an ignorant nor a condescending person and I am saddened that I have come across that way.
  9. The cowlings look a lot more similar to each other than a Spiteful does to a Spitfire to my eyes. The Shack cowling front details need modifying ideally but I would say the overall shapes are a good basis for a DIY Lincoln conversion.
  10. I was asking the same earlier, is it because they are not well regarded, or because they were AMT originated? It is great to see this popularity with Matchbox models, they were a huge influence on me and would always get loads of them for presents as a kid. This is my first ever group build and I feel my progress is positively glacial when I see how quickly the gallery is filling up! One thing that has been a pleasant surprise is seeing how good the little AFV and military kits and builds appear to be, I've never seen these in the plastic before now. My main Tyrrell build is 3/4s complete. second one just started. Phantom about 1/2 way. Canberra being prepared. Puma and G91Y are sat staring at me and awaiting appropriate decals.
  11. Maybe because this is the 'Modern 1969 onwards' era section.
  12. the annular radiator style cowlings are very similar though, certainly for 1:72nd work.
  13. Luckily there are a lot of images of '977, and it didn't have that fairing while in that scheme. However, i'm still wondering if Airfix will have that as a separate optional part, and I'm guessing if not that it would be fairly easy to remove and make good.
  14. Sounds like you've had a bit more on your plate to worry about to be honest Dave!
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