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  1. There are some very nice photos there and show some very interesting weathering on the fuselage. The F-16s look very clean to just aft of the canopy where the panel lines start to become visible, whilst the Have Glass looks like a fresh factory paint job. Thank you for sharing these
  2. The other consideration here will be passenger comfort. If any of you have experienced a lively landing in heavy winds it can be quite an experience even at the front and rear extremities. How much will this be enjoyable sat halfway out on the wing is anybody's guess. On the really negative side, those who pay for the window seat will get a really spectacular view if it goes down. If I recall, the crash of American Airlines DC-10 flight 191 resulted in the removal of cameras from the nose gear showing live on the screen in the cabin for that reason as it was believed that the pa
  3. I have used Tamiya sheet through an Epson printer to create a mask for the splinter scheme on a Saab Viggen. You really have to leave the ink over night to let it fix to the paper before you use it, If you do it earlier then the ink can rub off. As Mike says,check out your printer's paper path first, but full sheets should be no problem.
  4. Put me down for the Blitzenbuild. Once again I will be handing cash over to the local model shop in return for a Christmas present wrapped and ready for opening on the day of the build. After last year's build I found it insanely entertaining to open a package not knowing what is inside but knowing that it will be completed in 24 hours. Highly recommended that option.
  5. Well done Little H. Really nice build and a good subject for the build. Keep up the good work
  6. Airfix boxing of Cromwell and King Tiger Paints a mix of Mr. Hobby, Tamiya and Vallejo.
  7. Go Little H. This is looking really good keep on going
  8. looking very nice. Can't wait to see this with added shrubbery.
  9. Thank you Angus. The show cancellation was a bit of a downer. We tried all sorts of ideas to keep going, but events overtook us the same as everyone else this year. Eventually things will change and the shows will go on.
  10. Calling this finished. Two Airfix tanks total build time 19 hours 27 minutes. Thanks for looking.
  11. Bacon buttie, coeliac style. Getting very close to the end now. Cromwell is just about finished. As you can see Mr Tiger is not happy about the rubber bands for feet and is fighting back. Currently listening to Reign of Vengeance by Future World Music.
  12. It is scary to think that the gun in the Tiger is longer than the Cromwell. These are quite interesting builds I am learning that there are subtle differences in how you build and paint armour compared to aircraft. My hat goes off to the afv modellers who can make these things look heavy.
  13. As time ticks on I have been informed by SWIMBO that I need to prep Sunday dinner, so stop mucking about with bits of plastic . Main painting is complete, with decal, details and a light weathering to consider. For now, here i am. Further updates to come.
  14. The beauty of Blitzbuild is the focusing of the mind in problematical situations. Problem, Tamiya Desert Yellow has decided to react with something inside my airbrush and refuse to come out. Solution, strip and retry. Problem, solution didn't work, no other Desert Yellow. Solution, go to Mr. Hobby paint. Solution works, but not the right colour. Tiger 2 will be in Luftwaffe desert yellow. I blame the ingenuity of the mechanics.
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