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  1. Are the new extra propellors the wrong shape?
  2. I've messaged ICM directly (FB Messenger) and they have responded and confirmed that they are planning a CH-54 in 1/35th scale. Can't wait for this, nice dimensions, but at least as with the real thing, most of it is missing!
  3. Why? I think it's a fantastic choice, it would also suit being posed with large scale armour and figures.
  4. This looks a superb kit, I really hope it's a great seller for Takom, and maybe they will consider kitting the KM, though I'm guessing good data and drawings are hard to come by for that one.
  5. ...are you mad! Oh, you are, service is resumed Superb work going on Giorgio, and I really like the Hellanic jets. Really fancy the new FineMold Phantoms. Bit late, but hope these may help with the nose strakes. F-4E Phantom AUP 01618 by James Thomas, on Flickr F-4E Phantom AUP 01618 by James Thomas, on Flickr F-4E Phantom AUP 01508 by James Thomas, on Flickr
  6. At long bloomin last, this is such an over looked type, especially given how important it was worldwide. Hopefully a turbine powered Whirlwind option will be tooled aswel.
  7. I do what Ian had mentioned, various metallic paints and black, but I also add finely powdered pencil graphite into the wet paint and it seems to give the right appearance. Mine are brush painted mind.
  8. Love the Mirage IV and Modelsvit kits, so can't wait for this!
  9. Wow, incredible work with the different aftermarket engines, I wonder if he can create them in different scales? Thanks for the pointer.
  10. They were showing slightly cheaper than that on Plaza last night, but all showing sold out already.
  11. And that sums up Airfix's quality control in general, some kits such as their Victor and Buccaneer seem to be spot on and on a par with Japanese rivals, whereas others kits don't come out that way.
  12. Great looking build of what I still consider to be a great kit, lovely!
  13. I won't be shocked, at the most the extra I'm possibly going to pay on my £120 order is another £24 in VAT. The same items from within the UK would cost me just over £180 (£192 from big H). I'm not recommending the idea as such, but I am a tight wad by necessity so if I can save that sort of money then I must try. It does seem better to buy at least a couple of kits at a time as it doesn't affect the shipping cost that much, in fact the £36.89 air mail didn't change when I added the Tomcat kit to the Phantom kit order. I've also found the delivery to be pretty quick. The UK/Japan trade agreement has little to do with Brexit that I can see, other than it appears to have been set up at roughly the same time, but provides a favourable deal between the two nations that might not exist with some European nations anymore.
  14. I've never had that from Japanese purchases (of which I've had many), I think due to a UK/Japan trade agreement that it doesn't exist below a certain value anyway.
  15. From Japan the kit is £38.91, the extra decal sheet is £4.10, combined that is half the price of the cheapest UK retail price (£85.95 that I can find) for the kit alone. Including postage the two items cost £79.73 so still a saving on UK prices plus essentially throwing the decal sheet in for free. I've just purchased the above, with the Tamiya Tomcat, for a total with shipping of £120 which is crazily cheap compared to UK prices.
  16. Looks from the profile illustrations that SH have recognised that the NF.14s have two styles of DV windows on the windscreen port side screens.
  17. Other than the words dedication and perfection, one word that I will walk away with from this thread is oblate!
  18. Great build and a little info on it here, Hawker Tempest MkV Scratchbuilt in 1/32 Scale pg3 | Paul Budzik | Fine Scale Modeling In Detail - Drop Tanks (hawkertempest.se) ...they should be links, anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?
  19. The RAT is coming along really nicely, almost functionally so!
  20. Amazing stuff! I wonder if there is scope to sell your design work to a major modelling manufacturer for a production kit
  21. ...sorry @JeffreyK , I should have used the word 'only' in there, I think that is a remarkably cheap overseas postage price for two large kits.
  22. Especially as it's £40 by Air Mail to get the Tamiya F-4B and F-14A (for a price of £88.24 for both kits!) delivered from Japan to the UK.
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