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  1. Ridiculous price for a 1:72 jet, I've seen the AMK 1:48 Tomcat listed slightly cheaper than that.
  2. Any sign of release for this yet? Don't fancy paying the bonkers GWH prices.
  3. ...and the control surfaces don't feature the distinctive shape of the original. It is better than the Academy, but you kinda hope they get this stuff right.
  4. I hate to say this, but this is what saddens me whenever I see a Mach2 release of a subject that I really like. On the one hand it's great to see the company tackle these subjects, but on the other you just know that it's one less chance that another company may produce said subject. I worked around VC-10s for years, I enjoy making some changes to models but that nose section is going to be very hard to rework and puts me off the whole kit. Many of the other details just look off aswel. I know us modellers want different things from kits, but I want overall accuracy, even if it means a little corrective work to achieve that.
  5. My Black Mike boxing decals were actually pretty decent, probably best of all the British Phantom boxings. I remember returning from the model shop with it, it felt a real treat!
  6. I don't know how many Fujimis Italeri have released, but certainly their MiG-21. They are releasing the kit as an FG.1 (though labelled F-4M!), includes 111, 43 and 892 NAS options.
  7. Italeri have just released the Fujimi kit, should be available anytime now. I quite liked the Fujimi seats, but believe they may have been slightly under scale?
  8. November?! That's hell of a lead in time! I will try and build a couple at least, so many options and schemes, a 617 wraparound being my favourite.
  9. Sorry for thread diversion, but where on this forum does one find the general 2019 Telford news?
  10. I chop the oleos and use redundant missile bodies as the new longer oleos, there's no weight on them to effect strength.
  11. I did think it weird that there was suddenly an increase of the original Vulcan release boxing on EBay recently. Coincidence? I think most saw this coming. For the last 15 years I've been building an Airfix Vulcan, Matchbox Victor and Flightpath bits as a Black Buck air refuelling pair, still the purpose made clear perspex stand will come in handy! The one thing that I really hope for is that it's the A team on this project, with the same finesse of their Victor.
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