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  1. Hi Ian, I am doing the 757 in the special Her art Here New York livery. Perhaps not my greatest idea ever as the decals are a bit tricky, but looks like I can make it work somehow. Yeah I thought about really weathering those wings as well, I am just not an expert on weathering, so I might try on some leftover wings I have first. Will show the model here once I am finished - I am rather slow currently. Thanks for your response and again - lovely Caledonian 757. On the pics the issue with the decals is not really visible.
  2. Hi Ian, I am very impressed by this super nice model (again). Very well done and beauttifully finished (as always). Caledonian is a very nice livery as well.. The wings look spot-on as well. I am currently doing United 757 (also AA) they dont seem to have the coroguard. But by looking at yours I might still use it (have the FC detail set as well), as my wings look so "naked" compared to yours. Beautiful work. Julien
  3. Very well done Alex. Nicely built with a lots of details and a very nice finish as well. Also a nice livery. Julien
  4. Hey Alex, Thanks a lot! I read some wrong instructions on that somewhere as well (not sure where anymore). But I studied a lot of photos (including some of mine where I know there was no colour manipulation / excessive editing) and did quite a few tests comparing with shots again. Much more effort than I usually do on colour mixing I am happy if I can help out, and yeah looking forward to see more SAS Neo's! Also looking forward to some building experiences of the Zvezda version. The fit of the Revell is NOT great, so the fuselage needs quite some sanding work.
  5. @everybody: Thank you very much for the nice welcome and the nice feedback. I appreciate it a lot. I can say a bit more as an introduction. I am in my mid-thirties and am a huge (mostly civil) aviation fan since I was a kid having grown up close to Frankfurt Airport. Mostly I do photos, but some 1,5 years a go I picked up modelling again (have done a few before, but rather occasionally and not really good). Luckily I have two good friends that are modellers as well, the first is doing civil airliners as well and taught me a lot, the second is doing military models and has also shown
  6. Hi, I've been reading here for quite some time now and looked at some fantastic builts, that really inspire me for my modelling. Let me present you my SAS A320 NEO that I finished yesterday. It is not the new Zvezda kit, as this wasn't yet released when I started the model. It's the Revell A320 neo, with wheels that I ordered via Revell's fantastic replacment part service. Decals are from LN decals and for sure one of the best I ever used. It also has few parts (cables on the wheels + antennas) from a Metallic Detail set. Windows are obviously from Authentic
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