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  1. Good luck with sourcing the necessary plans and parts. This sounds like a very worthy venture. Ian
  2. Stunning work on a car I had not forgotten, on account of I had never heard of it! How on earth did you manage to do it so quickly and so well though, even with the time you had available? Ian
  3. You have to use a host site, you can't upload directly to this site. Having said that those sails look fantastic! Ian
  4. I missed this first time around, but glad I've finally caught up. She's looking wonderful! Ian
  5. A bar has definitely been done before, but a lot bigger! The prints all look good. Ian
  6. @AH100m Here they are! Google "1:12 Bentley shocks" and you should them. Ian
  7. At this rate still not into double figures I guess! More design work done, the front end is now complete. I did it the easy way - all drawn with circles and rectangles, with the unwanted bits snipped off before the final shape was extruded. The drawing was not to scale in both directions, so I used it as a guide for the shape then adjusted the measurements to get the correct size. Or so I hope - only a ttest print will show if that approach works! Once I'd done half, I simply mirrored it to get the whole thing. I deflected the front wheel hubs by 12 degrees just to give it a bit of life, but I'm still a little worried about how thin it all is.... Only the steering wheel to do now, then I'll run a test print of the whole lot. Thanks for looking in! Ian
  8. OK, now I see why you're confused! If they wrap around the rear, maybe to clear mud off the tyres, but then why do they extend around the front? I can still only see them as something to do with the gear doors, but there must have been simpler methods of doing that. I'm eagerly awaiting a response to Chris' question on the Dutch forum! Like the paintwork too! Ian
  9. Are the bars on the wheel axles pointing outwards? I would suggest they are to close the gear doors and hold them closed while the gear is up. It saves on a separate system just for the doors.....
  10. It's tonal, and depends entirely upon the lighting and exposure. Take one of your models and photograph it in black and white under different lighting and angles and you will see that the same colour appears totally different, sometimes looking light, sometimes dark. There is no way you can tell a colour accurately from a black and white photo! Take a look at this then tell me you can pick out the areas that are blue from just looking at the black and white picture! Ian
  11. I only see a black and white photo, did I miss one somewhere? Ian
  12. I am obviously sitting at the wrong bar! I would also concur that the code is more than likely to be V, going both from logic and the above photo. Ian
  13. I think I'm pretty safe saying that this is the only build ever on BM to feature a piano! Very nice work as usual! Ian
  14. Isn't it always? (Ouch!) The wings look good and that is definitely a neat bit of problem solving in the trailing edge design. However I can think of a few manufacturers who, even with that method, would still leave us with a trailing edge akin to a brick! Ian
  15. Philately will get you everywhere! No wait, that's not right.... Ian
  16. Are you sure it's that thin? I use .06mm fishing line which is scale in 1:72 and it looks pretty much the same! Uschi's Superfine is good for 1:72 and that's his smallest! Lovely work anyway, she looks great! Ian
  17. Yep, been there. "This bit looks too thick, I'll use brass rod. Now that bit looks wrong"...ad infinitum! Nice start though, it looks promising! Ian
  18. Lovely job on the interior Fozzy. It seems you've discovered just how hard it is to line up all the longerons in 1:72! Ian
  19. See my comment right at the start - "we know what that means don't we".... Predictable! I really don't think I'm capable of "out of the box" any more. Along with a few other things too, unfortunately! Welcome aboard Björn! I didn't get back into modelling until around 2011, so this was bought much later than yours, maybe only 4 or 5 years ago, so the moulds may be getting worn. Just a quick update on the progress today. Again, lots of time looking at pics, the design work is now getting to be fairly quick as I'm finding my way around Fusion mush more easily now. The diff/suspension now looks like this. I will add the drive shaft from brass rod. That will also make it easier to get it all properly aligned once it's fitted. The gap between spring and diff is not quite as much as it should be, but sacrifices have to made due to plastic thicknesses. The spring itself is only 0.5mm thick at its widest, so I really can't get it scale thick at the ends! Thanks for looking in! Ian
  20. Yup, I thought so. The pins in chrome and the last bits of etch and this could almost operate the fold! As for that burger, wasn't it "damn the statins, good food ahead"? or something along those lines.... Ian
  21. Mail call! I'm afraid I never manage to achieve that, (as you can see!) so I wouldn't know! Welcome aboard Terry! I hope so, thanks for the support Steben! With some new skool modelling thrown in for good measure! I had promised myself that I would make some progress on this over the weekend. Most of today was spent searching for references and measurements, so I suppose that could be called progress, just not of the physical sort! I had intended to get the chassis sorted, but then when I looked at what we're given in the kit, that sparked the reference hunt.... That is just NOT right! The ambulance rear end was built on top of the chassis frames, this pic of a larger scale model shows it nicely. (Image freely available on the net). The radiator sits within the chassis frames, with the bracket for the front spring fitting around the lower edges, not underneath. So I removed the moulded on bits on the underside of the floor and added some plastic strip, along with a thinned down engine/gearbox bottom end from the kit, to give a more realistic frame. I'm much happier with that! The rear framework is actually mounted slightly over and outside the chassis frames and I've tried to replicate that without adding too much plastic underneath. Onced it's all painted it should be passable. So after all that research and remodelling the kit, I finally got started on designing new running gear. Here is where I got to at close of play today. The plan is to build the entire rear end (diff, drive shaft, bracing, and suspension) as one piece and the same for the front end. More computer work to be done tomorrow! Have a great weekend and thanks for looking in! Ian
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