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  1. Back again. I had intended to fabricate the boiler from my usual composite material (Renshape) but suddenly thought ... "why not print it?". It was too long at 210 mm to do in one pass ... well, I was afraid of a print failure after 9 hours so, I broke it into 3 designs. The middle of the boiler is larger diameter than the ends which taper down. I drew in a small flange on the 2 ends so that they'll slide right into the middle piece ... worked a charm. The sides have come out with very little markings so they'll be easy enough to fair in. Next come
  2. Hi there Locomotion Glad to have another tagging along. Yes, this is an ambitious project for me as I'm such a rookie in the 3D printing field and with Fusion 360. Having said that, I'm now over 90% done printing all parts of this P2 I reckon!! I'm actually designing and printing parts faster than I can document the process. I guess the moment of truth will occur when I start to assemble this box of parts I've made. Smoothing the parts? Can you do that? I hadn't really given it any thought and frankly, the surface look pretty good as is. I probably would
  3. Sorry, I'm a Canadian (Scottish born) so I don't understand the reference to Railtrack. I know the head (is that what the top is called?) is quite flat but at 3.5 mm width it's not really noticeable. I just want my wheels to sit securely on them ... flat on flat! My progress since the last posting has really accelerated too so I think I'll beat the P2 guys. Pictures soon.
  4. Well now, things are moving a lot more quickly since I got my own filament printer. Assembly and setup was a breeze and it just worked from the minute I plugged it in. For those interested in these things I bought a BiQu B1 model. I know, I'd never heard of it either till I saw it at the top of a "Best of" list ... right behind a $1000 (Can) Prusa. Since then I've been reprinting a lot of parts that my library made for me after I added back details that they couldn't print. Here's a sampler of what I've made ... So what you see are drive
  5. Wow, what a cool machine to build. I never knew there was such a thing. Looks like you're off to a good start on it.
  6. It never fails ... for years I was scouring the internet for good details on my Scotsman and today I found them! At the same time I found wonderful detailed drawings for a certain Hogwarts locomotive too! Just in case you feel like doing another one. Frank
  7. Hi again ... I've been following both groups since their inception and I don't know why the Cock o the North group didn't just join forces. You're right though, early on they accumulated enough money to build the frames (a loco chassis) and toted them all over to show they were serious. But that was 7 years ago and they haven't produced another part. The P2 society is only 2 years away from firing theirs up and ... they have their third engine in the design stage! Frank
  8. Oh my goodness!! What a wonderful result Caroline! I hope you are suitably proud of what you've accomplished here ... and probably taught your Dad a few things about steam engines too. This is just a fabulous setting for such a fine engine (pity it's not an LNER one though ... ask Dad). I see you came to the same decision as me when you were done ... never again. I said that after my first one then quickly decided to do another after which I said ... never again. Now I've started a third engine!! It's some kind of disease I guess. I'm really keen to see
  9. Well well, all 3 of you found me on the same day! Not a lot to report at this time as I've been designing parts over and over to meet the needs of my local library where they get printed. Lots of practice with Fusion 360 though and that's fun. I've also been researching printers ... resin vs filament till I'm crosseyed looking at them. Big news is that I finally ordered a filament printer and it might arrive today!!! Now the real fun begins as I can experiment with parts much faster. The library usually takes a week to do my requests only to find there's a flaw in my design.
  10. Well they say "Never say Never" but here I am about to start yet another locomotive ... a P2 this time. I swore I'd never do another after my "Flying Scotsman" but pressed on and made the A4 "Union of South Africa". By the time that one was done I'd had enough of fabricating all the pieces of metal that go round and round and up and down ... Motion they call it. I've been following the progress of the A2 Society as they tackle their latest new build of a Mikado class "Prince of Wales" and I love the look of this engine. However, the P2's were built in two distinct styles one being t
  11. About cleaning ... I don't have a printer yet but have been following this chat about the volume of IPA needed and wondered if it would be effective to load up an airbrush with it? Maybe you could begin the rinse with slightly used IPA and finish with new material? Then again, maybe I'm way off base.
  12. Need some help here as I'm pulling out the last of my hair. Been busy making lots of parts for the loco and for fun I decided to make a little "box" thing which I presume has something to do with lubrication. No problem making the box along with its little, round handle and 5 spokes ... the latter done by a "pattern" command similar to that used for the spoked wheels. The spokes I made were straight and I thought it'd be nice to give them the radius as in the real ones ... there-in lies the problem. I have tried everything I know (which isn't much I agr
  13. Thanks for that Circloy. Sounds like an interesting business niche they've made and might be just the ticket for me. I'd probably have to wait a month or 2 to get them in my hands over here what with shipping these days. Frank
  14. Hey ... sounds like another railway enthusiast! Thanks for all that thoughtful input Tony. As a total scratch builder I wasn't all that fussy about things moving as they should. With hand made parts it was just too difficult (for me) to fabricate them such that they'd move. Besides, my engines are just for display and my own pleasure and not built to any model railway scale. However, having said all that, this new process certainly opens the door to the kind of precision needed. I might have gone that route if decent plans were available (my A3 and A4 both had decent pl
  15. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Good to know there's a solution to this ... now I can get on with drawing as many parts as I need without being too selective. Frank
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