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  1. Indeed Johnny, welcome aboard! Today I received the PE bits for the Pup that I was waiting for, so shouldn't be too long now! Ian
  2. Very nice weathering Crisp. Not sure if I'll try it in 1:72 but certainly worth remembering. And those weapons carriers are starting to look pretty tasty too....... Ian Congrats on the century!
  3. Not if he's been following my build he won't. I don't think he's quite THAT daft! Ian
  4. So....absolutely nothing to do with putting the wing underside piece in back to front then? Ian
  5. It shouldn't be too awkward to slip it in from the cockpit side as there are no rigging wires from side to side between the rear struts. (He says, knowing just how small the space is....) Ian
  6. Looks a bit cold to me...sorry, not a mountain fan - no head for heights. But it does look very pretty! Ian
  7. Catching Pictures in the Air

    That's just not right. Besides, you'll forget all the little detail bits you've learned and will have to relearn them when you come back to it. Ask me how I know...... Ian
  8. Looking good! Use thin ca for the final tightening of the wires, I find it far easier as it just wicks into the hole. Ian
  9. Scratch build: 1/72 Breuget Br 5

    Beautiful job P, as usual. This one could well be your best yet...... Woody, there is a kit of it! I have it creeping ever closer to the top of my stash! Ian
  10. How many pages? Bloody hell Ced, slow down man! Has the goat learned to walk again after its encounter with TT's chilli-powered puffin? I fear it will be forever cross-eyed though....... Oh, and looking good of course, goes without saying! Ian
  11. That's the only way to do the struts! Mount the wing on the cabane struts, then add the outer ones one at a time. They bend enough to just pop them in provided you have positive location points. That's why I always drill the wings and add small pieces of brass rod to the strut ends...... She's looking great, Jon, keep up the good work, we're rooting for you! Ian
  12. Very nicely done! Ian
  13. Good for you Tony! I have also been redoing all my threads and replacing the links. I refuse to be blackmailed by PB and will make sure that all my pics are replaced eventually, no matter how tedious it may be. Ian
  14. Curse you airfix Spitfire!!!

    Nice little Spit! I haven't built one since I was a kid (they don't have enough wings!) but I do have a Mk1a in my stash, may have to dig that out soon..... Ian
  15. Sopwith Triplane, Revell, 1:72

    Gentlemen, many, many thanks for such appreciative responses! It's nice to know so many approve of my little Tripe! It was a fun build, but certainly one of the trickier ones I've done - removing the wing mounting lugs on the struts didn't make life easy, but I think it was worth it! Although a very basic kit, I don't think it's quite up there with the Merlin Fokker DI and DII I did recently for "WTF?" factor though! Many thanks again, Ian