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  1. I love those exhausts, and that's a great idea for the bending tool, I'll try to remember that! Ian
  2. Here's one I prepared earlier. The lovely Aeroclub 1:72 kit. Ian
  3. Very nicely done, and the unusual subject only adds to it's appeal. Great job! Ian
  4. Please don't go putting them off with your scratching, and that bottle, there's a good chap! Ian
  5. The wings look much better, but I'd get a piece of sandpaper and work fore-and-aft along what remains of those ridges (just finger pressure in between them should do it) to remove the last traces of any sharp edges. Ian
  6. And of course, you're invited to the party! TonyT has supplied a bbq/beer cooler/bog, and we have a band too! Should be fun! Ian
  7. Decorating the curtains, I believe! Ian
  8. If I thought it likely, or even remotely possible, that he would ever do anything useful, I would indeed. But I fear t'would be a waste of time..... Ian
  9. ...and of course there is absolutely NO chance of that ever nosing over on landing...... What on earth were they thinking? Nothing more than an inverted pendulum! Ian
  10. Very nice effect on those shutters, but are you sure they were closed on the ground? Normally radiator shutters would be open on the ground to increase the airflow through the radiator and help keep the engine cool, as it wouldn't have the benefit of the added airflow caused by being in flight. Ian
  11. The wing struts were trimmed this morning, then installed. This afternoon the landing wires and all the cabane rigging wires were tightened and fixed in place using thin CA applied with a sharpened toothpick. Getting there, slowly...... Ian
  12. That's better! Beer in the cistern, barbie in the dunnie, proper job! Fish anyone? Ian
  13. No, Tony , NO! And you living in Oz too, I'm ashamed of you! I even spelt it your way! Ian
  14. Who needs keys? I'll bring the beer and wallpaper, you bring something for the Barbie. Ian
  15. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I've got to start on some of the pushers in my stash. Yes, the rigging under the wings was standard. Due to the curvature it wouldn't fit inside! Ian