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  1. Cars are getting too clever, and "service engineers" more stupid. I took my Peugeot in to the dealer as the service light came on. Mr expert hooked up the computer and diagnosed a faulty injector, two faulty sensors and a failure of something in the exhaust system. I suggested this was incorrect as there was no power loss for said expert to tell me cars were much more complicated and the computer didn't lie. After over a thousand quid of warranty work the car failed to go five miles before it packed up. Towed back to the dealer to be given a courtesy car for s week while they investigated. They eventually found the fault, the computer was faulty. Turns out it could lie, and the real fix was the automotive version of CTRL, ALT DELETE.
  2. Cannot imagine what you are going through. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  3. Well, I didn't make Cosford with this. It was very close, but I didn't want to rush it and risk ruining it just to meet my own deadline. Tonight I took a bit more time and managed to get quite a bit done. There are still a couple of details to finish, like painting the various aerial and fuel dumps, but this is where I am up to. Seems to be a bit of a tail sitter Until you put the camera cover on I could leave it on top, but that would look silly, so the plan is to prop it open as it just doesn't fill the gap so I can't fix it closed. Thanks for looking.
  4. What a difference a couple of days makes. I spat my dummy out, sulked, vowed to give up, then thought about it. You guys are right, I can bounce back from this. First up is the paint. I didn't want to risk masking and repainting so dug out the hairy stick and tried feathering in a weak blend of white paint. Not perfect but should pass muster. A bit of varnish this morning leads up to some decalling tonight. I only had time for one side, so this is where I am at the moment. Thanks for looking
  5. Very nice looking. You have done a great job with the multi part fuselage. Also well done with the wings, I am building mine with wings up as it is the easier option. Now I have to catch up for the weekend. I am a bit worried about the weight comment as I didn't see anything in the instructions during my current build, might be a tail sitter yet.
  6. I will be there with the Bolton lot under the Lincoln left wing. feel free to pop by and say Hi
  7. I thought it was low tack, I thought wrong. Still, the tail is under a decal, and I can make the splitter look like a repair job. As I will be folding the wings the upper surface won't be too visible. Might still pull this off.
  8. Tell me about it. First thought was bin, but second thought was how can I fix this for Cosford. Hopefully the second thought is the right one.
  9. Time to take the masking off, and what a chore that was. On the whole she looks ok, but Paint lift on the intake On the tail And also on the flipping metal inserts. I will have to try to sort this out tomorrow,
  10. Splitter plates seem to have come in about a third of the way through production, but were retrofitted at deep maintenance. As you say, pictures do help.
  11. Hi Silver Fox, thanks for the words. If you are still putting the fuselage together my advice would be to take one joint at a time rather than trying to rush it. It is possible to get it together without filler. The early Cougars had the American seat, later ones got the Martin Baker bang seat, I have not found a definite answer as to which got which.
  12. The journey continues. I realise that I have been a bit poor in my updates, unfortunately I have been up and down the country for the last few weeks so I have been doing what I can but not had a chance to keep this updated. Taking the fuselage in very small steps it turned out to be possible to achieve this without having to add any filler or to sand it within an inch of its life. I turned my attention to the wings, these went together well, but I don't understand why they have to put such a chunk of pe on the upper surface. It sits flush so doesn't bring anything to the party. Looking at pictures of the spoilers deflected show that this cannot be easily done with what is here, so bits for the sake of bits? Moving on I gave a bunch of coats of black, grey and finally white to reach this. Ok, there is also half a roll of Tamiya tape and a bunch of tissue. A bit of red paint brightens things up before I take off the masking. Fingers crossed. I realise that the Cosford show is on this weekend, so I wonder if I can get it ready to hide under the wing of the Lincoln. Thanks for looking.
  13. Managed to get back into the workbench to move this thing forward. Last time I had managed to make a right pigs ear of the air brake bay, so tried a simple approach of misting white paint back over. Turned out ok, not perfect but you ain't gonna see it, so fair do's. Moving further forward I decided to finish the nose bay of the recon version. It looks suitably busy, but when compared to photos of the real thing the floor of the bay is about 4mm too high at the nose. Even with the covers in place it still looks odd to me. On the plus side, I still can change to the gun nose and add a gunfight to the cockpit. Decisions decisions decisions. Ok, let's move to the middle bit. Simple enough few parts , and it looks like the undercarriage can be left off until later. Means there is less for me to knock off. Even further back is the tail section. Again, not many parts . Some very nice detail in the exhaust pipe. I am used to making sub assemblies, generally for things like wheel bays, cockpit, engines etc. But this is a first. Yep, 4 sub assemblies for the fuselage and I still have to think about wings. More work to come, thanks for looking.
  14. I try to sell them double glazing.
  15. Moving slowly on, I managed to get a couple of hours of peace and quiet so his in my den to bash some plastic together. Carrying on from where I left off I tried to tidy up the cockpit. Not fancying the decals provided I dug out the old hairy stick and came up with this. I also added some paint to the undercarriage bay and decided to try weathering it. Didn't go well Looks like something took a number 2 in there. I will have to try to get this back on track. The other bit in the area is the camera bay. Went together rather well, but again, KH have the wrong colour call outs. Still, reference to detail and scale and internet pics shows it should be black so black it is. Thanks for looking
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