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  1. I've just had a quick play, It seems that the secure link is working again.
  2. Alex Gordon

    Possible Scam

    Sell some Viagra.
  3. Quick test,same photo two links. https://village.photos/images/user/716f6b59-99e8-4169-b125-ed35162f7431/1f39ba54-4925-4928-9965-b2182be34fca.JPG https://village.photos/images/user/716f6b59-99e8-4169-b125-ed35162f7431/1f39ba54-4925-4928-9965-b2182be34fca.JPG this link isn't working. http://village.photos/images/user/716f6b59-99e8-4169-b125-ed35162f7431/1f39ba54-4925-4928-9965-b2182be34fca.JPG This link is working.
  4. It certainly looks like there is a fairing there.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing this one.Here's a couple of build threads that might be of use; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070467-dicing-mkix/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235073586-icm-spitfire-ix-in-148th-scalefinished/
  6. Alex Gordon

    Burnt metal

    I went with Dark Earth lightly rubbed over with ground up pencil lead and then some very dilute Humbrol 15 Midnight Blue for a bit of variation.
  7. G'day Chums,here's my go at the Hobbyboss Easykit Wildcat.The paint was Humbrol Enamel,all hairy sticked.I added a lamp lens to the port wing underside,a pair of exhausts,the gunsight glass,the fuel intercooler intakes and some replacement cowl flaps.The build was fairly straightforward,mostly consisting of widening locating holes to allow things to slip together more easily,opening up the oil cooler fairings under the wings and a spot of Milliput to close up a couple of joints and fair the cowling in to the fuselage.The decals went on without a hitch and the whole lot was given a coat of Vallejo Satin Varnish to finish off. I nearly got it right. With the Hellcat I finished a couple of years ago. Thanks for looking in Chums,hope you enjoyed.
  8. G'day Adam,from what I can glean the idea of cannon armament on a Spitfire was in the design stage possibly as early as 1938.Most of my understanding has come from reading various threads on Britmodeller,this one is a good start https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234927373-early-cannon-armed-spitfires/&.
  9. Vallejo is pretty reasonable to brush on.There is a useful cross reference chart on Creative Models site here.If you go for Humbrol acrylic from the Humbrol site most of the time they don't have the full range all at the same time and quite frequently you'll be hard put to order enough to qualify for free postage. Wonderland Models don't have a free postage option but their paint store,here,is pretty comprehensive and is well worth a look. by the way.
  10. G'day Chums,may I present my take on the Cannon Armed Mk1 Spitfire.This is the Airfix old tool 1/48th scale Mk Vb kit with the cannon shell case ejector ports moved and the outer machine gun ports filled.The serial number was cobbled together from the spares bag and the squadron and aircraft letters were home made masked and painted.The propellor,cannon fairings,sliding canopy,cockpit door,antenna mast and tailwheel were spares from the Eduard IIa kit.The fabric covered ailerons were made from plastic card and Milliput.My attempt to find aircraft letter to serial number tie ups,here,came to naught so I've gone for the same one as everyone else has,depicted at the end of July 1940. Thanks all for looking in and a Happy New Year.
  11. That's looking rather good so far old fruit.I've had a quick squint at the 152 Squadron Summary Of Events through the watermark here https://www.rafcommands.com/database/air27/index.php?qname=&cur=18650&qn1=&qnum=&qdate= and it doesn't seem to be too forthcoming on serial number to aircraft letter tie ups,but my looksee wasn't exhaustive.Keep up the good work .
  12. G'day Jack,I had the same problem with the wing trailing edges on my Airfix 1/48th Hurricane and the rudder on my Heller 1/48th Rafale.What I did was glue them together and then carefully take a wide kerf saw blade through them which,while time consuming,did most of the thinning and only needed a little cleaning up. Hope this is of use.
  13. G'day Chums. One of my magnifier lamps flickered a little this afternoon so I decided to have a looksee. The brown bit was very hot. Hot enough to distort the plastic. The tube was on its way out.I opened it up to change it and found this. I got away with it this time but from now on I'll have a look from time to time and hopefully avoid having a serious problem. All the best all,have a productive New Year.
  14. Alex Gordon


    You should try watching the French version of "Taggart".
  15. G'day old fruit,I've been looking into this too. Sorry,I don't have any Revell numbers for you,to be fair I don't know my way around their stuff since I seldom use it. Photo half inched from https://www.quora.com/What-color-were-the-German-uniforms-in-WW2 From what I've read so far there is no real hard and fast single colour.This book may be of some use.
  16. G'day Chums,there's been a fair bit of plastic bashing here this year.The first off the line was a 1/48th old tool Airfix Spitfire Vb built for the Interceptors Group Build,thread here. In the background I had a crack at the 1/48th Hasegawa A6M5 Zero which had been waving its little tentacles at me for quite a while,RFI here. Also in the Interceptors GB the Revell 1/48th F89,build thread here. In the background of that one I finally finished the Airfix 1/72nd PE2 that I'd started some twenty years or so ago,RFI here. I decided to have a break from the Group Builds and gave my Monogram/Revell 1/48th A37 a bit of a tart up and reattached all the bits that had broken off over time.This one had it's RFI way back in 2010 here so I took some new photos and added them in. While I was on a tarting up spree I reworked the paint job on Airfix's first look into the 1/48th Mustang,RFI here. The Airfix 1/48th Hurricane has aroused plenty of comment.This was an accidental build,I opened the box to check for short shot components and the next thing I knew it was halfway to built and I was contemplating how to thin the wing trailing edge and sort out the other niggles,RFI here. Some of the bits used to correct the Airfix Hurricane came from the Ark Models kit.While I had the box open it would have been rude not to,RFI here. I was starting to feel the Group Build bug again,the Unarmed GB was just starting and I'd never built a proper car kit before with access to reference photos so I thought that the Airfix/MPC 1/25th Stutz Bearcat would be a reasonable way to redress the balance.It turned into quite a journey,build thread here. As a bit of light relief a Hobbyboss 1/72nd Easykit crossed the bench,one of their Bf 109 G incarnations this time,RFI here. While looking for something else the pair of Airfix 1/72nd Spitfires I stopped working on several years ago came back to the surface.Finishing them seemed to be a good thing to do so I did,RFI here. All of a sudden the Less Than A Tenner Group Build was starting.My first completion in there was yet another 1/72nd Hobbyboss Easykit,their F 84 E,build thread here. This was followed by the venerable Airfix 54mm Scots Grey which took me into territory I hadn't trodden before.The assistance of some very clued up contributors to the build thread,here,gave us Hugh and Ailsa, Of course I couldn't build just the one could I? I hadn't built a MiG 15 since I was a kid.I happened to have yet another Hobbyboss Easykit to hand.The paint scheme looked rather appealing,I didn't resist the urge,RFI here. The French Fancy II Group Build hove into view in amongst that lot.It seemed like as good a time as any to build the Heller 1/48th Rafale prototype that I'd been tripping over for years,build thread here. One way or another it's been a worthwhile year at the bench.I would like to thank again all those splendid folk who chipped in to the various threads with the encouragement and gen that gave my efforts that little bit extra.My thanks also to Mike and the Mod Team without whom this site wouldn't exist.
  17. I could hear the Pathe News music behind your commentry.I like that,nice one old fruit .
  18. An Appreciation Of Modern Opera by Phil E. Stein.
  19. G'day Tom,welcome to a world of mayhem.Ab initio you won't go wrong with the Hobbyboss Easykit range,they generally go together with no real snags and they are dirt cheap.You don't need to go overboard on exotic tools that will only be used for one job.A decent sharp knife,a pair of smallish sharp scissors and a bit of medium grit sandpaper on a flat block is really all you need.Paintbrushes,one biggish for the big jobs and a diddy one for picking out the small bits,can be found in pound shops.If you decide that this is the game for you then tools and tackle can always be added to,it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Oh and .
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