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Found 48 results

  1. Here's the kit I planned to build - something that shouts 'RAF' without being a Spitfire..... ... and here's the kit I'm actually going to build ( slightly different take on the obligatory 'kit not started' picture courtesy of Lucy(fur) the dog..... ) Now what was that shade of red called again... ?
  2. Hello! This is my new model. It's a little model and good set. That's why building was easy and pleasant. From aftermarket I used only CMK cockpit and SBS model wheels. Also I made pilot tube from medical needles with different diameters. In painting I used MR Hobby paints. In this model I first used gloss wanish HATAKA. I think it's one of the best vanish. Weathering- oil dots and different washes.
  3. 1/48 Gnat mystery part

    Friend of mine has started building the Airfix 1/48 Gnat. He is very puzzled by one of the parts, no.1, which doesn't appear anywhere in the instructions. I have had a look at it myself, but it still remains a mystery to both of us. Any answer out there? TIA
  4. Not only made in Britain, but in my opinion the best of Britian. Flying the Red, White and Blue all over the world since 1965 the Red Arrows are perhaps the premier aerobatic teams in the world and are great ambassadors for the United Kingdom. After a disastrous end to my last build I hope to make a better job this time around. I will be building both models from the Airfix 1/48 scale 50th Anniversary box set.
  5. Been in a bit of a modeling funk recently - finding it hard to build up any enthusiasm for the hobby. Two weekends ago, my wife and daughter were out of town, so I thought I'd give the new Airfix JP a go - a nice, simple build, no complications, just the thing to get the modeling juices going. As I was looking at the boxes in my stash, I thought to myself that perhaps I could build the Airfix Vampire as well, while I was at it - similar, simple colour scheme, so I could airbrush both at the same time. While I was contemplating that idea, I spied the Airfix Gnat box - same scheme...... So I started all three.... And they are nice, simple builds - aside from a few minor issues, they built up very easily and quickly, such that I had all three airframes complete before the end of the weekend - just what the doctor ordered! Finishing them was another matter - the Airfix JP Dayglo decals are thick, brittle and unresponsive to decal softeners. A re-think and a quick look through the old SAM magazine pile showed that I could do the JP in an identical colour scheme to the other two. A profile in SAM showed that I could even build the exact same airframe - XM413 - in an earlier scheme than that offered in the Airfix box, so I could use those decals for this build - bonus! And a lucky bonus too - I discovered I was reading the Airfix painting guide incorrectly - I thought the Airfix box scheme was High Speed SIlver with Dayglo stripes, whereas it's actually LAG - I had painted the model in the wrong colour. Finding the same airframe in the earlier HSS/Fluorescent Orange scheme was fortuitous, saving a re-paint. I even had some spare CFS rhomboid decals in the spares box from the old Matchbox Provost kit. I spent most weeknights this past week adding decals, and just finished all three this morinng. So, here are the Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T.3, Gnat T.1 and Vampire T.11: Thanks for looking!
  6. Greetings to all forum members. Today it was a sunny day on my balcony, so I was able to do some photos. Unfortunately, it has appeared the colour red under sunny conditions changes to orange. All the same, I hope the photos of the model are okay for you. You find a WIP here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010360-follant-gnat-t1-airfix-148-britains-old-school/#comment-2509923
  7. Hello! This is one of my model. This model illustrates the plane from the movie " Hot Shots! " it's very small model, but assembly was not easy because of my carelessness and negligence I used MR color paints. Weathering- oil dots and washes. Decal from Special Hobby kit.
  8. A simple question for anyone who has built the new tool Gnat in 1:72, is it a tail sitter, the airfix instructions don't mention weight. Thanks in advance CT
  9. Since my very first modelling expieriences as I was a young boy, the Airfix Gnat kit will be the first of that brand after many many years. After opening the box I was absolutely impressed, don`t know what I`ve expected. It seems Airfix has meanwhile reached the rank of well known asian brands. Nevertheless the cockpit is well detailed I couldn`t resist to add some minor improvements. I`ve started with some knobs and lever out of Evergreen and Plastruct plastic and drilled out the instrument bezels. About the Instruments I`ll explain later more. The ejection seat are nice moulded with a lot of parts.I`ve tried to sculpting the cussions out of Green Stuff, and replicated the belts with thin tinfoile. The strabs are photoetched parts from Reheat. Here we can see both seats try fitted into the cockpit.
  10. Hi folks, here is my Airfix 1/72 Folland Gnat. The Gnat is really a cute little jet. The Airfix kit is somewhat less cute, though. Fit wasn't good and I really don't like these deep and broad panel lines. Finally, I decided to fill them up with putty. Rescribing the lines would have been the best solution but on such a small model with an attractive colour scheme and lots of stencils it doesn't look too bad with a smooth surface. The painting of this model suffered from some near-catastrophic masking-failures that were entirely my fault. The silver paint is from Vallejo. For the day-glo red I followed some advice from this forum and airbrushed a basecoat of bright red (Tamiya) followed by fluorescent red from Vallejo. Regardless of the manufacturer the coverage or opacity of neon or fluorescent paint always seems to be bad and, therefore, the base coat is needed.
  11. Oscar EW 5894 Phallus Lightweight Tactical Fighter Bomber (or Folland Gnat) from the film Hot Shots. Based on the carrier USS Essess. This is the special hobby kit which goes together really well, all apart from the canopy, the fit there was terrible, but might have been me?
  12. This coming Thursday's (23rd June) club night competition will have the theme of Jubilee Royale for which entrants can be anything in British service since the Coronation. I have nothing built although I suppose I could use the Vampire but as it has already won a club comp night it feels wrong to enter it into another club competition. I then struck upon the (insane) idea of attempting to complete a kit over two evenings and to a good enough standard. So here it is in progress 3 hours of work so far. Box Sprues (we've seen 'em all before) Assembly so far, cockpit just has basic paint so far but I'll try to liven it up a bit later. Little bit of Mr Dissolved Putty to be sanded down but otherwise fit remarkably good, as long as those mould lines are cleaned up That's it so far will post any further updates as they happen. Thanks for looking Phil *edited for multiple fat finger and spelling errors
  13. Hello Gentlemen, Here is my latest finished model. This is Airfix 1/72 kit. Basically made OOB with only modifications of seats (harnesses and ejection handles) and of the inlets. Used Alclad and a homemade mix of Gunze for the orange color. Hope you like it. Your comments will be welcome. Cheers, Antoine
  14. Dear Fellow Modellers, I intended to participate in this GB with two builds: a Typhoon Mk I.B and a Tempest Mk V. However, life got in the way (too much work, very demanding German classes and tests every month, including a Goethe Zertifikat B1, which I managed to achieve) and I didn't found the time to build them past the first posts. I will build them properly later, as regular WIPs, as these aircraft deserve all the care and attention I can provide. However, to regain some modelling motivation and still finish something for this GB, I decided to build a simple kit, just OOB. The choice fell on Airfix's 1/72 Folland Gnat T.1, which is shown in the following picture: As usual, I started by taking the cockpit parts off the sprues These were glued into sub-assemblies in order to ease painting: Next, I took the fuselage halves and air intake mouths off the sprues: The air intake mouths were glued in place but fit is not the best, especially on the port side: This was followed by the wings: Holes had to be made on the lower wing parts in order to install the external fuel tanks later: The wing parts were glued together: The external fuel tanks were, then, built and the poor fit is readily apparent: A lot of filing and sanding will be needed on these to make them acceptable... The next step was building the main undercarriage parts. These must be installed in the fuselage halves before closing them. Here we can see one of the wheel wells (on the right) and a gear leg already glued to the corresponding wheel well door (on the left): Here are both sides of the landing gear ready for installation in the fuselage: It seemed to me that I wouldn't be able to install the gear legs after closing the fuselage.So, some complicated masking will be needed in order to paint the fuselage with these in place. I managed to break the nose gear leg while taking it off the sprue. As can be seen, this part was defective, as the shaft for installation of the nose wheels is missing: First, I glued the broken part using super-glue: Then I carved a shaft for the nose wheels from a piece of sprue. Here it is between the wheels, together with the remaining nose gear parts: A slot was made in the middle of the shaft, to provide a stronger point of contact with the gear leg: Finally, the shaft and leg were glued together using Tamiya Extra Thin Glue, later reinforced with a drop of super-glue: Here are all the parts, ready for priming: The interior areas and all parts to be painted with metallic paints were, then, primed using Alclad's Grey Primer: The intake inner walls were painted with Alclad's White Aluminium and the main gear wells with Alclad's Dull Aluminium (these according to pictures of real aircraft): These parts complete the inner air intake walls and were also painted with Alclad's White Aluminium: The centres of wheels and all other parts making up the landing gears were painted with Alclad's Dull Aluminium. The exhaust was painted with Alclad's Jet Exhaust: After the paint dried, the air intake parts were masked off: and the end faces (where the turbine face should be) were painted with Alclad's Steel: Finally, these parts were glued in place. They form part of the inner cockpit walls as well. The fit, again, is not very good and some putty had to be applied in order to fill in the joins: This is how the build stands right now. This post covers a week's worth of work, from Easter Sunday night till yesterday (Saturday). Thanks for looking. Cheers Jaime
  15. Good evening all, I've been following some of the builds on this group build for a month or two and alas last night I decided to enter into it. So, here I am- my first group build! What am I building? Well, during the "black friday" sales the Airfix Gnats were on sale for about £2, so I got 4 of them! I have already completed one (as seen below) as "what-if" British Airways Gnat (Note: NOT PART OF THE GROUP BUILD!) On a more serious note, the relatively recent incident regarding Kevin Whyman and the Gnat Display Team has given me an idea of what to do with the other 3 Gnats: the red and white "striped" gnat and the yellow gnat on either side of my Avro Vulcan (hung from the ceiling) with Whyman's red arrows gnat ahead, nose up and soaring into the heavens. Things that I have noticed about the kit during my BA gnat build and a previous OOB build is that: A. The landing gear legs need to be fully secured before the gear bays are inserted into the fuselage B. The seats need to be painted before they are glued to the "back-walls" of the cockpit C. Pitot probe is sturdy but not invulnerable! D. The underside antennae can be damage easily, so be careful! -It is also worth pointing out that these gnats will be built with the undercarriage retracted so the gear bays aren't a critical feature. Cue the pictures!!!: Picture of the 4 Gnat kits (note the Vulcan mouse-mat, i'm a huge Vulcan fan ) British Airways Gnat (not part of the GB) British Airways Gnat (not part of the GB) The aforementioned Vulcan (done many years ago when I was entering into the hobby, painted with a grey that was too dark ) So, that's it for today! Thanks for stopping by Kind Regards, Sam
  16. Greetings Fellow Modellers! I submit for your perusal a pair of small, so terribly small Gnats . Both models are Airfix's newish Gnat T.1 in 1:72 scale. They represent my return to the hobby, in that on these models I let loose every experiment from which I could learn. I initially wanted to build them OOB, but I ended up using quite a bit of aftermarket stuff: the pitot tubes are Albion Alloy Micro Brass Tubes and the nose wheels are from a nice wheel update set from the Hungarian company SBS. The nose wheels make an improvement over airfix's ones which are a little bit too small. The main wheels are from the kit, and the examples left over from the SBS set will be used later for a hangar diorama. The canopy was cut with a Revell precision saw to enable it to be posed open. The interior of the canopy was lightly detailed with thin plastic card and stretched sprue. For canopy work I mostly used bookbinder's glue, which is a strong PVA type. The windscreen was made flush with the fuselage with the aid of Gunze Mr. Dissovled Putty and then Mr Surfacer 500. Same story for smoothing the side walls of the nose wheel wells. Cockpit and ejection seats were detailed with plastic card of different thicknesses, stretched sprue and very occasionally thin brass wire. Paint was basically Gunze Sangyo Mr Hobby, except Vallejo for detail work and Citadel Runefang Steel for the silver. I had lots of trouble with the H1 gloss white, which I applies much too thickly and as a result wouldn't cure well. Thanks to tips from the Tools&Tips section (thanks DuncanB ) I learned some new skills. First matt white, a coat or two, then one coat of gloss. Works beautifully. Decals were from all over the place: lots of stuff from S&M models' sheet, wing stencils came from the home printer, and the rest was basically scavenged. Please forgive the format of some of the photos, I liked the idea of imitating 1970s film, so I edited the model's images accordingly. gnat2-7 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-9 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-13 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-1 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-3 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-15 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-4 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-5 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-2 by J Goat, on Flickr gnat2-14 by J Goat, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Jay
  17. Right, this year is the year. I'm doing stuffs for me, and everyone else can go hang. To that end, here's my first entry for this GB, the 1/72 Airfix Folland Gnat T.1. It will be a straight OOB build, hopefully quickly, to set the tone for the rest of the year. If WHEN I get the Gnat done, I'll have a good go at this with all its warts intact. I know about the issues, don't much care. It'll just be nice to have a couple of things built quickly. (Did anyone ever come up with a definitive answer for the possibly over length boom issue? That's the only thing that I might address, if I can find out for sure. I've done a bit of looking around, and can't find an answer that answers the question.) Inspiring all this is a new work area, nearly 3m long and all new (and ALL MINE!) Still in a state of being fine tuned, but the important bits are done, so I can crack on when the appointed hour for the start of this GB rolls around - I can add shelves to the wall later. 2 work areas, one for the 'shelf-of-doomers' and t'other for the new works. That's the theory, anyway. As for the Gnat, I have to wait until Monday to be able to get the recommended Humbrol Fire Orange (no hurry, ain't got nowhere to put it anyway), and I'll have to look up and see if they were painted aluminium, or were in natural metal (I suspect the former - Airfix just specify good old Hu11 ) New blade fitted to scalpel, glue sniffed and confirmed OK, ready to roll. Just waiting for takeoff clearance...
  18. A quick build inspired by a completed model I saw at the Yeovilton show earlier this year. Amazing build quality - thanks AIRFIX - this was just the tonic to get me out of a modelling rut. Obviously I wouldn't ever do a CRAB subject, but liked the potential for colours on this one. Took a bit of poetic licence and painted it light grey and had a play with the serial numbers etc - just to be different. yeah, i know the pitot tube (!) and I really need to learn to take pictures
  19. Hello All, I've been running on with a silver-and-orange theme and built the Airfix Gnat, purchased from Airfix on Black Friday for the princely sum of £1.99. It's a nice kit - nowhere near as sharp as the Vampire, for example, but it goes together easily and I didn't have any problems with gaps, although I did do some precautionary paring down of the intake blanking plates. A sparse building thread is here. I built a fun stand out of balsa, cotton wool and a bit of coat hanger. I'm not sure the blue-sky-and-fluffy-clouds setting is right for the dour '60s, but my daughter likes it. Anyway, pictures: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  20. Hi, my first RFI here. I started Airfix's 1/72 Gnat kit about a year ago, and recently decided to finish it. It's OOB except for after market decals by BD.. I mean S&M productions, and Albion micro brass tubes for the pitot tube. It's not great, but it's what my skills can produce right now, and I'm happy the build is now over - so I'd like to share the result. I wish I could say it was an enjoyable build, but in all truth it wasn't - partly it's down to me because I tried all kinds of new techniques and paints on the model and some of those experiments didn't go as planned and needed arduous correcting. Then again the kit itself wasn't a big joy to build either, including the well-known gaps between fuselage and wing section possibly resulting from fiddly-doodly %##^ing with the intake walls aka cockpit side walls . Intake trunking was done with paper-thin evergreen plastic sheet and pva-glue, which actually kind of worked. The undersides of the intake splitter plates were sanded. I detailed the ejection seats with wire and Tamiya tape - the harness came from lead foil on top of a wine bottle. For the nose light to appear like one I stuck some aluminum tape behind the transparent piece before glueing it on. All paints are Gunze Mr Hobby. For the orange I painted first a layer of H11 flat white, followed by Lemon Yellow, followed by a H14 Orange with a dash of red in it. Post weathering done with pastels and cosmetic eye shadow from the drug store's make-up department. I'm almost thinking weathering is overdone, but then again it's supposed to depict a Gnat in the very last days of the colour scheme before the fleet switched to the red/ white affair. What do you think? DSC_0459 by J Goat, on Flickr DSC_0466 by J Goat, on Flickr DSC_0465 by J Goat, on Flickr DSC_0472 by J Goat, on Flickr DSC_0475 by J Goat, on Flickr DSC_0483 by J Goat, on Flickr DSC_0480 by J Goat, on Flickr DSC_0500 by J Goat, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Jay
  21. Folland Gnat F.1 XK740. This is the third F.1 development aircraft. It was struck off charge in 1974 and ewnt to the RAF Museum at Cosford prior to being disposed of to the Southampton Hall of Aviation (now Solent Sky) in 1987. They returned her to the Hamble factory where she was originally built and British Aerospace restored the original paint job from factory drawings. Pics thanks to Jon (charlie_c67)
  22. I'm building the Airfix 1/48 Gnat, to be painted up in the Yellowjacks scheme. I chose to build with flaps down, but the instructions are silent as to how to paint the exposed portions of the wing interior and flaps (see picture). I've searched online but haven't been able to find any good photos of Gnats showing this area. Looking at other Gnat model builds I've seen this done variously as bare metal, white/grey or the same colour as the rest of the flaps. Any suggestions as for the right colour (or colours if the wing and flap portions should be different) for Gnats in general and the Yellowjacks scheme in particular?
  23. Its 1978. The RAF have completed the transfer of advanced Jet training from the Folland Gnat T1 to the new Hawk T1. The Gnat had been the RAF's advanced jet trainer since 1962. The last Gnats in RAF service were being flown by the Royal Air Force AerobaticTeam, The Red Arrows, based at RAF Kemble. Rolling forward to 1979 - the 'Reds' have transitioned to the Hawk T1, freeing up 12 jets, that have been lovingly maintained by the 'Blues'. Concurrently the RAF had followed the USAF with interest whilst they developed their Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) concept after heavy losses to new crew during the Vietnam war. The program became operational in 1972 and the USAF decided to establish a squadron in Europe to support the USAFE. 527th Tactical Fighter Training and Aggressor Squadron was established and formed at RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire. The unit utilised the Northrop F5E Tiger II. The aircraft was chosen due to its small airframe size and performance similarities to the Soviet MiG 21. They were painted in Eastern Block and Soviet style paint schemes to add to the realism. The Squadron soon began to adopt Soviet tactics and doctrine and were used to engage USAFE aircraft in DACT. The flight and ground crews were proud to be assigned the role and took on the rest of the USAFE with vigor, slowly, the pilots began to wear the red communist star on their helmets and the squadron started to think, act and fly Soviet Bloc! The powers that be at the MoD recognised that the DACT programme was a success and a useful training tool. The MoD and Pentagon agreed that the best way forward would be to combine resources and experiences. The RAF headshed recognised the Gnat was ideal for the task at hand. It had served in the Fighter role for India and had in fact downed 9 Pakistani F86 Sabres over 2 conflicts in 1965 and 1971. The Canadair Sabre Mk6 was widely regarded as the best dogfighter of it era. Number 74 Sqn of Battle of Britain fame had disbanded and handed over their Lightnings in 1971. I was decided to re-activate this historical squadron in 1979 and select the cream of the RAF operational aircrews to man the new RAF Aggressor squadron. The squadron and its newly 'Soviet Bloc' painted ex Red Arrows Gnat T1's moved to RAF Alconbury to get up to speed, using the 527th experience in the role to assist. The squadron successfully trained RAF aircrews in DACT, allowing frontline combat squadrons to fight an adversary versed in the likely enemies tactics. By 1984, the extra G forces and stresses on the aircraft meant that the Gnat was retired. Having been used by the Fleet Air Arm prior to the Falkland campaign in 1982, they had served their purpose in training pilots to operate in real conflict, with the Harrier force suffering no air to air combat losses. The role was handed over to the 527th who supported future RAF DACT training until they were disbanded in Sept 1990 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today the Aggressor role has be re-established in the USAF and many other allied counties due the the threat reappearing. In the UK the RAF began the role again with 100Sqn, flying Hawk T1s, out of RAF Leeming and in 2013, 836 Naval Air Squadron of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm also took up the role, utilising Hawk T1s out of RNAS Culdrose. For this What If build, I will be using the Airfix 1/72 Starter pack Gnat T1 and various low Vis RAF decals. The paint job will reflect one of the USAF Aggressor schemes of the times.
  24. With the 2015 show just around the corner I thought I better pull my finger out and post some of my 2014 shots! More of the wings can be found here: http://www.hanger51.org/airshows/2014/dunsfold-wings-and-wheels/ And all of the wheels here: http://www.hanger51.org/the-garage/dunsfold-wings-wheels-2014/ Hunter XL577 by tony_inkster, on Flickr Canberra PR.9 XH134 by tony_inkster, on Flickr P-51 Mustang by tony_inkster, on Flickr Spit & Stang by tony_inkster, on Flickr D-Day flypast by tony_inkster, on Flickr Great War Display Team by tony_inkster, on Flickr Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation B-25 by tony_inkster, on Flickr Vera by tony_inkster, on Flickr Lancaster summer by tony_inkster, on Flickr Gnat G-RORI (XR538) by tony_inkster, on Flickr Dogfighting Vulcan style by tony_inkster, on Flickr Breitling Wing Walkers by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  25. So I finally got round to finishing off the second of the Gnats I was working on. This time I built her in a slightly different scheme LAG/Dayglo. I decals are a mix of kit and some generic RAF numbers to alter the serials. This build was based on a single photo I found of the aircraft, there a few things I got wrong or wish I had done different/better, but on the whole I think she turned out ok. I meant to build FOD covers but to be honest I just wanted it off the bench towards the end so I didn't bother. Anyway here are the pics of her and finishing with the pair together: - Not sure if the pics are the right size so if they're too small let me know and I will get them changed to larger images! Edit - I used the Wolfpack bangseats and a Pavla canopy too!