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depressed lemur

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  1. depressed lemur

    A little colour help please for a newbie to cars

    Thanks for the suggestions, this looks like a 2 pack paint. Would using Klear instead of the 2nd lacquer cause any issues?
  2. Hi guys. I have been asked by a friend to make a model of his Mini Cooper. As a base I will be using the Revell kit as it has the correct wheels, I would not know how to scratch those. I know that the interior will need a bit of work and his car has a sun roof, but I think I can manage that. However, my first hurdle is the colour. The vin plate shows the colour as 862/5 Indy Blue. Looking in my local car shop, and also online at Halfords, i can find no colour match in a spray. Generally I use acrylic paints. Has anyone got an idea for the best colour match? much appreciated.
  3. depressed lemur

    The Addiction

    700 Zero's phew, I thought I had a problem. Now I know that I am perfectly sane with only 55 in the cupboard. Hardly worth calling it a stash.
  4. depressed lemur

    Broken down. Again!

    I find that dark grey makes for a very reliable car. Hides the dirt well also.
  5. depressed lemur

    Cosford show

    I'm going to Cosford. Any of you guys going? When I am not depleting the old wallet I will be under the left wing of the Lincoln. Say hi to the Lemur.
  6. depressed lemur

    Hello from Russia.

    Спасибо. Я знаю только несколько слов, Google здесь очень полезен. Надеюсь, вы найдете наш сайт полезным. can't wait to see your work
  7. depressed lemur

    Hello from Russia.

    Strasvoicha, u kaku vas dilla?I Okay, I know this is not Cyrillic but the best I can do with an English keyboard. Welcome aboard.
  8. depressed lemur

    Best song about airplanes?

    Gary Numan Bombers
  9. depressed lemur

    The Tickling Stick is Hung Up Forever

    The world is a sadder place. RIP
  10. depressed lemur

    USAF F-5 Aggressors Part 1

    Awesome pics, thanks for sharing. I have a real soft spot for the Freedom Fighter and just love the aggressor schemes.
  11. depressed lemur

    American Air Power Museum

    Looks like a nice place to visit. The layout seems to lend itself to photography, the question is, are they amenable to someone taking a load of photos for a walk round?
  12. depressed lemur


    I think that the wind was worse than the snow. Now it has died down a little I can go look for the bins. God knows where half my fence is, guess that is going to be the next project.
  13. depressed lemur

    Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Awesome track
  14. depressed lemur

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Driving in the snow when there is nobody else on the road. Playing at hand brake turns in the car park. I know I should grow up but I am on the wrong side of 50 so it ain't gonna happen.
  15. depressed lemur


    Scimitar sport car? Three words i never thought I would see together .