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  1. Looking forward to see this. I will be following as well.
  2. Thank you so much for all nice comments. Red and white antennas are decals Dave, is guess I was little bit lazy to order AA decals. It is my fault on this one. From now on I will use AA decals however I believe that clear windows are the best option which I will try to do in my upcoming builds
  3. @RCI I have been waiting for this for a long time my friend. Another master class modelling spotted on the horizon! I will definitely watch
  4. Hello Everyone; For those of you already follow construction stages on my Instagram account, as of today, I finally finished 1/144 Revell Boeing 767-300 Asiana. Construction adventure took more than 20 weeks but happy with the result. Some scratch built details added like anti collision s, engine vortex generators. For the paints, Xtracolor X309 Asiana buff (which is by far the worst paint ever used in terms of pigmentation) used for upper section. Lower section of the fuselage painted with Mr. Color C316 white, wings and horizontal stabilizers painted with
  5. Nothing much to say Sini. This is by far best 1/144 A319 I’ve ever seen! Masterpiece!
  6. Another stunning airliner models. Build quality is exceptional. However I couldn’t agree more for the comments regarding to design of nose section. Thank so much for sharing.
  7. Thank you so much for all comments guys. @Challenger350Pilot Thank you! To be honest oven cleaner very effective way to remove acrylics such as Tamiya and Mr. Hobby without damage to plastic. However I used mr. Color lacquer and thought that cleaner would work of it but not. It did not remove any paint on fuselage. So I change my strategy and used lacquer thinner as you suggested. Speaking for myself, modelling is a lifetime learning hobby, every model is a test bed that learning new skills, tips and techniques @Skodadriver At first glance new livery seem
  8. Sorry for the late response . Thank you so much for all comments. Really appreciate!
  9. Dear Colleagues; I would like to share my latest finished project, Revell 1/144 Embraer 190 Lufthansa New livery. As many of you know, Revell E-190 kit is a fun to build and went together really well. However my initial plan was little bit different. I wanted to build her with open windows and did not want to use windshield decal but paint chipping issue which I had experienced ruined my plans. Since size of the area which the paint was lifted too large and it ruined my paintwork, I had to remove all the paints on fuselage, tail and the wings by using oven cleaner. Unfo
  10. Hello modellers: This is going to be my first contribution on this lovely forum. I have been only airliner modelling for almost 15 years and this is my 5.th completed model. Yep I am a kind of rivet counter modeller Although It takes some time for me to built, kit was straightforward and it was fun to build. Painted with Revell enamels (04 for fuselage 371 for wings) and applied thin clear coats of Tamiya X-22. Following the application of clear coats oil wash applied. I am not satisfied the quality of Gio decals. Although it is thin and colors are vibrand I w
  11. One of the best A319 i've ever seen.she looks very sharp brilliant job !
  12. hey ruben Your models is looking absolutely terrific. i always like uzbekistan livery Thanks for sharing
  13. Dear collegues; i will keep you posted about our new and developing website. We completed our board and site operation and board is online. Our aim is to create global airliner modelling community, therefore we welcome all international and turkish modellers. Forum is both in english and turkish...if you build an airliner you can join our board. we are just waiting your sharings and ideas. please don't hesitate...be part of us www.airlinermodellers.com with best wishes... Berk
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