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  1. Hi Berk, thanks for your kind feedback and the share on instagram. Appreciate these words! Hi Adam, thanks. Yeah at some point I will have a go at the Zvezda 757. Definitely looking forward to it. At the moment though I am focusing on finally finishing some planes instead of starting yet some other ones Cheers, Julien
  2. Hi Paul, thanks for your kind comments. Yes it is my first AA. Actually seeing some super nice 757‘s from Turbofan here on Britmodeller inspired me to have a go at one. As you say it is definitely different from a plastic model and for me this was a welcome change. I am considering doing other AA‘s. Definitely interested in some widebodies, if they just would not take so much space.. What will your summer project be? It sounds very interesting! Looking forward to see it. Julien
  3. Thanks a lot, appreciate your comment Wulfman! Nice to have a United Pilot posting here, FLCH. I am still considering to do the „brother“ you are showing there as well at some point.
  4. Thanks a lot for the kind comments. Yeah, with some cutting & trying, lots of Decal Soft & patience one can make these decals work.
  5. Thanks, John. Yeah I am hoping the same, there are quite many nice 757‘s around past and present, so will be cool to see an increase in available decals - right now there are rather few.
  6. Hi everybody, I finally finished this Authentic Airliners 757 in United's special livery. I saw this plane in Lisbon when it was on its first flight in that livery and as New York is one of my favourite places this was somewhat a no-brainer when I saw the decals available at 8a decs. Speaking of those.... well, they aren't the most accurate ever. The colours are quite darker than the orginal and differ a bit from one part of the decal to another, also they are bit too large for the airplane both horizontally and vertically and even the tail that was supposed to be for an Authentic Airliners model turned out too large. In the end super tricky to apply and I needed more than one set to finish it Additionally I used a Flying Colour detail set (not really needed though IMO, used very few decals from it) and a sheet from Richard Warcup for the no step and the overwing exits (the 8a set has zero details) and of course AA cockpit windows (I would not use anything else anymore). The building of the AA is pretty straightforward and was a welcome change after all that sanding and filling a few Revell 320/ 321's needed that I did before. It was my first Authentic Airliners and wont be the last. It gave me the opportunitly to visit Kurt from Authentic Airliners - as he lives really close to me - and I could see his impressive collection. For the Scimitar winglets I used some 737 ones from Zvezda that I modified, the Wifi Antenna is from a Revell 321 and I built some smaller details on my own. As for the colours it was painted with Tamiya White (after some Tamiya White Primer), the grey parts are mixed based on Mr. Hobbys H338 and the engines / winglets are Mr Hobby H5 - a blue that is normally a tad too dark for the UA livery, but it fitted nicely to the rest of the decals. The silver on the edges is Mr Hobby’s “Super-Metallic SM201” which I can definitely recommend. It has some ultra fine pigments which gives it a nice even, polished look. Contrary to what is said somewhere it works on any kind of base colour, one does not need to paint black underneath – I tested it on different surfaces. Overall I am satisfied with it and yeah its the first one of my special colour projects that is finished, currently working on 2 others. Now enjoy the pics. Best regards, Julien
  7. Nice Alex. I have to say with the relatively little modifications you made it look really good to the point I wasn't sure that if it was a revell at all It always hurts me a bit to see beautifully painted 744's with that super odd-looking nose. again: Brilliant model. Julien
  8. Hi Alex, super nice! What 747-400 kit was it? Doesn't look like a Revell...which is something positive. Or did you use some correction for the nose? This is a nice livery and super neat build. Great work.
  9. Nice model with a nice colour scheme. Nazca decals are overall not really accurate and the windows tend to be too large, so good choice on not using them. I can only confirm that.
  10. Hey Alex, very nice model. This livery is super nice and you ve done a neat finish. Cool to see someone going for trickier decals! Julien
  11. Hi everybody, Just as question: Anybody having experience with Humbrokl 19 acrylic? I tried it for a Qantas that I am doing but even with Humbrol's own Acrylic Thinner I always end up with a cloughed airbrush. The colour does not seem to mix well with the thinner, which strange enough does not smell at all? I have Tamiya Ts-8 as an alternative, but trying to work out all options currently. Thanks Julien
  12. Very nice. I am very impressed. Super nicely done & finished with great details, they look like the real thing! The Metallics look great and yeah I didnt knew that the Minicraft 727 could look that good. Beautiful planes as well. I've seen Northwest with their DC-10's quite often here in Frankfurt during my early spotting days and always like them. Julien
  13. Hi Ian, I am doing the 757 in the special Her art Here New York livery. Perhaps not my greatest idea ever as the decals are a bit tricky, but looks like I can make it work somehow. Yeah I thought about really weathering those wings as well, I am just not an expert on weathering, so I might try on some leftover wings I have first. Will show the model here once I am finished - I am rather slow currently. Thanks for your response and again - lovely Caledonian 757. On the pics the issue with the decals is not really visible.
  14. Hi Ian, I am very impressed by this super nice model (again). Very well done and beauttifully finished (as always). Caledonian is a very nice livery as well.. The wings look spot-on as well. I am currently doing United 757 (also AA) they dont seem to have the coroguard. But by looking at yours I might still use it (have the FC detail set as well), as my wings look so "naked" compared to yours. Beautiful work. Julien
  15. Very well done Alex. Nicely built with a lots of details and a very nice finish as well. Also a nice livery. Julien
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