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  1. Don't know about worldwide, but most RAF and USAF UK airfields had RHAGS/cables.
  2. Phantoms in Air Force (ie non carrier based forces) had tail hooks for airfield runway emergency arrestor cable (usually known as RHAGs) use, this had become common place for high-performance US and NATO combat aircraft by the late 1950s, such as on F-100s, F-104s, 105s, Lightnings etc. Many of these aircrfat hada hook that could be deployed form the cockpi but not raisable from the cockpit, I believe the Phantom retained down and up control. There are definitely pictures of RAF Phantoms performing runway cable engagements, There's a couple (pics 2 & 4) in the link here of RAF Phantoms using the hook, https://fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=145344 My understanding is that all Phantoms were built as brake parachute capable, but certainly seen US, German, British (inc Royal Navy) and Greek Phantoms deploying brake chutes. F-4E Phantom AUP 01618 by James Thomas, on Flickr
  3. I'm really hoping that this is built from a clunky test shot. The rear fuselage/tailcone area of both the kit and three view drawings is a work of fiction and doesn't follow the actual aircraft at all. I'm wondering if it's a result of what @NAVY870 says with the wing chord appearing to being too great. The wing itself looks too thick, not only at the leading edge but also at the tips (which also looks too rounded) and the trailing edges.
  4. I think we can waffle on about FS numbers all day long. But I still think it's something as simple as someone saw the colour on an automobile and thought I like that. I would be surprised if the colour change wasn't documented by Fairey, I know Ian Huntley had a large Fairey archive, but I don't know what happened to it.
  5. Period pictures show a predominantly black cockpit, it is now now however a mid grey. British instrument panels and cockpits did tend to become grey in the early to mid 1960s, my guess is that the FD2 cockpit was repainted in line with this. That's the BAC.221 WG774 at the FAAM Yeovilton.
  6. Previous thread on the subject here, Personally, I always wondered if Fairey used an off the shelf automobile paint from the period. Photos of this colour are so hard to interpret, Humbrol 42 Pastel Violet (perhaps with a dash of dark blue) looks reasonable to my eyes.
  7. The bulge at the base of the fin is the intake scoop for the tail de-icing system, the APU was located in the stb'd inner wing with a retractable air scoop. That link to the Victor thread in post 4 is worth looking at, having just re-read it it contains some good info on B.2 and B.2(BS) differences, particularly from @sloegin57 I'm away from my references at the moment, but could the B.2(BS) not be fitted with normal bomb doors, in case of re-role in conventional strike capacity? If so This would mean you could build from the box without finding the BS bits or having to convert anything? There is the SR.2 option aswel, they looked pretty good without the underwing tanks. XL161 Victor SR2 RAF 543 SQN by Urs Baettig, on Flickr
  8. Airfix K.2 sprue shots here, https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Handley-Page-Victor-K.2-SR.2.html Clear sprues and extra tanker only sprue
  9. You get both wingtips in the K.2 box, there are two sets of clear parts, only one in the B.2 box. The B.2 wingtips are on the same sprue (M) as the canopy, the K.2 tips are on a new sprue (N) with the camera crate windows for the SR.2 option. These clear parts which are the upper and outer part of the wings incorporate the shortening of the outer wing, along with the new solid parts in this kit.
  10. I would buy it off you in a heart beat! Conversion topics are always interesting, with enough work you can make anything look like something else, but it depends on how straightforward the builder wants to keep things. Back in the day I saw some fantastic and accurate B.2 conversions from the Matchbox Victor K.2, using balsa wood, dope and filler. However I do get that it is far more straightforward if the bits were in the box, extending the wings is definitely harder work than reducing them. At least with the B.2 wing tips they can be reduced. PS I have literally just sold a B.2 for £45.
  11. Sorry misread your post @Evil_Toast_RSA , if you can grab the K.2, especially at that price, do so! Both my kits are in storage, but from memory the K.2 kit has the extra sprues over the B.2 kit so you will have the B.2 bomb doors etc included, but I'm not sure that you get the original clear plastic parts sprue and if so it may just come with the K.2 wingtips which would require extending the outer wings a bit.
  12. The Airfix K.2 is the harder kit to find by a long shot, unsure why but possibly because the B.2 kit had two releases but then the K.2 was hard to find before that second B.2 release. I would be surprised if Airfix don't re-release the K.2 at some point though. It's not an impossible conversion, the outer wings are shorter on the K.2 which I think is facilitated in the kit, but there are other minor differences and of course the edition of the centre HDU bulge and the two wing pods. There was a really good thread on here about victor differences, will try and find it. Edit, this is the one I forgot that it's about B.1 v B.2 differences, but it might contain relevant info.
  13. I like A-10s, but don't know a great deal about them. Could an A-10A kit follow this boxing, or be created from this kit?
  14. We've had one since the late 1970s, Matchbox (and later Revell) Spitfire F.22/24. I must admit I'm befuddled with the DBMK schedule of releases. I won't pretend to understand the industry and get that these are very hard and strange times, but without a kit actually being released how can we judge on what will actually be produced and in the box. I'm really looking forward to the Scimitar and hope it doesn't get delayed by other projects.
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