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  1. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Wow, excellent job! I'm almost tempted to add some inter-war machines to my stash...must resist must resist ........ Ian
  2. Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    Ahh, happy memories! I too had a few flights in these, mainly from Halton, although I did my glider course at Newton in the Venture. I'll be watching from the bar! Ian
  3. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Beautiful! A couple of things I've found useful when rigging: 1) Use the thinnest wire you can. I use monofilament fishing line. The thinner it is, the straighter it will be at the entry points. In other words, you won't have those annoying little kinks just where the line enters the hole you drilled. 2) If it sags, hold a heated knife blade or similar close to it and it should snap tight. DO NOT let it touch! Ian
  4. Holy crap, I had no idea all that was stuck in there along with the gunner! I hope your good lady makes a full and swift recovery (at least she's in the UK so you won't go bankrupt!) Ian
  5. Catching Pictures in the Air

    This Ced chap has so much to answer for.... I just caught up on this (too much bookwork over the last week has resulted in a lack of BM time!). As to the clear evergreen sheet, I don't have experience of the 5thou, but the thicker ones appear to be made of two sheets stuck together, and have a tendency to turn opaque if bent as the sheets separate. Hopefully moulding them when heated will not have the same effect. Ian
  6. Looking good Moa! I have to agree with Roger regarding strut material. I build 1:72 scale WWI almost exclusively and make my struts from evergreen strip, shaved down with a scalpel blade, and brass rod. I do have some Contrail strut (I had 2 packs but sold one recently) and Strutz but have never used either as it just isn't the right size or shape! If you would like them, feel free to pm me. Ian
  7. It was a pleasure to meet you Massimo, and a pleasant evening discussing, as you said, all things modeling and a few others. Also to see the Bucc, albeit by the light of your car boot light. It still looks good! Safe travels, and I hope to meet up again with yourself and others at Telford sometime! Ian
  8. Polikarpov I-5 (ICM 1:72)

    I'm not familiar with the type, but It's very nicely done, and it's always a pleasure to see something a little different. Ian
  9. Lovely job! Always nice to see something reclaimed from the shelf of doom, especially when it turns out so well! Ian
  10. I use Jadar-Model in Poland. I've had excellent service from them. Edit: I just checked their website and it looks as though they are out of that particular one. Google Part S72 181 - quite a few options seem to be available. Ian
  11. Thanks all. I think I've dodged a bullet with the timing too, as I live on Cape Cod which is currently being battered by a huge storm. Anyone in the NE USA going through Skylar, stay safe! Ian
  12. I have one in my stash so I'm looking forward to seeing how you cope with it! Part do a PE set for it which may help...... Ian
  13. Sorry to hear of your family's loss Bill. I hope tomorrow goes as well as can be expected and we'll see you back here in due course. Bestest, Ian
  14. They're looking great Ced, and no silvering on the gloss surface - surprise! Ian
  15. Sorry, but there isn't I'm afraid. Worse than that, I'm currently in Dallas training for a new job (Embraer 145 type rating, then an instructor course) and will be here until at least early April, then I relocate to Abu Dhabi and will be in a hotel for about 3 months while my stuff is shipped over! Consequently I can't see me getting any more modeling time in for at least that long...... I'll pop in when I can to make a nuisance of myself though! Ian