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  1. Lets te updates begin! According to my idea, in the beginning there will be just painted soldiers and a truck riding, carefree life and beauty. Then will go the soldiers painted in Tamiya NATO Black or Rubber Black for better transmission of parts and halftones. Also the whole area will be painted in the same colors. And after that there will be a section called "war rage" painted in red and black with white skulls instead of heads.
  2. Hi, Badder. there will be plenty of soldiers because i bought four Tamiya's patrillung kits I will cut their arms and modified the poses Now im waiting for my stuff since i've moved from Ukraine to Canada. I hope they lands shortly
  3. So, good time of day for everyone First of all sorry for my english - im still learning Afler almost a year after i'm finish my last diorama, i dtarted a new project. This time it will be another trying to recreate something special to me. The one of the greatest song of all time Metallica "One". As you maybe knows, videoclip and concerts shows totally different and have their own video. When im fist time saw this new video in "Through the never" video i thought "Thats it, this is my big one!" Ok, no more words, lets start it! Cast: Taiya's '"British Infantry On Patrol" Miniart Telegraph Poles Miniart Anti Tank Obstacles Miniart Diorama With Brick Wall Miniart German Field Gun Tamiya 2,5 tonn Cargo Truck Tamiya US Infantry Weapons Set Also there will be some additional stuff Like Magic Sculpt, Barbred Wire, Resin Sculls etc. So there is an ide to recreate soldier walking from peacefull life through the war into hell. In first part infantry will be fully painted and a part of a truck will be painted too, this will be a peacefull part, then war part will be completelly black, or, maybe, not black, but painted in Tamiya NATO Black with some lights and shades. And the last part will be in black and red colors with whire sculls on the infantry bodies. I think it can be something like this. I have plenty more screenshots, but i will add them later.
  4. Hi there Couple of month ago i was finished this kit for my friend who is a huge fan of World Of Tanks and plyed this game every day. And he have this Tiger I in his garage. So i'm trying to create model as much closed to ttis screenshots as i can. For this model i bough RFM kit, and i think this is the best kit on the market so far. This was a real pleasure to worrk with. Adnt this is the photo of finished model. I home you like it.
  5. I'm already found some link with some good quality photos. http://www.brentelliottwhite.com/megadeth-warheads-on-foreheads?fbclid=IwAR33rKkeqheEITAGt8ePwb4RkL-wOLIYX1xt5ry7XyXlx_Gggavk34C1i1g Yes, i think this can be copied but some decals needs to be created from scatch. There is name of the songs placed on bombs and rockets - they definetly needs to be made from scratch.
  6. This is cool man. Huge work. But there is no Centurion tank. Art was made of two tanks. The botton one is the early Tiger, and the top is T-72 early version.
  7. Main problem - decals. A full set of 250 pieces to buy for me is too expensive.
  8. Today I bought a Megadeth - Warheads on Foreheads CD. On the cover ther is a luxurious F-18 with weapons, which, of course, it will not take off. However, as an idea for a diorama - it's great! Perhaps one of the best ideas I've ever seen. Since I personally know an artist who paints decals for FOXBOT Decals, I turned to him with this idea. The price amazed me if I wanted to buy this decal, as this decal is not very popular, it will cost me 1000USD. And I had a question, is this decal so popular that it can be produced by AMMO Mig or Eduard? This is a video of unboxing this CD. In my opinion - this is a great idea for decals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbQGuVyOns0
  9. So, i have a hard year with my family stuff, but, anyway job is done ))
  10. First "OSCAR EW 5894 Fallos" is ready. Decals by "CTA Models". https://ctamodels.com/buy-cta-decal-here#S48
  11. Hello to everyone. I really sorry about so quiet so long time. Family stuff, changin my work ets take some time. Much longer than i thought. But i finished fist of two "Fallos" fighters. The some pictures, and more pictures to go very soon .
  12. So, this is it, guys! Are you ready to spent some money? OSCAR EW 5894 1/72 and 1/48 decals! You can buy in from here: https://ctamodels.com/decals or here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/novokits/m.html 1/48 perfectly fits to Arfix kits A05123 or A05124
  13. Garfield is a toy. I think decals will not be enough. It will look too flat from differend angles.
  14. Guys, i have some good news for us all Folland Gnat "Hot Shots" decals in 1/72 and 1/48 scale already in progres. Release date in late december or early/middle january. When it's done - i tell you where to buy
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