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  1. I think it should be some 8 Ohm speaker, but I used two 4 Ohm connected successively.
  2. Yes, I saw this page. The profile, by the way, mistakenly interprets color demarcation on lower cowling part.
  3. Thanks for the info. I thought about this piece. It's logical but I dont have clear photo to confirm this. Different sources give different pictures. If I find good source I'll just add this stripe easily. On some pictures of other planes there is good contrast between White stripe and Sky tail band.
  4. Thank you! Thank you all! I'm really happy, that you like this Spit. Some clarifying words about vignettte. The Spitfire is Eduard (overtrees) with HGW wet transfers (just exellent thing). Other stuff is; Magic Scale Modeling engine and sound kit for 1/48 Merlin equipped planes, accumulator and oil carts from Revell 04511 Ground support equipment set, pilot from Airfix Spit XIVE and ground staff modified from Tamiya 1/48 soldier figures. I slightly modified Magic Scale sound added two more poverful speakers in the base just under the engine to add bass and realism. Power for electric motor come through contacts on the wheels and "brake lines' on struts. "Smoke" effect on startup... When I first time have shown the model working cycle on video, I got respond such as: "It shoul be smoky! Where is the smoke?" As you understand, it is impossible to make a "scale" exhaust smoke jet in 48th scale, so I just added it in video editor)) Alex.
  5. To see and hear the engine click the link below photos. Video of "engine startup" and "test run". Enjoy!
  6. I just examined new 1/48 Mk.II from Eduard. There are weird things I found. Also still exist question about K-shape reinforcements inside main wheel wells of cannon wing. I haven't found any appropriate explanation on them yet. Eduard staff suppose that these K-shape ribs strictly connected with cannon wing. Obviously, they are wrong judging by Mk.Ia P9444 port wheel well. Of course, her portside wing might came from any Mk.Ia/IIa/Va, but it has normal 4 machine gun configuration. I suspect that it may be Castle Bromwich feature, because of initial difference in wheel well internal stiffener types for Supermarine and CBAF airframes. Does anybody help me there? mist Spit016
  7. Decanted of course and slightly diluted. It is japanese Soft99 Body Paint (Clear). Very good quality varnish.
  8. You are the third person asking me I don't have anough Signal Red barrels in the barn
  9. Thank you! The paint is my own mix of Tamiya X-6 and X-5, polished and covered with gloss automotive varnish. There is very nice MRP-184 Signal Red (BS537) for Red Arrows finish as a good choice, but I haven't had it in the stash at the moment.
  10. Nice Gnat! Any finish suits well for this little jet!
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