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  1. The nose wheel issue is definitely a setback, 3d to the rescue once again. As for that cockpit, it's stunning! Ian
  2. I have no idea specifically about the BE2, but as far as I know most, if not all, British 2 seaters had rudimentary controls in the observer's cockpit to allow him to take over if the pilot was hit. Ian
  3. Isn't EZ line just elastic? It will do what elastic always does, harden up and break. That is exactly why I always use monofilament. It still has stretch but won't deteriorate.
  4. Quality over quantity Alan. Although tiny, your bits are definitely beautifully formed! Ian
  5. This is coming along very nicely. Don't forget that although it is a twin bay to look at, it's rigged as a single bay with the flying and landing wires passing through the centre of the middle pair of struts. Ian
  6. If the full size original were solid it would probably be close to your scale weight. You could always hollow it out if you really want accuracy of course. Ian
  7. I've always wondered what would happen if one fed pigeons or seagulls on unpopped popcorn, then microwaved them as they flew off. Would there be a spectacular in-flight explosion as the popcorn popped, followed, of course, by a gentle fluttering of feathers as they sink earthward? Ian
  8. Lovely to see this back on the bench. I have to agree with you in that she is really looking the part! Ian
  9. That, Steve, is FAR too much information! No wonder you love cycling. The quick getaway! Ian
  10. This could be fun. Blackburn Blackburn next then? Ian
  11. I thought milk kills hedgehogs, as they're lactose intolerant? I had a good friend (actually the father of my first girl friend, whom I suitably corrupted) who was an ex Lightning engineer. Fantastic problem solver and any time I or another mate had problems with our cars (MGB and Spitfire) he would always manufacture something superior to the original part! Unfortunately he succumbed a couple of years ago to Alzheimer's. A terrible way to see such a fantastic brain go. If any of our ex RAF fast jet jockeys remember Dave Coveney or Phil Smith (my mate's dad, also ex RAF engineer, I believe he retired as a Sqn Ldr)) please let me know! Ian
  12. I have never said this before, but I have to admit Tony that your pipework is extraordinary! Ian
  13. Glad you got back ok. I got around the green card issues by getting citizenship but that too has its down side. Nice engine though. Ian
  14. Welcome back Ced! It was great to see you again at Telford, has it really been 3 years? You'll be pleased to know that fnaardom has been maintained during your absence but it's always good to have leadership in such matters. Nice masking on your bits too, they should polish up nicely with a bit of a rub! Ian
  15. Enjoy your (relatively) free time! Off to the RFI. Ian
  16. Looks to be about as good as it gets Subtle but definitely there. Ian
  17. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm not a Phantom phan but it's a perfect model! Ian
  18. Dear God, Edward, you really need to do this writing thing professionally. For yourself not someone else! I don't think anyone who experienced the awesome power of this aircraft will ever forget it. You could literally feel the power. The very air, not just the ground, shook and vibrated. It was THE aircraft that I lusted after as a child/teen wannabe pilot. I'm in! Ian
  19. Many thanks to all fellow Britmodellers who made this a special weekend. I have to admit I missed Sunday completely as I was really not well. Covid will never be over, it's a virus and will mutate as they do, but it is now not critical and we need to move on. It's now generally no worse than a bad cold or flu. Even here in UAE where they have been very tight, it is now no longer required to wear a mask or have a negative PCR test every 2 weeks to be able to enter a restaurant or shopping mall, as it was up until less than 3 weeks ago! Great to see all the pics too! See you all next time! Ian
  20. To be fair, I only added the tags last night! I wanted to get the names in first before my memory failed me! Ian
  21. You can, by extruding another shape as a cut. But starting off with the way I described to get the basic shape correct is far easier. Ian
  22. The trick is to change the shape before extruding. Draw your basic rectangle or whatever you need, then draw lines, circles, etc to bisect it and change the shape. You can snip off the unwanted lines. Then extrude it! Much easier. Ian
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