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  1. 1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    Thanks for all the comments everyone! David, I used Mr Color 315 which is my standard paint for Boeing Grey. I think it looks just right for the grey BOAC used too. I filled the windows with Milliput as I have had problems using the kit windows as plugs before. HTH Cheers, Ian
  2. Hi Martijn, I can't decide if I like this plane. The plane, not your model which is splendid as usual. I think it's the fact that from the side it looks like a fast jet but from above the lack of any swept wing suggests it's a slow plane. All very confusing IMO. Nice cockpit decals. Are those the decals supplied with the kit? I must say the fit around the cockpit is exceptional! What size is the model? I'm imagining it's quite small. Colin, I'm going to have to check out some of this Gorilla Super Glue Gel. I think they sell it in B&Q too. Cheers, Ian
  3. Hi Martin, This is coming along nicely! You're a little further ahead than me, I have primed the fuselage but am not happy with the finish so will be removing it and starting again. It's a pity KLM didn't buy the Caravelle as it looks good in those colours. Not so sure it would have looked as good in the later blue top/white tail livery though. You look pretty eager to get on board that IB DC9! Obviously bitten by the aviation bug at an early age! Looking forward to the next update, won't be long before we see this in RFI. Cheers, Ian
  4. 1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    Yep, that's the one! Small world eh?! The Packet House and surrounding area are lovely, lots of quaint and historic buildings. I'm a little further away just north of the East Lancs. Thanks for the compliments Zebra. I can recommend Authentic Airliners window decals, I try to use them on every build if I can as they add so much more to the model, imho. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
  5. 1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    Hi FortyEighter, Yes I used the 'cabin windows no frames' from Authentic Airliners. Unfortunately you'll need two sets. Don't be tempted by the 'cabin windows for dark fuselages' as they have grey frames. AA windows do work better on light backgrounds but can work well enough on a dark cheatline. Cheers, Ian
  6. Thank you Eric, I'm glad you find them inspirational! We need lots more airliners to counteract all the WW2 stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with anything WW2 or military it's just that there are too many! The graphics program is Inkscape not Inkspace for when you get your computer sorted. Cheers, Ian
  7. 1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    Thank you for all the comments, I really appreciate it! I have to agree with everyone's comments about how classy this livery was. I don't remember seeing any aircraft in BOAC livery, I must have with both sets of Grandparents living under the approach to Heathrow but I was too young. I do remember the hybrid BA/BOAC scheme on VC10's and 747's although by then they were looking pretty tired. Wow, Whicker's World, now that takes me back.....! So was SGR scrapped then or did it carry on with the RAF, bzn20? FortyEighter, I applied the AA 1-11 windows in one strip. There are the correct number of windows as far as I'm aware and they seemed to fit the model. I've just checked my left over 1-11 windows with my BOAC decal sheets (I've got lots!) and they are more or less the same spacing as each other. Maybe it depends on which sheet you have as there have been 3 different 26 sheets to my knowledge. Concorde never flew in this livery dieselweasel. That would have been a combination!! Graeme, a word of caution with the gold foil decals, the speed bird is slightly too big for the VC10 tail so I had to trim it slightly. Cheers, Ian
  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone! Eric, you know the right people. I'd love someone to give me an Airfix A300! I saw one at Telford for £10 but stupidly didn't get it, of course, when I changed my mind and went back it was gone John, I find designing the decals almost as enjoyable as making the models. I use Inkscape which is a free vector graphics program and I've recently bought a laser printer which makes things a whole lot easier. My previous attempts have been with an inkjet which was a disaster. I had quite a few subjects on one sheet so there will be some more of my homemade decals appearing soon! Nothing major it just helps with logos, titling and small details. Dave, they've been waiting in the wings for a while almost finished so when we had a dry sunny day I had to quickly add the finishing touches and get them photographed. This wasn't as easy as it first seemed because it was fairly blustery and the nosewheel kept lifting off the ground, either that or the whole model would swing round into the wind! You don't get that with a resin kit that's for sure. I can definitely recommend the Bra.Z nose and I think I'd agree with you, it would massively improve the Revell kit. Been thinking about an A310 myself too. Next off the bench is quite significantly smaller shall we say. Stay tuned as it's nearly done! Cheers, Ian
  9. There have been loads of these in RFI since it was released last year so it's nothing new but I wanted to build one to go with my British Airways example also G-ASGR. I'm sure many of you will agree you can never have enough VC10s!! I painted the cheatline and tail but used the gold foil decals from Welsh Models as I always think the gold foil on the real aircraft looked far classier than the later gold paint. The door outlines and details are from the 26 sheet and the passenger windows are BAC 1-11 windows from Werner at Authentic Airlines. The flightdeck window decals are from Martijn (Malair, also on Britmodeller) so many thanks to him, I think they add so much more realism to the model. I used some white metal under carriage from an ancient Welsh Models kit which added a little more weight, something that came in handy today when I was trying to take the photos in quite gusty conditions! Here are the pics. Hope you like it and thanks for looking. Cheers, Ian
  10. Here is my Airfix A300 with a Bra.Z nose and home made decals. Another of my 'planes I remember from Heathrow around 1980'. The Airfix kit is fairly accurate and could be built OOB and still look very good, however I've used the replacement nose available from Bra.Z as I feel it really captures the Airbus widebody family nose shape 100%. The only other changes I've made are to move the tail bumper to a more correct position and scratch build the intakes on the underside of the fuselage between the wings. The cheatlines have been painted as has the tail with the logo printed on white decal paper and doubled up. Titles, names, coroguard etc were all home printed too except for the small logos on the engines and below the flightdeck windows which I found in my spares box. Stabiliser rubbing plates are from the 26 A300 detail decal sheet as are the door handles/details. Passenger and flightdeck windows are from Werner at Authentic Airliners. I've depicted D-AIAA Garmisch Partenkirchen as a fairly new aircraft and so have only lightly weathered the wings. Overall I'm pleased with this model as it was my first attempt at designing and printing my own decals and it seems to have turned out alright. Hope you like it and thanks for looking! Cheers, Ian
  11. Dave you're spoiling us! I've just gone back for a look at the SAS DC 6 and I'm having trouble deciding which is my favourite. This KLM DC 4 might just have pipped it though! Love the last pic, I can just imaging number 2 coughing into life, all we need is a way of modelling smoke! Not wanting to nitpick but do you think the aerials would look better black? Looking forward to your 757. Cheers, Ian
  12. Just beautiful Alex, another stunner! You sure know how to churn them out! I love this livery it is simple but because it's mainly blue it really stands out. Hasegawa produced some great kits in terms of shape and fit, I had quite a few back in the eighties but got rid of most of the when I decided to concentrate on 1/144. Now I'm running out of space I kind of wish I'd stuck with the Loveliners! Keep 'em coming! Cheers, Ian
  13. Viscount V.630 conversion.

    Hi Admiral, I've just been looking at my copy of Stewart Wilson's 'Viscount, Comet and Concorde' book which states that, quote, 'the wingspan was increased by 5ft 0in (1.52m) by adding a new inner section (which also moved the engines further away from fuselage....)' So yes the 630's props were closer to the fuselage. I'll scan the 630 section for you and email it if you can pm me your address. Cheers, Ian

    Ooh, I like that Michael! Fantastic job, very unusual, never seen one modelled before. I wonder why they didn't paint the engines blue? Cheers, Ian
  15. John, this is beautiful! Flawlessly finished as usual and an outstanding nmf especially on the engines. Which paint did you use for it? I've got this kit and decals too, it's on my ever lengthening to do list along with Saudia, Air Canada and Cathay Pacific. It's good to hear it goes together well. It's interesting to notice the airliners.net image shows different engines on the same aircraft, the starboard engine has the short afterbody. Did you modify the kit engines at all? Cheers, Ian