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  1. Hey ... sounds like another railway enthusiast! Thanks for all that thoughtful input Tony. As a total scratch builder I wasn't all that fussy about things moving as they should. With hand made parts it was just too difficult (for me) to fabricate them such that they'd move. Besides, my engines are just for display and my own pleasure and not built to any model railway scale. However, having said all that, this new process certainly opens the door to the kind of precision needed. I might have gone that route if decent plans were available (my A3 and A4 both had decent pl
  2. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Good to know there's a solution to this ... now I can get on with drawing as many parts as I need without being too selective. Frank
  3. Hey all. I'm a scratchbuilder with quite a few models already on the site. My last 2 models were steam engines that meant a lot to me in the late 40's in Scotland ... yes, I'm old! Anyway, I want to make a model of the P2 Mikado class "Prince of Wales" that's under construction over there (I'm in Canada now). I had to devote many, many hours hand-shaping all the motion (that's the metal works that's attached to the wheels) for the last two and I can't be bothered to make 2 more sides all over again for the P2. Having seen the success some have had with resin printers I deci
  4. I've said it before ... the ultimate compliment that can be given is that it can't be distinguished from the real thing. Wonderful model and craftsmanship Nick. Been thinking about you lately as I'm off and running on F360 ... all thanks to you! Frank
  5. Mike Thanks for the lengthy and helpful reply. Glad to hear that there are resins which are not as toxic/smelly out there and I hope they can still replicate the fine details I've seen on some 3D prints here. Myself, I got caught up in this after watching Nick (don't know how to get his name linked) build an engine for a Ferrari F40. It was just fabulous to watch. I too am retired and 82 but I love learning new stuff ... supposed to help the brain cells they say. I'm a scratch builder and have a few cars, boats and steam locomotives on here that are 100% hand made. I'v
  6. Mike Really interested in this project strictly for the design and printing aspect. I'm presently trying to learn enough about Fusion 360 (Linked-in course) then I'll eventually buy a printer. Can I ask what printer you are using ... I was leaning towards the Mars but after reading about smells and toxicity I have no place safe to use it. Also did you just pick up 360 on your own. I'm impressed with the parts you've already designed. Frank
  7. Watched your video ... impressive. Pity it all had to be done at night as it must have made for tricky flying at times. Since I signed up with Linked I came across a video put out by a chap who uses it professionally where he talked about all the stuff being removed from the hobbyist version which had me wondering if it will be of any use now? Judging from the reaction in the comments people were abandoning it in droves and heading for an alternative ... Sketchup etc. I don't know whether to persevere with this now or switch as well. I guess I'll figure it out someday.
  8. HA! Steve, I recently received a magazine from a friend in Ohio ... less than 400 miles away and it cost $20 US to mail!! I think you'd be bankrupt and disappointed to ship this thing 18,000 kms! Hope you make a start on this model or some other just to try working with the composites. A model I would recommend building as a starter would be a TR6. It's a very simple design and can fairly easily be shaped from a solid block. I did this one for an Aussie friend from Perth! I took it out to Vancouver where he lived (now passed away) and put it on his car shelf when he wasn't look
  9. Hmmm ... my ears were burning and I thought somebody must have mentioned my name! G'day Steve and "neighbour" Ted ... I'm in Barrie. Hope you guys are safe and well in these crazy times. Steve ... glad to hear you've got some composite decking to try. I think you'll like it and in fact I'm building a tug boat using it as we speak. Not sure what advice you'd want but maybe just suggest that you approach the model in small pieces such as 2 sides, a hood, a trunk and then the roof. Rather than trying to carve the final shape out of one block (my GTO was done this w
  10. Hi Nick Was wondering where you went after the F40 masterpiece. Love the models you turn out especially that Brough. Your photography adds a lot to each as they look like the real thing in the sparse background. FYI ... as boredom sets in during the shutdown I've decided to have another go at Fusion 360. Signed up for the free month at Lynda's (Linked-in) site yesterday so we'll see how it goes. Frank
  11. Hi Steve and BBS Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas down there. Lovely to see progress again on this terrific model. However, I wasn't too happy to see that creature you found in your shed ... one more reason not to visit Oz!! Crikey, you really have some weird wildlife down there. I was sure after you said there was "a lot of running and screaming and maybe some wetting of pants" that you'd say "and BBS was pretty scared too". Anyway, I'm taking notes on how to finish the interior of the cab as that's something I've never addressed so keep up with pictures for
  12. Thanks for the explanation. 30 microns!! Wow, that's tiny. No wonder you can get the details you have. Production process huh? Wishing you great success.
  13. Just fabulous work Nick. Nice of you to give a nod to "the way we were" and actually MAKE something. So is this an actual filmed (using a camera) work or something that Fusion lets you do? The way the parts lift off makes me think this is coming out of Fusion ... not that it matters. Just curious. I see the wheels seemed to be turning so maybe it is a "real" film. Also, are there now 2 finished engines or is this all smoke and mirror stuff too? PS what's a "chitubox"? (at 24 seconds in). Frank
  14. Great story and an outstanding model. I think models that you have an attachment to are the best ones and will bring back a memory every time you look at it.
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