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  1. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    That's a bit harsh, don't you think mate? Regards, Jason
  2. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    I'm no expert, Roman, but I believe neither the K-6 nor the K-14 saw any service. I will be interested in the K-4 version, though, as I too have amassed quite a few decals for it over the years. Regards, Jason
  3. Excellent news. The 'K', my favourite Bf 109 variant. Regards, Jason
  4. Dewoitine D.520 1/72 RS Model

    Beautiful build as always, Libor! Regards, Jason
  5. Ask and ye shall receive! Now for a 1/32nd Lincoln... Regards, Jason
  6. Ki-46-II Dinah

    Nice job! She looks good in that camouflage. Maybe not a Dinah, but I believe an Irving (Gekko) is in my near future. Regards, Jason
  7. Beautiful work as usual, Neil! Now when do we get to see this in 1/32nd? From where I'm sitting I can see my eternally unfinished 1/72nd Manchester trying to hide under a box. Best Regards, Jason
  8. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Bill, the sad thing is when I finish my TSR.2, it will be only half as good as yours. If I'm lucky! I think what I'm going to do with mine, is just paint it white and then never dust it. Come to think of it I never dust the models I have that aren't white either... Regards, jason
  9. Beautiful job on that Sea Fury, and that Firefly looks brilliant also! Two of my favourite FAA aircraft. Regards, Jason
  10. That's something I try to make clear in my books; it was the Soviet Union, not 'Russia', which fought the Nazis and their fascist allies, and it was the Soviet people, not the 'Russians' who fought the Axis. 1.5 million Ukrainian soldiers died fighting the Nazis, and most of the civilian casualties occurred in the Byelorussian and Ukrainian Republics. The ethnic Russians did provide most of the soldiers in the Red Army and certainly the officer corps was mainly Russian, and their sacrifices should never be forgotten, but they did have help from the non-Russians in the Soviet Union. Regards, Jason
  11. I have the Hobby Boss Easy Assembly kit, which seems to be accurate in overall dimensions and outline, but it is definitely lacking in interior detail. I've detailed mine with parts from the ICM kit (too complicated for me). Like so many of my kits, it's nearly completed, but I can't bring myself to do all the intricate masking for the clear parts. Regards, Jason
  12. Yes, I know the sad story of his mother's people, the Crimean Tartars; because he was a HSU, his immediate family was exempt from Stalin's deportation, but many of his friends were not so lucky. I find him interesting (although I didn't realise that he was part 'Dagestani'), that's why I want to do both his Kobra (nearly finished) and La-7 (partially finished). Although people always talk about the 'Russians' regarding the Great Patriotic War, they seem to forget all the non-ethnic Russians who also fought against Fascism, including the Soviet ace of aces, Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub, who was a Ukrainian (flying aeroplanes, the La-5 and La-7, designed by a Jew, Semyon Alekseyevich Lavochkin). Best Regards, Jason
  13. You do brilliant work on all your models, Fuad, but I'm especially attracted to the Soviet GPW models, given that it's my area of historical interest (and knowledge). If I'm not mistaken, you've already built an Il-2, now this Lavochkin. Now all you need to do is a Tu-2 (if you haven't already), which I also wrote a book about (Tupolev Tu-2: The Forgotten Medium Bomber). Best Regards, Jason
  14. Brilliant job on the Phantom! I slowly feel myself being compelled to buy it... Regards, Jason
  15. As another resource, there was a reasonably good book written by a chap not far from you - in Seguin, Texas, no less. The book is called Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War. It doesn't have scale drawings, but it does have some nice photographs and colour profiles. I should know - I wrote it. Best Regards, Jason