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  1. I just examined new 1/48 Mk.II from Eduard. There are weird things I found. Also still exist question about K-shape reinforcements inside main wheel wells of cannon wing. I haven't found any appropriate explanation on them yet. Eduard staff suppose that these K-shape ribs strictly connected with cannon wing. Obviously, they are wrong judging by Mk.Ia P9444 port wheel well. Of course, her portside wing might came from any Mk.Ia/IIa/Va, but it has normal 4 machine gun configuration. I suspect that it may be Castle Bromwich feature, because of initial difference in wheel well internal stiffener t
  2. Decanted of course and slightly diluted. It is japanese Soft99 Body Paint (Clear). Very good quality varnish.
  3. You are the third person asking me I don't have anough Signal Red barrels in the barn
  4. Thank you! The paint is my own mix of Tamiya X-6 and X-5, polished and covered with gloss automotive varnish. There is very nice MRP-184 Signal Red (BS537) for Red Arrows finish as a good choice, but I haven't had it in the stash at the moment.
  5. Nice Gnat! Any finish suits well for this little jet!
  6. Recently completed Airfix 1/48 Folland Gnat in 1979 Red Arrows livery. Really enjoyable build witout any problem. Clever engineering, high level of details and exellent quality decals. Construction is straight from the box except Master brass pitot. Drop tanks and flaps attached with magnets.
  7. There are three ejection ports on 6 gun nose. One on the left side and two on the right. 8 gun nose doesn't have them due to emty shell collector container between two rows of the guns.
  8. Almost there. Some fitting tests.
  9. Almost ready. Some test shots run in progress.
  10. Hello Ben, I'm glad that you like my work. The NMF areas were coverered by soft self-adhesive aluminium foil originally intended for flying models ("Flite-metal" may be you hear somewhere). Very useful stuff! The painted areas was airbrushed by decanted Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver which actually gives very nice smooth finish. Later I'll share more detailed photos and "how to" tips. Alexey
  11. ALM_4630 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4631 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4633 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4634 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4635 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4637 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_4639 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr
  12. Olivier, you show here late "universal" bracket. The early 108 Gal. fuel tanks brackets were very different. Look at your reference photo #137D. They were straight wide-shoulder rough steel bars with welded-on screw attachment points.
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