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  1. Trumpeter Supermarine Attacker F1 in 1/48th Scale.

    With great regret chums I'm not going to make the trip. Unhappy. I've had to edit this missive because the forum software won't allow me to type A R S E which is the word I have chosen to use as my expression of disappointment with my failure to get it there.
  2. Crumbs! Tiny and shiny.
  3. Spirit Levels!!!

    I think you're looking for a Post Level. http://www.screwfix.com/p/post-level/14623
  4. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    The nearest I can punt to you is The forward exhaust nozzle looks unpainted to me. Taken from this site https://www.raf.mod.uk/history/HarrierDiary8.cfm which was very useful to me when I built my GR3 in the last Harrier GB.I painted all nozzles with Humbrol Metalcote Polished Steel.
  5. No 'Like/react' buttons on my posts?

    You sadist you
  6. No 'Like/react' buttons on my posts?

    Could you possibly make the small print a little larger please? I had to don the Optivisor to read the last bit .
  7. No 'Like/react' buttons on my posts?

    For my money it's a calling card.Been,seen,looks well. It slows down thread clutter by not having to leave a comment such as "I like this".
  8. No 'Like/react' buttons on my posts?

    I would but... Have a instead. Edit,I just did,the button has reappeared.
  9. No 'Like/react' buttons on my posts?

    Liked just in case it helps.
  10. Outdoor casts

    G'day Sal, Self Levelling Compound is good for detailed concrete casting,the working time is pretty reasonable for bubble removal and it is strong stuff being designed for putting a resilient surface on floors to a thickness of 2mm or so.It is quite expensive though,£28 for a 25 kg bag.
  11. Halifax

    The logbook extract is worth a thread on it's own.Sobering reading.Thanks for that.
  12. Hobbyboss 1/48 Hawk 127 RAAF

    Well cool old fruit UP-U isn't lost on me either.