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  1. John, this is the first time I've looked at any of your non airliner models, wow, it's amazing! Seriously impressed. What sort of size is it? You say it was popular with crews but I bet the gunner didn't like spending too much time sitting on that tiny seat!! I'm going to check out some more WNW models for sure. Do you think they could be persuaded to move into airliners? Cheers, Ian
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone, I really appreciate it! Graeme and winenut you'll be glad to know I've since painted the wipers! Chris, I try to make them as realistic as possible so it seems to have worked! Thanks Ray, it's a big sheet of 8mm MDF about 4' x 3'. The grass areas are model railway grass sheets and the taxiways are just printed card designed on my computer. I have one taxiway with a modern centreline and the other with an older style white centreline. It's getting a bit tatty now so each time I take it out to photograph something I invariably have to do some sort of repair. Quite often I find by the time I've tidied it up the sun has gone in and it's started raining! I could do with redoing it and I'd like to incorporate a junction, some signage and maybe lights into it to add a bit of interest. The other side I plan on having a large ramp area too. I'll take a pic when it stops raining! Hi Martijn, no there were no problems with the engines but this was an original 1995 Swissair/KLM release which as Dave said was well moulded. I also have the 2004 pink Helvetic/Austrian/KLM release and the engines are fine on that one too so maybe I just got lucky! Dave, it's the Extratech set available here https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/EX14409 although I must admit I didn't use much of it. The engines were already built up years ago so I couldn't fit the fans in, I didn't want the reversers opened as I'd have to build all the flaps down and spoilers deployed and I couldn't be bothered with that. I did however use the wheel hubs, gear doors and pitots. Thanks John, I know I keep banging on about AA windows but you won't regret using yours! Which 707 are you doing? You might be remembering it from when it was in the previous pink scheme. I've just googled HB-JVC and it's only the Helvetic F100 that comes up. I found the kit very easy to build, there are not too many parts and if you get hold of an early release the moulding should be good. However the decal that comes with the later release has loads of nice details. £20 isn't a bad price, there is one on eBay at the moment for £40! There's also one for £9.99 with no bids so you might be able to grab a bargain! I hope Revell reissue it soon too. Cheers, Ian
  3. After viewing Alex1978's recent Swissair Fokker F100 I decided I must dig out my semi finished F100 and get it done. It has been in the loft for probably 20 years or so which I can't understand as it's a lovely little kit and deserves better than to be hidden away unfinished and unloved! Anyway, my kit had very little needing doing to it except painting and decaling. Whilst I really want a KLM example some day I decided to finish this one in Helvetic Airways livery as they are regular visitors to my local airport MAN. There are no Helvetic F100 decals available but as it's a simple enough scheme I decided to print off the titles, registrations and door outlines and use a spare Swissair A321 white cross decal I had left over which was exactly the right size. The cabin and cockpit windows are by Werner of Authentic Airliners and of course add that extra level of realism IMO. Details are from the Helvetic/KLM/Austrian decal which was included when this kit was last reissued around 13 years ago and is another I have in the stash for the future, although that one will likely be converted into an F70. Some of the details are from the Extratech photoetched detail set. Here are the pics I was able to take this morning during a brief sunny break in the clouds. There is some very light weathering on the model however this has not come out in the pics, the aircraft are generally kept very clean anyway! Damn, just realised I forgot to paint the windscreen wipers. There's always something I forget to do! Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ian
  4. Hi Alex, Looks like another stunner! You wouldn't know the kit is probably 50+ years old! I built a Frog Comet many years ago and remembered it as being a very 'solid' build and yours has the same look about it. I prefer the way Frog did the props to the way Roden approached them but maybe 1/96, being a larger scale, makes it easier. That's a great stand, did it come with the kit? Make sure you keep the box, it's a classic too! Cheers, Ian
  5. Another great 1-11 John! It just shows how little you need to do to make a big difference to the overall look of the Airfix kit. I really wish I hadn't sold my Airfix 1-11. Are you going to add a DC-9 to your SAS lineup? I can recommend the Lima November decals. Just to be pedantic, SAS actually stands for Scandinavian Airline System. Cheers, Ian
  6. I know that feeling!
  7. They don't build them like that any more, I know what you mean about sounds you could feel Ratrace, I remember feeling Concorde in my chest! Sounds like a great idea, have you got a big enough base board though?! I'd love a 1/144 airport!! Sorry FortyEighter, I can't help it if we both have great taste! Thanks Neil, I had a few setbacks too as well as changes of livery it certainly wasn't a straightforward build! Maybe all the Dusty Old Modellers of the Northwest could get together for a group photo shoot. We'd need a very big baseboard to do Ringway though! Maybe Chris could get hold of some big MDF sheets! Martijn, I've not really given it a gloss coat as such. The white is Halfords Appliance White, no sure if you are familiar with Halfords but the paint is basically car paint in a spray can. I have just polished the blue with micromesh. You'll have to bring your KLM jets along for some Dutch flavour! Cheers, Ian
  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone I really appreciate it I don't remember any other airlines flying the Trident they were a bit before my time! Yep that's the place bzn20, big blue doors and yellow vans and lorries. My Dad was there during the 60's, 70's and 80's but I think he had left by the 90's though. Small world isn't it? Cheers, Ian
  9. Hi Ridgeline, Thanks for your compliment glad you like this one too! I have posted quite a few recently because I tend to work on lots at the same time and sometimes they all get finished fairly close together. I don't build that quickly. At the moment I have 8 on the go! Cheers, Ian
  10. Hi Martijn, Hands down the best DC-9 I've seen! Just superb, I wish I'd made my Trident as grubby as this, it seems there were lots of dirty airliners around during this era and the KLM DC-9s were no exception. You were right about the AA windows fitting over the F-DCAL ones, they fit perfectly. Maybe I'll use the decal cheatlines after all, don't know when I'll finish mine though. No rush anymore as you've well and truly beaten me to it! What do you use for the weathering? Is the exhaust staining on the fuselage sprayed on or brushed? Nice new display base too, and it looks big, is it for photographing your whole KLM fleet together? Congratulations, I really love this one! Cheers, Ian
  11. Hi Nick, This is a fantastic result, I wouldn't have guessed it was 1/200 more 1/144. Really nice finish no sign of any of your previous problems. With regard to the moulded antennae I always take them all off before I start then you have a nice large area the work on rather than trying to avoid delicate details. At the end once everything is finished I glue them back with UHU or PVA. Very impressed with your homemade decals, did you use a laser printer or inkjet? Cheers, Ian
  12. Hi Martin, This is superb! Really sharp and crisp with just the right amount of weathering. As Dave said I haven't seen one finished either. Did you not fancy opening all the doors? Hope you get to finish some more airliners! Cheers, Ian
  13. Thanks once again for the positive comments! I'll have to agree with you Eric, very rare to see a Trident at Gatwick but Heathrow, well that's a different story, I wonder if we'll ever get nostalgic for A320s!? John, I remember they were called 'gripper' because they took so long to get airborne! Gary, the reason for the offset nose gear was so it could retract sideways into the fuselage. This meant a longer cargo hold and a larger electrical bay under the flightdeck. Cheers, Ian
  14. Hi Meatbox8, Thanks for your compliments. I referred to the BEA tail colour as blue/green as it did look greenish in certain light conditions or after a few years of weathering. Cheers, Ian
  15. Thanks for the comments everyone! Chris, I also have a few Airfix Tridents in various stages of construction/conversion but am seriously contemplating whether it's possible to backdate/reverse engineer the F-RSIN 3B to a 1 or 2. Don't know which would be easier. I don't think I need another 3B so maybe I will try to convert my other kit to a 2E. Love it Eric! Didn't know about the supersonic exhaust gases, I'd forgotten about the crackle. People who complain about aircraft noise nowadays haven't a clue. Tridents, 1-11s, DC-8s, DC-9s, Caravelles, 707s, 727s, VC10s not to mention Concorde! Noel, I've become a big user of AA windows, they do add so much more realism! Cheers, Ian