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  1. 1/72 ICM Tupolew Tu-2 "Moskwa"

    Brilliant job, Roman! Glad to be of help! That does look striking in that unusual variant of the three-colour scheme. I suppose I need to get moving on painting my Hobby Boss Tu-2. Best Regards, Jason
  2. A Spitfire – what else…

    Very nice job! It is a nice little kit, isn't it? I have two on the build right now. Yours looks properly weathered without looking overused. Regards, Jason
  3. Me either. I had a chance to buy one at a modelling show once, but prudence and a lack of quid stopped me. However, I would love a Hendon in IM in 1/72nd scale. Followed by a Virginia/Valentia. I can dream, can't I? Regards, Jason
  4. Fw 190F-8/M-82 conversion options

    You're welcome, Steve! The old KP kit is still a nice kit of the La-5FN. It has some raised lines, but since the La-5FN was mostly wooden, there really aren't that many panel lines to begin with. You can probably also pick one up relatively cheaply, even in the Antipodes. Regards, Jason
  5. Fw 190F-8/M-82 conversion options

    Steve, I don't believe this Fw-190 conversion was ever made. However, if you wish to use the best La-5FN kit available, use the new-mould KP kit. I built one for SAMI, and it's a very nice and accurate kit. Not without a few quirks (whose idea was it to put those ejector pins on the fins, right where they should glue together?), but if I can make a reasonable-looking model out of it, it can't be all bad. I may have dreamt this, but I believe that some manufacturer are coming out with a full kit of this possible, maybe, maybe-not aeroplane. Or did I dream it? Regards, Jason
  6. Brilliant job on the T-34! The weathering is very well-done indeed. Regards, Jason
  7. Bf me109 fuselage center line

    All the Bf-109s I've built lately (a Bf 109D-1, Bf 109E-7, Bf 109F-2, Bf 109K-4, all in the gentleman's scale), I've tried to put that wretched line in, with varying degrees of success. Blasted Nazis - still making things difficult for us all these decades later! Lovely Emil there, by the way, Bill! Regards, Jason
  8. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    I have a good friend who likes to say 'really excellent'; I have to gently remind him that this is ever-so-slightly redundant. I'm surprised he's still a good friend. Regards, Jason P.S. Nice piccies of the representations of the good Marshal, Ken! My avatar heartily approves.
  9. someone give Airfix Workbench a dictionary

    Perhaps they might retain the services of a professional author such as myself. I know how to write goodly. Regards, Jason
  10. Beautiful job as usual, Fuad! It looks very convincing in those markings. Regards, Jason
  11. IAR-80 1/72 A-Model

    Wonderful job on that vanatoare! Regards, Jason
  12. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Make that four. The International keeps growing! Jason A/K/A Marshal Zhukov
  13. 1/72 Hawker Nimrod Mk. II

    Very nice indeed! I like the difference between the Cerux Grey front and the silver-doped rest of the aircraft. A lovely little aircraft (and model)! Regards, Jason
  14. Very, very nice, J-W! Another excellent addition to your amazing collection of obscure but interesting aeroplanes! Best Regards, Jason
  15. Excellent work on the weathering! To be honest, If I tried to do that amount of weathering I'd make a total muddle of it. The best I can manage is some light wash on panel lines, a bit of exhaust staining, and a bit of paint chipping. Regards, Jason