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  1. Thanks Berk and Martijn, appreciate your comments a lot! A KLM 320 neo will look nice, one of my favourite liveries.
  2. Wonderful build Martijn. Nicely finished, the different metal tones are super cool! Looks super realistic and that presentation is lovely. Julien
  3. Thanks guys. Yeah ever since another modeller introduced me to these detailed “realistic” windows I am not using others anymore. Thanks for the kind words otherwise!
  4. Thanks, I thought about giving up at once and just make something else out of it, but then I really wanted that TAP...
  5. Hi everybody, just finished this Zvezda A320 neo in TAP colours. Overall a simple livery, but I personally really like it and have a special connection to Portugal where I am at least once a year and flew TAP a couple of times. It could have been my fastest build ever, as the Zvezda kit is really neat and easy to build and clearly better than the Revell, which one can make look nice as well, but it will be definitely more effort of sanding and filling, which is certainly my least favourite part. The only question I cannot answer, is why it has zero details on the outside and then antennas that come with it have an odd shape. So I built my own details for the fuselage and used some antennas from other models. So why didn’t I finish it earlier? Because of the decals. A never ending story. First I bought decals from PAS, but when I received them I immediately realized that the colours are odd, nowhere where they would need to be. I looked for alternatives and went for the Nazca ones (yeah next mistake there). They were certainly not accurate colour-wise, but looked close enough to be used, but when I applied them I found out that the titles were just too small and looked odd. Certainly the last time I bought Nazca decals, as they are just full of faults. Okay new set needed so I went for the 8adecs from Mexico (there’s also a nice 26decals set, but it is the old version without the AIR). Well the shipment made all the way from Mexico to Frankfurt Airport but got lost by German Post on the short way from the Airport to my home. Jon from 8a decs was so kind and sent me a replacement. So 4 weeks later it made it but the decal was damaged once it arrived. So I reached out to Jon, wjho really cared and sent me yet another set that arrived just 3 days a go..and finally with the 5th decal set (!!) I could finish the plane just yesterday. The 8a decals are great…and yeah with that story I will certainly order again from him. A nice guy that cares..we all know that that’s not always the case. Detail are from a Revell sheet I have as spare and the cockpit windows from Authentic Airliners, as usual. Otherwise the plane is painted with Tamiya and Mr. Hobby colours. Now enjoy the photos, I appreciate any feedback / comment. Julien
  6. Thanks for all your kind comments. I appreciate it a lot! I gave the EE 220-300 kit as a christmas gift to very good friend who is also modeller. He confirmed to me as well that the fuselage fits surprisingly good and that he is positively surprised by the kit as well.
  7. Hi, thanks for your kind comments, I appreciate it. @Rupert: Thanks. Any plans what (Airline) yours will be? Otherwise I fully agree the plane is selling well at the moment, so yes there will be more and more nice liveries to chose from. @Skodadriver: I think you should definitely get one. I read that review on Modellversium as well, but dont fully agree. Well it is surely not as neat as some Zvezda kits are and I would not recommend it to a beginner, but as I said it is a good kit and for an experienced modeller absolutely not problematic or so. For me 2 things make a good kit 1) it looks like the orginal especially in the shape 2) it doesnt need a super huge effort to get it right. The EE kit ticks both boxes, it was actually one of my quickest builds, I think I started it some 6 weeks back. It doesnt come cheap in Germany neither, sometimes there are better offers on ebay or you might want to check out a russian store called i modelist. I am thinking about doing an Embraer 195-E2 from Eastern Express as well, only a limited Airline Choice so far keeps me from doing one. Cheers, Julien
  8. Hi everybody, I finally finished my second model of the year..... At first I was bit sceptical as I hadn't done an Eastern Express model before, and what I heard / saw is that they werent always great to build. Nevertheless the A220 kit got rather decent reviews so at some point I decided to give it a try, as there are plenty of nice liveries / decals for it. To my surprise the kit is rather good. The fit of the fuselage, and cockpit part is surprisingly good and certainly better than on any Revell A321/ 320 neo I recently did. Sure one has to try and sand the parts before glueing, but if one does so one can get a decent result without too much effort. The wings are a bit fiddly and the panel lines there are rather thin, so I'd definitely recommend a scriber (which I did) as otherwise likely detais there will be barely visible. The gear is also a bit fiddly, but the engines are surprisingly easy and with a good separation of parts that makes painting easy. All in all a good kit and it certainly wont be my last A220, as I said plenty of nice ones outthere (Air Austral, Air Canada retro, just to name a few)... Initially it was going to be one of the Air Baltic specials, but I changed my plans and went for the Air Tanzania decals from Authentic Airliners. Those are excellent, one can see that those decals were actually tested on the real model, I whish other vendors would do that too - at least from time to time. It also comes with masks for the tail, so yes the blue is fully painted, which in my opinion is the better alternative than putting large decals over a curved area. A friend of mine (if you read this M. - THANKS) cut me some masks as well for the white part where the stabs meet the fuselage (that is the only critique point on the AA the white is faaar from being opaque - but thats a minor thing). And yeah I used some Nazca detail decals, as the kit comes with rather few and zero decals for wings / engines, which then would look pretty bland. Otherwise it was painted with Tamiya X-1,, Mr- Hobby Super Metallic SM201 for the silver edges and some self mixed blue. So here are the pics.. Thanks for looking and happy holidays! Julien
  9. Wow,this is an awesome model. Good airline choice as well. I would not have thought that a Revell A310 could look that good. Nice work, really! Also good photos (which is always a plus as well).
  10. Hi Berk, thanks for your kind feedback and the share on instagram. Appreciate these words! Hi Adam, thanks. Yeah at some point I will have a go at the Zvezda 757. Definitely looking forward to it. At the moment though I am focusing on finally finishing some planes instead of starting yet some other ones Cheers, Julien
  11. Hi Paul, thanks for your kind comments. Yes it is my first AA. Actually seeing some super nice 757‘s from Turbofan here on Britmodeller inspired me to have a go at one. As you say it is definitely different from a plastic model and for me this was a welcome change. I am considering doing other AA‘s. Definitely interested in some widebodies, if they just would not take so much space.. What will your summer project be? It sounds very interesting! Looking forward to see it. Julien
  12. Thanks a lot, appreciate your comment Wulfman! Nice to have a United Pilot posting here, FLCH. I am still considering to do the „brother“ you are showing there as well at some point.
  13. Thanks a lot for the kind comments. Yeah, with some cutting & trying, lots of Decal Soft & patience one can make these decals work.
  14. Thanks, John. Yeah I am hoping the same, there are quite many nice 757‘s around past and present, so will be cool to see an increase in available decals - right now there are rather few.
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