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  1. Thanks John, you're being very kind to the kit, to be honest. Poorly designed is not even close to how I'd describe it, but this is a family forum! Cheers Steve (or should that be Stevo, since you're in Aus?) It's a long slog, but fun, and hopefully I'll have a decent rendition of the aircraft when I'm done! The engine mounts have now been finished off with strips of Bare Metal Foil, and attached to the wings. The next step was the big one, to make sure the engines fitted correctly without the exhausts fouling the struts. That meant the first trial fit of the wings with a couple of struts in place to check the clearance.....and all is well! The props are only slid onto the shafts for clearance checks.... The extensions on the front of the inner engine mounts were then trimmed back and the starboard engines CA'd in place. I'll fit the port ones tomorrow, then I need to finalise the rigging plan before going too much further in case further holes are needed which can't be drilled after attaching the lower wings..... Thanks for looking in! Ian
  2. Dornier Do 18-D

    I too use cotton for rope. I haven't tried drooping it over anything or tried to replicate the weight of the rope, but I'm guessing white glue may have a role there..... Ian
  3. Dornier Do 18-D

    Or maybe the edges of a non-slip walkway..... Ian
  4. Dornier Do 18-D

    nice cleats sir! Does the rope get added too? Ian
  5. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Sorry to hear that, I hope all works out well and the Martian is fit enough to update us soon! Ian
  6. Building and rigging the wings separately from the centre section should be possible, (I did it with my Short 184) but you will need to be very careful about getting it all lined up and straight. It's certainly not the easiest way. Most biplane builders who thread the rigging will either paint everything except the top of the upper wing before rigging, or paint it all anyway, then touch up/paint the upper surfaces after it's all rigged and the ends have been tidied up and smoothed out. Ian
  7. Congratulations oh not-so-timid one, I think that is the first Airwaves fit in modelling history! Ian
  8. AZ Model Morane 'WR'...or is it...?

    She looks a lot better than some other "trolleyed" ladies I've seen! Very nicely done, and a great little collection of seaplanes on the shelf! Ian
  9. Today was woodwork time. The leather was brushed on and the clear orange sprayed as usual. Engine bearers, props, and struts all done. That is the good side of the struts, the other side is a little blotchy. I'll take another look tomorrow in decent light and see if they're ok or need redoing. Ian
  10. Such is life! Getting there now though! I got a good session in with the airbrush yesterday, and today decided that some of it needed a little extra work, so the underside of the nose was done again. I'm now happy with the fuselage! The red on the banner needs a little touching up, and I obviously need to redo some of the pastel work to blend it all in again, but other than that it's done! I also got the base coat sprayed on the props, engine mounts, and struts. Tomorrow should see some advance on those..... Almost back to where I was a month ago! Ian
  11. 1/72 Gloster Mars X Nightjar

    This is coming on very nicely. I have the Nighthawk kit but unfortunately no decals, so it may sit in the stash for a while. Ian
  12. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Lovely work on the tailskid and gunsight, I can't say I go to anywhere near that level of detail. My gunsights are usually just a couple of pieces of plastic rod! Ian
  13. Dornier Do 18-D

    Nice nose job Tony! The only thing I dislike about Milliput is the fact that half of it sticks to your fingers while you mix it, or maybe mine is old and dry....no Ced! The gun rings are gems in their own right, beautifully done!
  14. U-Boot Typ VII C 1/350

    Nicely done, but I can't help thinking it should be sitting lower in the water....it just doesn't quite look "right".....not that I know, I only ever built 1 marine model! Ian
  15. Both beautifuly built, but the real clincher for me is the display. It's a cracker! Well thought out and executed perfectly, a very thought provoking little vignette. We'll done indeed! Ian