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  1. Hi Eric, Check out this pic of an Aer Turas DC-4 and you'll see the nose gear is further back. https://www.flickr.com/photos/shanair/8471275842/in/album-72157632764949282/ Cheers, Ian
  2. That's a gorgeous DC4 Eric, I prefer the DC4 over the DC6 and 7. Nice NMF and engine colouring. Good to see lots of aerials and dangly bits on a model. It's not a criticism but is the nose gear too far forward? Cheers, Ian
  3. Yes.
  4. No amputation necessary! Simply substituting Minicraft part with Contrails part, couldn't be easier. Cheers, Ian
  5. Superb job and flawless finish Mike! How did you paint the leading edge of the fan blades? Cheers, Ian
  6. Eric there is no surgery involved at all with the Contrails part. You just insert the replacement cockpit for the Minicraft part. If you were to sand and shape I suspect you would sand most of it away! Cheers, Ian
  7. I couldn't agree more Jeff, in fact I have a minor deluge myself, set to be released over the next few months! Ian
  8. Hi John, You've certainly nailed the shape of the nose, not too sharp not too blunt. I'd never have guessed it wasn't an AA kit! I wish I hadn't just got rid of my Airfix 1-11, I've even got the Maxdecal Aer Lingus sheet for it. Chris was meant to be doing one of these British Eagle 1-11's, don't know what's happened to it though. Keep up the good work! What's next? Cheers, Ian
  9. Hi, I know that RichW who posts on Britmodeller has offered them in the past. Might be worth a PM. Cheers, Ian
  10. Well done recovering from the tennis ball incident John, can't tell there was ever any damage. I love the S61N, it just looks right if you know what I mean and of course it's in my favourite BA livery! Cheers, Ian
  11. Looking good Martijn! You certainly seem to have got lots done, it's a pity we don't all have more Bank Holidays! Let's hope those seams don't reappear. Which colour do you use for the KLM grey on the engines and underside of the fuselage? Not long until decal time Cheers, Ian
  12. It's out on eBay. 3 different boxings SAS Star Alliance, Midway and Austrian. Cheers, Ian
  13. Instantdioramatastic!
  14. Hi Andy, It's nice to see something a little different. Great work on those tanks, only 5 or 6 to go! The markings shouldn't be too difficult apart from the white tail logo. The black stripe can be masked and painted. Are you going to thin the wings? I think they are too thick. Cheers, Ian
  15. Nice one Alex! I certainly can't see any flaws, it's another slick finish again! I think the 747sp is one of Welsh's best. Love the livery and a very different diorama display. Cheers, Ian