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Alex Gordon

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  1. Alex Gordon

    Vote Grump!

    If the truth be known there is only one reason to engage with Lincoln,B and H Models For the sake of completeness I still think that Horncastle would be a perfect place to put a reservoir.
  2. Alex Gordon

    AW159 Wildcat

    Any thoughts on uploading to Shapeways?
  3. Alex Gordon

    LNSF Mossie codes

    G'day Wally,I found this piccie of a 571 squadron Mosquito dated September 1944 on Wikipedia. As I understand it the addition of the yellow surround was for night operating aircraft that were being used on daylight ops after June 1944.If elements of the Light Night Striking Force were being used on daylight missions then their red code letters would have been modified accordingly.If not then the code letters would more than likely have remained unaltered. Hope this helps,I've been known to be wrong.
  4. Alex Gordon

    Vote Grump!

    Want to bet on that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiJ9fy1qSFI
  5. Alex Gordon

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    As soon as possible.I have been told that when I was of that age and size our cat Blackie took it upon himself to be my guard and sentinel.He would stay put next to my given scratcher at all times I was unattended.
  6. Alex Gordon

    Prone Meteor

    The usual pertinent way of looking at it, she looks well good to me,well worth the effort.Have some of these too
  7. Alex Gordon

    Poseidon MRA Mk.1

    Golden Rivet?
  8. Alex Gordon

    Various Aircraft

    The Stuka looks like pure evil.Good stuff old lad, and just for good measure have a few of these . Be proud of your works,well done old fruit.
  9. Alex Gordon

    Probably going to get a warning for this........

    For my money it's not what you say it's how you say it.Without wishing to become bogged down in the mire of it all,if one can't take a joke one shouldn't have joined. In the meantime,here's a picture of a model aeroplane;
  10. Alex Gordon

    Kit Collectors - Help is at Hand

    Who's got the better pension?
  11. Alex Gordon

    Airfix 2019

    Since when did sanding relocate rivets?
  12. Alex Gordon

    Strange sort of intermittent access issue

    Oddly enough this has happened to me frequently over the last few years.What this has boiled down to is that the outside world connection between my machine and the BM server has stopped coping with the traffic it has to deal with and is not letting me through. I'm in semi rural Lincolnshire,not much paying population per square mile so the infrastructure isn't well financed. As a rule I will give it an hour or two to reconvene and then have another go.I'm still here to tell the tale. Edited to add; It's probably not the BM server at fault.
  13. Good build old lad . Well done on the job,long may you continue ,
  14. Alex Gordon

    Spitfire Stencilling I have not seen before

    Is this the image? I'm looking at the odd bit on the top of the rear canopy section and thinking that it's a new one on me. Edited to add; Internally armoured windscreen,round rear view mirror,fully blown sliding canopy portion,cut here marks around sliding canopy portion,light coloured squadron code letter.Could this be a post war Mk21?
  15. Alex Gordon

    1/48 "What If?" - Stealth Viper

    You must be representing a cloudy day,there's no shadow.
  16. Alex Gordon

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    My apologies for butting in chums but, The Morris Minor Club met at Martin Dales this evening.All of these were gloriously perfect paint jobs which I was keen to admire.And then there was this one The Harlequin.Brush painted,runs and all,on a barely prepped body.She's proof that there is still a sense of humour in the world of preservation.
  17. Alex Gordon

    Just had this warning from Mozilla.

    https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/end-support-windows-xp-and-vista?as=u&utm_source=inproduct I am an XP user.I will not be replacing my machine until it breaks,this has a lot to do with being a cheapskate. How do I stand as a daily user of this website.Am I potentially problematic or a threat to site,and other users,security?
  18. Alex Gordon

    Viggen LIDARed at Newark

    Nope,you're all barking up the wrong tree.It's going to be the launch item for the new,hitherto unannounced,Eduard range that will go by the name of "Properjob". It will be the correction set for the Esci Viggen in 1/48th scale.There are noises about a 1/24th set as well to compliment the,also unannounced, long awaited and much anticipated Starfix new tooling.
  19. Alex Gordon

    English Electric Lightning - did it splash a C130?

    Further to my earlier post I was discussing this again with Rick a couple of weeks ago.His end of the tale remains the same as related elsewhere in this thread,he only brought up the subject because someone has been fishing around for information with a view to content for a book. And yes,the man is alive and well and over the problems he was having back in 2013.
  20. That paint job is truly breathtaking.Well done old chum,be proud of that.Very proud.
  21. Alex Gordon

    photo test

    Crumbs! If that's a test what are you going to do when you mean it?
  22. Alex Gordon

    Model Paint vs Hardware Store Paint

    I've used Berger gloss and undercoat several times,airbrushed and hairy sticked,with no problems and good results.The same stuff as I've used on skirting boards and doors,same tins in fact.I haven't fully explored emulsion paint yet but my local hardware shop will mix shades to order and have a paint chip scanning facility for colour matching.