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  1. YES! The rumours are true, the Bolton show is BACK!! Add the date to your calendar as we bounce back from the doldrums of COVID to bring you our famous show Up North (or Down South dependent on your location). We will hope to see as many of you as possible. As more details are available I willpost hesr to keep you guys updated.
  2. So having made a mesh door whichcan be seen through the only option is to put something there to be seen. I found a website on Primeportal which had some great photos of the Gazaelle inside and out which helped understand what was inside the fuselage. Basically a lot of empty space plus a couple of black boxes and a hydraulic reservoir. First things first was to cut out the panelin the fuselage and then work out how large or small the bulkhead would need to be. I acheived this by sticking a great lump pof blu tac into the fuselage and filling the area before cutting it off where I thought the bulkhead would be. This then translated into markign out onto a laminate of ten thou card which was then fettled to shape. There is a fairly obvious strengthening strip running vertically and a shelf for theblack box, plastic card cut to size was used. For the reservour I hacked a cotton bud apart and used the stem as it was about the right size. A stri of card provided the mounting bracket before supergluing to the bulkhead. A little work with fuse wire and a bit of sprue sanded to shape and you have a fairly busy area. Which, with a lick of paint looks good enough. And test fitting shows how it will look when closed up, So, if someone picks it up and shines a torch in there it will be possibly visible. Why the hell do we do this? Lemur out for the moment, thanks for looking.
  3. After getting a bit of peace and quiet I have made a little more progress. I had a look at the door I made and I was not happy with it. There was not enough bend at the top and the inner bracing looke too heavy and toy-like so I decided to try to improve my part. I am hoping that this looks a bit better and will pass muster. Next up, the starboard fuselage. In particular, this bit Now, to me this looks like a panel of some sort. Some of my friend suggested that I paint this and use washes to bring out the highlights. Unfortunately I have not used washes since my Citadel Minature days many many moons ago and I have forgotten the art of it. I also have no ready made washes, nor do I remember how to make them or apply them well enough to look realistic. So I spent some time on the internet to see if I could find out what it wasand came across a bunch of photos on Primeportal.net. It does not say it is a secure site so I am loathe to download from it but it provides some very useful images. Turns out the panel is in fact an open mesh covering a bay which means I need to do something about it. After a couple of days I had a bit of a eureka moment when cleaning the dishwasher and noticing that the filter is a very fine mesh indeed. No, silly, I did not cut up my diswasher but did some searching and found some 300 micron mesh on Amazon Prime so what was the point in not ordering it? Duly it arrived and I have made up a door using 10 thou card sandwiching the mesh, what do you think? Placing it next to the kit it seems to fit the bill. So, all I need to do now is cut out the panel from the kit. Ah. there is a bay behind this which now may be visible (especially if I open the door) Guess what the next step is going to have to be? I am starting to wonder if I am scared of actually building this kit and am finding reasons to put this off. There is something which is concerning me though and I would like your help. A friend suggested that the added weight may be too much for the kit skids and I may need to beef them up. I suppose this could be done with steel wire of a suitable thickness with the struts soldered to the base skids but I have not soldered before. Will it be strong enough if I used this? Also, can I solder after the struts are passed through the fuselage or will there be too much heat which will melt the kit? Am I best just keeping the kit skids and hopingthey can take the weight? I really could do with somehelp on this as an idea. As I go on I am starting to get germs of ideas forming. I am thinking that the Fenestron in the kit is too thick and needs to be remade from 5 thou card. This may also mean opening the hub and showing the gubbins therein. The rotor mast will need to be improved (no idea how just yet),. I may need to open the nose bay to add a bit of extra weight in the nose and thin out the boom to reduce it at the back. I can reduce weight also by making the flying surfaces out of card. Do I dare open up the engine? Also at some point I will have to thinkabout a colour scheme. Ponderings over, Lemur temporarily.... Out. Thanks for looking
  4. It has been a while but I managed to get a little bench time today so decided to open up the back door. Started by plunge moulding some 5 thou card on the hull to get a door shape. Before hacking the fuselage apart. I then Added a clear liner from a spare bit of packing before replicating the inner framing. I have no idea where this is going as I keep finding bits I want to change. Honestly, I will build a Gazelle some time. Lemur out for now.
  5. I have managed to get a 5 thou skin on the outside and have added some sprue goo to the joints. These will need to set before I sand them back after masking the windows for protection. I am now toying with the idea of opening the door so I will need to thin down the fuselage edges to a more suitable thickness and also add a lip to represent the bit that stops the door falling through. I may also consider adding the door handle. I have also found some references for the bay at the front which means I can open this and make a battery out of lead for more weight. You never know, I may even consider building the actual kit at some point .
  6. How to improve a door? Well, i have tried Perdu's idea and crsah moulded a few doors. using the clear sheet from a packet of bulbs. These were the failures either because the detail was too soft or my attempts to apply pressure to give better definition left a horrible surface finish. Eventually I managed to get a reasonable compromise between the right shape, surface finish and detail. However, I couldn't leave it there as it looked too thin (yes I know it is probably scale thickness but it is the look of the thing). So I thought I would need to beef it up a bit. 10 thou card, super glue (Loctite), magnifying glass and some trepidation created this. I am 70% happy with the result, but I am worried about managing to paint thison the outside so I might repeat the task with some 5 thou card I have lying aroundas that may give me sufficient definition for applying masking tape and paint. Further updates will be made either as a success or epic fail dependent how thisgoes. Lemur out (of his mind).
  7. Hi Perdu. Thanks for the idea and photos. I have not tried this method before but it looks to be interesting and worth a shot. It has also given me another idea which may improve the chance of a good look. I thought that this would be a simple little kit. Damn Selwyn, now you are making me realise I missed a trick there
  8. A little further work has now been carried out and I think that the cockpit is just about finished. The overhead panel is painted with the radio? panel picked out in silver as per the photos I have. My streched sprue switches did not last so have been replaced by ones made from guitar strings which should be a little more permanent. The seats have been added along with straps the rear bulkhead is still not attached but propped up for the photo. And a view from the back. Next problem is going to relate to the clear parts. This is one of the cabin doors and, as you can see, it has a flipping great mould release mark across the inside. I have removed seams on blown canopies before but this looks to be a whole new ball game of sanding and polishing but it will have to be done. On the plus side, this may result in a thinner piece which may not look out of place in the open position . I may leave this until later on. The other problem it that the front glazing has a hole in it which needs to be remedied.I could try to fill this but....... It does appear to be at the bottom of a hinged panel, is there any mileage in opening this up as well? Any thoughts, suggestions or comments would be welcome on this. Lemur out for the moment.
  9. Hi All, Progressing the build has gone a little further over the last couple of days. First of all i decided that ta little light masking was in order before adding some paint to the upper canopy piece. I do enjoy masking as it is a quiet reflective point of modelling, Quite simply covering up thebit you don't want to getpaint on,no worries about anything being the right way round and a time to think about the next bit. Oh yes, I also made the control columns out of fuse wire and the rudder pedals from streched sprue. And some belts for the rear seat from 5 thou card. Sorry about the photo quality I am using my Samsung S9 for these shots. And that's about it for the moment. I think the cockpit is where i want it to be bar a little painting. What next? we shall see. Lemur out.
  10. A little further work in the cockpit this morning but up on the cockpit roof this time. I have not seen many good photos of this area but piecing together there appears to be a radio unit above the rear seat and a switch set above the driver. So, once again I have to dig out some plastic card and stretch some sprue to mimic the cabling seen going into the rear bulkhead. And with a little more fettling it looks a little better. i apologise for the blurriness and over exposure but I only have access to my phone camera to takethese. Finally the unit is installed. This willneed masking before adding somepaint to it. Further work to be continued. Lemur.
  11. As I had a bit of spare time today I thought that I would try to do a little more work. Today I have knocked up the throttle housing and used the kit throttle as I couldn't find a way of doing it myself. Of course I thought it looked a bit bland so used some stretched sprue to add some switches. To give an idea of where I am at the moment I made the kit parts up to give a bit of comparison. Plus a couple in situ. I still need rudder pedals and control columns. I am now debating whether to try opening the doors at the back. The front ones should be fairly easy and will also move the CoG forwards as well. Lemur out for the moment.
  12. Can't say if this is going to help but here is a quick show of how I am progressing this build. I thought that I would move onto the instrument panel next. The starting point for me is to use plastic card to create a shape and thickness that looks about right. Next up a thin veneer of 10 thou with holes drilled to denote dials. Trimmed to size it looks about right. Moving on with my references it looks like there is an added panel to the right (probably a mid life update) which is added in the same way. I also found some reference to what looks like a touch screen navigation display so knocked that up as well Any comments welcome. Lemur out for now.
  13. Good day peeps. It has been quite a while since I posted anything on the forum and for that I apologise (unless you find my hamfisted attemds at modelling upsetting in which case I apologise for posting ). There have been a number of reasons why I have been absent, among them the complete loss of modelling mojo. However, I have restarted, done a few kits at the start of the year (I may post some retroperspective builds) and decided it is once again time to raise my head above the parapet. The object of this build is the venerable Airfix Gazelle (kit A50084) n its starter set form. I have fond memories of building one of these from a blister pack when I was knee high to just about everthing and summers lasted forever. A quick check on Scalemates has shown that this kit first saw the light of day in 1973. The kit itself is remarkably free from flash on the sprues, has no obvious sink marks and, as was customary at the time, very little in the way of detail. I looked at the parts and realised that there are no rudder pedals so I thought I can have a go at scratch building here and strech some sprue to make some simple pedals. What a great idea, what can go wrong? Then I looked again and realised that there are no control columns so maybe I can make them as well, nothing too difficult but dip my toe into the scratch building water as it were for my own learning. Now, I suspect that this will not sit properly on the floor so needs a bit of weight but there is no where to put it. So I decided that addind lead seat cushions could be a start, which means changing the seats to give me room, and while i am at it get the shape better. Is this how scratch building works? you change one thing, then think I could do this as well. So, kit part on the left, plastic card frame centre and seat cusion on the right. The plan will be to paint them approriately as is and then add some straps because, reasons. I think that this may not be enough so need more space for weight. unfortunately there is no room under the floor. Yep, that is going to have to change as well. I now have some more space to get some lead strip under the floor. Will it be enough? So, now I have decided I don't like the centre console so, for the dials I added a thn veneer of plastic card with suitable holes cut into it. the effect is ok, but the exection is scruffy, so needs a better paint job. Next up will be the main instrument panel followed by the central collective lever. These also look to need changing but I have not yet decided on the method. I may use lead covered in plastic card just to get a bit more weight in there. Then there will be the rear seat, bulkhead, overhead panel andoh yes, rudder pedals and stick because I ca't miss off what started this. Whoknows what else I can butcher. There will be more at a later date. Lemur ongoing.
  14. Hi all , I can confirm that this was cancelled and will not happen. Hopefully next year will be on
  15. Airfix 1/72 Tomahawk. Built time 21 hours including sleep. Paints by AK, Vallejo and Mr Hobby. Music by Two Steps From Hell, Chicago, Toto, Bryan Adams and Audiomachine. Food by me. That was fun. Lemur out.
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