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  1. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    While not strictly GR3 this thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234945032-harrier-gr1gr1a-visual-differences/& is a mine of relevant gen.
  2. Albatros DV Eduard 1/48

    Your offering goes rather beyond a mere "like" You've taken my breath away.Well done old chum on something I wouldn't know where to start. .
  3. Photobucket fix

    A little while ago I started working my way through the sites suggested here.I'm now inclined,as an ex PB dependant, to spread my meagre output as widely as possible so that one single provider can't make my whole day interesting.
  4. Spitfire rear canopy and Airfix rendition thereof?

    Given that the above photo shows a prominent heavily riveted square or rectangular section piece of structural metalwork which doesn't seem to be in contact with the enclosing glassware I would say that's about spot on.
  5. Bf 109 F-2 White 9 Eduard 1/48

    Corking paint job old fruit,.
  6. Diorama-"Return to England"

    There's an awful lot of text where the piccies should be old fruit.
  7. Vintage Hawk Javelin build.

    T'other one's good but this one's a doozy.
  8. Google Photos - anyone nailed sharing photos from this?

    It seems to be unpredictable.I tried something similar with Skydrive,the URLs seemed to change on a daily basis and was entirely unuseable for our purposes.
  9. Vacuform Birds

    Any danger of seeing the Buffalo in the corner?
  10. That just takes my breath away.Well done,be proud of that.I'm looking forward to the next creation.
  11. Trumpeter Supermarine Attacker F1 in 1/48th Scale.

    With great regret chums I'm not going to make the trip. Unhappy. I've had to edit this missive because the forum software won't allow me to type A R S E which is the word I have chosen to use as my expression of disappointment with my failure to get it there.
  12. Crumbs! Tiny and shiny.
  13. Spirit Levels!!!

    I think you're looking for a Post Level. http://www.screwfix.com/p/post-level/14623