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depressed lemur

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  1. depressed lemur

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Well, I have made it back home after the show and had a bit of time to reflect. It has been a busy old day and no mistake. In between keeping on with my duties I at least managed to get to see a lot if the fabulous work on display. I would like to thank all of the people who took the time to visit our show as it can't take place without the support of all members of the hobby. Now, a quick beer then bed.
  2. depressed lemur

    The Bolton Show 2019

    The other half said "ok" that is very high praise indeed. Glad you had a good day.
  3. depressed lemur

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Minor panic last night as it started to snow but it all appears to have gone away now. Pennines are looking clear and the forecast still looks ok. Hoping that tomorrow's show goes as well as the last one. Hope to meet as many of you guys there as possible.
  4. depressed lemur

    The Bolton Show 2019

    There should be no problem parking as between the stadium and adjacent retail park there are well over a thousand spaces.
  5. depressed lemur

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Hi @DaveH there is a computer fair on the same day, but it is in a smaller suite on the other side of the stadium. We are on the side off the hotel / shopping centre, the same as last year. Hope this helps
  6. depressed lemur

    The Bolton Show 2019

    A quick check of the weather suggests we are still looking at being snow free this year. I have seen that there is snow up in the highlands of Scotland, hopefully this will not inconvenience or disrupt any travel plans.
  7. depressed lemur

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Getting down now to the final countdown for the Bolton Show on the 20th. Everything is now in place for what promises to be bigger and better than last year. This year we will be using the upper floor for extra traders and displays so make sure you visit The mezzanine. There is access by either stairs or two lifts. The weather forecast is still looking good with no hint of snow, which is always a bonus. A quick reminder that doors will open at 10am for the early birds. there is ample free car parking as well. We hope to see as many of you guys as possible there, I will be visiting all traders and exhibitors during the day so feel free to say hello to the guy with Lemur on his shirt.
  8. depressed lemur

    Fire at Sovereign Hobbies

    Thank goodness that everyone is safe. Materials can be replaced easier than people. Small consolation but could have been so much worse. Hope you get sorted soon.
  9. depressed lemur

    Show us your modelling space / stash

    @treker_ed I picked these up in IKEA. They are called MOPPE and come in 2 sizes. A smaller one for £15 and the ones I got for £18 each. A bit pricy but so very useful.
  10. depressed lemur

    Happy New Year

    Apparently tis now a new year (here anyway) All the best to some of the best and weirdest peeps I know. Keep modelling.
  11. depressed lemur

    Serious question

    With a really small net.
  12. depressed lemur

    Show us your modelling space / stash

    I think I might be getting old. Just spent the last week organising my work area. Yes, those are labels, yes everything is in its place and I have even catalogued my paints with cross reference to BS FS RAL, RLM standards. The next step might be to actually build something. Now, where did I put all my kits
  13. depressed lemur

    Happy Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas to one and all. May your paint pots never empty, may your bottle of extra thin never spill and may all your builds turn out right. Stay safe guys.
  14. depressed lemur

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Finding i don't have the big C, just the little one. Many months of uncertainty and cameras in places you would not wish, the end result is a win. So, this makes me happy.
  15. depressed lemur

    Enforced diets

    If you need gluten free check the label for the green flash. Also, cheapest place so far is Sainsbury