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  1. Jeff, which one did you buy, the one for €396 or the one at €412? Hope you didn't go for the €47.20 it's probably really tatty! Cheers, Ian
  2. You could sand them off completely then reconstruct them with some stretched sprue. I think the moulded ones are over scale anyway. Cheers, Ian
  3. Boeing 787 question

    Hi Dave, Is this the sort of thing you're looking for? https://www.airteamimages.com/boeing-787_N787BX_boeing_104810.html Or maybe half way down this page https://hiveminer.com/Tags/airventure,dreamliner Also the second pic on this page http://matthamptonphotography.com/boeing-787-dreamliner.html Hope these are of some use. Looking forward to seeing your Dreamliner soon! Cheers, Ian
  4. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    Yes, it would mean I can tick another off my list! How about this one Chris? Cheers, Ian
  5. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    Hi everyone, I know I shouldn't, I've got too many on the go as it is but I keep dropping by and seeing all these lovely 737s and I'm finding it hard to resist. I'm thinking about entering my Authentic Airliners 737-200 in either Britannia 80's livery, BA Negus, Pan Am blue stripe IGS or classic Sabena. Which do you guys think I should enter? Cheers, Ian
  6. Awe inspiring work Neil, and a fitting tribute to Leslie Manser VC. How big is it in 1/48? Must be nice to have an empty workbench again! Cheers, Ian
  7. Hapag-Lloyd Express 737-400 - Big Yellow Taxi

    Lufthansa yellow? ......Lufthansa don't have any yellow in their livery, Jeff! Anyway, I've just been rummaging in my drawers (as you do) and I found a tin of Humbrol 99 Matt Lemon. You might find it's a better starting point Dave. In fact, I think it might be spot on! Cheers, Ian
  8. First time airliner builder

    Cool, looking forward to your progress. Any questions just ask, there's always plenty of help available. Cheers, Ian
  9. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    I've got loads of very fine wire, go on you know you want to! There's loads of time until May
  10. Hi Jeff, Wing fences are easy to make from very thin sheet styrene. In fact, kit supplied wing fences tend to be too thick anyway. I accept they should've been included and an etched brass ones would be best but it only takes minutes to make your own! It would be interesting to compare this with the Pas and AA Caravelles Cheers, Ian
  11. First time airliner builder

    Hi Tyler, Welcome to Britmodeller and the world of airliner modelling! The good news is that both the 787-800 and -900 are available in 1/144. The -800 is sold by Zvezda and Revell, it's the same mould. Zvezda do the -900 too. A quick eBay search should find plenty. Thomson decals are available for the -800 from here http://www.26decals.com/epages/62035508.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62035508/Products/STS44208 They will fit the -900 too but you might have trouble with the 'J' of the registration as the sheet only includes regs up to G-TUIG Hope this helps! Cheers, Ian
  12. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    Dave, could the spigots represent the cylinders visible in the 5th pic of reply#8 in this thread? Just a thought. Cheers, Ian
  13. Boeing 737-300 - WP's Simpsons

    How about yellow primer? Available in a can from Halfords! Cheers, Ian
  14. Very smart as expected Martijn, I think the scratch built nose gear has made a big difference to the model. It looked too clunky and toy like with the original piece. Plus of course your windows really finish it off as usual! This could easily pass for 1/72 in your pics, hard to believe it's only 13cm. It looks like a handy size to display too, I've got lots of big jets on the go at the moment and I don't know where I'm going to display them! The shapes look good not all Welsh kits are, IMO. But then again I've not seen any of the more recent resin fuselage models, after seeing this I might look into getting one. Looking forward to next time! Cheers, Ian