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  1. Airfix Taranto Swordfish

    That Stringbag looks very nice! I have the new Airfix kit, but I might have a go at the old one, as it looks reasonably accurate and a nice, easy build. Or maybe I'll go for the Matchbox/Revell kit, or the old Frog/Novo version whilst I get up the courage to finish my new Airfix Swordfish (very nice kit, but all the little bits and bobs have me a bit intimidated). Regards, Jason
  2. J-W, where did you get those profiles? Which book/site? (Sorry about going a bit off-topic, Epimedium, but as you're a fellow SCW fan*, I didn't think you'd mind.) By the way, accurate or not I do like the roundels. Like you, I've printed out my own on occasion, as for example when I did the Spanish Fury, and I'm thinking my Wal should have had some (I just painted the wingtips red). Regards, Jason *It's always a bit odd to talk about being a 'fan' of a war, especially such a destructive and divisive one as the Spanish Civil War, but of course I'm talking about being interested in the aeroplanes that flew during that terrible conflict.
  3. Excellent Model 281! That's one I've always fancied building, being a bit of an SCW aficionado myself. It's nice to know the AZ P-26 is a nice kit - it shall now definitely go on my ever-lengthening to-buy list. Regards, Jason

    Beautifully-done Wurgers! Regards, Jason
  5. I for one will be very interested to see how you get on with that Khalkin-Gol Chaika, Stew. I have it in my mind to do all the aircraft of that very important, if little known conflict. I have several of the Japanese aircraft involved, such as the Ki-36 Sonia, the Ki-10 Perry, and the Ki-27 Nate, and a few of the Soviet aircraft, such as the I-15bis, and possibly an I-16 (although I may do it as a GPW aircraft). The Tupolev SB was another aircraft, along with the Li-2 (Soviet licence-built DC-3) that was painted in that ad hoc green over silver (or light grey) scheme. Hmmm, now that would actually be an interesting group build, although the number of aircraft would be relatively limited - a Khalkin-Gol (Nomonhan) build. I'm not volunteering for getting this organised, by the way. Just thinking out loud, as it were. But I digress... Regards, Jason
  6. Brilliant job on the Ju-88! Where was this aircraft based? It has an interesting combination of Mediterranean markings (white under wingtips and white fuselage stripe), and Balkans/Eastern Front markings (yellow engines and tail planes). Regards, Jason
  7. Brilliant work as always, Fuad! As I've often said on this site, American aeroplanes always look better in British markings. Regards, Jason
  8. Brilliant work, Stew! I really need to get back to mine, etc. Regards, Jason
  9. Mike, I believe this is a case of you mileage may vary. I've had good luck with my Airfix kits; for example, I did not have any of the short shots that some have reported with the Shackleton kit, and my recently-built Beaufighter went together very nicely, with no warped parts. I don't know if the kits that make it to the States have gone through some sort of winnowing process (perhaps by the time they make it to our shores, they've fixed some of the quality control issues for some kits?), but I just haven't had the sort of problems I've no doubt others have had with some of Airfix's recent releases. As far as the Sword and AZ kits are concerned, they have improved over the years, and I find their recent kits go together rather well, especially the Sword Spitfires. My KP new-mould La-5FN went together almost without incident (although it did have a bit of flash, that was easily dealt with). Regards, Jason
  10. 1/72 FW-190 A3

    Brilliant job on that Wurger! Regards, Jason
  11. Great Caesar's Ghost! You mean you have to scrape a little bit of plastic away to get a better fit!? Not to be allowed, there ought to be a law, hanging's too good for them, etc. Yeesh, folks, try wrestling with some East and Central European limited run kits for awhile. As for me, I'm not too overly concerned with perfect fit, as long as the kit is dimensionally accurate. As some have indicated, dealing with a few fit issues is called 'modelling'. To me it's all a part of the game. And perhaps I'm just lucky (for once), but the fit on the Airfix kits I've bought recently, such as the Gladiator, the Shackleton, and the Beaufighter have all been exemplary. I will probably pick this kit up, and I will definitely purchase the Fortress III. If I have to bring out 'Ol Sharpy', my trusty modelling knife for a bit o' whittlin', then so be it. Regards, Jason
  12. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Yes, I'm aware of the 'double' nature of the Mamba engine. My point was that it was turboprop-engined, not piston-engined. Regards, Jason
  13. TRUMPETER 1/32 MIG 3

    Very nice MiG-3, John! I agree with Dennis - the MiG-3, with that aft-mounted cockpit and big inline engine looks like a racer. It was the fastest aircraft in the world when it entered service (with the exception of its predecessor, the MiG-1, which it was a development of), but unfortunately it also manouevred like a racer! Regards, Jason
  14. Nice job on the undercarriage, Stew! I believe I broke at least one of mine when I removed it from the sprue. Still a lovely little kit of one of my very favourite aeroplanes that I really need to get back to. Although the Heller kit builds up easily (without breakage!), this kit leaves it far behind in terms of detail and accuracy. I look forward to seeing yours done, especially the Khalkin-Gol example with the crazy camouflage. Regards, Jason
  15. Airbus A400M, Revell 1:72

    Yes indeed; there is something a bit 'Antonovish' about it. Like an An-12 on steroids. The Antonov OKB actually designed and built a prop-fan aircraft, but it was not a success. Regards, Jason