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  1. Now that might sway me to the resin side of things!
  2. Love the working undercarriage oleos, I've often wished for that in a kit. I guess in this case it will help to keep all those wheels flat on the deck.
  3. It's hard to believe that some people actually enjoy adding them!
  4. The complete leg assembly is the same colour there, just the light reflecting in different ways. The white wheel looks like a replacement as have shots of '131 before and after with aluminium wheels, adds an interesting modelling alternative though!
  5. Bill, I don't know what impresses me the most, your skills, or your dogged determination to work with the worst kits ever made! Super stuff, either way.
  6. The wheels were in aluminium finish. The undercarriage bays were more complex across the various types, but the PR.9s I saw in Hemp had a dirty satin white finish for the mainwheel bays and legs, with light grey being used for the nose leg and mudguards. Some handy shots here, https://www.flickr.com/search/?user_id=56270329%40N08&sort=date-taken-desc&view_all=1&text=canberra pr.9
  7. Fair dues fur sticking with this Jamie, more work than I'm prepared to do. Really is time for a full injection kit of the S-61 by now.
  8. Being a Meteor night fighter fan I would jump at 48th decals of Ferrantis' G-ARCX or Rolls Royces' G-ASLW. Even the blander G-AXNE would be nice. There have been some really nice different Meteor schemes over the years.
  9. Hunter take off, Hawker Hunter F.6 XF515 G-KAXF by James Thomas, on Flickr Landing, Hunter T.7 XL577 G-XMHD 23 July 14 by James Thomas, on Flickr not always the case, but Hunters can be seen taxying with flap at take off position, never seen one taxying with landing flap though Hunter WT723 692 LM 18 July 14 by James Thomas, on Flickr Hunter T.7 XL573 / G-BVGH 19 July 13 by James Thomas, on Flickr As said above, not seen live Hunters park with flaps down, I don't think the mech allows them to droop, unlike the airbrake
  10. There's a little bit on this here, I think with the same conclusion, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026228-russian-navy-helicopter-colours/
  11. Fairey specified Sky for the u/c legs and mainwheel bays. Out of stores the legs/components usually came painted in Sky (the airframe underside colour), however there were examples in light grey finish. I've never heard of the bays being white, but again a light grey finish does seem to have been used. I think some of the variations come about from the periods in service, and the methods of the time This leg came from an ex stock crate, Fairey Gannet AEW.3 nose undercarriage by James Thomas, on Flickr A good example of the variable colours used, the grey does feel like a primer and I wonder if some of the components didn't receive a top coat before fitting. All parts were new old stock, apart from the bay which has been stripped & treated. Fairey Gannet AEW.3 main undercarriage by James Thomas, on Flickr In short, Sky and the light grey would be acceptable.
  12. 71chally

    Phantom FG1

    Thanks Selwyn, so that confirms that the manufacturer used British Ref No for an in use colour. The first Phantoms look slightly bluer to me, but I guess that would be down to photographic processes.
  13. 71chally

    Phantom FG1

    My understanding is that they were delivered from McDonnell Douglas in the lighter grey but were quicly refinished in the EDSG, but I can't find tangible evidence of when. I don't know if that involved all deliveries either, as many photographs from very early in service (c'70-'71 say) show the Extra Dark Sea Grey grey The other interesting question is whether the UK33B/1527 Dlossy Dark Sea Gray that McDonnell Douglas used was the same as our BS381C/638 Dark Sea Grey, I suspect slight shade difference.
  14. twin-prop and one jet, the AJ-1 had an Allison J-33 stuffed in its tail end aswel!
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