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  1. G'day again Chums,rain stopped play so there's been time to do a bit. Last night I made a new strut.I happened to have some copper wire the same thickness as the long width of the strut so I filed two sides into it the same thickness as the short width,fettled and shaped it to match the existing ones,cut it to length with a pin bent into each end to locate into the relevant holes and superglued it into place.This was then painted Extra Dark Sea Grey and left to dry overnight. Everything happens for a reason.Out of the bad can come good.I wasn't entirely hap
  2. I've only had the one set of the genuine ones and they were good.They were ground correctly and would drill anything up to brass accurately.I've had several packs of the knockoff ones since and they have all been a waste of resources.The cutting edge generally isn't the leading edge.Once reground,no easy feat with my eyesight,the fluting isn't deep enough to remove swarf so they block up and stop cutting. I would love to have the wherewithal to buy some decent drill bits,and while I'm at it find a collet for my pin vice that holds the drill bit straight rather than at some crazy unuseable
  3. Hello again Chums,back again. Col,thanks for the vote of confidence.It's much appreciated just now. The bad news first,I had nearly completed the mainplane rigging.It was going lovely.Then I turned round and clipped it.You remember that surprisingly rigid structure? It ain't very strong.Or rigid any more.I've broken two outer struts,dislodged two cabane struts and a third has snapped in half with no trace of the missing section.There's saggy wire everywhere,I haven't taken any piccies of it,I'm just quietly mulling over the repairs and how to do them. The good news
  4. G'day again Chums,we're starting to resemble a biplane all of a sudden.Some gentle pushing,shoving and wheedling reinstated the missing cabane struts into place and,once the glue had set,rendered a surprisingly solid structure.A couple of paint sessions separated by a strip of masking tape put the white then black on the upper wing underside.Both of those were mixed with a drop of 167 to reduce the starkness which I've read about but never tried until now and seems to be very effective with little effort. The cabane struts need a repaint.The guns have been repainted to
  5. Hello again Chums,one step forward one back. Rob,thanks for looking in and the kind words.Give your Gladiator a go,by the time you've done thinking about it you could have had the fuselage buttoned up.If it's a Roden one I hope there's some useful gen in amongst my ramblings. Having painted the lower wings I wanted to paint the upper front area that would be obstructed by the upper wing so I wrapped some carrier bag polythene around my shiny happy paint job and gave it a spray of Humbrol 123 Extra Dark Sea Grey and left that to dry.When I came back to it I found a depre
  6. The tanks are included in the kit Link to Super Hobby pics .
  7. G'day again Chums,a spot more progress to show. Col,thanks old fruit. Top wing off,struts hanging on in there. Time for a squirt of paint.The map shows the countershading scheme of Slate Grey and Dark Sea Grey on the lower wing.My last trip out to B and H Models over at Lincoln cost a small fortune in paint,one tin of which was Humbrol 31 bought specifically for a Spitfire XVIII build sometime in the near (yeah,right) future but I realised that it was what I wanted for this one.Out came the airbrush,on went the paint.I seem to recall recently re
  8. G'day old fruit,what is it about this photo that makes me think that the man is calling somebody something very rude? Looking good so far .
  9. Hello again Chums,here we go again. The real thing had seat armour made up locally in the dockyard workshops in Valetta.This Times Of Malta article did have a photo of the head armour but that seems to have disappeared.Anyway,I cut a couple of shapes from 5 thou plastic card,one for the canopy and the other to go down the back of the seat.I haven't found any photos of the seat armour so my effort is based on simplicity and the lump that is found in Spitfire kits of old. Last time I built this kit I seem to remember fixing the lower wings and gluing in the w
  10. I was just wondering if you were living in the caravan while you are building this. Looking good so far old fruit.
  11. That's a bit of a shame old fruit,you're so close to the magic moment and she's looking superb so far.There's plenty of time before the January finish line so enjoy a rest from it,possibly knock out something that isn't as involved and see what happens after that.It's supposed to be fun isn't it? Have a few of these,they won't do a lot but they're free
  12. If you're using a mild steel pin I would think spot welding would probably do the job.
  13. G'day again Chums,a little more to show. Col,thanks for looking in and the kind words.Some of these bits are tiny indeed. I've been quietly looking round for decent photos of the cockpit and its surrounds for quite a while before I started this build.The most forthcoming was,should go without saying really,the BM Walkaround thread.There is a handful of images,this and this among several,that I found relevant to what I wanted to do.This one I found in the outside world but I can't remember where and this site shows the work of a chap who has evidently spent a lot of time
  14. Hello again Chums,just a few odd bits this time. My cunning plan for the oversize hole in the seat involved some 5 thou plastic card,a lump of blu-tack and a pencil.I held the plastic card in place on the inside of the seat with the blu-tack and drew around the hole from the back.I then used the pencil line as a guide and cut the card just outside the line. This was then carefully glued into place and put aside to set. In the meantime the instrument panel was shoehorned into the fuselage.It was slightly too wide and held the upper j
  15. G'day again Chums,a few twiddly bits to show this time. Chris,thanks for that old fruit.I've often wondered what that bit did. For a bit of fun I thought I'd have a dry fit of the cockpit.It took a bit of manouvering to position the floor but once in it sat well.The radio and seat dropped in to place easily. It looks a bit bare in there doesn't it. Anyway,the instrument panel has been painted and the decals cut from the sheet. Roden decals are notorious for being tricky t
  16. Hello again Chums,some more progress over the last couple of days. The now oval-less engine cowling has had the exhaust pipes fitted and a drop of paint.The leading edge as far as the rivets is Humbrol Metalcote Polished Aluminium 27002 and the collector ring behind it is a mixture of that and 29 Dark Earth to simulate heated steel.A drop of 15 Midnight Blue was thinned to make the blue bits of heat stressing. The fuselage was dry fitted to make sure it would go together and also to see if I could fit up the cockpit after joining it together.The lack of locating p
  17. G'day again Chums,just a little paintwork to show this time. @dogsbody Chris,thanks for chipping in old fruit.That's one bit of the airframe that the period photos I've looked at is either obscured or not in shot.I wondered what they were for but it didn't occur to me that they shouldn't be there.Better to peel them off now rather than repair the paint job later . Anyway,a spot of hairy sticked red and silver inside the fuselage. It looked a bit bare in there so I thought I'd do something to represent some of the fuselage structure I cut some
  18. It has shuffled off this mortal coil,it is an ex licence...
  19. Hello again Chums,a little progress to report. Patrice,many thanks for looking in old fruit.This one will be fun indeed. James,if you've never read that one before you're in for a treat. John,is there a difference between brave and masochistic?I might be treading the fine line here. Glue set,tape off,trailing edge in need of some attention. The collector ring needs evening out too,as do the two rocker cover bulges on the joints which,for some reason,are wider than all the others. There are delusions of circular
  20. G'day Chums,I'd like to join in with this one if I may. I've had an abiding fascination with the Malta campaign ever since I read Ron Gillmans "The Shiphunters" way back in the early '80s.This kit has markings for two Malta schemes and two from HMS Eagle during July and August 1940 among the eight options on the decal sheet.I'm going to plump for one of the Malta schemes but I'm not sure which one yet.Here's what's in the box. For a change I thought that I'd follow the sequence suggested by the map so I cut off and prepared the engine cowling c
  21. G'day Chums,here's my quick and dirty attempt at this one.I failed to find a photo of this machine so I thought I'd finish the paint job slightly differently to the one in the instructions.The dorsal DF loop was replaced with thin wire,the sliding portions of the maingear legs had self adhesive aluminium foil applied,the cannon barrels were replaced with wire insulation.I painted the wingtips white as part of the theatre markings and I fancied a scalloped leading edge camouflage join,which was not as easy as it looks.I hairy sticked this one as a part of my campaign to become proficient with t
  22. There's this IWM photo of Admiral Prune II where the serial number can be seen but the individual aircraft letter is not quite visible.
  23. You And Yours on Radio 4 are always looking for something to do.
  24. @Bullbasket try here for the e-mail address of the CEO of the firm you are struggling with.A polite but pertinent missive usually works.
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