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  1. Many thanks, much appreciated!! Regards Paul
  2. Hi Have you managed to find that Aviation Workshop Decal sheet? if not I have a feeling I have that sheet as I purchased it for the RN subjects (1/48) only. Let me know and I will have a look later Regards Paul
  3. Morning all, hope everyone is keeping safe! Looking for some help. All of the images I have seen of Royal Navy Buccaneer's with a Martel mounted either radar or TV guided seem to be white whilst later RAF ones appear in white and green. The question is, did Royal Navy Buccaneer's only use white Martel's or where green in service as well? any images would be greatly received. Regards Paul
  4. Again, many thanks for the feedback guys Regards Paul
  5. Hence the 2p coin Appreciate the feedback Cheshiretaurus Regards Paul
  6. Outstanding work, really like it!! Regards Paul
  7. Another one i never got round to posting. Quite fiddly in 1/144, have put a 2p coin next to the model to give some scale. Again I decided to drop the flaps and slats along with folding the wings to add more interest. Hope you like it, feedback always welcome Paul Regards Paul
  8. Many thanks for the kind feed back guys. Andrew didn't know the canopy issue, will remember this if anyone ever brings out an IM of this aircraft, should be one on Airfix radar really Thanks everyone!! Paul
  9. One I built a little while ago but had not go round to posting, was quite a nice build for a vac-form. Decided to fold the wings and drop the flaps to add a bit more interest. Hope you enjoy Any feedback welcome Regards Paul
  10. Hi Alan, Are the Gannet AEW still available to purchase, happy to put a deposit on one to collect at the nationals if you are going Many thanks Paul
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