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  1. Superb stuff Tony, the cockpit break down of parts is pretty close to how Airfix did it, which is even more remarkable in this scale. Lovely paint finishes.
  2. I don't know enough about mods. and variants but the C-119 and C-135 wheels looks quite similar to each other, and I would say the the K's are the same. The kits looks superb to me, and is a must have!
  3. Wow, can't believe what I'm reading! Truly great times when an injection XB-51 rocks up! Mikromir/AMP must be one of my favourite manufacturers due to the types they produce.
  4. Blimey, my first one was around then, unfortunately can't find the log book and can't remember which AEF. Really looking forward to Getty this kit, looks superb!
  5. The detail and finish on those tiny components is absolutely mind bottling, I mean boggling! Especially lovin' the radar scope unit!
  6. Other things have meant that I haven't been able to keep track here, there is so much progress and words that it's hard to know what to say with any gravity, but absolutely incredible stuff and scale model making at it's best. Those seat pans look exquisite, and they must be tiny!
  7. My fave Tiger scheme, really suited it especially where the mouth is placed. Also, well done to Kinetic for reworking the kit while in development.
  8. Superb news, this really does seem to be a good couple of years for British type releases. Really hope the all weather and night fighters will follow, but I'm sure Mikromir will be all over those aswel, especially from a sales point of view.
  9. Superb work Alistair, the finish looks just right for the old Growler, cracking job
  10. Incredible work Tony, wish I could be more verbose, but simply incredible, kinda looks more impressive (as if that was possible) as the bits are going together.
  11. It is with a great sadness that I have just heard of Melvin's passing. A real giant in keeping the cause of classic aviation in the mainstream in the UK, and obviously a very keen modeller. RIP
  12. This presses my post-war Coastal Command buttons!
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