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  1. T-shirt funnies

    Are we allowed to include things that are easy on the eye?
  2. vacforming canopy resin - some info required

    Sorry Troy,I've only just seen this thread.I've got away with Plaster of Paris quite happily for the few bits I've had cause to replace.I would think that the mould would be good for a handful of pops at least. I like the idea of female moulds (cavity moulds is what I tell my little dears at school,I have no wish to explain the difference) if you are making a copy it makes the external dimensions the same as the original. Airholes,I've found that it is easier to drill through the mould after casting rather than inserting pins that are difficult to remove once the mould has set.On a cavity mould this makes life interesting keeping the drilling dust out of the of the cavity,something always sticks,fully conversant with that at this end. I've no piccies to show now but leave it with me.
  3. You got three days entertainment for slightly less than the princely sum of a poorly octopus? You won't get the same ride at Alton Towers for that money. Despite it all you've made a job of that,spot on old fruit.
  4. Hannover CLIIIA

    The Lozenge is spot on.Have a couple of these too .
  5. 1/72 Airfix B-26?????

    There's nothing wrong with the kit itself', but the thick end of £20 is a bit steep for what's in the box.
  6. Spitfire Vb research guides

    Here would be a good start.
  7. Advice sought on paint finish

    You could slightly darken the darker bits,it is all about creating the illusion after all.
  8. Advice sought on paint finish

    This piccie might be of use.
  9. You're quite right,it's definitely different.I thought for a moment that it was a Meng Toon job. . Well done old fruit,be proud of that.
  10. Tandem wing Lysander P.12 1/72

    Image found on www.diseno-art.com but does not have an assigned credit. Splendid Wendover old chum,. I have plans for one somewhere along the line.
  11. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Deep Purple-Knocking At Your Back Door Strike-U Sure Do The Dixie Dregs-Take It Off The Top (Tommy Vance used to use this as his intro and outro.) Tom Petty-American Girl RMS-Broadway Rundown (yes,this U Bend video does play,just press the thingy.) Warren Zevon-Werewolwes Of London Gary Moore-Back On The Streets to name but a few.
  12. Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    I've just perpetrated a quick Google' This http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/Fury/Sea_Fury_Hawker.pdf might be a starter for ten.
  13. Most of the known world's population would pay good money to be shown how to do that paint job. is an understatement.. And just 'cos it's there have a .
  14. Dysoe Leader, Tally Ho.....

    Wow Phenomenal.
  15. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    That'll be the bole of the tree then. "Mummy Mummy,can I lick the bowl out?" "No son,just flush it like everyone else does"...