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  1. B-2 Spirit - Modelcollect 1/72

    Excellent job! It's nice to see that Modelcollect have done a good job on the kit. I look forward to their B-52s. Regards, Jason
  2. Pete's Airfix 1\72 B-25 Mitchell Desert Warrior

    Excellent work on that Mitchell! She looks a treat in the desert camouflage! I see you didn't try and give it that pinkish colour that you see on some - I'd be afraid to try and reproduce that colour. I increasingly see this kit in my future... Regards, Jason
  3. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    Brilliant job on the painting! I have to admit that the Luftwaffe mottling scares the Bejeebers out of me. All my Luftwaffe models avoid this, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as it forces me to seek out some of the more unusual/uncommon paint schemes. Speaking of which, I need to get back to my Fw 190s (two Airfix, and one Hasegawa). Regards, Jason
  4. Only 29 inches? A mere trifle, then. Something to keep me occupied for a few days in between finishing my Bears. Regards, Jason
  5. Excellent job on that Me 262! Regards, Jason
  6. FROG 1/72 FW Ta 152 H

    Good job on the old girl! I built one when it was still a new kit, which tells you how long I've been at this. It was the very last model I built with the wheels up. Regards, Jason
  7. Zvezda Focke Wulf 190A4 snap fit 1:72

    That's interesting about the canopy, John. I have the Yak-3 kit (per your recommendation, no less!), and it's a very nice kit that's going together very easily. I've also built their Bf 109F-2, which other than the surprising lack of the upper wing panel lines, is also a very nice kit. I'd love to see them do an Il-2 in this line (I have the Easy Assembly Hobby Boss Il-2, which isn't a bad kit, but it does have some mistakes that I suspect Zvezda wouldn't make). At any rate back to our regular programme and good luck on the Fw 190, Hairtrigger! Regards, Jason
  8. Thank you very much for the info, Rich! That was the one I was looking at. I don't really care if it's 100 percent accurate, as I'm no Vigilante expert. Reasonably Vigilante-ish will do it for me. Best Regards, Jason
  9. Nice work so far, and good luck on the best of the build! I have the CtA sheet in 1/72nd scale, and I plan on getting an RA-5C for one of the two camouflage schemes. I'll be very interested to see how the camouflage turns out on your kit - it should look great! By the way, do you have any suggestions for a Vigilante in 1/72nd scale? Regards, Jason
  10. Matchbox Hawker Tempest II

    I had one of these when it was new - great job on yours! Like most here, Matchbox kits seem to take me back to my not nearly misspent enough youth. Regards, Jason
  11. Kraseevaya rahbot! Beautiful work on that Blenheim! I too like the look of the short-nosed Blenheims. Regards, Jason
  12. General, sir, glad to see you got the silly blighters sorted out on this! Nothing straightens out a wayward chap(s) better than the threat of doing double-time around the parade grounds in full gear, in the rain, backwards. By the way, Tony, lovely job on the Mitchell! I must pick me up one of these, to do it in the proper Soviet markings, of course. Bestest, Jason
  13. B-26, Hasegawa, 1/72

    Although I've always felt the B-25 was a better aircraft, the B-26 had it on looks. Excellent job on a good-looking aeroplane! I'd love to have the Hasegawa kit if they weren't so absurdly expensive (>100USD on eBay, if you can find one). Regards, Jason
  14. KC-97L Stratotanker

    You didn't receive any compliments on this model?! Sorry to badmouth the show attendees, but they must be blind. I don't know about your other builds, but your KC-97L is a beautiful build. Please keep up the great work! Best Regards, Jason
  15. Excellent job on that Sea Fury - it looks very nice in that paint scheme! Regards, Jason