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  1. Hello again Chums,a bit more canopy this time. Chris,thanks old fruit.It was easier to do than it looks. Searching for images showing how the canopy is hinged has been surprisingly fruitless but on the way round I've found out who makes them,the set up is different on every other variant,the blue in the decals is probably too dark and the nearest I've found so far that shows me how the canopy should sit is an image large enough to give dial up users a fit of pique so from pure politeness I'll just link to it instead. It should sit about here.I did toy with the idea of having the lid shut but that would mean moving the port side stick which interferes with the fit. I decided that,in the absence of any solid method provided in the kit,I'd use a piece of the brass fret.I filed out a lump of the canopy edge to the thickness of the brass and offered up to mark out for a slot. This was duly cut,a faff on its own 'cos my saws are either too narrow or too wide,and the bit of brass slotted in to test. This was then superglued to the canopy and it seems to work quite well. There is a flat panel that surrounds the cockpit aperture.This also quite nicely covered up my nice shiny new slot so some had to be filed out of the appropriate bit of edge. All put together it seems to work quite happily. There has been Milliputting of any last gaps,masking of the wing lamps and most of the fettling has been finished.She looks good stood on her legs and i forsee paint in the near future. Thanks for looking in Chums,more soon.
  2. Looking good so far old fruit.Cliff B had rubber tyres on his Silver Ghost build and I had some on my Stutz Bearcat ,both of which might give you some pointers on the fun that can be derived from them. Apropos of nothing,is the P silent?
  3. There's this photo in the Walkarounds department
  4. G'day again Chums,a bit more to show. Werner,thanks old fruit.The missile bodies do seem to be a good shape,that might have something to do with the access given to Heller being as their office was not far away from that of Matra. The canard foreplanes have endured a severe lack of attention,this time it was their turn in the barrel.I left them off so that they didn't get in the way or broken off. The holes for mounting them are either side of the fuselage at the aft end of the canopy. The canards were separated and a length of plastic tube was cut slightly longer than the fuselage is wide. The spigots on the canards weren't quite round so I needed a method of rectifying that.I widened out one of the holes in my trusty SAM saw. The spigot was wound through the hole which sorted things out nicely and left me with a circular cross section which will fit firmly into the drilled out tube. The ends of the tube were opened up to match the spigots and then was fed through the opened out holes in the fuselage using a drill bit for maneuvering and steering,leaving a little bit stuck out of each side for fettling. There are two noselegs,one plastic one metal.There is not much to choose between them but being as a small amount of noseweight is needed I thought I'd try the metal one. The only thing to choose between the two nosewheels is the tread pattern on the metal one. There are two rams and the torque link to be attached to the noseleg.I could have used superglue but,with nothing to lose,I thought I'd try soldering instead.I used a scrap length of metal runner to test the melting temparature of the white metal which I found to be about the same as my usual solder.Fortunately I have more than one coil of solder so I dug another one out from the Store of Eternity,it's full of things that might come in useful someday but someday had so far failed to arrive,and found its melting point was sufficiently lower than the white metal to not leave me with a big shiny blob if it all went wrong.While the finished job is not tidy it's near enough for a first try at soldering white metal. Thanks all for looking in,more soon.
  5. Hello again Chums,lots of piccies for a little progress this time. A drop of yellow zinc chromate paint in the lamp recess. The lamps themselves were made from a couple of odd ends of clear runner cut to length and pushed into a suitable hole drilled into the corner. Some thin clear sheet was cut to width and cold bent over the adjacent leading edge to make a decent defined bend. This was then fettled to go into the underside first and fixed with a drop of superglue,making sure it was flush with the surrounding surface.Once set the upper side was fettled and fixed the same way.The finished item looks fogged up here but it is actually crystal clear.This all has been done to both lamps and there will be Milliput to smooth it all off and hide the joints. Sooner or later I'm going to have to use the decals,the missile bodies have some to be applied so this seemed like as good a time as any to find out if they were useable. They soaked off the backing paper fairly rapidly and went on to of a drop of Klear with no real problems. They are a little on the thick side and the adhesive needs to be cleaned up a bit but they didn't disintegrate so it's looking promising for using them on the main paint job. The seat has been de-harnessed ready for paint. There's quite a lot involved in the canopy. I started with the bigger bits and offered them together to see what's involved.The inside of the framing needs to be painted before the bits go in. Before that could be done the mirror frame needed to be put in. This was taped to the bench to save me spending yet more time merrily crawling round the floor trying to find the thing and roughly bent around the end of a scalpel handle,being as it was the nearest match to the curve of the plastic. This was offered up.It was a sod to do and there was no way I was going to superglue it in without smearing stuff everywhere.Added to that it was never going to sit down properly and would always be visible from the outside.Time for a different approach. Some clear runner was stretched and little lengths were superglued to the backs of the mirrors.A pair of handles were bent too. These were then pushed through some 0.45mm holes drilled through the canopy. The mirrors were painted before glueing in.The glue was applied from the outside using the long ends to guide it into the holes.Once set the long ends were trimmed off and the inside framing painted. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  6. I have to agree,it's been a fun,busy and varied Group Build with all sorts to see.Does rooting through a skip like I did count as aftermarket? The gallery is filled with splendid finished items and there are some ambitious builds that didn't quite make it.Well done to all who joined in it was well worth the effort. Should we give Mark @snapper_city a ping and see what he has to say,being as he ran the first one and couldn't join in this time due to circumstances. My thanks again to @PlaStix for doing the deed,cheers old chum it's been a treat .
  7. Thanks again Chums. Black Knight,thanks for the heads up.I've a few more of these to go at so I'll give it a bit of thought.That's a rather good job on your Bootneck. Troy,I don't know.It's one I found in a box of Airfix 54mm goodies in the estate of a late friend. Stix,most of the informative bit came from those who chipped in with the many and varied bits of gen without which I'd still be working on it.Thanks for hosting old fruit,it's been a good fun GB with all sorts of goodies to behold.
  8. Doesn't look much like your avatar... “Aunt Agatha's demeanor now was rather like that of one who, picking daisies on the railway, has just caught the down express in the small of the back.”
  9. G'day Chums,may I present Hugh and Ailsa,alias the Airfix 54mm Scots Grey.This one has been a bit of a ride but we've got here eventually.The build thread is here. My thanks to Plastix and Enzo for doing their repective bits,Black Knight,Grey Beema and Troy for splendidly useful gen and to all who looked in,chipped in and generally encouraged.
  10. Hello again Chums,I'm going to call this one done.There has been pushing,prodding,touching in of paint and attaching the last bits.Here we are,Hugh and Ailsa. My thanks to Plastix for casting the net,Enzo for doing his bit,Black Knight,Grey Beema and Troy for splendidly useful gen and to all who looked in,chipped in and encouraged.I'm also going to do a @trickydicky210 being as he sold me the thing. Right,hands up who thought that,with several of them to hand,I was only going to make just the one. Thanks again all,I'm off to play Rafale in the French Fancy II GB.
  11. JV was 6 Squadron.There are some photos of BP 188 here https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Hurricane/RAF-6Sqn/pages/Hawker-Hurricane-IId-Trop-RAF-6Sqn-JVZ-BP188-Battle-of-El-Alamein-Egypt-1942-01.html and here https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205126801 . Edited to add there is some production data here http://www.k5083.mistral.co.uk/APS.HTM .
  12. G'day again Chums,we're nearing completion. The face has been glued to the headgear.A quick look around it revealed a patch of the white plastic not hidden adjacent to the collar.It's only on the one side and doesn't disappear by moving things around.That makes another bit of touching in to be done in a tricky place to see into and operate in at the same time. Anyway may I present Hugh.The offspring of very minor aristocracy his arrival was given a passing mention in "Who's Hugh".A subsequent edition,"Hugh's Hugh" ,shed a little more light on his ancestry.A later volume,"Whose is Hugh",aroused curiosity but no clarity. There's plenty of finishing to be done before he is put together with Ailsa,who also needs some finishing.Then there's the reins to be added. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  13. I was just chasing a Mosquito mentioned in the Mosquito Belly Lights thread when I chanced across this Wikipedia photo. Hope it's of use.
  14. Hello again Chums,festooning has continued. The stirrups have had their straps attached. To fit these up properly the seat of the saddle has been glued into place after some final fine tuning.The stirrup straps were only just long enough to do the trip. The metalwork for the bridle was next for attention.Like all niche trades the naming of certain items tends to reveal nothing to the layman and,nowadays,guarantees a certain price raising impenetrability to defend a craftsman from a customer.Try this wikipedia article for the bridle. These were set up on a lump of blu-tack and glued and then moved to their destination to make sure that they will fit and sit properly. The plume was glued to his titfer. The water bottle,bag and carbine were hung.One of the joys of doing this with masking tape is the possibility of repositioning the items with no fuss.I still haven't worked out how I'm going to make these look like they're bouncing around on a galloping horseman but something will come to mind. More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.
  15. G'day again Chums,just a little bit to show. Jason,Werner,thanks chaps.Glad you're enjoying this one. I'm in mid flurry of finishing my Scots Grey in the LTAT II GB so that's why progress is slow at the moment.The light glassware and surrounding leading edges have been shaped appropriately. I wasn't happy with the look of them so I've engaged Plan B.Rebates have been scraped out around both lights to take some thin clear sheet,there is going to be some more scratchbuilding in the near future. Thanks for looking in Chums,more soon.
  16. G'day again Chums,little victories. Black Knight,thanks once again old chum.Yet more gen for any poor uninformed soul,like I am,who may happen across this thread as part of their research into their own build . I had forgotten how time consuming this straps caper could be.If I was using plastic card it would take much longer and be nowhere near as easy.I suppose now that horsey has an eye she'd better have a name so I looked for a list of Scots horses names from the 1800s and came up with Ailsa. I've more than likely set the sabretache and scabbard straps up the wrong way but they can stay where they are.By the time the rest of his baggage has been hung they probably won't be visible anyway. More soon Chums,once the current lot of paint has dried,thanks for looking in.
  17. I don't know if it's just me but I haven't been able to see the photos since the start.
  18. My apologies Charlie,I've got the wrong end of the stick by not reading everything properly .You've probably seen these photos https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/JG27-Stab/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109E4-Stab-I.JG27-Gunther-Bode-WNr-1394-crash-landed-Mayfield-9th-Sep-1940-01.html but I'll post the link anyway.They aren't giving much away but I think you're pretty much on the mark with yours
  19. Hello again Chums,there has been progress but not much. Black Knight,many thanks old fruit.That's some superb gen for which I am grateful. Troy,cheers old chum.I'm finding this figure lark a lot more involved than it looks. Stix,thanks old lad. The mess tins are supposed to be strapped on to the top of this item (no,I've no idea what this is called either) but as is it doesn't sit naturally.I've taken a scrape of plastic out so that it looks like there's a bit of compression there. I've also managed to superglue one end each of a couple of straps to their items ready to fit on to our chap. One thing I have found is this website http://www.uniformology.com/index.html which shows promise for some useful goodies and gen. I've a spot of self time planned this week so I'm hoping to get some in and have this in the gallery by Sunday evening.Thanks all for looking in,more soon.
  20. Of that there is no doubt.The damage to the propellor indicates that it wasn't under power at impact,just windmilling.If the engine had seized due to lack of oil or coolant would the propellor still be able to turn?The paragraph of the report doesn't mention fire damage.Could he have run out of fuel?
  21. They can't be his,it's someone elses name on the label...
  22. Short answer,no.It looks like fresh paint,unsullied by oily handprints and other evidence of the attentions of groundcrew and general wear and tear.I don't know how easy or otherwise it was to replace a cowling panel but the upper panel looks like it was painted off the airframe given that it looks different to the adjacent paintwork. Without getting into a flamewar about the divination of colour from a monochrome photo what it does show is a darker camouflage colour on the upper cowling. If I was going to guess I would punt for white on the Balkenkreuz,chevron and bar,unit emblem and spinner only.The presence of yellow boils down to when any order for application was issued (I don't know) and if this photo pre-dates that then I'll go with RLM 65. I was composing this as @Werdna replied,good thought but it doesn't look that catastrophic to me. You're making a splendid job of yours though .
  23. There's this photo on Falke Eins blogspot https://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2010/03/franz-von-werra-battle-of-britain-ace.html which,to me, looks like a fresh paint job on the cowling panels.
  24. I've recently started using ImgBB.When you upload images it throws up a little window of Viewer Links to copy.If you toggle that to Direct Links and then press the copy button in the window your images will show. The Meteor is looking rather good with the attention she's receiving,I've got one somewhere that could use some similar pampering.
  25. There is this thread https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234927373-early-cannon-armed-spitfires/ with some useful gen and a Google search will unearth all sorts of minutiae.
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