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  1. Very cool and really nice work ! I was lucky enough to get a gliding scholarship with Southdown gliding club when I was a nipper. Brings back some fond memories
  2. Beautiful model Even more impressive from a difficult kit!
  3. Thank you Thanks Thanks Yeah being My first, I wasn't sure what finish to go for. From pics it did look like they had a slight sheen & from reading threads, seems slightly less glossy than semi gloss is was the kind of the consensus. But I'm very happy to be corrected of people know better, than my limited research
  4. Thank you Arfa1983 It was the Revel kit, but I believe its the same as the Zvezda Thanks Yes but makes it more embarrassing when you makes silly mistakes Thanks Jonners Its nothing to technical, just look at the nosewheel doors and the other reg markings . What is that your flying in your profile pic? Thank you Didn't get it to look 100% how I wanted, but was happy with the look in the end, like you said hard to get all the effects into a small space with my limited skills Thanks Dave I used Mission Models Aircraft grey gloss, but it did seem to darken a bit to much when I applied the clear coat. Next time will mix a bit of white in Thank you Yes shouldn't be a big job to fix the nose door, still can't believe I didn't notice until I was looking at the pics Thank you! A fellow person from W. Sussex I see! Thank you Love the avatar! Gotta be one of my favorite episodes of South Park BEEEEEEEEEEFFFFCAAAAKKKE
  5. Thanks Jon My first go at a Warbird, I made a few airliners before this Thank you I was going for a fairly subtle look as being a beginner its really easy to go overboard with new techniques when u learn them. Plus I quite like the lightly weathered look and after spending so long masking all the invasion stripes etc, was a bit loathed to ship them to shreds etc And thank you to everyone else for all the kind words, much appreciated
  6. Thank you, very much appreciated. Although honestly the Kit did most of the work
  7. Thanks Yeah its quite a lot of extra work, but think its worth it in the end
  8. I recently got into model building and have built a few of the airliners that I've flown, but was tempted into giving a warbird a go... I decided to go for the 1/32 Tamiya IXc Spit & boy was I glad I did, what an amazing kit! After the Revell/Zvezda airliners I've built, this is in a whole different league. Can't believe how well it all fits together and the amazing details, had some minor disasters through my inexperience. Such as the decals bubbling from super clear iii varnish, but managed to just about save them by sanding the decals back and painting the gaps with the airbrush. I added some after market decals, rocker covers, exhausts, cockpit door, wheels, gun barrels & the amazing Quinta Studio cockpit. I'm very happy with how it turned out for my first warbird, but really interested to hear any critique., especially on the weathering as its my first go
  9. The latest in my line of models I'm making of all the jets I've had the pleasure of flying. This one has a special place in my heart as I got my command on the 777. Used some after market Avia Decals & landing flaps by LACI. I made quite an obvious boo boo on this one, which I didn't notice until I took the pics somehow, my only excuse is I changed my mind on the reg half way through and decided to do the BAK. Which is the aircraft I flew for my first flight after finishing my command training. Any comments and critique very welcome, thanks for looking
  10. Wow absolutely beautiful model The consensus being it isn't the easiest build either, so doubly impressive work
  11. Thanks for the welcome Dave I will definitely checkout those decals, thanks for the suggestion Thanks Yes will definitely checkout Authentic Airliners. As for improving my models, that will be the hard part Yes was more difficult than I was expecting, but I think they look good and are worth the effort. I found the most difficult bit was getting a seamless join without loosing to much detail on the wings Very kind thank you Pretty much everything I picked up was from looking at other peoples builds on here or youtube. So cant really claim I figured it all out myself Thanks Ben I remember ferrying an empty 767 to LTN from MAN once for maintenance, the Engine anti is was MEL'D so we had to take off with full thrust completely empty
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