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  1. The only problem I can see with that is it ain't filthy enough. .
  2. Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter Mk X

    Was the driver's 'tache Milliput or paint?
  3. From the BM Walkaround thread
  4. Not on your list but, Hellenic Modellers Website http://www.helmo.gr/?option=com_deeppockets&task=catShow&id=14&Itemid=0&limitstart=88&limit=8 All sorts of goodies in there.
  5. Just One This Time.

    G'day Chums, Time and mojo have eluded me this year so just the one from me,RFI is here. Thanks for looking,all the best for next year.
  6. Christmas Funny

    I think I prefer Bob Rivers' take on this
  7. That's only because they pushed it into the paintshop backwards.
  8. ^Wot he said.For my money your piccie struck me as a USCGesque scheme,a similar sort of idea to this not my piccie .
  9. Kinetic 1/48th Scale Harrier T8

    Where's the double like tit when it's needed?
  10. Firefox Spell Check

    Yes,I do see the red squigglies that point either to my keyboard dyslexia or an unknown (to it) word such as "squigglies".I'm on 52.5.2 (32 bit) as updated on startup yesterday evening.XP user at this end because I see no requirement to stop using a perfectly adequate functioning machine on the whim of firms who don't operate on my little budget.
  11. Beavers galore!!!!

    Now you've reminded me I do recall seeing them Nice Jugs they were.
  12. Scratch built airship

    That's well cool,good works old fruit. Have you happened across these chums https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/dirigiblemodelers/ ?
  13. Beavers galore!!!!

    Splendid work old fruit . Any thoughts about a pair if P47s to follow this?
  14. Airfix Vulcan XM607 Black Buck

    Corking job old chum,be proud of that.