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  1. We can start a guessing game about what tomorrow will bring . I guess Tiger Moth options on floats.
  2. depressed lemur

    I'm back.

    Welcome back, Sir. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Now let us see the flying boat. Seriously, welcome back.
  3. Hi all in Britmodeller Land (No passport needed as yet) Just a quick reminder that the show circuit will begin again next year with the Bolton IPMS Show on the 19th January at the Bolton Football Club University of Bolton Stadium (ex Reebok / Macron) just off Junction 6 on the M61, or a short walk (5 minutes) from the Horwich Parkway railway station. I will post a list of traders and exhibitors shortly, but to be certain we are going to be bigger than last year.
  4. Well, another Telford consigned to history. What did I think?. As an exhibitor it was a long weekend. It was great to hang around the front of the table and chat to people about models, techniques and any old rubbish. I don't know if I caught up with any of you guys as apart from @Silver Fox no-one suggested their handles. Anyway it was great to meet everyone. I didn't get too much time to see everything, but I particularly liked the 100feet display with the 747 on finals, a lot of work getting that one ready. I thought that Saturday was much busier than last year, a good sign hopefully. Sunday was about what is usual so again, positive. I would like to pass on thanks to all IPMS members who helped out in making the show the success it was. These are the unsung heroes who make the weekend work for all who visit the show. Now, time to go through my haul and get a well earned beer. See you next year. The Lemur.
  5. Would love to help, but work cancelled my Friday holiday just so I could deal with an auditor. I will be down first thing Saturday, so may find time for a chat
  6. It's this week . OMG, OMG, OMG. If anyone feels like a chat I will be hovering around the Bolton IPMS table or the Training Aircraft SIG.
  7. I am Buzz Lightyear, I come in pieces. Great build, thanks for sharing.
  8. Having spent a week in Hampshire, followed immediately by a week north of Oban I finally got back home and back to the workbench. First thing first was to check where I had gotten up to, and see if I was happy. Giving it a thumbs up I spent a happy half hour masking the canopies before trying to paint one of them. It took a couple of goes but I finally ended up with this. All done forehand as I can't be bothered to mask it. I think, though, I will try masking the other one to see what it comes out like. Thanks for looking.
  9. Environmentally friendly modelling. A fantastic result, Sir, I doff my cap to you in the greatest respect. The only concern with the handle is that it gives the Kraken something to grab hold of.
  10. Very sad indeed. Thoughts go out to those killed and their families and loved ones.
  11. 200 stencils? I usually give up at 20. I must congratulate you on a very nice looking Phantom, you can't have too many things under those wings.
  12. After recently finishing my Eduard 48th scale Airacobras I felt like a change in scale to help my ageing eyes. Recently I was at the Keighley model show (part 2) and picked up this little beastie. A nice little dual combo with some interesting schemes and again, a little outside my usual scale / subject area. First impression was that this was a lot smaller than i suspected. I mean, the 72nd scale kits I have built in the past have had the fuselage in two or even three pieces and were bloody long. In 144, they are minute. So detail is really good considering the scale so I thought I would crack straight on. I do apologise as I forgot to take pics of the sprue, or even the cockpit parts, so keen was I to start. So we start the process with one fuselage buttoned up, And the component parts above. The two halves went together so well I had to prise them apart a little to get the Tamiya extra thin to get between the pieces. Next up is the spine,and again, there was a seriously tight fit of the parts. Four pieces to knock up the undercarriage bays. Before adding to the single piece wing. I test fitted one of the wings, and couldn't get it apart again, so tight is the tolerence. Next up, tail planes before the two piece canopy. And before you know it, you have two kits ready for paint. A note: the kit has optional parts for open and closed canopy, and there is a good level of detail to show off in there. The kit also comes with masks which will help with the canopy areas and wheel hubs. The will be a short delay before any further work can be carried out as work will take me away from home for the next two weeks. I will pick this back up when I return. These WILL be on the table at Telford. Thanks for looking
  13. I think the pale blue plastic totally changes the look
  14. A good show today big thank you to everyone involved, you have pulled another blinder. Nice mix of traders and clubs plus a competition, raffle . All in all a great day.
  15. You can get advent calendars in a certain supermarket today. It must be Christmas Hang, on. Did I miss Telford?
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