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  1. Yes Matthew, I checked that. In fact I knew it was open when the clear fluid in the jar shot out of it and went a foot high!! I also cleared the 3 tiny holes in the head cap (3 in the diagram above). I'd never noticed they were there before and 2 were plugged. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  2. Alan I've finally fixed mine after tearing it right down. The main problem, and I think this is yours, was that there was an air leak between the nozzle (4) and the body (6). This came about because my head cap (3) was not tight enough due to something in the threads. I always have just tightened it to finger tightness but after using a small wrench and applying some extra pressure it gradually stopped "pulsing" and the bubbles disappeared. I think too my O-ring maybe need replacing. http:// I hope this solves your issues. I sure learned a lot about how these things work today so it wasn't a waste of time. Frank
  3. Hi Alan I've just spent several hours today struggling with a similar problem with this very same brush. I've had mine for over 20 years and had no problems until fairly recently. Today I could only get intermittent spray but mostly just air. I stripped it and gave it the most thorough cleaning ever and did get some debris out. I had recently bought a cleaning kit that came with 5 long thin brushes of different diameters that let me get to places I never had before. Just minutes ago I reassembled it and hooked it up with a jar of solvent but still no luck. In fact, there is a steady stream of bubbles emanating from the pickup tube in the jar!! I'm at my wits end and hoping someone can help. Hope I haven't hijacked your thread but I think we're dealing with the same problem. Can you tell me if you see bubbles in the jar? Frank
  4. Thanks Steve ... glad you like them. Merchant Navy??? What what?? I grew up (40's and 50's) only seeing the LNER locomotives and kids of that era probably saw little of the other 3 main lines unless they lived near where other companies passed. We didn't travel much in those days with the war going on and Dad away for years. As a result I actually never knew there was anything BUT LNER till much later in life and I've just never found any other company's engines as attractive as Gresley's designs. Don't hate me ... that's just me. Regardless ... there'll be no more engines from me. Already starting to think about my next car. I see there's been very little activity in your loco shed for a while. Hope all that motion hasn't overwhelmed you. It is daunting and I agree that you should keep it down to as few pieces as possible. The worst part about making it all is that when you've got it all figured out and fitted together ... you have to go and make the other side!!
  5. Thanks AliGauld. Very kind remarks. As an old Fifer I remember this engine well. I hope to get back to her soon and apply the finishing touches. Well, I'm afraid you're both wrong on both engines! They're obviously right here on my cabinet gathering dust. To be honest though 4472 is back in my "top shed" having her motion re-worked. Thanks for looking in. Frank
  6. You've done a fine job there Clive. Agree that it looked out of place and maybe Spanish? ... as a Canadian (now) I'm not really qualified to judge its origins. A bit of moss maybe and Mother Nature to weather it and it will look right at home. I've put 60009 aside for a while and decided to do some upgrades to 4472 and might even finish it this time. Frank
  7. Woohoo!! That is amazing Clive! I cant believe how natural she looks in the picture and you blended my tracks (borrowed from my Scotsman) perfectly. As to lining her out I print my own decals. The boiler bands are the old water slide style but I recently switched over to adhesive vinyl for the rest. Water slides just have no real adhesion and have to be coated with layers of lacquer. Paint adhesion is so much better on (matte) vinyl too. Frank
  8. Hmmm I already replied to this but seems to have gotten lost. Anyway, no need to apologize Clive ... attendance is not compulsory. Thanks for looking in and approving. I really am enjoying building this engine that I'm so fond off. I've been following your own refurbishment of your garden railway (commented there a few days ago). My engines are close to your scale and it would be nice to see them on your metals one day but that won't be happening with the mess the world is in. Photoshop maybe? Cheers Frank
  9. Sorry you had your arm twisted there Dennis! Steve is a paid enthusiast and he's becoming quite expensive.
  10. Curb your enthusiasm young man!! Thanks for that Steve. I'm really pleased with the way she's coming along too. Hope you two can get back at the red one soon.
  11. Maybe I'd better read this Hairy Potter stuff to understand what this banter means! I do hope you find a way to motivate young BBS to keep going. Tell her "Uncle" Frank in Canada is counting on her. There aren't many of us loco scratchbuilders around any more and we need to keep the hobby alive. Frank
  12. What a lovely project Clive. Just the thing to keep you from getting bored in these trying times. Frank
  13. I didn't think I'd post any more pictures till I was finished but that could still be a while so here's a bit more progress. Let's see ... got all my decals designed and printed on my inkjet printer. Could write a book on the troubles I had with that part of the project but I'll spare you that sad episode. Almost all are applied and many clear coats later I finally rubbed the finish down with 2000 wet sandpaper and buffed the engine with a Tamiya polishing compound which is wonderful. I didn't want a showroom finish but maybe "fresh from an overhaul" look. Today I was able to re-attach the platform that holds all the wheels and motion ... hopefully for the last time. The tender still needs finishing touches but is very close to done. The front bogie is sitting loose here and I'll wait till I get my custom track made for "Number 9" to fit it. Also want to make the two seats for the crew. Many small touches still to finish too ... headboard, lanterns, whistle, cab windows etc so you can see it still has a way to go. Thanks for looking in. Frank
  14. Very atmospheric! You've captured a lot in such a small environment. Well done.
  15. Lovely project and one I'm particularly fond of. Not familiar with the kit so can I ask if you had to assemble that tubular chassis and how it is done? Will be following this build. Frank
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