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  1. How the heck there isn't a modern tool kit of this is beyond comprehension, the worldwide sales of the original alone puts in a different league for helicopter kits.
  2. How does an announcement of a new King Air kit run so badly off topic!
  3. Not seen it mentioned, but is this the Zvezda kit reboxed?
  4. ...like Tamiya did with the F4D-1 Skyray? Be nice if Fine Molds do a B, I'm still hoping they will cover British Phantoms but that is stretch I guess!
  5. I didn't think there was a VAT customs thing from Japan, I've ordered loads of stuff and never had to pay that. I always get stung on stuff from the 'States.
  6. HLJ has it for £43.23 pre-order, seems a really good price for a modern tool 1:48th kit of that kinda chunk.
  7. ...weird that it's available in Canada before Japan. Bet you can't wait to pick it up!
  8. HLJ and 1999/HobbySearch have it as pre-order as release in July. Really nice price aswel.
  9. On HLJ they are showing at £22.50 which seems a steal. I have brought from them in the past and I thought the postage was reasonable but can't remember specifically. I think they also have a system where you can build up different orders to post out in one go, so for example you might purchase the current F-4EJ and the future release F-4D and they get posted out together.
  10. This the same 3D scan system that missed the rather noticeable vents on the top/bottom of the intake splitters. Not to mention various issues with other kits that went through the process. It's big journey from scanning the subject, CAD design of the kit and interpretation for production. The two windscreen shots cannot be used for exact comparison, two different angles and very different lens focal lengths involved. Back to the Fine Mold Phantoms, I can't believe what good value these are from Japanese dealers.
  11. True, and if you can get for £15 even better. It's £32 in my local shop.
  12. The Sea Vixen kit being discussed is the worst one for accuracy and the best one for build and surface detail - take your pick for what is the most important aspect to you as a builder. Unfortunately we still wait for a decent 72nd Sea Vixen.
  13. Interesting development. If it's done by the Trumpeter A-team and features the distinctive fuselage lean, which I believe their 32nd version doesn't (?), then this will be great and detail wise would likely beat the Zvesda kit. But no lean, no buy!
  14. Weird init! To me the leading edges look straight but the wings themselves sag from about half span position, whether that's down to the build or the kit production, who knows? If it was warping in the molds the wing halves would want to spread in opposite directions.
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