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  1. Again, thank you for the comments. I do believe that the caterers might be getting a bit of a debrief, no idea on what that will entail but I would avoid meat pies for a bit. This year was certainly busier but everyone seemed to be happy. Airfix, I thought, did a fine job of promoting the brand, but also talking to the public.
  2. Thank you guys for your comments and feedback, all are welcome as how can we improve? @redcap, heating is an interesting one and worth commenting on. The venue is a large area with a very high ceiling. During the morning we have to get a lot of traders and exhibitors through the door which means opening up the main roller doors for a couple of hours. unfortunately the Saturday decided to be the coldest night of the winter so we started off very cold. Annoyingly, the previous weekend was quite mild, but that is the fickle nature of the weather up North. unfortunately we are a little at the mercy of the weather here. The heating for the room was, in fact, on throughout the day (unlike last year) and this was evident from the near boiling water coming out of the taps in the rest rooms. If you went up to the mezzanine floor you would have found the temperature to be quite warm due to the warm air rising. Temperature control is something we can look at though for next year, perhaps with a bit of help from the venue. Thanks for noting it.
  3. Just finished off the last of the admin from today's show. First of all, I would like to thank all the traders, exhibitors and visitors to our show. Without you guys we would just be a small band of strange looking individuals in blue tops sitting in a large empty hall. I think that today went very well, the only problem I had was that I spent so much time running about, checking things and making sure everything went well, I hardly had time to look at the kits, and even less time to actually buy anything (I guess other show organisers feel the same), I can't wait to go to someone else's show to spend my hard earned. Today seemed very busy throughout the day and I heard no real complaints (though I believe that the bacon ran out way too early, unfortunately beyond our control). The displays were very impressive throughout and I was very impressed by the Leaf Blower of Doom which won our best in show. Congratulations to the builder. Again, thanks for coming. Like all shows there are still things to learn so hopefully we will be better next year.
  4. Well, set up has finally finished, and what a trial that was. Still, we are ready for a show tomorrow. You will find me dotting about throughout the day, making sure thing run smoothly. See you all there
  5. Don't forget that the show is tomorrow. it will be good to see you guys there, we even have a make and take organised, so if you have a youngster who gets a little bored, get them up the mezzanine for a bit of quiet time.
  6. I will certainly pop round. I also know how much fun they can be
  7. I shall watch out for a very small adult wearing a green beret. .hope you have a great time, see you there
  8. Getting ready for the weekend. Hope to meet up with you guys at Bolton Stadium
  9. Great to see you there Mr T. As the club treasurer I will be visible on the day looking stressed. If you happen across me (the shirt says LEMUR) please feel free to stop and chat.
  10. We have not had confirmation of what they will be bringing, but we believe it will get similar to the Telford stand. Hopefully with further updates on last week's announcement of the new ranges. We understand that at least two of the developers will be in attendance and will answer any questions they are allowed to. There is also a make and take in operation on the mezzanine with kits supplied by Airfix, so we should be able to keep the younger modellers happy. We will have onsite catering, they have been told to bring lots of bacon for butties. And a bar is available. Hope to see you at the show
  11. Hi Mike. As Antb said, there is not much you can do to white. Personally, I go 60/40 paint to thinner, but that may just be me. I would advise priming with a light grey, and if you want tonal variation splotch a pre-shade of black or darker geys before the white. I would also recommend applying the white in a number of thin coats rather than one thick one. Good luck
  12. We are proud to let you guys know that we have another confirmed visitor / stand at our show this year. Airfix have confirmed attendance.
  13. depressed lemur


    A Hapoy New Year to one and all in Britmodeller Land. Keep on bothering the plastic guys.
  14. Very, very nice, Sir. A sterling result in such a short timescale
  15. Thanks guys. Certainly was a challenge but worth it in the end.
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