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    "the extremely worrying question of what Generals of the imperial General Staff wear under their kilts, we may get away with not having a demonstration if some brave/suicidal soul can stop him doing the Highland Fling." That almost makes me glad that I won't be able to attend this year! Next year though is my father's 90th on Nov 7th so I shall be there! Ian
  2. This could be fun, at least for us! I built the Meikraft one which was pretty dire, but it got damaged during my relocation so I bought the Eduard kit to replace it. Looks as though I made the right choice! Ian
  3. Very nice! I love the advertising decals, they really make this different! Ian
  4. Since our Ced @CedB is not here.....ooh err missus! Lovely looking paintwork though Steve, although I agree there seem to be a few overly light patches on the grey along the joins with the green. I'm sure they will be fairly simple to take care of. Chipping looks great! Ian
  5. Brandy


    I'm not even going to THINK about what might be on said flag to make a blue painted, multi-limbed Martian in a buggy "stand out from the crowd"!!! Ian
  6. Looking very good indeed, and nice to see something different too. Although how can you go wrong with Bristols? Ian
  7. I think you meant "I Kant"! I also love the "Foxbat" chalked in Cyrillic on the nose of XJ580. Someone had a warped sense of humour! Ian
  8. Sorry, it's the HR Phoenix I have - looks good! I've already built their Sopwith Pup, and have the Phoenix, Nieuport 10, and Hanriot in the stash. I just ordered the MAC KuK DIIIa to make sure that my cupboards don't empty out any time in the next 50 years! Ian
  9. To add to that, I just checked their website and there is no order option. I have sent them an email and will keep you posted. The MAC Phoenix seems pretty good, I have it in my stash but have not checked it against drawings. Aviatic Berg D.I kits were produced by Eastern Express and Aero 72 in injection, Choroszy in resin and Classic Plane in vacform. Choroszy also do a D.II Joystick also did an Aviatic Berg C.I in vacform I have both the injection kits in my stash. If you need any more info let me know, I have put together a spreadsheet of all WWI aircraft kits in 1:72, although it may not be complete! Ian
  10. HR models are still available. Order direct. http://www.hrmodel.cz/plast_kits.htm They're not too bad at all. Ian
  11. Welcome aboard! The Facebook method may not be your best bet. There is at least one thread I know of where the Facebook links expired and the pics went blank. Better to get a proper hosting site in my opinion. Flickr or Imgur are popular. Ian
  12. Brandy


    Not sure if you use Facebook, but Ray Rimell has a Zeppelin page there. Worth a shot! Ian
  13. Coming along very nicely. I have to admit to a bit of a soft spot for inter-war RAF types as they are often more than a little eccentric! Ian
  14. Many thanks Johnny! More progress, and a little more regression, over the past couple of days. The last steps now are really just gluing the details on. Fuel filler, oil and radiator caps have been added, along with the headlamps. That's where I swore a lot - I managed to break off the bracket I'd soldered onto the front chassis tie bar for the spotlamp. Consequently this model will not have a spotlamp! The headlamp rims were rechromed first, as they hadn't come out quite as well as earlier bits. Now they are shiny! One for Tony @TheBaron [ Steering connections added: I also took a look at the kit windscreens. They were very thick and had moulding marks on them so I sanded them down and polished them with micromesh, followed by a bath in Pledge Floor Care Finish (aka Kleer) This is what we are given in the box (on the left) and after sanding thinner (on the right) That also got rid of the moulding marks! This one shows the thinned on e on the right. It's a lot clearer now the micromeshing and Kleer have been completed The frame has also received a little attention - I filed out the bottom corners to represent the separate frames which allow each windscreen to be folded flat, and then rechromed it. That leaves the accessories on the running board, windscreens, stoneguards on the front mudguard mounts, and knock-offs to fit and she's done! Thanks for looking in! Ian
  15. Why do you build models? To be better than everyone else, or to have fun and build to your standards, improving them as you see fit? For me, and I think most, it's the latter. Ian
  16. I'm not a figure builder but I do have a big soft spot for these Airfix Napoleonic figures having built the Scots Grey and Highlander as a kid. I may just have to look for some online.... Ian
  17. Thanks for the mention! I did those with similar ideas to Nick and have been pleasantly surprised by how many have been sold. However I didn't have a 3d printer then and Shapeways have become very expensive so I didn't continue with other parts. I may well rethink when I get back onto my kit as I'll need new bits which I can now do and market them myself, but just too busy at the moment. I also had some decals made up for the shocks. Ian
  18. Looking mighty impressive, I have to say. I'm particularly impressed by the engines and props! Ian
  19. Welcome aboard Sophie. We're all a little nuts here, some more so than others. (I daresay you'll find out soon enough who the guilty parties are). The models you posted above look great, nothing to be ashamed of there, and even if there was, a) you're in the right place to find as much helpful advice as you need, and b) if you're happy with them it really doesn't matter anyway - build to your tastes not other people's! Ian
  20. I would recommend @Fritag but I fear he's off cycling or skiing somewhere..... Ian
  21. I've just caught up with this and I have to say your work is stunning. The wing in particular is just ridiculous in this scale - in the nicest possible way! I doubt I shall attempt to copy it and will stick to the far inferior method of painting the ribs and spars! Ian
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